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Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts, Series Series A.9 San Marino, Huntington Library, MS Hm 128 Combined facsimile & documentary edition. Identification of hands PMB and PRB = Patricia Bart HND MC = Michael Calabrese IRA = Robert Adams TTP = Thorlac Turville-Petre 1 computer optical disk : col. ; 4 3/4 in. The University of Michigan Press and SEENET Ann Arbor Source copy consulted: San Marino, Huntington Library, MS Hm 128

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[Prologue] I N a someres somer seysoun · whan set softe Hm.P.1: CrHm read set. Other B manuscripts have soft. Skeat argued that since set was written over an erasure in Hm, the error was introduced after the publication of Cr. See Skeat, xxii and n.1; and xxxiii, n. 1. However, George Kane, The Evidence for Authorship (London: Athlone Press, 1965), p. 41, n. 3, correctly points out that the first twelve lines were erased and written over by an early fifteenth-century scribe and thus could owe nothing to the Crowley editions. We cannot agree with Kane's further contention that the hand is different from that of the original scribe: the revision is probably by the original scribe. However, Kane is correct that "it is therefore indeterminable whether the agreement of HmCr in reading set resulted from vertical or lateral transmission. But that Hm acquired this reading very early is not in doubt." The fullest explanation of the causes of the erasure is by Captain R. B. Haselden, who detected no change of hand on this leaf. was the su nne y schoop me in -to shrowdes · as y a sheep were in abyte of as an heremyte · vnholy of werkes wente wyde in þis world · wondres to here ac on a maij mornynge · on maluerne hilles me bifel a ferly · of fayrye me thougthe y was wery for -wandred · and wente me to reste vnder a brode banke · by a bornys syde and as y lay and lenede · and loked on the watres y slombred in -to a slepyng · it swyȝed sweyued sweyed so merye · Thanne gan y meetyn · a merueylows sweuene that y was in a wyldernesse · wyste y neu ere where as y be -helde into the Eest · an hye vnto to the su nne y sawe a tour on a tofte · rychely trielich y -maked a deep dale byneþe · a dongeou n there -ynne wyth deep dyches and derke · and dredfull of syȝte a fayre feelde full of folke · fonde y there bytwene of alle man ere of men · the mene and the ryche wurchyng e and wandrynge · as the world asketh Su mme putten hem to the plough · pleyȝeden full selde in settynge and in sowyng e · swonken full harde Hm.P.21: Hm omits the following line, here in the spelling of L: And wonnen that wastours with glotonye destruyeth. In view of Hm's occasional agreement with F, it is perhaps worth noting that the same line is dislocated in F, where it appears after KD.P.24. and su mme putten hem to pryde · apparayleden he m there -after in contynaunce of clothyng e · comen dysgysed in prayers and penaunces penaunce · putten hem many e all for the loue of our lord · leueden full streyte in hope to haue aftyr · heuene -ryche blysse as ancres and heremytes · that holden hem in here selles · that And coueytyn nouȝt in contree · to kary..en a -bo.wte for no lykerouse lyflode · here lykham to plese and su mme chesou n chaffare · thei cheueden the bettre as it semyth by to our syȝt · that suche men .......schulde þryueþ and su mme merthes to make · as a[s] as menstralles ku nneth and geten golde w yt h her gle · synne...?...?...les y leeue ac iapers and iangalers iudas chyldren feyne.den hem fantasyes · and folys hem · and han her wytt at wylle · to werke yf they schulde that poule p recheth of hem · y nel nouȝt preue it here Qui loquit ur turpeloquiu m · ys lucyfer his hyne bydders and beggers · faste abo..wte ȝede wyth here belyes and here bagges · of brede full cra mmed ycrammed Fa ytede..... for her food · fouȝten at the nale · In glotanye god it woot · goo they to bedde and rysen wyth rybawdye · þoo roberdes knaues slepe and sory slewthe · sueth hem euere pylg rymes and palmers · plyȝten hem to -gydre for to seke seynt Iame · and seyntes ate Rome they wenten forþe in here way · w yt h many wyse tales and hadden leue to lyȝen · all Hm.P.48: All and the <en> of lyȝen have been restroked in the same darker ink as the corrections in line Hm.P.49, just below, possibly compensating for the erasures in that line having damaged these characters. here lyfe after y say su mme that seyd en · they....... hadden souȝt seyntes to eche eche a tale that they tolde · her tonge was tempryd to lyȝe more than to seye sothe · it semeth semed by here speche heremytes on an hepe · wyth hokede staues wenten to walsyngh am · and here wenches after grete lobyes an.d longe · that loþe were to swynke cloþeden hem in copes · to be knowe from othere and schopen hem h eremytes · to hauen her ese here ese to haue I fond there freres · alle the foure ordres prech...yng the peple · for p rofit of hem -selfe glosede the gospel · as hem good lykede for couetyse of copes · construyd it as they.... wolde many of these mayst er freres · mowen cloþe hem at lykyng for here money and here marchandyse · macchen marchen meten to -gydres for syþþe charyte haþ be chapma n · and cheef to schryue lordes many ferlyes han fallen · in a fewe ȝeres but holy chyrche and they · holden bettre to -gydre · þe most myscheef on molde · ys mou ntynge wel faste there prechede a p ardener · as he a preest were brouȝte forthe a bulle · wyth many buschopes seales and seyde that hym -self myȝte assoylen he m alle of falshede of fastyng · and of a -vowes broken lewed men lykede leued belevid hym wel · and leueden lyked ..........his wordes komen vp knelynge · to kussen hys bulles and rauȝt wyþ hys ragama n · rynges and broches He bonched hem with his breuet · & blered here eyes Hm.P.73-74: In relation to other B manuscripts, these lines are transposed uniquely in Hm. he bunchede hem wyþ his breuet · and blessede blered her yȝen And rauȝte with his ragman · rynges and broches thus thei gyven here golde · glotones to kepe and leneþ it suche loselles · that lechery haunten were þe buschop blessed yblissed · and wurþ boþe his .....heren eris Hm.P.77: Heren, "ears," is written over an erasure, and what appears to be an otiose tilde is actually part of the material erased. Hm and F have the <-en> plural in place of the eris of most manuscripts. his seal schulde nouȝt by sent · to disceyue þe peple ac it ys nouȝt by the buschop · that the boye precheþ for the paryscheprest parysche prest and the pardener · parten the seluer that the porayle of the parysch · schulde haue if þei ne were p arsones and parysch prestes · pleynede hem to the buschop that here paryschenes parisshes parysch were pouere · sytthe the pestilence tyme to haue a lycence and leue · at londou n to dwelle and syngen there for symony · for syluer ys swete buschopes and bachilers · bothe maystres and doctorys that han cure vndyr cryst · and crownyng in tokene and sygne that they schulden · schryuen here p areschenes p rechen and prayȝen for hem · and the pouere feede and nowe they lyȝen Liggen at londou n · in lenten and Elles sumtyme Somme & summe s erue the kyng · and his money siluer tellen in cheker and in chauncelrye · chalengen his dettes of wardes of wardemotys · of weyves of and streyves and su mme s eruen. of as s eruauntz · lordes and ladyes and in stede of stewardes · sytten and demen here masse and here matynes · and many of her oures arn doon . · vndyuoutlyche · drede ys at the laste leste cryst in consistorye · accuse acorse curse full manye y parceyuede of the powere · that petur hadde to kepe to bynden and vnbynden · as the book telleth howe he it lefte wyth loue · as our lord hyȝte amonges foure vertues · the beste of alle vertues that cardynals ben callede · and closynge ȝates there cryst crist is in his in kyngdome · to close and to schutte and to opene it to hem · and heuene blysse schewe ac of the cardynalys ate the courte · that kauȝten of the þat name and power p resumede in hem · a pope to make to han that power that pet ur · hadde inpu ngnen y nelle for in loue and lettrure · the eleccyon bylongeth Hm.P.109: Hm uniquely omits the following line, here given in the spelling of L: For -þi I can and can nauȝte of courte speke more . than came ther a kyng · knyȝthode hym ladde myȝt of the comenes · made hym to regne and þanne came wytt · and clerkes he made forto conseyle the kyng · and the comune saue þe kyng and the and & his knyȝthode · and clergye bothe kasten that the comune · schulde hem -selfe fynde the comune tho contreued contreued · of kynde wytt craftes and for p rofit of the peple · ploughmen ordeynede to tyllye and to trauayle · as trewe lyfe as.keþ the kyng.. and the comune · and wytt the þrydde schopen lawe and leaute · eche man to knowe his owne thanne lokede vp a lunatyk · a lene thyng w yt halle and knelynge to þe kyng · clergeally he seyde Hm.P.122-133: Captain Haselden notes that lines Hm.P.122-133 "are written over an erasure, occupying the space of eleven lines of the text as it was first written. With the aid of the ultra-violet lamp the erased writing (barely visible in the facsimile) can be read in certain places, and indicates that the line omitted by the original scribe was line 5." The first six lines to the word lowed have been supplied by the original scribe (Hand1) and the remainder of the passage is the work of Hand3. See the Introduction, § II.1.3.2. Cryst kepe þe syre kyng · and thi kyngryche and leene the lede þy lond · so leaute þe louye and for þy ryȝtfull rewlynge · be rewarded yn heuene and syþen yn þe ayer an hiȝe · an aungel of heuene lowed to speke in latyn · for lewyd men ne cowde · iangle ne iugge þat iustefye hem schulde but suffren and seruyn · for -thi seyde the aungel · Sum rex sum princeps · neutru m fortasse deinceps · O · qui iura regis christi specialia regis · Hoc vt quod agas melius iustus es esto pius · Nudu m ius a te vestiri vult pietate · Qualia vis metere · talia g rana sere Si ius nudat ur · nudo de iure metat ur Si p?serit. ur pietas · de pietate metas thanne greued e him a golyard.... . Goliardeys Hm.P.137: It is difficult to determine what Hm's reading might have been before the erasure following the final <d> of golyard. All other B manuscripts have Goliardeys. a glotou n of wurdes and .to the angel an hyȝe · answer..ed after Du m rex a regere · dicatur nomen habere Nomen habet sine re · ............studeat nisi nisi studet iura tenere thanne gan alle the comune · crye in verse of latyn to the kynges conseyl · construe who -so wolde Precepta regis · sunt nobis vincula legis Wyth that ran ther a route · of ratones at ones and smale Mees wyth hem · mo than a þousand and comen to conseyl a conseille · for the comen p rofit for a kat of a contree · came whan hym lykyde and ouer lepe hem lyȝtly · and lauȝt hem at his wylle and pleyȝ..ed wyth hem p erelously · and possede aboute for doute of diuerse dredes · we dare nouȝt wel loke and if we grucche of his gamen · he wolde wil greue vs alle cracche vs and clawe vs · and in his cloches holde that vs lotheth the lyfe · ere he lete vs passe myȝt we wyth eny wytt · his wylle to wille wit wythstonde we myȝte be lordes on lofte · and lyuen at our ese a ratou n of renou n · moste resonable renable of tonge seyde for a souereyn · helpe ...?...? hym -sylue y haue seyn segges q uod he · in the sytee of londou n beren beyȝes full bryȝt · a -boute her nekkys and su mme colers of crafty werk · vncoupled they wente wenden bothe in wareyne and in waast · where hym hem -self lyketh and other while they arn elles -whare · as y here telle Hm.P.163-173: Hand 1 initially wrote ten lines which he erased and replaced with these eleven lines in a lighter ink. were þer a belle on her beye · by ihesu as me thynkeþ men mygth wete where þey wente · and awey renne and rygth so quod that ratou n · resou n me scheweþ to bygge a belle of bras · or of brygth syluer and knyttyn it on his a coler · for owr comyn p rofyt Hm.P.167: Cr 1WHmG omit the following line present in all other B manuscripts: And hangen it vp -on þe cattes hals þanne here we mowen , here given in the spelling of L. where he rytt or resteþ rest · or renneth to pleye and ȝif hym lyke list forto layke · thanne loke we mowe ...?...and apperen yn his p resence · therwhile hym pleye lykeþ and ȝif hym wraþþeþ be -war · and his weye schonye All þis rowte of ratou ns · to this resou n assented · ac tho þe belle was ybrougth · and on the beye hanged · ther nas no ne was was no nas ne was a ratou n in all that þe om. route  Hm.P.174:For reasons unclear to us, the scribe begins to mark the caesura with a punctus elevatus. See the Introduction I.8 for all the Reme of f raunce that durste a haue om. Hm.P.175: HmF's unique reading a is an unstressed form of haue, the reading of the other B manuscripts. bounden the beyȝe belle bond  a -boute the kattys nekke ne haue take the kat by the Ne hangen it aboute þe cattes hals  all Engelond to wynne and holden helden hem vnhardy  and her conseyl feeble and leetou n her labo ur loste  and all her longe studye · a mous that moche good cowde  as men thouȝten me thouȝte stroke forthe sternely  and stood by -fore hem alle and to the route of ratouns  rehercede thes wurdes though we kullen culled the katt  ȝet schall sholde ther come a -nother to cacche vs and all our kynde  though we crepe vnd ur benches · for -thi y conseile all the comune  to late the kat wurche worthe and be we neuer so bolde  the belle belle hym to schewe · for y herde my syre seyn  it is seyn is seuene ȝeer passed · ther the catt ys a ketou n  the court ys full ...elengeyn. that wytnesseþ holy .....wryt · who -so wole it rede Ve terre vbi puer est rex For ther For may no thyng renke þere reste haue  for ratou ns by nyȝte ther Þe For while the kat he kaccheth kony nges  he coueyteth nought our