Readings for line KD.20.241

Lat hem be as beggeres · or lyue by angeles fode
Lat hem be as beggers . or lyue by angeles foode .
Let them be as beggers or lyue by Angels foode ,
Lat hem be as beggeris . or lyue by Aungeles foode
lat hem be as beggeres · or lyeueHm.20.240: The correcting scribe's changing the infinitive form lyue, "to live" to leue is mildly odd. Hand2 usually wrote "live" (both infintive and finite forms) with the lyue spelling, though in several instances (e. g., Hm.4.190, Hm.10.154, Hm.13.52, and Hm.14.51) the leue spelling was used. At Hm.17.26, Hm alone reads lyue against most manuscripts' leue. The form lyeue at Hm.5.307 was written out by hand2, but the same correction as here is made by hand3 at Hm.15.542 and Hm.15.565. by aungeles foed ·
Lat hem be as beggers · or lyue by angelise fode
lett them be as beggars / & lyuve by angeles foode
Freris .O.20.238: The first of these additions appears in the extreme left margin, the other in the left margin just opposite the line. Lines 238-250 are written around a very large keyhole-shaped tear in the vellum, at about the center of the leaf, which existed at the time of copying.
Latte hem be as beggers  or lyue bi aungelis fode
Late hem be as beggeres  or lyue be angeles fode .
Let hem been as beggerys / or lyve by angelis foode.