Readings for line KD.20.339

What hattestow I preye þe · hele nouȝte þi name
What h......ightest /M.20.339: M's altered reading hightest is shared only with Cr. Other B manuscripts have hattest. þow I pray þe . hele nouȝt þiny name
What hightest thou I pray the , heale not thy name
What hattestow I praye þee . hele noȝt þi name
what h......attest thu y prayȝe þe · hele nougth þy name
What hattestowe I pray ye · hele nouȝt thy name
what ha...ettestG.21.337: The letters <ette> of hettest appear to have been written over a partial erasure, but the <s> and the <t> seem to be written over a space (the result is that the ink looks slightly different). It does not seem likely that the word was originally "hightest" (as M and possibly originally Hm), since the second letter seems most likely to have been an <a>. The third letter had a tail which is still visible and it seems probable that the original reading was hast (see the C manuscript Ch, though the readings are probably coincidental). þou I pray þe / heale not thye name
What hattest þou I preye þee  hele not þi name
What hatestow I preye þe  hele nauȝte þi name .
What hattist þou hyghtlyF.16.337: Bx/Cx are metrically less regular than F here, but make superior sense, reading "What hattestow I praye þee." / & hele nowht þy name