careyne but fedeth him w yt h venysou n  dyffame we hym neuere but For bet ur ys a lytyll lo.s · than a long sorowe the mase amonge vs alle  though we mysse a scherewe for many mennys malt  we mees wolden destruye and alle -so the route of ratou ns  rende mennys clothes nere the kat of the courte  that kan ȝowe ouer -lepe for hadde ȝe rattes ȝo ur wylle  ȝe kowthe nat rewle ȝowe-sylue Hm.P.198: There is a one space erasure between yow and sylue, probably an <e>. Part of the <w> is restroked over this erasure by hand1. · y sey for me quod the mous  y se so muche after schall neuer kat þe cat ne ketou n þe kitoun  by my conseyl be greuyd ne no Ne Thoruȝ carpyng of his þis coler  that coste me neuere and thouȝ it hadde costed me katel  byknowe it y nolde but suffre as hym -sylf wolde  to do as hym lyketh coupled and vncowpled  to kacche what thei mowe forþy eche a wyse wyȝt y warne  wyte wel his owne What thes metels bymeneth  ȝe men that ben merye dyuyne ȝe for y ne dar  by dere god in heuene ȝit houed there an hundryd  in hures houues Hm.P.208: Hures, "head coverings, caps" (OF). of selk sergeauntes it bysemyd semed  that s erueden at the barre pleteden for penyes  and poundes the lawe and nauȝt for loue of our lord · vnlose her lyppes ones þu myghtyst bett er meete the myst  on maluerne hulles than gete a Mu m of here mouthe  tyl money be schewede barou ns and burgeis  and bonde -men als y say in this assemble  as ȝe schull here after bakesters and brewesters  and bochers manye wollen websters  and weuers of lynnen taylours and tynkers  and tollere tolleres in markatys masou ns and myno urys  and many othere kraftes of alkyn lybbyng laborers  lopen forthe su mme and As dykers and deluers  that done here dedes ylle and dryven forthe the longe day  w yt h dieu vo us saue Hm.P.222: The word saue is perhaps written over an erasure, though it may be explicable as roughness in the vellum. dame Emme kookes and her knaues  cryeden hote pyes hote goode gees and grys  go we dyne go we tau erners vntyl hem  tolden the same wyth wyn of oseye  and reed wyn of gascoyne Of the ryne Hm.P.227: Oddly, the final <e> appears to have been written over an erased <e>, perhaps reflecting scribal self correction? and of the rochel  the roste to dyfye all this say y slepyng  and seuene sythes more · Passus p rimus de visione · w W hat this Montayne bemeneth  and the merke dale and the felde full of folk  y schall ȝowe fayre schewe a louely lady of lere  in lynnen y -clothed cam dou n fro a castel  and full callede me full called me fayre and seide sone slepest thu  seest thu peple howe besy thei ben alle  a -boute the mase the moste party of peple  þat passeþ on this erthe haue thei wurschipe in this worlde  thei wylne no bettre of oþer heuene than here  holde thei no tale y was a -ferde of her face  thouȝ sche fayr were and saide m ercy madame  what ys this to mene the tour on the tofte q uod sche Hm.1.12: A rough spot on the vellum makes quod sche appear to be written over an erasure.  trewthe ys þ erynne and wolde that ȝe wrouȝten  as his woord techeþ for he ys fadur of feyþe that formede formed ȝowe alle bothe wyth fel and wyth face  and ȝafe ȝowe fyue wyttes for to wurschipe hym ther -wyth  while that ȝe ben here and therfore h.e hiȝte the erþe  to helpe ȝowe echone of wullen of lynnen  of lyflode at nede in mesurable man ere  to make ȝowe at ese and comaundede of his curtasy  in comune þre thynges arn none mnydfull nedful needfullere Hm.1.21: One minim is erased to make <n> of <m>. but thoo  and ne mpne hem y thenke and rykne hem by resou n  reh erce ȝe hem after that on ys vesture  fro chele the to saue and mete at. mele  for mesese of thi -seluen and drynke whan thu druyest  ac do nat out of resou n that thu wurche worth the wurce  whan thu worke schuldest for loo.t in his lyfdayes  for lykyng of drynke dide by his dought eres  that the deuel well lykede lyked delytede hym in drynke  as the deuyl wolde and lechery hym lauȝte  and lay by hem bothe and all he wytte it the wyn  that foule þat wykked dede Inebriam us eu m vino dormiam us -q ue cu m eo · vt seruare possim us de patre n ostro semen · þorough wyn and thorough wo mmen  there was looht encombred and there he gate in glotanye  gerles that were cherles forþi drede delytable drynke  and thu schalt do the bettre mesure ys medycyn  al -......thow þouȝ þu moche ȝerne · it is nat all good to the goste  that the gut asketh ne lyflode to thi lykh am  for a lyȝere it hym him Hm.1.38: Hm uniquely adds it, perhaps in an attempt to make better sense of a line marred by an omission in his exemplar. techeþ Hm.1.38: LWHmC delete a b-verse and an a-verse, combining the two by eye-skip from likame to likame. Most other B manuscripts read as follows: Ne liflode to þi likam þat leef is to þi soule Leue nauȝte þi likam for a liere hym techeþ . that ys the wrecchid world  wolde the betraye for the fend and thi flesch  foloweth to -gydre this and that s.leth seeþ thi soule  and seyth it in ...thi þin h erte and for thu schuldest bewar  y wysse the þe beste madame m ercy q uod y  me lykeþ well ȝour wordes ac th..e money on of In this molde  that men so faste holdeth telle me to wham madame  that tresour appendeþ goo to the gospel q uod sche  that god sey de hym -sylue þo þe peple hym apposed  wyth apeny a peny in the temple wheþyr thei schulde ther -wyth  wurschipe the kyng Cesar and god asked of hem  of wham spak the lettrure lettre and the ymage y -lyk  that ther -ynne standeth cesares thei seiden  we seen hym wel echone Reddite cesari q uod god  that Hm.1.52: There is the appearance of erasure here because of a crease in the manuscript. There is some bleed-through as well. cesari be -falleth and que sunt dei deo  or elles ȝe don ylle Hm.1.53: A horizontal tear in the manuscript extends from the <n> of and to the end of sunt. The tear appears to have become worse since the microfilm was made in the early 1940s. for ryȝtfull resou n schulde · rewele ȝowe alle and kynde wytt be wardeyn  ȝour welthe to kepe and tut ur of ȝour tresour  and take it nouȝt it ȝowe at nede for husbondry and hy  holdeth to -gyders thanne y freyned her fayre  for hym that me made that dongeou n in the dale  that dredfull ys of syȝt what may it be to mene  madame y ȝowe by -seche that ys the castell of care  who -so cometh ther -ynne may banne that he borne borne was · to body or to soule ther -ynne wonyth a wyȝt  that wrong ys y -hote fadyr of falshede  he and founded it hem -selue hym -selue(n) adam and Eue  he egged to ylle Hm.1.65: The following four lines are omitted by eye-skip in Hm, here supplied in the spelling of L: Conseilled caym to kullen his brother Iudas he iaped with iuwen siluer And sithen on an eller honged hym after He is letter of loue and lyeth hem alle that trysten on his tresour  by-trayeth he hem he alle sonest sonest thanne hadde y wond ur in my wytt  what wo mma n sche it were that suche wyse wordes  of holy wrytt schewede and y And asked here in the heyȝe name  er sche the nnys ȝede what sche were wyt....erly · that wyssed me so fayre holy cherche y am q uod sche  thu auȝtest me to knowe y the furst  and the fey the feyth Hm.1.72: Fey, "faith." This is the only occurrence in the manuscript of this form for "faith." A misdivision of feythe probably accounts for the form here. Cf. the similar error at Hm.10.53 where merthey þey is written for merthe þey. tauȝte and thu broughtyst me borwes  my byddyng to full -fulle and to loue me lely  the while thi lyf endureth dureth than y cowryd courbed on my knes  and cryȝede her of g race and p rayed her pytously  to praye for my synnys and all -so kenne me kyndely  on cryst to beleue that y myȝt werchen his wylle  that wrouȝt me to man teche me to no treso ur  but telle me thys ylke howe y may saue soule  that seynt arte y -holden whan all tresourys arn tried q uod sche · Trewthe ys the beste y do it on deus carytas  to demen the sothe yt ys all -so as derwurthi derworth a drury  as dere god hym -seluen Who -so ys trewe of his tonge  and ...?... telleþ non oþ er · Hm.1.84-94: The scribe has erased nine lines in the space now occupied by lines 84b-94, having skipped one line in his exemplar. There are now 41 lines on this page. The omission was caused by eye-skip from and telleþ to and wylneþ line 85). Thus telleþ none other from 88 and the a-verse of 89 were omitted. The remains of an erased lofte are visible in the margins to the right of line 85. ...?...?...and doiþ þe werkes þ erwiþ and wylneþ noman ylle ...?...?...he is a god by þe gospell · a ground and on lofte ...?...?...and ylyk to owr lord · by seynt lukes woordys ...?...?...þe clerkes þat knowen þys · schulden kenne it abowte ...?...?...for crysten and vncristen · cleymen it echone ...?...?...kynges and knygthes · schulden kepen it by resoun ...?...?...ryden and rappen dou n · in rewmes abowte ...?...?...and taken transgressours · and tyen hem faste ...?...?...tyl trewþe had termynyd · her trespas to þe ende ...?...?...& þ at is þe p rofessiou n ap ertly · þ at appendiþ to knyȝtes and nat to fasten a fryday  in fyue score wynter but holden wyth hym and wyth here  that wolden alle trewthe and neuer leuen hem forto for loue  ne for lakkyng of syluer for dauid in his dayes  thus dubbede his dubbed knyȝtes and dide hem swere on his here a swerd · to s erue treuthe eu ere and who -so passede that poynt  was apostota apost[a]ta in the ordre but cryst kyngene kyng  knyȝtede ten cherubyn and seraphyn  suche seuene and othere and ȝaf hem myȝt in his mageste  the meryer hem thought and ouer his mene meyne  made hem archaungels tauȝte hem by the t rinyte  trewthe to knowe to be buxu m at his byddyng  he bad hem nought elles lucifer wyth legyou ns  lernede it in heuene but for he brak buxu mnesse  his blys gan he tyne and fel fro the þat felaschipe  in -to in a fendes lyknesse In -to a deep derk helle  to dwelle there for -eu ere and mo þousandes wyth hym  than man kouthe nu mbre lopen out wyth lucyfer  in loythlyche forme for thei leueden vp -on hym  that lyȝede hem lyed in this manere Pona m pedem in aquilone & similis ero altissimo · and alle that ......hopede it myȝt be so  noon heuene myȝt he m. holde ...but f.yllen out in fendys lyknesse  nyne dayes to -gyders tyl god of his goodnes  gan hem gan stable and stynte and gart the heuene to  and stonde stonden in quyete Whan these wykked wenten out  in wondyrwyse thei fullen · su mme in eyr su mme in erthe  and su mme in helle depe ac lucifer lyth lowest there lowest lith  of hem alle for pryde that he put out  his peyne hath noon ende and all that wurche wyth wrong  wenden thei schulle after her deth -day thider deth -day  and dwellen w yt h that scherewe ac tho that werken wel  as holy wrytt telleþ and enden as y ere seide  in trewthe that ys the beste many be syker that her soulys  schull wende to heuene there trewthe sytt is in t rinyte  and troneþ hem alle forþy y seye as y seide ere  by syȝt of thes textes whan alle tresours arn tryed  trewthe ys the beste lereþ on this lewed men  for lettrud men it knoweth that trewthe ys tresour  the tryest vp -on on In erthe ȝit haue y no kynde knowyng knowing quod I ȝyt ȝet mote ȝe ye mote kenne me bettre by what crafte in my cors  it comseþ and where thu dotede daffe quod sche  full dull dulle to dulle are thi wyttes to lyte litel Hm.1.136: Hm never elsewhere uses the lyte form, and may have been affected by the immediately following <l>. latyn thu lernedest  .....lewyd lede in thi ȝouthe Heu michi qui quia sterilem duxi vita m iuuenilem · it ys a kynde knowyng q uod sche  that kenneth in thyn h erte for to louen thi lord  lerne leuer thanne thi -selue no dedly synne to do  deyȝe though thu schuldest this y trowe be trewthe  who kan teche the bettr e loke thu suffre him to seye  and sytthen lerne lere it after Hm.1.142: CrHmC 2F have lerne, where other B manuscripts have lere. The <l> of lerne is perhaps written over an erasure, but the rest of the phrase is added in a different ink over a blank space. CrWHmGH omit the following line (supplied here in the spelling of L): For thus witnesseth his worde worcheth þow þere -after . for trewthe telleth that loue  ys tryacle of heuene may no synne be on hym sene  that vseth that spice and alle his werkes he wrouȝt  w yt h loue as hym luste and lerned it moyses for the leuest thyng  & most lyk to heuene and all -so the plente of pees  most p recyous of v ertues for heuene myȝt nat holden it  it was so heuy of hym -selue tyl it hadde of the erthe  eten his fulle and whan it hadde of this food folde  flesch & blood taken was neu er lefe vpon lynde  lyȝtere ther -after and portatyf and peysand persant Hm.1.152: Hm's peysand, "powerful, forceful," is a unique form. See MED, s. v. pesaunt. Other B manuscripts have persant.  