Readings for line KD.3.170

Thanne morned Mede · and mened hire to the kynge
Thanne mourned Mede  and moeuedM.3.171: The scribe originally wrote moued, which the corrector changed to meued (or mened). Cr has meued, and although Kane and Donaldson record all other B manuscripts as mened, some of them might equally be read as meued. hire to þe kynge
Than morned Mede and meued her to the Kinge
Thanne mournede Mede . and mened hire to þe kynge
Thanne mornyd mede · and menyd hure to the kynge
Thayne morned Mede and meNed hir to þe kyng
then morned mede & menvedG.4.171: The G corrector regularly replaces both <u> and <n> with <v>, hence G meved, for most manuscripts mened. Cr shares the G reading, which Crowley probably drew from a G-related manuscript. See Introduction II.2.1.2. hyr to the kyng
Þanne mornede Mede  & menede hir to þe kyng
R.3.161: Because the left margin has been lost to cropping, it is not possible to be confident that it lacked the parasign that appears in LMWHmO. The scribe frequently fails to skip a line between strophes when the last line falls at the foot of a page. Þanne mornede mede  and mened hire to þe kynge .
THanneF.4.158: A small guide <t> for the rubricator appears to the top left of the finished <T>. mornede Meede / & made mychil sorwe.F.4.158: F combines and reconfigures Bx's b-verse with the a-verse of the following line. Bx reads as follows:
Thanne mournede Mede and mened hire to þe kynge
To haue space to speke spede if she myȝte.