Readings for line KD.P.49

And hadden leue to lye · al here lyf after
And hadden leue for to lie  al hire l..yf a...fter .
And had leaue to lye all hyr lyfe after
And hadden leue to lyen . al hire lif after
and hadden leue to lyȝen · allHm.P.48: All and the <en> of lyȝen have been restroked in the same darker ink as the corrections in line Hm.P.49, just below, possibly compensating for the erasures in that line having damaged these characters. here lyfe after
And hadden leue to lee · al hir lif after
& had leuve for to lye all þer lyuvys after
And hadden leue for to lye  al her lijf after
R [Not found.]
& haddyn leve / for to lyȝen / al here lyve afterF.1.45: F lacks the following lines attested by beta family manuscripts:
I seiȝ somme þat seiden þei hadde ysouȝt Seintes
To ech a tale þat þei tolde hire tonge was tempred to lye
Moore þan to seye sooþ it semed bi hire speche
Heremytes on an heep with hoked staues
Wenten to walsyngham and hire wenches after.