as the poynt of a nedyll that myȝt no armure it lette  ne noon hyȝe walles for this For -þi is loue ledere  of the lordes folk of heuene and a mene as the meyr. ys  bytwene the kyng and þe comene ryȝt so ys loue a ledere  and the lawe schapeth vpon aman a man man for his mysdedys  the amercyme nt merciment ...?...he taxith Hm.1.157: It is not possible to determine what was erased, but F and H read askeþ. and for to knowen it kyndely  it comseth by myȝt and in the herte there ys the ... hed · and the heyȝe w.elle for in kynde knowyng in h erte  there . myȝt bygynneth and that falleth to the fadur  that formede vs alle lokede on vs w yt h loue  and leet his sone deye mekely for our mysdedes  to amende vs alle and ȝit wolde he hem no wo  that wrouȝten hym that peyne but mekely wyth mouthe  mercy he bysoughte to haue pyte on that peple  that pynyd peyned hym to dethe here myȝt thu see ensamples  in hym -sylfe one that he was myghtfull and meke  and mercy gan g raunte to hem that hungen hym an hye  and his herte thirlddeed forþi y rede ȝowe ryche men riche  haueth rewthe on the pore though ȝe ben myȝtfull to mote  beth meke in ȝo ur werkes for the same mesure that ȝe meten  a -mysse oþer elles ȝe schullen be weye ther -wyth  whan ȝe wende hennes Eadem mensura qua mensi fueritis remecietur vobis · for thowe ȝe be trewe of ȝour tou nge  and trewely wynne and all -so as chast as y..achild a child.. that in cherche wepyth but if ȝe louen lely  and lene the pouere suche gode as god ȝowe sent  goodlyche departeth parteth ȝe ne haue nomore meryt  in masse ne in ourys than malkyn of her maydenhode  that no man desyreth for Iames the gentyle  Iugede in his bokes that feyth wyth -outen the ....werk faite Hm.1.182: The reading werk, added over an erasure, is unique to Hm among B witnesses, but it appears in A manuscripts Ha and U. Several other B manuscripts have faite, "deed." · ys ryȝt no thyng wurthy and all -so as dede as a dore -tree  but if the dedys folowe Fides sine operibus mortua est · forþy chastyte wyth -outen charyte  worþ cheyned in helle it ys all -so as lewede as a laumpe  that no lyȝt ys ynne many chapeleynes arn chaste  ac charyte ys aweye arne no men aueroushere . than they  whan they ben auamsed aua[un]sed auaunced vnkynde to her kyn  and to alle crystene schewen her charyte  and chiden aftyr more suche chastyte wyth -outen charite  wurth cheyned in helle many curatours kepen hem  clene of here bodyes and Thei arn encombred acombred wyth couetyse  þey can nat put it away don it fram hem so harde hath auaryce  haspede hem to -gyders and that ys no trewthe of the t rinyte  but trecherye of helle and lernyng to lewed men  the lattere for to dele forþy thes wordes ben wryten  in the holy gospel gospel · date and dabitur vobis  for y dele ȝowe alle and that ys the lo...?...?...k of loue · and leteþ owt my grace · to conforte the carefull  acombred wyth synne loue ys leche of lyfe  · and next our lord hym -selue and all -so the grete graith gate  that gooth into heuene forþy y sey as y seide  here ere Hm.1.203: Here is a reverse spelling for ere, the reading of most other B manuscripts. be thes þe tixtes whan alle tresours arn tryed  trewthe ys the beste nowe haue y tolde the what trewþe ys  þ at no tresor ys betr e y may no lenger le....ue lenge the whyþ Hm.1.206: Whyþ, "with." Hm reads whyþ, which is not an error but a reverse spelling indicating the loss of aspiration in [hw] in the scribe's dialect.  nowe loke the our lord · Passus secundus de visione · Hm.2.0: Though not legible, something, perhaps guide words for the heading, has been scraped and cropped in the right margin. Or perhaps the vellum is merely rough, for no ink shows with ultraviolet light. ȝ Ȝ yt y courbede on my knes  and cryede here of g race · and seide mercy madame  for mary loue of heuene that bare that blysfull barn  that boughte vs on the rode kenne me by sum crafte  to knowe the false · loke vpon thi lyfthalf lyft half  and loo where he standeth boþe fals and fauel  and here ferys manye y loked on my lefthalf left half  as the lady me tauȝte · and was ware of a wo mman  wurthily clothed purfyled wyth pelure  the fynest vpon erthe crowned wyth a crowne of golde corone  the kyng hath non bettre Fetysly hure fyngres weren  Hm.2.11: The Hm scribe, like the scribes of MO, has misplaced the caesura that should have followed fyngres. Frettyd wyth wyre golde wyre and ther -on rede rubyes  all -so as rede as eny glede and a dyamand diamantz of derrest p ris  and duble manere saphires oryentals and ewers ewages  envenymes to destruye her robe was full ryche  of rede scarlet Engrenyd · wyth rybane ribanes of rede golde  and of ryche stones here aray me rauaschide  suche rycchesse sawhe y neu ere y hadde wondyr that what sche was  and whos wyfe it she were What ys this wo mma n quod y  so wurthily atyryd that ys meede the mayde quod sche  haþ noyed me full ofte and y -lacked my le mman  that leau.te ys hoten and bylowen hire to lordes  that lawes han to kepe In the popys paleys  sche ys p riue as my -selue but sothnesse so wolde nat so  for sche ys a bastard for fals was hure fadur  that hath a fykel tonge and neu er sothe seide  sytthen he come an to erthe and mede ys manerd aftyr hym  ryȝt as kynde asketh Qualis pater talis filius  bona arbor bonu m fructu m facit · y auȝt ben herrer than sche  y kam of a betre my fadyr the grete god ys  and ground of alle .....grace o god wyth -outen gynnyng  and y his good dought er and haþ ȝouen me m ercy  to mary wyth my -selue and what man be mercyfull  and lely me loueþ schall be my lord and y his leef  in the hyȝe heuene and what man taketh mede  myn...?...?... hed dar y legge þat he schall lese for her loue  a lappe of his of caritatis howe construeth Dauid the kyng  of men that taketh mede and men of this molde  that mantayneth trewthe and howe ȝe schulle saue ȝowsylue  the Saut er bereþ w ytnesse Domine quis habitaubit in tabernaculo tuo tuo &c · and nowe wurth this mede y -maryed  vnto to al to amased a mased a mansed scherewe to on fals fykel tong  a feendes byȝete fauel thurgh his fals faire speche  full thyk hath hath folk þis folke enchaunted and all ys lyers ledynge  that sche ys thus y -wedded to -morowe wurth y -maad  that þe maydens maryage bruydale and there myȝt thu wytyn if thu wylt  whiche þey ben all þat longen to that lordschipe  the lasse and the more · knowen know[e] knowe Hm.2.48: The error is probably caused by attraction to longen in the preceding line. hem there if thu kanst  and kepe thu thi tonge and lakke hem noȝt but late hem wurthe  tyl leaut leaut[e] leaute were here be Iustyce and haue power to punsche hem  than put forthe thi resou n nowe y bykenne the cryst quod sche  and his dere clene moder and late no conscience combre acombre the  for couetyse of mede thus mede left me that lady  lyggen and slepe liggyng aslepe and And how mede was y -maryed  in metelles me thouȝt ...?...þ at al þe riche retenaunce  that regneth wyth fals þe false were boden to the brydale  on bothe two sydes of alle manere of men  the mene and the ryche to marye this maiden  was many man assembled as of knyȝtes and of clerkes  and other comune peple and As sisours and sumnors  and scherreves Shireues and her clerkys bedelys and baylifis  and procures brokoures of chaffare forgoers and vytaylers  and voketys of the arches · y kan nouȝt rekne the route  that ran aboute meede ac symony and Cyuyle  and cisours of contres courtes · weren most pryuey wyth mede  .of any men me thought ac fauel was the fyrst  that fette her out Hm.2.66: An otiose mark appears above the <o>. of boure and as a .brocour brought here  to be to with fals Iunyd enioigned Whan symony and Cyuyle  syȝen her bothe wylle thei assentide for syluer  to seye as bothe wolde than lepe lyȝere foorth  and seide lo here a charter that gyle wyth his grete othes  ȝaf hem to -gydre and p rayed Cyuyle to see  and symony to rede it than Symony and Cyuyle  stonden forthe bothe and vnfoldeden vnfoldeth that Feffement  that þe fals hadde hath maked · and thus bygynnen thes gomes  to gedren full hye Sciant presentes & futuri · & c etera · Wyteþ and wytnesseth  that wonyeth on vpon this erthe that mede ys maryed  more for here goodes than for eny v ertue of fayrnesse  for or any fre kynde falsnesse ys fayn of here  for he wote her ryche and fauel wyth his fykyl speche  Feffeth by this chart ur to be p rinces in pryde  and pouerte to despyse to bagbyten bakbite and to bosten  and to and bere fals wytnesse to scorne and to scolde  and sclaundyr to make vnbuxu m and bolde  to breke the ten hestes and the erldam of envye  and wratthe to -gyders wyth the chastelet of cheste  and chatryng out of resou n · the comyte counte of couetyse  and alle costes þe costes aboute that y y[s] is vsure and auaryce  alle y hem g raunted graunte in bargayne bargaines and brocage brokages  w yt h all the burgh of thefte and all the lordschipe of lecchery  in lenghþe and in brede In As in werkes and in wordes  and in waytyng waitynges of with yȝen in And in wedes and in wyschynges  and in with ydell thouȝtys there as wyl wolde  and werkmanschipe fayleth glotany he ȝaf hem eke  at dyu erse tauernes Hm.2.95: Hm, probably due to eye skip from and in the b-verse of KD.2.93 to at in the b-verse of KD.2.94, uniquely runs these two lines together, thus omitting the b-verse of KD.2.93 and the a-verse of KD.2.94, which read: and grete othes togydere | And alday to drynke. and ther to iangle and iape  and Iuge her ...emc ristene Hm.2.96: Initial <e> and <m> are written over an erasure of three characters, possibly reflecting original eue(ne), the reading of all other B witnesses. and on in fastynge -dayes to frete  er ful tyme were and than to sytten and soupen  tyl slepe hem assaile · and breden a as burgh swyn  and bedden hem esely tyl slewthe and slepe  slyken her sydes and than wanhope to awake hem so  w yt h no wyl to amende for thei he leuen to be loste  this ys her laste ende and thei to haue and to holde  and her eyres after a dwellyng wyth the deuel  and dampned be for eu ere wyth alle the purtynaunce of p urgatory  in -to the pyt pyne of helle ȝeldyng this for þis thyng  at oo ȝeres ende · her soules to sathanas sathan Hm.2.107: HmH have the A form sathanas against sathan in all other B manuscripts.  to suffre w yt h hym peynes and wyth hym to wonye wyth wo  while god ys in heuene in wytnesse of whiche thyng  wrong was the furste and pers the pardener  of paulyns doct rine bette the bedule  of bokyngh am -schire Reynald the Reue  of rutlond sokene Mmunde Hm.2.113: A lower case <m> appears to have been written over initial <M>, though the priority of forms is difficult to determine. the mellere  and many mo othere in In þe date of the deuel  this dede ys aseled by syȝt of syre Symony  and Cyuyle cyuyles leue thanne tened hym theology  whan he this tale herde and seide to Cyuyle  Sorowe now sorwe moste thu haue Hm.2.117: The following line, here in the spelling of L, is omitted in Hm: Such weddynges to worche to wratthe with treuthe. and er this weddyng be wrouȝt  woo the be -tyde For mede ys a is Mulier  of amendys .engendred and god graunteþ to gyve  mede to trewthe and thu haste ȝouen her to agylo ur a gylo ur  nowe god ȝyue the sorowe þy tyxt telleth me þe nouȝt. so · trewthe wote the Sothe for dignus est operarius  his hire to haue and thu hast fastned fest her to fals  fy on thi lawe for all by lesynges thu leuest  and lecherouse werkes Symony and thi -self  schend..en holy cherche the notaryes and ȝee  anoyȝeth noyeth the peple · ȝe schull a -biggen it bothe  by god that me made Well ȝe wyten wernardys  but yf ȝour wytt faile that fals ys feythles  and fykell of in werkes his werkes her werkes and was a bastard y -bore  of belsabub his belsabubbes kenne and mede Mede is mulier  a mayden of goode sche And myȝt kusse the kyng for cosyn  yf that an sche wolde forþy wurcheth by wysdam  and by wyt al -so and ledyth her to londou n  there it is y -schewed if eny lawe wole loke  that thei þei lygge to -gyders and thouȝ iustices iugen. here · be to be ......eiuyned to fals ȝit be war of weddyng  for wytty ys treuþe and conscience ys of his conseyl  and knoweth ȝowe echone and if he fynde ȝowe in defaute  and w yt h fals þe fals holde it schall by -sytte ȝour soulys  full soure at the laste · here -to assenteþ Cyuyle  and symony ne wolde ...?...tyl he hadde siluer for his s eruyse  and all -so the notaryes than fette fauell forth  floreynes y -nowe and bad gyle go gyve  golde all a -boute and namly to the notaryes  that thei hem nouȝt none fayle and fastne feffe fals wytnes  wyth floreynes y -nowe for thei may mede maystren amaistrye  and maken at her my wylle tho this gold was gyue  grete wyth was that was þe thonkyng to fals and fauell to fauel  for her fayr gyftes and comen to comforte  fram care the fals · and seiden certys sere  cessen schull we neuere tyl mede be thi wedded wyfe  . thorowh wyttes of vs alle for we han mede y -maystryed  wyth our mery speche that sche g raunteþ to gon  wyth good a gode wylle to londou n to .loken  if the lawe wolde iuge ȝowe iuyntly  in ioyȝe for euere than was fals falsenesse fayn  and fauel all -so as blyue blithe and lete su mne Hm.2.159: Sumne, "summon." alle segges  in schires aboute and bad hem alle be bou n  beggers and ellis othere to wend e wyth hem to westmest er  to w ytnesse this dede and than cared thei for caples  to caryen hem thider and fauel fett forth than  foles y -nowe and sette mede vpon a scherrefe  schod all newe and fals sate on a Cyso ur  that softyly trottede and fauel on a flaterere  fetysly atyred tho hadden notaryes none  a -noyȝed thei were · for symony and Cyuyle  schulden on her feet gon · and than swore symony  ...?...?...and cyuyle bothe that su mnors schulde be sadelyd  and s eruen hem echone and lete app arayle thes p rouyso urs  in palfreys wyse syre symony hym -sylf  schall sytten vpon her bakkes denes and subdenes  drawe ȝe ȝow to -gyderes erchedeknes and officials  and alle ȝour regestres and late Lat sadele hem wyth syluer  our sy nne to suffre as voutrye auoutrie and vorsers deuoses  and derne vsure to bere buschopys aboute  a -brode in vysitacyou ns visytynge paulynes prynces pryues for playntys in consistorie schullen s erue my -sylf  that Cyuyle ys nempned and cartsadele the comyssar e  our cart schall he lede and fecchen vs vytaylys  at fornicatours fornicatores and makeþ of lyere a long cart  to leden all thes othere as freres and faito urs  that on her feet rennys and thus fals and fauel  fareth forþ to -gyders and mede in the myddes  and all these men aftyr I haue no tome to telle  the tayle that hem folowyth Hm.2.186: Cr 1WHmG omit a line found in the other B manuscripts, given here in the reading of L: Of many maner man þat on þis molde libbeth. This could have been caused by eye skip from the last three letters of KD.2.186 to KD.2.187: eth. ac gyle was forgoer  and gylyd gyed hem alle soþnesse hym wel  and seide but a lytyl and pryked his palfray  and passed hem alle and come to the kynges court  and conscyence it tolde and conscience to the kyng  carpede it after nowe by cryst quod the kyng  and y kacche myȝte fals er or fauel  or eny of his ferys · y wolde be wroken on of tho wrecchis  that werken so ille and done hem hange by the hals  and alle that hem maynteyneth schall neuer man vpon on of molde  manpryse the leste · but ryȝt as the lawe wole loke  late falle on hem alle and comaundede a constable  that kam at the firste to tache attache tho tyrau ntys  for eny thyng y hote and fretteth fettereth fetter fast fals falsenesse  for eny kyn ȝiftes and girde of gylys hede  and leteth hym go no ferther and if ȝe klacchen lyere  leteth hym not askapen er he be put on the pylory  for eny p rayer y hote and bryngeþ mede to me  maugre hem alle drede at the dore stod  and the dome herde howe the kyng comau nded  constables and sergea ntes fals Falsenesse and his felaschipe  to fetren and bynde to bynden Thanne drede wente wyghtly · and warnede fals þe fals Hm.2.208: A modern hand has added "Fragment begins here," indicating where Hm 2 starts. The same hand also marked this leaf as "9th" in accord with his note on 96r in Hm 2, which directs the reader to the corresponding text here on Hm's 9th leaf. Hand2 begins here and continues throughout the text of Hm. See Thorlac Turville-Petre, "Putting it Right: The Corrections of Huntington Library MS Hm 128 and BL Additional MS 35287," The Yearbook of Langland Studies 16 (2002): 43-51. And bad hym fle for fere · and his felawes alle Fals Falsenesse for fere fere þanne Hm.2.210: Note that þanne appears as an addition above the line in M. · fley. to the freres and gyle dooþ hym forto to go  agaste forto deye ac marchauntes metten wyth hym  and maden hym abyde And byschetten hym in here schoppes · to schewen here ware Apparayleden hym as app rentys · the peple to serue Full lyg htly Liȝtlic lyere tho · lepe lepe awey thanne Lurkynge thorough lanes · lugged to -lugged of manye he was nawhare welcome · for his manye tales Ou eral y -hunted · ...