Readings for line KD.20.313

Ther is a surgiene in þis sege · þat soft can handle
There is a surgien in þis .....segge .M.20.313: In place of M's altered reading segge ("man"), all other B manuscripts except Hm have sege ("place"). Confusion was perhaps prompted by M20.310 above. þat softe kan handle
There is a surgeon in this sege that soft can handle
Ther is a Surgien in þis sege . þat softe kan handle
Ther is a surgien in þis segge · þat softe can handle
Ther is a surgien in this sege · þat softe kan handile
there ys a surgyon yn thys / ..segeG.21.311: The initial letter of sege was possibly originally an <f>, but it has been overwritten in black ink (probably by the main scribe, though the ink is darker). See the similar alteration by the main scribe later in this line. at fsofteG.21.311: The downstroke of the original <f> has been thickened, thus hiding the bar and providing the first letter of softe. Compare the similar mistranscription at G.21.308, and the similar alteration earlier in this line. can handle
Þer is a surgien in þis þisþis sege  þat softe can handele
Þere is a surgien in þis sege  þat softe can handele .
Þere is a surgyen in þis seege / þat softe can handle.