Readings for line KD.3.149

She blesseth þise bisshopes · þeiȝ.e þey be lewed
She bless.eth þ...ise . þeiȝe þei ben lewde
She blysseth these bushops though they be lewde
She blesseþ þise Bisshopes . þeiȝ þei be lewed
Sche blesseþ these buschopes · thouwh they seme lewed
Scho blisses þise bisschopes · thyo þey be lewed
she blessyth thes bysshopps thoght þei be lewde
Sche blessiþ þeise bischoppis  þouȝ þei been lewide
He blisseth þes bisshopes  and prestes am.eyntenetha m.eynteneth .R.3.141: R's phrasing in this line represents a unique compression of two lines from Bx, apparently necessitated by textual loss in alpha since F also improvises at this point. Beta, which here appears to reflect Bx better, reads:
She blesseth þise Bisshopes þeiȝe þey be lewed
Prouendreth persones, and prestes meynteneth
Nevertheless, when R and F witness an alpha variant in this last half-line, with their inclusion of a reasserted pronoun (cf. F's & prestys she meynteneþ), they are presumably attesting Bx accurately since both the A and C versions agree on this point.
& she blessiþ bisshopis / & beggerys she hateþ. A problem in alpha has led F to invent new b-verses for these two lines. Beta witnesses attest:
She blesseþ þise Bisshopes þeiȝ þei be lewed
Prouendreth persones, and preestes maynteneþ