& yhote trusse Tyl p ardeners hadden pyte · and pulled hym to house They wuschen hym and wypten hym · and wounden hym in clothes cloutys And senten hym wyth seles · on sonendayes to cherche And ȝaf. p ardoun for pans · pounde-mele aboute Thanne loureden leches · and lettres they sente That he schulde wonye wyth hem · watres to loke Spycers spooken wyth hym · to aspyen here ware For he coude ..on of here crafte · and knewe manye go mmes · Ac menstrals and messageres metten wyth hym ones And helden hym an halfe ȝere and enleuene dayes Freres wyth here fayre faire speche · fecched fetten hym thennes and for knowynge of comers · copeden hym as a frere · Ac he hath leue to lepen oute · as ofte as hym lyketh · And is welcome wha nne he woll · and woneth wyth hym hem ofte · Alle fledden for fere · and flowen into hernes Saue mede the mayden · nomo dursten abyde Ac trewly to telle · sche trembled for drede And And ek wepte and wronge · whan sche was attached Passus tercius de visione · n N Owe is mede the mayde · and nomo of hem alle wyth Bedelles and wyth ..baylyfs · brougth bifore the kynge The kynge callede a clerke · ne can y can I nougth his name To take mede the mayde · and make here at ese I schall assaye here my -selfe  and so...þli appose what man vpon of þis molde · that here were leueste And ȝif sȝe she Hm.3.7: Hm uniquely has the unusual form sȝe against she in most B manuscripts. wurche by wytte. and my wyll folowe y wol forȝyue forgyue hyre this gylt. . so me god helpe Curteysly the clerke thanne · as the kynge hyȝte Tooke mede by the myddel · and brougth hire into chambre And there was merthe and menstralsye  Hm.3.11-14: The punctus elevatus in this and the following three lines has a horizontal bar between the bottom and top parts. mede to plese They that wonen in westmynstre  wurschipeden here alle Gentylyche wyth ioye  the iustyces somme · buskeden hem to the boure  there the burde dwellede To conforten hire kyndely · by clergyes leue and seyden moorne thu nougth nought Mede · ne make thu no sorowe for we woll wysse the kynge · and thy weye schape to be wedded at thy wylle · and where the leef lyketh · for all consciences caste · or crafte as y trowe Myldely mede thanne · me...?...rcyde hem alle of here grete goodnesse · and gafe hem echone coupes of clene golde . and cuppes of seluer · rynges wyth rubies · and rycchesses manye · the leste man of here meyne · a motou n of golde · thanne laught they leue · these lordes at mede · Wyth that comen clerkes · and conforteden to conforte þe same and beden hire be blythe · for we beth thyn owne forto wurche thy wylle · the while thy lyfe þow myȝte Hm.3.28: HmHm 2 alone read thy lyfe against þow myȝte in most B manuscripts. The reading is taken from the A version which has a T-type line. lasteth Hendely sche thanne · byhigth hem the same to louen hem lely · and lordes to make and in the concystorye at courte . do callen her names schall no lewednesse lette · the lede that y louye that he ne wurth ferste au aunced · for y am by -knowen there connynge clerkes · schull clokke byhynde Thanne come there a confessoure · coped as ....a frere to mede the mayden · he menede mellud Hm.3.36: The word could be either menede or meuede. these woordes and seyde full softly · in schryfte as were though lewed men and lered · hadden leye by the bothe And fals falsenesse hadde fowled the · all this fyfty wynt er y schall assoyle the my -selfe . for a seem of whete and be also be thy bedeman · and bere well thy message amonge knyghtes and clerkes · conscience to turne Thanne mede for here mysdedes · to that man kneled e and schorfe sch[ro]fe shroue here of here schrewdnesse · schameles y trowe tolde hym a tale · and toke hym a noble forto ben here bedeman · and here brocour al...sse Thanne he soyled assoilled here sone · and seþþen he seyde we haue a wyndowe in werchinge · woll sytten vs fulhiȝe ful hiȝe woldest þu glase that gable · and graue þ erynne þyn name ful syker Siker schulde þy soule be · heuene to haue Wyste y that q uod that womman · y wolde nougth spare forto be ȝoure frende frere · and fayle ȝowe neuere while ȝe loue lordes · that lecchery hauntyn and lakken nougth ladyes · that louen wel the same yt ys a frealte of flesch · ȝe fynden yt in bookes · A comyn And a cours of kynde · where -of we comyn alle who may scapen that þe sclawndre · the scathe ys sone amended yt ys a is synne of the seuene · sonnest relessed God haue Haue mercy q uod mede · on of men that yt hauntyn and y schal couer ȝoure cherche kirke · ȝoure cloyst er make do maken and ȝoure wowes Wowes whyten do whitten · and wyndowes glasyn do paynte and portraye · and paye for the makynge that euery segge schal seye · y am suster of ȝoure hous · ..But Ac god to alle good folke · suche grauynge deffendith to wryten in wyndowes · of here wel -dedys · yn aduenture pryde be peynted þere · and pompe of the worlde for cryste knoweth thi conscyence · and þy kynde wylle and þy coste and thy couetyse · and who the catel ...?...owghte · For -þy y lere ȝow lordes · leueþ suche werkes to wryten in wyndowes · of ȝoure wel -dedys · or to gredyn after goddes men · whan ȝe delen doles yn aduenture ȝe haue ȝoure huyre here · and ȝoure heuene als Hm.3.72: A modern librarian has written "- fragment ends here." in the right margin, referring to Hm 2, which ends after the following Latin line. Nesciat sinistra manus sinistra  quid faciat dextra · late nougth thy lefte halfe · late ne rathe · wyete what thu werchest · wyth thy rygth syde · for thus byddeþ the gospel · good men done here alm....esse · Meyres and m......ercers maceres · that menes ben bytwene the kynge and the comune · to kepe the lawes to punysche on pyloryes · and pynynge stoles brewesters and baksters · bochers and cokes for þese arne men of on this molde · that moste harme wurcheth to the poore peple · that p arcelmel beggen buggen Hm.3.82: HmG read beggen to other B witnesses' buggen. Hm omits the following two lines because of eye-skip: For they poysoun þe peple priueliche and oft Thei rychen þorw regraterye and rentes hem buggen . wyth that the poore peple · schulde putten in here wombe for tooke they on treuly · they tymbred nougth so hye ne bouhten no burgages · be ȝe full certayn Ac mede the mayde · the meyre haþ bysougth of alle suche sullers · suluer to take or p resentes wyth -outen pans · or as peces of seluer rynges or other rycchesse · the regratours to ma......nteyne For my loue q uod that lady · loue hem echone · and suffre hem to selle · somdel aȝen reson Salamon the sage a sarmoun he made forto amende m.eyres · and men that kepen lawes and tolde hem this teme · that y telle thenke Ignis deuorabit tabernacula eor um · qui libent er accipiu nt mun era · Amonge these lettred ledes · this latyn ys to mene that fuyr schall falle · and brenne al to blo askes the houses and homes · of hem that desyreth ȝyftes or ȝeres -ȝyftys · by -caus.e of here offyces The kynge fro the fro conseyl came · and called after mede and of -sente hire also as blythe swythe · wyth sergeau ntes manye that brougth here to boure · wyth blysse and ...wiþ ioye Curteysly the kynge thanne · comsed to telle to mede the mayden mayde · and meneth melleth Hm.3.104: Hm's reading is clearly related to W's he meneþ and H's menyd. these woordes vnwyttyly womman · wrougth haste thu ofte ac wrouhtest thu neuere wurse worse wrouȝtestow neure · than whan þo thu fals tooke but y furȝyue forgyue the that gylte · and graunte graunte þe m.y grace hennys to thy deth -day · do so namore Y haue a knygth conscyence · came late from byȝonde ȝif he wylneth the to wyue · wylt. thu hym haue Ȝe lord q uod the þat lady · lorde furbede yt elles but y be holly atte ȝoure heste · late hange me sone And thanne was conscyence called · to come and appere byfore the kynge and his conseyl · as clerkes and othre knelynge to the kynge · conscyence conscience · to þe kynge lowtede to wyten what his wylle were · and what he do schulde Wolte Woltow wedde this womman quod the kynge · if sche I woll assente for sche is fayn of þy felauschipe · forto be thi make Quod conscyence to the kynge · cryste yt furbede me forbede ere y wedde suche a wyf · wo me bytyde for sche is frele of here ....feyþ · and fykel fykel of hure speche and makeþ men mysdo · many score tyme truste of hure tresoure · trayeþ full manye Wyues and wydewes · wantownesse sche techeþ and lereþ hem lechery · that louen here ȝiftes · ȝoure fader sche felde · thorough fals byheste and haþ puysound popes · and appeyred peired Hm.3.127: Hm and alpha read appeyred/appayreth against the apheretic form peired in most B manuscripts. holy cherche ys naugth a bettre bawde · by hym that me made bytwene heuene and helle · in erthe thouh men sougth · for sche is tykel of here tayl . tale -wys of here tunge As comune as carteway a cartwey · to eche Hm.3.131: The ascender of the <h> has been flourished. knaue that walketh to monkes to menstralles · to meselles in hegges Sysours and somnours · suche men hure preyseth Scherreues and of schyres · were schent if sche ne were for sche dooþ men lese here londe · and here lyfe bothe sche lateth passe prysoners · and for hem ofte payeth payeth for hem ofte and ȝyueþ gyueth the gaylers golde · and grotes to -gydres ...?...& vnfetreþ fals · to To vnfettre þe fals flee where hym lyketh and taketh þe trewe by the top · and tyeth hym faste and hangeth hym for haterede · that harme dede neuere To be cursyd in concystorye · sche counteþ nougth a bene for sche copeþ the commissarye · and coteth his clerkes sche ys asoyled also as sone · as here -selfe lyketh and may almost also neiȝe as muche do · in a moneth ones as ȝoure secrete seal · in syxe score dayes · for sche is pryue wyth the pope · p rouysours yt knoweth for syre symony and here -selfe · selen the bulles Sche blesseþ these buschopes · thouwh they seme be lewed prouendreth p arsouns · and preestes manteyneth to haue lemmans and lotobyes · all here lyfe -dayes · and bryngeth foorth barns · aȝen forbode lawes there sche is wel wyth the kynge · wo ys that þe rewme for sche is fauourable to fals · and fouleþ trewthe ofte By ihesu wyth hure iewelles · ȝoure yustyces ofte sche she schendeth and lyeþ aȝen the lawe · and letteþ hym the gate that feyth may nougth haue his foorþ · hure floreyns gone so þykke sche ledeth the lawe as hure leste · and louedayes maketh · and dooth men lese for þorw hure loue Hm.3.158: Kane and Donaldson took the scribe to have written iloue, with <il> smudged. There is damage or a stain, but the reading is clearly loue. · that lawe mygth wynne the mase for a mene man · þouȝ. he mote hure euere lawe ys so lordlyche · and loth to make ende wyth -oute p resentes or pans · sche pleseth wel fewe · Barouns & burgeys · sche bryngeþ in sorowe and al the comune in care · that lyue wolde coueyten lyue in trewthe for clergyse clergye and couetyse · sche cowpleþ to -gydres that Þis is þe lyfe of þat lady · lorde now lorde · ȝyue hure sorowe and alle that ma......ynteyne here men · schame meschaunce hem bytyde for poore men mowe haue · no power hem to pleyne to pleyne hem Hm.3.167: Hm divides the line here, creating a new line to follow and thus demanding the creation of a b-verse for the newly made line. Hm.3.168 takes what may have been the last three words of its exemplar's 167 tyl þey sore smerte and fills the line out with the bland, unalliterating and lowe a -downe falle. · tyl þey sore smerte · and lowe a -downe falle suche a mayster is mede · a -monge men of goode Thanne mornyd mede · and menyd hure to the kynge to haue space to speke · spede ȝif sȝe mygth e The kynge grauntyd hure grace · wyth a good wylle excuse the ȝif þu canste · y can namore segge for conscyence acuseþ the · to congeye the for -euere Nay lorde quod that lady · leueþ hym the wurse whan ȝe