Readings for line KD.3.17

For we wisse þe kynge · and þi wey shape
For we wolM.3.17: M's original reading without wol was shared by YOC2CL. wisse þe kynge  and þi wey shape .
For we will wishe the Kinge and the shape
For we wol wisse þe kyng . and þi wey shape
for we woll wysse the kynge · and thy weye schape
For we wisse the kyng and thy way schape
for we wyll wysse the kyngdlyeG.4.17: Kane and Donaldson argue that the reading here is kyng altered from kyndlye, picked up from two lines above. However, examination of the colours of the ink makes it clear that the <g> is original. Note particularly the way in which the last few letters of kyndlye have had to be squashed in. Thus it is clearly the corrector who has made the mistake here. The uncertainty, if any, concerns the intended replacement, since the <l> and the <y> occupy the same horizontal space, though one is below and one above the line. and thy way shape
For we wissenO.3.17: OC2 alone have the form wissen; most B manuscripts have wisse. þe kyng  & þi weye schapenO.3.17: OC2 alone have the form schapen; most B manuscripts have shape.
For we wil wyse þe kyng  and þi weye schape .
For we wille wisse þe kyng / & þy weyȝe shape.