Readings for line KD.3.137

She leteth passe prisoneres · and payeth for hem ofte
She letteþ passe prisoneres . and paieþ for hem ofte
She letteth passe prisoners , and prayeth for them oft
She leteþ passe prisoners . and paieþ for hem ofte
sche lateth passe prysoners · and for hem ofte payeth
Sche lates passe prisoners · and paieth for hem ofte
she lettyth pas prysoners & paythe for theym offt
Sche leteþ passe prisouneris  & payeþ for hem ofte
Sche latR.3.129: R's lat is unique in form and appears, at first glance, to be a preterite; the other B witnesses show a common present-tense inflection (e.g., LMCrWHmOGF = leteth); however, MED attests this form as 3rd sing. pres., and it seems clear that R intends the same meaning as the other B manuscripts rather than a preterite (cf. payeth later in this line). In the C version, lat is actually the predominant reading among the X family. A similarly inflected form also appears in several A manuscripts. See the Introduction III.2.2.10 for a full discussion of ambiguities in R's tense marking. passe prisonsR.3.129: R's prisons is uniquely spelled (F and beta read prisoneres); however, MED, s. v. prisoun, verifies that the R form is viable as a variant of the Bx word. The plural, prisons (= "prisoners"), actually appears in Bx at R7.30: Pore poeple or prisones  fynden hem here fode. R's form is also found in some A witnesses at this point, and is the predominant form in the cognate line of the C version.  and payeth for hem ofte .
& she leetyþ passe prisonerys / & payeþ for hem ofte.