wyten wytterly · where þe wronge lyggeþ there the þat myschefe is grete mede may helpe and thu knowest conscyence · y came nougth to chyde ne to praue depraue thy p ersone · wyth a proude herte wel thu woste wernard · but ȝif thu wolte gabbe thu haste hangyd on myn hals half · enleue tymes · and also gryped my golde . ȝyue gyue yt where the lyked and why wratthest þow wratthest the nowe . wondre me thynkeþ ȝit y may as y mygth e · menske the wyth ȝiftes and mant....eyne thy manhode · more than thu knowest Ac thu haste defamed famed me foule · byfore the kynge here for kyllyd y neuere kynge no kynge . ne counseyled therto þer -after ne dude as thu nowe þow demeste · y do yt on the kynge · In normandy nas was he nougth · noyhed for my sake ac thu thy -selfe soþly · schamedest hym ofte crope in in -to a caban · for colde on of thy nayles wendeste that wynt er · wolde haue laste lasted euere · and dreddest to haue be be dede . for a dym clowde and hyedest homward · for hungur of thyn wombe Wyþ -outyn pyte pylour · poore men thu robbe....dest and borere here bras at thy bakke · to caleys to sylle there y lafte wyth my lorde · his lyfe forto saue y made his men murye · and mornynge lette y batred hem on the bakke · and bolded here hertes and dede hem hoppe for hope · to haue me atte wylle hadde y ben mareschal of his men · by marye of heuene · y durste haue leyde my lyfe · and no lasse wedde he schulde haue ben lorde of that londe · in lengþe and in brede and also kynge of that kyth · his kynrede kynne to for to helpe the leste brolle of his blood · a barouns pere Cowardly thu conscyence · conseyledest hym thennys to leuyn his lordschipe · for a lytyl seluer · that ys the ryccheste rewme · that reyn ou erhoueth · yt bycomyþ to a kynge · that kepeth a rewme to ȝyue mede to men · that mekely hym serueth · to alyens and to alle men · to honoure hem wyth ȝyftes · mede maketh hym bylouyd · and for a man holdyn · Emp eroures and kynge s / Erlis Hm.3.213: The virgule metacharacter replacing the punctus elevatus was inserted after <s> was added to kynge by hand3. and alle manere lordes for ȝyftes haue ȝonge men · to renne and to ryde the pope and and and alle his and alle p relates · p resentes vndyrfongyn and meden men hem -selfe · to ma......yntene here lawe lawes sergeauntes for her seruyce · we seen wel the sothe taken mede of here maystres · as they mowen acorde beggers for here byddynge · asken bidden men mede menstralles for here merthes murthe · mede they asken the kynge hath mede of his men · to make pes in londe men that techen chyldren · crauen of hem mede p restes that p rechen the peple · of god to gode asken mede and massepans and here mete · atte the mele -tyme alkyn crafty men · crauen mede for here p rentys marchauntes and mede · mote nede go to -gydres no wygth as y wene · wyth -oute mede may lybbe Quod the kynge to conscyence · by cryste as me thynketh mede is wel wurthy · the maystrye to haue Nay quod conscyence to the kynge · and kneled · to the erthe · there are two manere of medes · my lorde wyth ȝowre leue that on god of his grace · graunteth in his blys to tho that wel werkyn · while that whil they ben here the p rophete p recheth ...eþ erof · and putte yt in the sawter · Quis Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo · &c etera · Lorde who schall wonye in thy wones · ... wyth thyn holy seyntes or resten in thyn holy hul hilles · this asketh dauid · and dauid assoyleth it hym -selue · as the saut er telleth Qui ingreditour Hm.3.239: The dot above the first <i> is unusually elaborate, almost an <s>. sine macula & op eratur iusticiam &c etera iusticiam · Tho that entren of one colour · and of one wylle and haue wrougth werkes · wyth rygth and resou n with reson · and he that vseth nougth · the lyfe of vsure and enforme þ poore men · and pursueth trewthe · Qui pecuniam suam non dedit ad vsuram & mun era sup er innocentem non accepit &c · And alle that helpen the innocente · and holdyn wyth the rygthful wyth -outen mede dooth hem good · and the trewthe helpeth · suche manere men my lorde · schull haue the ferste mede of god atte here a grete nede · whan they gon hennys · There is an nothur mede mesurles · that maystres desyreth · to maynteyne mysdoers · mede they take · and there þere -of seyth the sawter · in a psalmes ende In quor um manibus iniquitates sunt dextra eor um repleta est mun eribus · &c etera muneribus And he that grypeth hure golde · so me god helpe schall abuyen yt b.yttre · or the booke lyeth · p restes and p arsouns · that plesynge desyreth that take mede or and moneye · for messes that they synge take here mede here · as mathewe vs telleth · Amen amen ...?...?...dico vobis amen receperunt mercedem suam · That laborers and lewed folke taken of here maystres yt is no manere of manere mede · but a mesurable huyre In marchaundyse ys no mede · y may it wel a -vowe yt is a p ermutacyoun ap ertly · a peny penyworth for an nother ac reddest thu neu ere · regu m · thu recrayede mede why the vengeaunce fel on saul · and on his chyldren god sente to saul · by samuel the p rophete to Þat agag of amaleke and al his peple aftyr · schulde deyen for a dede · that done hadde here eldres For -thy seyde samuel to saul · god hym -selfe hoteth the to be be buxum at his byddynge · his wyll to fulfulle wende to Amalek wyth thyn oste · and al that what thu fyndest fyndest þere sle slee it burwes Biernes and bestes · brenne hem to dethe wydewes and wyues · wommen and chyldren mebles ...& vnmebles · and al that thu mygth fynde brenne yt bere yt nougth a -way · be yt neu ere so ryche for mede nor for moneye · loke thu destruye yt · spylle yt spare and spare yt nougth · thu schalt spede the bettre And for he coueytede the her catel · and the kynge sparede forbare hym and his bestes bothe · as the byble wytnesseth oþerwyse than he was warnyd · of the p rophete god seyde to samuel · that saul · schulde dye · and alle his seed for that synne · schendfullyche endede ende suche a myschefe mede made · saul the kynge to ....haue that god hated hym for euere · and alle his eyres after The culoru m of this caas · kepe y nougth to telle yn aduenture yt noyȝed men  none ende woll y make for so is this worlde wente · wyth hem that hauen powere · that who -so seye seyth hym hem here sothes sothes · ys sonnyste y -blamyd I conscyence knowe this · for kynde · wytte me yt taughte that reson schal regne · and rewmes gouerne and rygth as agag hadde · happe schulle summe · samuel schall sle hym · and saul schal be blamyd and dauid schall be dyademyd · and dawntyn hem alle and one crystene kynge · kepyn hem alle Schal namore mede be mayster · as sche ys nouthe ac loue and lownesse · and leauute to -gydre these schulle be maystres · on molde · trewthe to saue and who who -so trespaceþ aȝen treuthe · or takeþ aȝen his wylle leaute schal done hym lawe · and no lyfe elles · schall none sergeaunte for here seruyce · were a selken howue · ne no pelure in his clooth cloke · for pledynge atte barre mede of mysdoers · maketh manye lordes · and ouer lordes lawes · rewleþ the rewmes Ac kynde loue schal come ȝette · and conscyence to -gydres and make of the of lawe a laborer · suche loue schal aryse and suche a pes amonge the peple · and a p arfyte trewþe that iewes schul wene in here wytte · and wexen glade wonder glade that moyses or messyas Messie · be comen into this erthe and haue wondre in here hertys · that men beth so trewe Alle that beren bazelard · brode swerde or launce axe other hachet · or eny wepne elles · schall be demyd to the deeth · but but if he do yt smythye ynto sykel or sythe to sithe · to schare or to cultur · Conflabunt gladios suos · in vomeres · &c etera · Eche man to pleye wyth a plouwh · pykoyse or spade spynne or sprede donge · or spylle hym -selfe wyth slowthe Preestes and p arsouns · wyth placebo to hunte · and dynge vpon dauid · eche daye tyl eue · Huntynge or haukynge · ȝif eny of hem yt vse vse his boste of his benefys · woll be worth bynomyn hym aftyr schall neu ere neither kynge nor ne knygth · constable ne meyre ouerlede the comune · ne ne to the courte somne ne putten hem in panel · to done hem plygth here trewthe but after the dede that ys done · oo dome schall rewarde mercy or no mercy · as trewthe woll accorde kynges courte and comune courte concystorye and chap....itle al schall be butte oo courte · and oo baroun baroun be iustyce than worth trewe tonge a tydy man · that tenyd me neuere batayles schull none ben · ne noman bere wepne and what þ at smythieth eny ony smyteth · be smyten ther -wyth to dethe Non leuabit gens contra gentem gladium · &c etera And ere this fortune falle · fynde men schal the wurste by syxe sonnes and a schyppe · and halfe a schefe of Arwes and the myddel of a moone · schall make the iewes to turne and sarsyns for that sygth · schull synge gl oria in excelsis for makameet and mede · myshappe schull that tyme For melius est bonu m nomen q uam diuicie multe · &c etera Als wroth as the wynde · wexe mede in a while y kan no latyn quod sche · clerkes wytyn the sothe see what salamon seyth · in sapyence bokes they that That hij þat ȝyuyn ȝiftes · the vyctory wynneth and moste wurschipe haue þ erwyth · as holy wrytte telleth honorem adquiret qui dat mun era & c etera · I leue wel lady quod conscience · that thy latyn be trewe ac thu arte art like a lady · that radde a lessoun ones was om nia p robate · and that plesyd here herte For that lyne was no lengour · atte the leues ende hadde sche loked that othur halfe and the leef turnyd sche schulde haue founde fele woordes · folowynge aftyr þer -after · Quod bonu m est tenete · trewthe that texte made And so ferde ȝe madame · ȝe couthe nomore fynde tho ȝe loked on sapience · syttynge in ȝoure studye · this texte that ȝe haue tolde · were good for lordes Ac ...ȝe ȝow faylede a kunnynge clerke that couthe the lefe haue turnyde and ȝif ȝe sechyn sapyence efte · fynde ȝe schall shal ȝe that foloweth a fulteneful ful teneful texte · to hem that taketh mede · That is And þat is a ni mam autem aufert accipienciu m · &c etera and that is the tayle of the texte · of that þat þat sche Hm.3.357: Perhaps since Bx provided only the unfortunate þat þat where something like þat teme is required (see Kane's and Donaldson's introduction, p. 201), the scribe of Hm, thinking the doubling was wrong, omitted the second þat. schewed · that thowe we wynne wurschipe · and wyth mede haue victorye · the sowle that the soude taketh · by so muche ys bounde · Passus quartus de visione · c C Ece seyde the kynge y suffre ȝowe no lenger ȝe schulle sauȝtle forsothe · and serue me bothe kysse here quod the kynge conscyence y hote Nay by cryste quod conscyence · ere congeye congeye me for euere but resoun rede me therto · rather wolde y wil I deyȝe And y comaunde the quod the kynge to conscyence thanne rape the to ryde · and resoun thu fecche comaunde hym to þat he come · my counseyl to here for he schal rewle my rewme · and rede me the beste Hm.4.9: Kane-Donaldson supply the following line from Cr 2-3OC 2Y: Of Mede and of mo oþere, what man shal hire wedde. and acounte wyth the conscyence · so me cryste helpe · howe thu lerneste the peple · the lered and the lewed · Y am fayn of þat forowarde · seyde the freke thanne Hm.4.12: At this point, all other manuscripts contain three lines not found in Hm, here given in the spelling of L: And ritte riȝte to resoun and rowneth in his ere And seide as þe kynge badde and sithen toke his leue I shal arraye me to ride quod resoun reste þe a while . The omission was probably caused by eye-skip because both KD.4.14 and KD.4.17 begin with and. The mistake may have been easy to miss since the line still makes sense syntactically. and called Catou n his knaue · curteys of speche and also To mme trewe tunge · telle me no tale tales no Ne lesynge to laugh of · for y loued hem neuere and sette my sadull vpon Suffre · tyl y se my tyme and late warrokke hym well · wyth wytty woordes gerte gerthes and hange on hym an þe heuy brydel · to holde his heed lowe or For he woll make we -he · twyes or Hm.4.19: Or, "ere." he be there Thanne conscyence vpon his capull · caryeth foorth faste and resoun wyth hym rygth · rownynge togydres whiche maystryes mede · maketh on this erthe # On waryn wysdom · and wytty his fere folowed hym faste · for they hadde to done yn the Eschequer cheker and yn in þe chauncerye · to be descharged of thynges · and ryde faste for resoun schulde · rede hem the beste forto saue hem for seluer · fro schame and fram harmes And conscience knewe hem well · they loueden couetyse and badde resoun ryde faste · and recche of here neythur there are wyles in h.ere woordes · and wyth mede they dwellen · Hm.4.30-38: A drypoint shield is inscribed in the right margin. there -as wraþþe and wranglynge is · there wynne þey seluer · ac where is loue and leaute · they woll nougth come there Contricio & infelicitas in vijs eorum · & c etera They ne ȝyuen gyueth nougth of god · oo gose wenge Non est timor dei ante oculos eor um · & c etera For god woote they woll do more · for a dozeyn chyknes or as many capou ns · or for a seme of otes · than for the loue of oure lorde or alle his leue seyntys for -...thi resoun late hem ryde · tho ryche by hem -selue for conscyence knoweth hem nougth · ne cryste as y trowe and thanne resoun rode faste · the rygth hie gate and As conscyence hym kennyde · tyl they come to the kynge Curteysly the kynge thenne · cam. aȝenste resoun and bytwene hym -selue · and his sone · sette hem hym on benche and woordedyn fulwysly ful wysly wel wyseli · a grete while togydres And thanne came pes into p arlemente and putte foorth a bylle howe wronge aȝenste his wylle · hadde hijs wyfe taken and howe he rauasched rose · reynaldes loue and Margarete of here maydenhode · mawgre here chekes bothe my gees and my · his gadlynges feccheth · y dare nougth for drede fere of hem