Readings for line KD.6.307

L.6.314: The scribe's paraph indicator in the left margin was not executed by the rubricating scribe, probably because the original scribe failed to skip a line. ¶ Laboreres þat haue no lande · to lyue on but her handes
Laborers þat haue no lande  to lyuen on but hire hondus
Laborers þat haue no land to liue on , but her handes
Laborers þat haue no land . to lyue on but hire handesW.6.314-321: All the lines in this line-group are marked in the right margin with nota in a darker ink of the same attenuated form that appears above in ll. 267-75.           W.6.314:nota
Laborers that han no londe to lyuen on · but her handes
C [Not found.]
laborers þat hauve no land to lyuve on but þer handys
Laboreres þat haddeO.6.315: OC2 alone have the preterite form. no loond  but lyue wiþO.6.315: YOC2F alone have but lyue wiþ in place of to lyue on but. her handis
Laboreres þat haue no londe  to lyue on but here handes .
& laboreris þat have no lond / but lyven with here hondis