Readings for line KD.3.112

Ȝe lorde quod þat lady · lorde forbede elles
.Ye lorde quod þat lady  lorde forbede itM.3.113: The addition of it brings M into agreement with WHmB. elles
Yea lorde quod that ladie God forbyd els ,
Ye lord quod þat lady . lord forbede it ellis
Ȝe lord quod the lady · lorde furbede yt elles
Þhe[Y]he lord quod þat lady · lor forbede elles
G.4.113: The word ye has been crossed out and "that" written in the margin and then partially erased. The word yea has then been inserted in the text. It seems likely that the incorrect marginal that has been written by hand2 (see material of 106v, which appears to have been written by "WH" who initials marginalia on ff.69v, 72v, and 103, and see also ff.70 and 71). yeyea lord quod þat ladye ..G.4.113: The reading in F (oure Lord) suggests that the illegible addition which follows G's ladye may perhaps be intended to represent some form of "our." lord Forbed elles
Ȝhe lord quod þat lady  lord forbede ellis
Ȝee lord quatz þat lady  lord it me for-bede .R.3.104: R's b-verse is unique in the B tradition ; F and beta read lorde forbede elles, which agrees with Ax. However, R's phrasing is identical to that found in Cx.
Ȝee Lord quod þe Lady / oure Lord for-beede ellys.