hym · fygth ne chyde he borowed of me baȝarde and brougth hym neu ere aȝen home neure ne no ferþynge therfore · for ougth y couthe plede he manteneth his men · to morthre myn hewen forstalleth my markett es feyres · and fyȝteth in my chepynge and breketh vp my bernys berne doore · and bereth a -wey my whete and taketh me but a tayle for ten quarters otys · ȝette And ȝet he beteth me therto · and lyggeth by my mayde y am nougth so hardy hardy · for hym · vnnethe forto to loke The kynge knewe he seyde soth · for conscyence hym tolde that wronge was a wykked lyfte · and wrougth moche sorowe wronge was affered thanne · and wysdome he sougth e to make pes wyth his pans · and p rofred hym manye and seyde hadde y loue of my lorde · the kynge · lytyl wolde y recche thouhe Pes and his power · pleyned e hem .euere Tho wente wysdome · and sere wareyne the wytty · for that wronge hadde wrougth ywroȝt · so wykked a dede and warnyd wronge wronge þo wyth suche a wys tale who -so werketh by wylle · wratthe maketh ofte y seye it by my -selfe · thu schalte yt wel fynde but ȝif mede it make · thy myscheefe ys vppe for bothe thy lyfe and thy londe lyeth in his grace Thanne wowed wronge wysdome ful ȝerne to make his pes wyth his pans · handydandy payed wysdome and wytte thanne · wenten to -gydres and tooken meede wyth hem · mercy to wynne Pes putte foorth his hede · and his panne blody wyth -outen gulte · god ytte wote gate y this scathe conscyence and the comune · knewen knowen the sothe ac wysdome and wytte · weren abowte faste to ou ercome the kynge · wyth catel ȝif they mygth e The kynge swoore by cryste · and by his crowne bothe that wronge for his werkes · schulde wo tholye and comawnndede a cunstable · to caste hym in yrens and late hym nougth this seuene · ȝere · sene his feet ones God wote quod wysdome · that were nougth the beste and he amendes mowe make · leteth late ...?...hym meynpris meynprise hym haue and be borowe for his bale · and beggen hym boote and so amende that is mysdo · and euermore the bettre wytte accorded therwyth · and seyde the same · bettre is that bote · bale adowne brynge · thanne bale be · and bote neuere the bettre And thanne gan mede to mengyn here · and mercy besougth e and p rofred pes a p resente · all of pure golde haue this · man of me quod sche · to amende ...thi scathe for y woll wagen for wronge Hm.4.96: A raised point is added over the erased <e>. · he woll do so nomore Pytously pes thanne · prayede to the kynge to haue mercy · on that man · that mysdede hym so ofte for he hath waged me well · as wysdome hym taugth e and y furȝiue hym that gulte wyth a good wylle so that the kynge assente · y can seye no bettre for mede me hath hath amendes maad made me amendes · y may namore aske · Nay quod the kynge · so þo so me cryste me helpe wronge wendeth nougth so away so away · furste y woll arst wil I wyte more for lepte he solygthly so lygthly · laughen he wolde and efte baldere þe balder be · to bete myn hewen · but resoun haue rewthe on hym · he schall reste in my stokkes · and that also as longe as he lyueth · but lownesse hym borowe · Summe Somme men radde resoun tho to haue rewthe on that schrewe · and forto conseyle the kynge and conscyence after · that mede muste be maynp ernour · resoun they besougth e · Rede me nougth q uod resoun · no rewþe to haue tyl lordes and ladyes · louen alle trewthe · and hatyn alle harlotrye · to here or to mowthe yt · tyl p ernell purfyl · be putte in here hucche and chyldren cheryschynge · be chastysed chastyng by with ȝerdes · and harlotes holynes · be holdyn for an hyne tyl clerkyn couetyse · be · to cloþe poore þe pore and fede and relygyous romers · recordare · in her cloystres · a.s seynte benet hem bad... bernarde and Fraunces and tyl p rechours p rechynge · be p reuyd on hem -selue tyl the kynges counseyl · by be the comune p rofyte tyl Buschopes bayardes · ben beggers chambres · here haukes and here houndes · helpe to poore relygyous and tyl seynte Iames be sougth · there y schall assygne that noman go to Galyce · but ȝif he go for euere and alle rome -renners · for robbers byȝonde bere no seluer ouer the see see · that sygne of kynge scheweþ neyther graue nor ne vngraue · golde neyþer syluer · vpon forfeture of that fee · who -so fynte yt hym atte douer · but ytte be Marchaunte or his man · or messagere wyþ lettris p rouysour or preste · or penaunte for his synnes · And ȝette Hm.4.133: The original scribe wrote ȝette. A corrector erased the final <te> and restroked the first <t>. q uod resoun by the rode · y schall no rewthe haue while mede haþ the maystrye · in this mote -halle ac y may schewe ensamples · as y see otherwhyle y seye yt by my -selfe quod he · and yt so were that y were kynge wyth corowne to kepe þe rewme schulde neuere wronge in this worlde that y mygth wyte wite myȝte ben vnpunsched in my power · for p eryl of my soule ne gete my grace for ȝiftes · so god me me god saue ne for no mede haue mercy · but mekenesse yt made for nullum malum the man · mette wyth inpugnitu m inp[u]nitum inpunitum · and badde nullum bonum be irremuneratum Late ȝoure confessour syre kynge · construe this vnglosed and ȝif ȝe wurchyn this it werke in werke · y wedde myn eres that lawe schall ben a laborer · and lede afelde dungge and loue schall lede þy londe · as the leef lyketh Clerkes that weren confessours · coupled hem to -gydres alle to construe þis clause · and for þe kynges p rofyte ac nougth for p rofyte conforte · of þe comune · ne for the kynges soule for y say mede yn þe Mothalle · on men of lawe wynke and þey lawynge loopen to here · and lefte resoun manye wareyne wysdome · wynked vppon mede · and seyde Madame y am ȝoure man · what -so my mowthe iangle y falle ynyle falle in floreyns q uod that freke · and fayle speche ofte All rygthfull recordede · that resoun trewþe tolde and wytte accordede þerwyth · and comended his woordes and þe moste peple in þe halle · and many of þe grete and leten mekenesse amayst er a mayst er · and mede mansed a mansed schrewe Loue leet of here lygth · and leaute well ȝit lasse and seyde it so hye · that all the halle yt herde who -so wylneþ here to wyue · for welþe of here goodes but he be knowe for a cokewolde · kutte of myn nose Mede mornyd tho · and made heuy chere for þe moste comune of þat courte called here an hore and a sysoure and a sumnoure · seweden here faste and a scherreues clerke bysch.....rewyd was all al þe route for ofte haue y quod ...she Hm.4.168: The spelling, inserted over an erasure probably by hand3, is unique in this manuscript for she. Hand1's and hand2's normal spelling is sche. · holpen ȝowe atte barre and ȝet ȝoue ȝe me neuere · þe worþ of a rusche The kynge called conscyence · and aftyrward resoun · and recordede that resoun · hadde ryghtfully schewed and modyly vpon mede · wyth mygth the kynge loked · and gan wexe wroth wyþ lawe · for mede hadde yt schente almoste had shent it and seyde thorowe ȝoure lawe lawe as I leue · y lese many enchetes chetes Mede ouermaystreth lawe · and moche trewþe letteth · ac reson schall rykene wyth ȝowe · yf eny while y reygne I regne any while and deme ȝowe by this day · as ȝe haue deseruyd · mede schall nougth maynp rise ȝowe by the marye of heuene y woll haue leaute in lawe · and leue lete all be al ȝoure ianglynge and as moste moste folke wytnesseþ well · wronge schal be demyd Quod conscyence to the kynge · but the comune woll assente yt is full harde by myn hede · here to brynge yt Alle ȝoure lyche lige ledes · to lede thus euene · by hym that reste rauȝte on the rode · q uod resoun to the kynge but But if y rewle thus ȝowre rewme · lete rende rende out guttes ȝif ȝe bydden buxumnesse · be of myn assente And y assente q uod the kynge by seynt Marye my lady by my comen conseyl conseille comen · of clerkes and of erles ac redyly resoun thu schalte nougth ryde fram me for also as longe as y leue · lete the y nylle · y am all redy q uod resoun · to reste wyth ȝowe euere so conscyence be of oure conseyl · y kepe no bettre Hm.4.192: After this line, all other manuscripts contain a line not found in Hm, here given in the spelling of L: And I graunt quod the kynge goddes forbode it faile. Perhaps the omission is due to an eye-skip, for both the omitted line and the next begin (in most manuscripts) with the letter A. Despite the omission, the lines make perfect syntactic sense, though now the final line would have to be spoken by Reason rather than the King, whose words begin the omitted line. · also longe as oure lyfe lasteth · lyue we to -gydres · Passus quintus de visione · t T he kynge and his knyȝtes · to the cherche kirke wente to here matyns of the day · and the masse after thanne wakyd y of my wynkyng & wo was wyþ -alle that y ne hadde slepte saddere · and y -seye more Hm.5.4-17: The original scribe scraped the text from the beginning of line four through the end of the leaf and recopied the passage over this erasure. A whole line must have been deleted, almost certainly on the basis of eye-skip prompted by six lines within the passage beginning with and. The page accordingly has forty-one lines in place of the usual forty. ac er y hadde faren a furlong · feyntyse me hente that y ne mygth ferþere a fote · for deffaute of slepyng and y And sat softly a -doun · and seyde my byleeue and so y babled on my bedys · þey brouhten me aslepe And þanne sawȝ y moche more · than y bifore tolde for y sawȝ a þe feld ful of folk · þat y before of seyde and how resoun gan araye hym · all þe rewme to p reche and wyþ a cros byfore þe kyng · comsed þus to teche He preuyd that þise pestylences · weren for pure synne and þe sowþwesterne wynd · on saturday at euyn · was p ertlyche for pure pryde · and for no poynt elles · pyryes and plumtrees · weren puffed to þe erþe yn ensaumple þat ȝe segges ȝe segges ȝe · schuldyn do the betre · beechis and brode okes · were blowe to the grounde turned vpwarde here tayles · in tokenynge of drode dr[e]de drede that dedly synne or domesday · schall fordone hem alle On Of this matere y mygth · mamelen full longe ac y schall seye as y sawe so me god helpe howe p ertly afore the peple · resoun bygan to p reche · He badde wastour go wurche · what he beste co...wde and wynnyn his wastynge · wyth sum manere crafte and prayde p ernele · here purfyl to lete · and kepe it in here coffre · for catel at here nede To mme stowe he taught · to take two staues · and fecche Felyce home · fram the wyuen pyne he warned watte · his wyfe was to blame for Þat here heed was wurth halfe marke · and his ...?...hood nat agrote a grote and badde bette to cutte kut · a bowh other tweyne and betyn betou n therwyth · but sche wolde wurche And thanne he charge.hd chapmen · to chastyse here children late no wynnynge hem forwanye · while they ben ȝonge ne for no pouste of pestylence · plese hem nougth oute of resoun my syre seyde so to me and so dede my dame that the leeuyr chylde the more lore behoueth · and salamon seyde the same · that sapyence made Qui parcit virge · odit filium · & c etera · The englysch of this latyn latyn is · who -so woll yt knowe who -so spareth the sprynge · spylleth his chylde children And syþþen he prayed p relates · and preestes to -gydre that ȝe p reche to the peple · p reue yt on ȝowe -sylue and doth it in dede · yt schall drawe ȝowe to goode yf ȝe lyuen as ȝe leren vs · we schull leeue ȝowe the bettre and sytthe he radde relygyoun · here reule to holde leste the kynge and his conseyl · ȝoure comunes appeyre and be stywarde of ȝoure stedes · tyl ȝe be rewled bettre And syþþen he cou nseyled the kynge · his comunes to louye yt is thy tresoure ȝif resou n tresoun ne were · and tryacle at thyn nede And sytthen he prayde the pope · haue pyte on holy cherche and ere he ȝyue any grace · gouerne gouerne firste hym -sylue And ȝe that haue lawes to kepe · late trewthe be ȝoure couetyse more than golde or othyr ȝiftes · ȝif ȝe wyle god plese for who -so contraryeth trewthe · he telleth in the gospel · that he god knoweth hym nougth · ne no seynte of heuene · Amen amen Amen dico vobis nescio vos · & c etera · vos And ȝe that seeken seynte Iame and seyntes atte of Rome · seeketh seynte trewthe · for he may saue ȝowe alle Qui cum patre & filio · that fayre hem befalle ¶ Tthat sueth my sarmou n · and thus seyde resou n · .Thanne ran repentaunce · and reherced his teme and made gert wyll to wepe · wat er wyth his yȝen · Sup erbia · P ernele proude -herte · platte here to the erthe and laye longe or sche loked · and lorde mercy cryede and behiȝte to hym · that vs alle made · sche schulde vnsowyn here scherte serke · and sette there an hayre · to affayten here Flesch · that feers was to synne schall neuere hyȝe herte me hente · but holde me lowe and suffre to be myssayde · and so dede y neuere but nowe woll y meke me · and mercy beseche for all this y haue · hated yn myn herte Lur(?)xuria Thanne seyde lechoure lecchoure seyde alas  and on oure lady cryede · to make mercy for his mysdedes · bytwene god and his soule . wyth that he schulde the saturday · seuene ȝere there -aftyr drynke but wyth the doke · and dyne but onys . Inuidia Envye · wyth heuy herte · asked after schryfte · and carefully · mea culpa · Hm.5.79: The Latin mea culpa here is clearly in display text, given the clubbed minims on the <m>, but the scribe has also written such an <m> in the English word comsed which follows. he comsed to schewe he was also as pale as a polet pelet Hm.5.80: Hm alone reads polet, "pullet," against the pelet, "pellet, cannon ball" of most B manuscripts. · in the palsye he semyd · and clothed yn a caurymawry · y couthe yt nougth descreue · yn kertel and curtepy · and a knyfe by his syde · of a freres frokke · were the fore -sleues · and as a leeke that hadde leye yleye · longe yn the sonne so loked he wyth lene chekes · lowrynge fowle · his bely body was alto bolne al tobolne to-bolle(n) · for wratthe he þat