Readings for line KD.6.253

Ȝet I prey ȝow quod pieres · par charite and ȝe kunne
ȜYet I praie I ȝyow quod Piers . par charitee and ȝye kuonne
Yet I pray you quod Pierce praye Charitie & ye canne ,
Yet I preie yow quod Piers . par charite and ye konne
ȝit y praye ȝowe quod peris · pur charite and ȝe kunne
Yet I praye yow quod pers per charite and ye konne
YetG.7.260: The form of the decorated capital <Y> is unusual, but since the word "yet" is elsewhere consistently spelled with initial <y> it seems likely that this, rather than, say, a capital <I> must be the letter here. I prey you quod pyresG.7.260: The <r> of pyres appears to have been added in the wrong place. See, however, G.14.240. par charyte yff youG.7.260: G's reading you could conceivably be a misreading of þou, as F, but it may also be an alternative form of the nominative plural, ie. equivalent to ȝe, which is the reading of the remaining B manuscripts. See note to G.2.180. can
Ȝit I preye ȝow quod peers  pur charite & ȝe kunne
Ȝet I prey ȝow quod peres  par charite and ȝe kunne .
Ȝit y praye þe quod Pers / pur charite & þou cunne.