Readings for line KD.20.340

Certes seyde his felow sire penetrans domos
M.20.340KD.20.340 seide his felawe . sire Penetrans domos
Certes sayd thys felowe , syr Penetrans domos .
Certes seide his felawe . sire Penetrans domos
Certes seyde his felawe · sire pen.etrans domos ·
Certes saide he felawe · Sire penetrans domos
sG.21.338: Kane and Donaldson read the initial letter here as sir, but it is definitely deleted. The scribe may have decided to write "sir" (as does BB) but if so he changed his mind. It is also possible that this is just a spelling change and that the scribe began to write the word "certes" with initial <s> and then decided to spell with a <c> as is his usual practice. certes he sayde felowe / syr penetrans domos
Certis felaw seydeO.20.338: O alone has felaw seyde in place of seide; all manuscripts except OF have felaw as subject and place it in final position in the a-verse. he  sire penetrans domos
penetrans domos
¶ Certes seyde his felawe  sir penetrans domos .
Þe Frere seyde properlyF.16.338: F's a-verse is unique. Bx reads "Certes seide his felawe." / syre penetrans domos.F.16.338: The name is written in the text hand in the same brown ink as the text, but it is given emphasis by the characters being slightly larger than the adjacent text.