he bote his lyppes and wryngynge he ȝede wyth the fuste · to wreke hym hym -self he thougthe wyth werkes and or wyth woordes · whan he sawhe his tyme Echa Ech a woorde that he warpe was of an addre addres tunge of chydynge and of ianglynge chalangynge · was his cheefe lyflode wyth bagbytynge and bysemere · and berynge of fals wytnesse this was all his curtasye · where -so where þat euere he schewed hym · y woll wolde be schryuen quod that þis schrewe · and y for schame durste y wolde be gladdere by god · that gybbe hadde meschaunce ¶ Tthan þowh y hadde this wyke wonne · .a wayye of Esex chese y haue a neyȝbur nye me · y haue noyȝed ennuyed hym ofte and lowen on hym to lordes · to make don hym lese syluer his siluer · and made his frende frendes be his foo foon · thorowe my fals tonge · his grace and his good happes · greuen me fulsore ful sore Bytwene man and man many and many · y make debate ofte that bothe lyfe and lyeme · ys loste by þorw my speche and whan y mete hym in markate · that y moste hate y halse hailse hym hendely · as y his frende were for he is douhtyer than y · y dare done none othur ac hadde y maystrye and mygth · god wote my wylle And whan y come to to þe cherche kirke · and schulde knele to the rode and praye for the peple · as the preeste techeth for pylgrymes and palmers · and for for alle peple þe poeple after thanne y crye on my knees · that cryste ȝyue hem sorowe that bare aweye my bolle · and my brokyn schete Aweye fram the aut er thanne · turne y my face eyghen and byholde howe .eleyne hath a newe cote y wusched wisshe thanne yt were myn · and all the we...?...b after and of mennys lo.s lesynge y laughe · that lyketh myn herte and for here wynnynge y wepe · and wayle þe tyme and deme that they done ylle · there y do wel wurse who -so vndyrnymeth me hereof · y hate dedely hym dedly aftyr · y wolde that echa ech a wygth · were my knaue · for who -so haþ more than y · that angreth me sore and thus y lyue loueles · lyke a lythur dogge · that al my body bolneth · for bytt er of my galle y mygth nougth etyn many ȝeeres · as a man augth e for envye and euyl wyl · ys euyl to deffye may no sugor no ne swete thinge abate asswage my swellynge ne no dyapenydyon · dryue yt from myn herte ne Ne noyther schryfte ne schame · but who -so schrape my mawe ȝus redyly quod repentaunce · and radde me hym to the beste sorowe for of synnes ys saluacyou n · of soules y am sory quod the þat segge · y am but selde other and þat maketh me thus megre þat for y ne may me avenge venge amonge burgeys y haue haue I ben · dwellynge atte londou n and dude gert bakbytynge by Hm.5.132: By, "be." a brocour · to blame mennys ware whan he solde and y nougth · thanne was y redy · to lye and lowre to loure on my neybo ur · and to lakke his chaffare y woll amende þis ȝif y may · þorowh mygth of god almyghty · Ira Nowe awaketh wratthe · wyth two whyte yȝen · and snevelynge wyth the nose · wyth and his nekke hangynge · y am Wratth quod he · y was sumtyme afrere a frere and the couent es gardynere · forto graffyn ympes · on lymytours and on and lystres · lesyng es y ympyd · tyl þey beeryn leues of lowe speche lordes to plese · and syþþen they blosmyd abrode · in boure to here schryftes · and nowe is fall þ erof a fruyte · that folke haue wel leuere schewen here schryfte schriftes to hem · that tha[n] þan schryuen hem to here p arsou ns · And nowe p arsou ns haue p arseyued · that freres p artyn wyth hem these po...ssessours possessioneres p reche · and dyspraue depraue freres · and Freres fynde hem in deffaute · as folke bere wytnesse that whan they p reche the peple · yn many places aboute y wratthe walke wyþ hem · and wysse hem on of my bokes · thus þey spekyn of my spyrtualte · that eythur despyseth oþ er · tyl they ben boþe beggers · and by by my spyrtualte lyuen or ell es alle ryche · and rydyn aboute y wratthe reste neu ere · that y ne muste folowe these wykked folke · for suche is my grace I haue an Aunte to Nonne · and an abbesse bothe · here were leuere · swowe or swelte · þan suffre eny peyne y haue ben kooke in here kechene · and þe couente seruede many · wyth hem · and wyþ monkes bothe y was þe pryoresses · potag er · and othur poore ladyes · and made made hem iowtes of ianglynge · that dame Iohane was bastard a bastard · and dame claryce a knyht es douht er · a cokewald was her syre · Hm.5.161: After this line, all other B manuscripts contain the following line, here given in the spelling of L: And dame Peronelle a prestes file Priouresse worth she neuere. The error, obviously caused by an eyeskip, changes the subject of Hm.5.162 by giving dame Claryce the child that belongs to dame Pernele in the Bx archetype. for sche hadde childe in chyrye -tyme · all oure chaptre yt wyste of wykked woordes in I wraþþe · y here here wurtys made tyl thu lixte and thu lixte · lopen oute atte ones · and eyþ er redyly hytte hitte oþer · vndyr the cheke hadde þey hade knyues by cryste · eyþer hadde kylled oþ er Seynte Gregory was a good pope Hm.5.167: A latter hand has partially erased the word pope. · and hadde a good forwyt that no p rioresse were p reeste · for that he ordeynede Hm.5.169-170: Hm has expanded into two lines what exists as one long line in most other B manuscripts. Kane and Donaldson's 5.168 is a reconstruction of Bx, but most B manuscripts read Þei had þanne ben infamis þe firste day þei can so yuel hele conseille , here given in L's spelling. Hm uniquely adds whan they been agreved as the b-verse to the newly created Hm.5.170. they haddyn tha nne ben ..infames infamis · the ferste daye they can so euyl helye he[yl]e hele conseyl · whan they ben agreued · Amonge monkes y mygth be · ac many tymes y schonye for thenr ben many felle frekes · myne feres to aspye · boþe pryoure and suppryour · and oure pat er abbas · and ȝif y telle any tales · they taken hem to -gydres · and done me faste Frydayes · to brede and wat er to water · and chalenged am chalanged in the chaptre -hous am y · as yt were a childe as I a childe were and balaysed on the bare ers · and no breeche bytwene · for -thy haue y no lykynge · wyth tho ledes to wonye y ete there vnhende fysch · and feble ale drynke ac otherwyle whan wyne · cometh · and y at eue yt drynke I drynke wyn at eue y haue a flix of a foule mouthe · fyue wel fyue dayes after al the wykkydnesse that y wote · by eny of oure breþern y couthe yt in oure cloyster · that alle the couente yt wote wote it Nowe repente the quod repentaunce · and reherce thu neuere conseyl that thu knoweste · by contynaunce ne rygth bi riȝte · and drynke nougth ouer -delycatly · ne to depe neythur · that Þat þi wyll be cause ther -of · to wratthe mygth turne Esto sobrius he seyde · and assoyled me after · and bad me wylne to wepe · my wykkydnesse to amende Cupido · And thanne came couetyse · can y nougth ...hym hym nouȝte ....discryue so hugely hungriliche and holowhe · syre heruy hym looked · he was bytturbrowed bitelbrowed · and baburlyppyd also · wyth two blere d eyȝed yȝen · as a blynde hagge and as a letherne purs · looked lolled his cheekes · wel syddere than his chyn · they chyueled for elde and as a bonde -man of his bacou n · his berde was bawdy bidraueled wyth an hoode on his heed · a lousy hatte aboue and yn a tanne tauny tabarde · of twelue wynt er age and all Al to -torne and bawdy · and full of lees · crepynge bute that if þat a lous couthe · haue lopyn the bettre sche schulde nougth haue walked there on þat welche · so was yt thred -bare y haue be couetous quod this cayteefe y am a -knowe biknowe it here for sumtyme y seruede · symme atte style and was app rentys his prentis y -plygth · his p rofyte to wayte Furste y lernyd to lye · a lefe other tweye wykkydly to weye · was my furste lessou n · to wyy and to wynchestre · y wente to the f....eyre wyth manye manere of marchaundyse marchandise · as my mayster me hygth ne hadde the grace of gyle y -goe amonge my chaffare yt hadde ben vnsolde · seuene þis seuene ȝere here -after so me god helpe Thanne drowhe y me amonge drapers · my donet to lerne to drawe the lyser alonge · the lengre ytte semyde amonge the ryche rayes · y rendred my a lessoun to broche hem wyth a paknedele · and plyte plaited hem to -gydres · and putte hem in a p resse · and pynnyde hem therynne tyl ten ȝerdes other or twelue · hadden tolde tolled oute thryttene My wyfe was a webbe · and wullyn cloth made · sche spake to spynsters · to spynnyn hit oute ac the pounde that sche payde by · weyed a quartou n quat[r]oun quarteroun more than myn owne aunser · who -so weyed trewthe y brougth bouȝte her barly malt · sche brewe yt to selle peny -ale and puddynge -ale · sche pouryd to -gydres · for laborers and for lowe folke · that laye by hym -syluyn · the beste ale lay yn my boure · or in my bedde -chambre and who -so bummyd thereof · payde bouȝte ther -after it þer -after a galou n for a grote · god yt god wote no lasse and ȝit yt came yn cuppe -mele · this crafte my wyfe vsed · Rose the regratour · was here rygth name sche hath holdyn hukstry hokkerye · all here lyfe -tyme ac y swere nowe so theeke that synne wol y lete · and neuere wykkydly weye · ne wykkyd chaffare vse but wende to walsyngh am · and my wyfe als · and bydde the rode of bromholme · brynge me out of dette Repen.tedest Repentestow the euere quod repentaunce · or restytucyou n madest ȝus ones y was herberwed quod he · a -monge with an heep of chapmen · and y I aros roos whan they were yn reste arest · and ryflyd here males · That was none restytucyou n quod repentaunce · but robbers a robberes thefte · thu hadde haddest ben bettre wurthy · ben hangyd therfore than for al that thu haste · herefoorth nowe here schewyd · I wende ryflynge were restytucyou n · for quod he for y lernyd neu ere on book · and y can no frensch yn feyþ · but of the ferthest ferthest ende of northfolke vsedest thu euere any vsure vsurie quod repentau nce yn all thy lyfe -tyme nay soothly he seyde · saue yn my ȝowthe y lernyd amonge lumbardes · and iewes a lessou n to weye pans wyth a peys · and pare the heuyeste and lene yt for loue of the croys · to leye wed a wedde and lese yt suche de....ttys dedes y dede wryte · ȝif he is his day breke y haue more moneye maneres of þorw arerages rerages · than by þorw miseretur & comodat · I haue lente lordes and ladyes · my chaffare and ben her brocour aftyr · and b.....ought it my -sylfe eschaunges and chyuysaunces · wyth suche chaffare y dele and lene folke that lese woll · a lyppe at euery noble and wyth lumbardes lettres · y hadde ladde golde to rome and toke yt by tayle here · and tolde hem there lasse lentyste thu euere to lordes lordes · for loue of here mayntenaunce ȝhe y haue lente lordes · that louedyn loued me neuere aftyr and haue maad many a knygth · bothe merc er and draper · that payde neuere for his p rentyshode · a nouȝte a peyre of glouys gloues haste thu pyte on poore men · that motyn nedys borwe y haue as muche pyte on poor men · as peddere pedlere hath of kattes that woold culle hem · ȝif he hem cacche cacche hem mygth e Hm.5.261-262: Hm uniquely divides the line after mygthe, thus creating a new line, adding as his praye asketh as the b-verse. For the newly created a-verse of 262, the scribe has replaced the Bx archetype's skynnes with the alliterating cotes. The one line in Kane and Donaldson reads as follows: That wolde kille hem if he cache hem myȝte for coueitise of hir skynnes. for couetyse of here cotes · as his praye asketh · Arte thu manlyche amonge þy neyȝbo ur urs · of þy mete and drynke y am holde also as hende q uod he quod he as hende · as hounde is yn kechyne amonge my neyȝbo urs namly · suche aname a name y haue Nowe god lene þe neuere q uod repentau nce · but thu repente þe the rather rather · grace Þe grace on this grounde · thy good wyl to bysette · ne þyne eyres after · the · haue ioye of þat þu wynnyste ne þyne executo urs · wel bysette · þe moneye siluer that thu hem leueste and þat was wonne q uod with wronge wyþ wykkyd men be despendyd for were y frere of that hous · þ ere good feyþ and chearyte is y nolde cope vs wyth thy catel · ne oure kyrke amende ne haue a peny to my pytaunce · so god my sowle helpe hele for þe beste booke yn oure hous · þouȝ of brende brent golde were þe .....leues · and y wyste wytturly þow were · suche as thu telleste Seruus es alt erius · cum fercula pi nguia · queris Pane tuo pocius · vescere liber eris · & c etera nil Thu art an vnkynde creature · y can þe nougth assoyle til þu make restituciou n · and rykene wyþ hem alle and syþe þat resou n rollyd rolle it · in þe regystre of heuene þat þu hast maad eche aman a man man good · y may þe nougth assoyle Non dimittitur p ecc atum · donec restituatur .ablatu m · & c etera For alle þo þat þat han of þy good · haue god my trowþe ben holdyn at þe hyȝe doom · to helpe to þy þe to restituciou n restitue and he þat who -so leeueþ nat þat þys be soiþ nouȝte þis be soth · loke yn þe sawt er glose In miserere mei deus · wheþ er where y mene trewþe Ecce eni m veritatem dilexisti · & c etera Schall neuer werkman yn þys world · þryue wyþ þat þu wynnest Cum sancto sanctus eris · construe me that yn on englisch Thanne wax þat schrewe yn wanhope · & wolde haue hangyd hym -sylue ne hadde repentaunce raþ er þe rather · conforted reconforted hym yn þys manere haue mercy yn þy mynde · and wyþ þy mowþ biseche biseche it for goddys mercy is more · þan alle his oþer werkes and alle þe wykkednesse in þis world · þat man may myȝte werk or þenke nys nomore to þe mercy of god · þa n in þe se a glede Om nis iniquitas quantu m ad m isericordiam dei est · q uasi sintilla i n medio maris · Forþy haue mercy in þy mynde · and marchaundyse leue leue it for þu hast no good ground · to gete þe wyþ a wastel · but ȝif it were wyþ þy tonge · or elles wyþ þy two handys for þe good þat þu hast getyn · bygan all wyþ falshede and as longe as thu lyuest þ erwyþ · þu ȝeldest nought but borwest and ȝif thu wete neu ere to whiche · ne to whom whom to restytewe · bere yt to the buschop · and bydde hym of his grace ...