Readings for line KD.P.225

And dryuen forth þe dereL.P.225: L alone among B witnesses reads dere. Most other manuscripts read longe. day · with dieu vous saue dame Emme ·
And dryuen forþ þe ...longeM.P.225: M shares its revised adjective longe with the majority of B manuscripts, but L has dere and F fayre. day  with dieu vous saue dame Emme .
And dryue forth the long day with dieux saue dame Eme
And dryueþ forþ þe longe day . with Dieu saue dame Emme
and dryven forthe the longe day  wyth dieu vous saueHm.P.222: The word saue is perhaps written over an erasure, though it may be explicable as roughness in the vellum. dame Emme
And dryue forth the longe day with deu vous saue dame Emme
& dryuve forth þe long day wyth / dieu soit dame emmnvye G.1.224: The third and fourth minims of original emme have been changed to a <v> and a tail has been added to the fifth and sixth.
And dryuen forþ þe longe day . wiþ dieu vous saue dame Emme
And dryueth forth here dayes hereR.P.98: Cf. R's here dayes here with F's þe fayre day and beta's þe longe day. Beta's reading agrees with that of the A version, while the reading of R closely parallels that of Cx (= here days). . with deu vous saue dam emme .
& dryve furthȝ þe fayre day / with deu vous saue dame Emme.