Readings for line KD.3.68

And þi coste and þi coueitise · and who þe catel ouȝte
And þi coste and þi couetise  and who þe catel ouȝte .
And thy cost and thy couetis , & who thy cattel ought
And þi cost and þi coueitise . and who þe catel ouȝte
and þy coste and thy couetyse · and who the catel ...?...owghte ·
And thy coste and thy coueitise · and who the catell auȝte
and thy coste & thy couvetyse & wo the catell ought
And þi cost & þi coueytise  & who þe catel ouȝte
ÞiR.3.59: The opening of this line in F reads Boþe þe coost; cf. beta's And þi coste. However, the P family of C agrees with R's line opening (the X family has no reading here at all as a result of an earlier error that merged two lines in its subarchetype). cost and þi coueytyse  and who þe catel owȝte .
Boþe þe coost & þy coueytyse / & who þe catel awhte.F.4.60: F omits the following lines from Bx:
Forþi I lere yow lordes leueþ swiche werkes
To writen in wyndowes of youre wel dedes
Or to greden after goddes men whan ye delen doles
On auenture ye haue youre hire here and youre heuene als.
The lines are missing from H as well.