þ at he bysette Bisette yt hym -sylfe · as beste be is for þe þi sowle for he schal answere for þe · atte the hye dome for þe and for many moo .(?) þat man schal ȝyue a ryknynge what he lernyd ȝowe yn le...nte · lyeue ȝe none oþer and what he lente ȝowe of oure lordes good · to lette ȝowe fro synne Nowe bygynneþ glotonye glotoun · forto goo to cherche schrifte Gula · and caryes hym to kyrward kyr[ke]ward kirke -ward · his culpe to schewe ac betou n þe brewstere · badde hym good morowe and axed of hym wyth that · whiderward he wolde To holy cherche q uod he · forto here masse · and suþþyn y woll by Hm.5.314: By, "be." schryue · and synne nomore I haue good ale gossyb q uod sche · glotou n wolte thu assaye haste thu augth yn thy purs · any hote spyces y haue p..epur and pyonyes · and quod (s)he and a pounde of garleek a ferþynge wurþ of fenel -seed · for fastynge -dayes Thanne geth glotou n yn · and grete othes aftur cysse the sowt er souteresse · sate on the benche watte the warn er · and his wyfe bothe symme the tynkere · and tweyne of his p rentys hykke the hakeny -man · and howe the nedlere clarys of cokkeslane · and the clerke of the cherche dawe þe dykere · and a dozeyn othre · syre peers of prydye · and p ernele of Flaundres · a rybybour a ratoner · a rakyere of chepe a ropere a redynge-kynge · and rose the dyschere godfrey of garleekhythe · and gryffyn the walsche and vpholdesters vpholderes an hepe · erly by the morowe geuyn glotou n wyth glad chere · good ale to hancell clemente the cobelere · caste of his cloke and atte the newe feyre · he nepnyd ne[m]pned nempned yt to sylle hykke the hakeneyman · hytte his hood aftur and badde bette þe bocher · ben on his syde there were chapmen y -chose · þis chaffare to preyse who -so hadde the hood · schulde haue amendes of the cloke Two rysen vp yn rape · and rownyd to -gydres · and p reysedyn these penywurþes · a -p arte by hym -sylue hem -selue they cowde nougth by her conscyence · accordyn yn trewthe tyl robyn the rop ere · arose by þe southe and nemphym nemp hym nempned hym for a nounpere · that no debate were · Hykke the hostler · hadde the cloke · yn couenante that clemente · schulde the cuppe fulle · and haue hykkes hood the ostlere · and holde hym seruyd and who -so repente repented ratheste · schulde ryse arise after and grete glotou n sire glotoun · wyth a galou n of ale ale · there was lawhynge and lowrynge · and late go the cuppe · and setyn so stylle tyl til euesonge · and songyn vmwhile · and blewhe his rounde ruet · atte his reggebonys ende · Hm.5.350: After Hm.5.349, the scribe has written an entire line out of order (KD.5.342), which he will repeat in its proper place four lines below at Hm.5.354. The lines differ in spelling, and in its second appearance, Hm's line uniquely omits rounde before ruet, which the misplaced line at Hm.5.350 does not do. Therefore, the version of the misplaced line is closer to the B archetype. The error in Hm must come from dittography since Hm.5.349 and Hm.5.353 end with while. It is surprising that the scribe corrected his sequence, but did not strike out the extra line. tyl glotou n hadde globred yglobbed · a galou n and a gylle his guttys gonne to gotholon · as two gredy sowes · he pyssyd a potel · yn a pater noster while · and blewe his ruet [rounde] ruet rounde ruet · atte his ryggebonys ende · that alle þat herdyn that horne · heldyn her noses after · and wuschedyn yt hadde be wexed · wyth a wyspe of fyrsys He mygth neyther steppe ne stonde · ere he his staf.e hadde and than gan he to goo lyke a gluemannys bycche sumtyme all a -syde aside · and sumtyme arere · as who -so leyth lynes · forto cacche lacche fowles · and whan he drowhe to þe doreward dore · thanne dy mmyd his yiȝen he stombled on the threschfolde · and threwe to the erthe clemente the cobelere · kaugth hym by the myddel · forto lyftyn hym on lofte · and leyde hym on his knowes · ac glotou n was a grete cherle · and a grym yn lyftynge þe liftynge and cowhed vp a galou n caudel · yn clementys lappe there nas Is none hungry so hungri hounde · yn hertfordschire durste lape of tho þat leuynges · so vnlouely yt smakkyd smauȝte Wyth all the wo of the þis worlde · his wyfe and his wenche ...?...beryn hy m h om to his bedde · and brougthen hym therynne and aftur al this accesse · he hadde an accydye that he slepe saturday and sonynday sonday · tyl the sonne sonne ȝede to reste thanne wakyd he of his wynkynge · and wypyde his yȝen · the furste woorde that he spake warpe · was where ys the bolle his wytte gan edwyte hym tho · howe wykkydly he lyuede and repentaunce rygth so · rebukyd hym that tyme ......As þow wyth woordes and werkes · .....hast wrougth euyl in thy lyue schryue the and be a -schamyd þ erof · and schewe yt wyþ þy mowthe I glotou n quod the grome gome · gulty y me me ȝelde that y haue trespassyd wyth my tonge · y can nougth telle howe ofte sworn goddes sowle · and so god helpe me atte þe holy dome god me help and halidom there no nede was · nyne.. Hm.5.382: A scribe has retraced the word in a darker ink. hundryd tymes · and ouerseyne ouer -seye me at my sop er · and sumtyme atte nones that y glotou n gyrte yt vp · or y hadde gone a myle and so And spylte that mygth be sparyd and spendyd on sum hungry ouerdelycatly on fastyngdayes · dronkyn and ete bothe and sate sumtyme so longe þere · þat y sleep and ete boþe eten at onys for loue of tales yn tauernes · to drynke þe more y dynede and hiȝed to the mete or none · whan fastynge -dayes were This schewynge schryfte q uod repentaunce · schall be meryte to the · and þanne gan glotou n to grete grete · and grete doel made to make · for his lyþer lyfe · that he lyued hadde and avowed to faste · for hungor or for thurste · schal þ ere Shal neu ere fysch on frydayes fryday · deffyen yn my wombe tyl abstynence myn Aunte · haue ȝyuyn me leue · and ȝette y hated haue I hated here · all my lyfe-tyme Accidia Thanne came slewthe all beslabred · wyth two slymy eiȝen y moste sytte q uod seyde the segge · or elles schulde y nappe y may nougth stonde ne stowpe · ne wyth -oute stool a stole knele · were y brougth a -bedde · but ȝif my taylende yt make made schulde no ryngynge do me ryse · er y were rype to dyne he bygan benedicite wyth a bolke · and his breeste knokkyde and roxid and roryde · and rutte atte the laste What awake renke q uod repentaunce · and rape the to schryfte ȝif y schulde deye by this day · me luste nougth to loke y can nougth p artfully par[fitly] parfitly my pat er -noster · as the preeste yt syngeth but y can rymes of robynhood · and randolfe erle of chestre · ac neythur of oure lorde ne of oure lady the leste that euere was maked · y haue maad a -vowes fourty · and forȝete hem on the morowe y p erformyd neuere penaunce · as the preest me hygthe ne rygth ......sory · for my synnys · ȝet was y neuere and ȝif y bydde any bedes · butte ȝif yt be yn wratthe ¶ Tthat y telle wyth my tonge · ys two myle fro myn herte y am occupyd echa ech a eche day · halyday and othre wyþ ydel tales atte the nale · and otherwhile yn cherche cherches · goddes peyne and his passyou n · full selde thenke y ther -onne I vysyted neu ere feble men · ne fettred men folke yn pyttes · y haue leuer here an harlotrye · or a somer gamyn of sowters · or lesynges to laughe · at and bylyȝe my neyȝbours than al that euere marke made · math.ew Iohan and lucas · and vygylyes and fastynges fastyng -dayes · alle these late y passe and lygge a -bedde yn lentyn · and my lemman yn myn armys · tyl masse and matyns matynes and masse ben don · and thanne go to the freres · come y to ite missa est · y holde me y -seruyd · y am nougth schryuen sumtyme · but ȝif yt syknesse but if sekenesse make it make nougth twyes in two ȝere · and thanne vp gesse y me schryue I schryue me I haue ben preest and p arsoun · passynge xxx ty thyrty wynt er ȝet can y neythur solfe nor ne synge · ne seyntes lyues rede but y can fynde yn a feelde · or yn a furlonge an hare bettre than in beatus vir · or yn beati omnes construe oo clause wel · and kenne yt to my p erschenes y can holde louedayes · and here a reues ryknynge ac yn canou n nor yn decretals · y can nougth rede alyne a lyne If y bygge and borowe ougth · but ȝif yt be y -tayled · y forȝete yt also as ȝerne · and ȝif men me yt aske sixe sythes othur or seuene · y forsake yt wyþ othes and thus tene y trewe men · ten hundred tymes · and my seru auntes sumtyme · her salary ys byhynde reuthe is to here the rykenynge · whan we schull ȝelde rede acountys so wyth wykkyd wyl and wratthe · my werke -men y paye Ȝif eny man dooth me a byenfete · or helpeth me at nede · y am vnkynde aȝenste his curtesye · & can nougth vndurstonde yt for y haue and haue hade sumdele haukes maners ...?...?...y am nat lured wiþ loue · but ougth lygge vndyr the thombe · The kyndenesse that myne euyncrystyn · kydde me ferne....ȝere sixe Sixty syþes y slewthe · haue forȝetyn ytte sythe yn speche and yn sparynge of speche · y -spylt manye atyme a tyme bothe flesch and fysch · and many othre vytayles bothe brede and ale · buttre myllk and chese · forsleuthid yn my seruyse · tyl yt mygth serue no man · y ran aboute yn ȝouthe · and ȝafe me nougth to lerne ...?... Hm.5.451: A word of perhaps five characters appears to have been erased from the right margin. and euere sytthe haue y ben beggere · for my fowle slowthe heu Heu michi quia sterilem · duxi vita m iuu..enilem · Repentedest thu nougth q uod repentaunce · and and riȝte þ erwyþ with þat he swownyde tyl vigilate the veyl · fette wat er at his yȝen · and flatte hit on his face · and faste on hym cryed and seyde ware the fro wanhope · wolde the betraye y am sory for my synnys · seye to thy -sylue and bete thy -sylfe on the breste · and bydde hym of grace · for here is is no gulte so here so grete · that his goodnesse is more Thanne sate sleuthe vp · and seynyd hym swyþe · and made a vowe to -fore god · for his fowle slowþe · schall þer Shal none sonenday sondaye be this seuyn ȝere · but ȝif but syknesse it lette that y schal ne shal done me er day · to the dere cherche and here matyns and masse · as y a monke were schal none ale aftur mete · holde me thennys tyl y haue euesonge herd · y behote to the rode and ȝet woll y ȝelde aȝen · yf y so muche haue al that y wykkydly wan · sytthe y lyfe wytte hadde And thowe my lyflode lakke · lettyn y nelle that eche man schall haue his · ere y hennys wende and wyth the residue · and the remenau nt · by þe rode of chestyr y schal seeke trewthe · ere arst ar y see rome · Robertde the robbere · on reddyte lookyd and for ther was nougth · wherof · he wepte swythe sore ac Ac ȝet the synfull schrewe · ȝit seyde seyde to hym -.....sylue Cryste that on caluarye · vppon the croys deiȝedyst · tho dysmas my brothur · besougth ...?...the ȝow of grace and haddest mercy on that man · for memento sake · so rewe on þis robbere · that reddere ne hau.e ne neuere wen.e to wynne · wyth crafte that y vse owe · for But for þy muche muchel mercy · mytygacyou n y byseche ne dampne me nougth on at domysday · for that y dude so ylle What byfel of this felou n · y can nougth fayre ......schewe · wel y wote he wepte · faste · wat er wyth bothe his eiȝen · and knowlechid his gulte to cryste ȝet. efte-sones that penitencia · his pyke · he schulde pulsche newe and lepe wyth hym ouerlonde all his lyfe -tyme for he hadde leyne by latro · lucyfers aunte · and thanne hadde repentau nce rewthe · and radde hem alle to knele for y schal beseche for all synful · oure sauyoure of grace to amende vs of oure mysdedys · and do mercy to vs alle Nowe god q uod he þat of thy goodnesse · gon the worlde make and of nougth madest augth · and man moste lyche to thy -sylue and syþþen suffredust to for to synne · a syknesse to vs alle and al for the beste as y byleue · what -euere the booke telleth O felix culpa o nessessariu m peccatum ade · & c etera for þorowht that synne thy sone · sente was to this erthe and bycame man of a mayde · mankynde to saue and maduste thy -sylfe wyth thy sone · ...?...?...and vs synful yliche Faciamus ho mi nem ad ymaginem · & similitudinem n ostram · & alibi Qui manet in caritate · in deo manet & deus in eo · & c etera nil · and sutthen wyth thy -sylue sone · yn oure sute deydest on goodfryday good fryday for mannys sake · at ful tyme of the daye There þy -sylue nor ne thy sone · no sorowe yn deeth feledeste but yn oure secte was the sorowe · and þy sone yt ladde Captiuam duxit captiuitatem & c etera The sonne for sorowe therof · lees sygth þ at for a Hm.5.508: Hm, as the result of erasure, and G read at þat against for a in most other B manuscripts. tyme a -boute mydday whan moste lygth is · and meel -tyme of seynt is feddest wyþ thy fresch blood · oure formefadres forfadres · yn derknes Populus qui ambulabat in tenebris · vidit lucem magnam · & c etera nil And þorough þat þe lygth þat leep out of the · lucyfer was blente and blewe all þy blyssyde · ynto the blysse of paradys The þrydday þryd day aftur · thu ȝedust yn oure suyte a synful mary th.e sawh · .ar seynte mary th.i da mme and alto al to solace þe solace synful · thu suffredyst þat yt it so were Non veni vocare iustos · sed peccatores ad penitenciam And all þat euere þat marke haþ maad ymade · Math eu Ioh an & lucas of thyn douhty dedys · were don yn oure armes Verbum caro factum est · & habitauit in nobis & c etera nil And by so muche me semeth · þe sykerere we mowe bydde and beseche · ȝif it be thy wylle · that arte oure fadur and oure brothur · be mercyable to vs and haue reuthe on these rybaudes · þat repentyn hem here sore ...?...?...þ at eu er wraþþed þei wratthed þe in þis world · yn woord þougth or dede ...?...Than hent he vp Þanne hent hope Hm.5.526: Hm alone reads he vp against hope in all other B manuscripts. Kane and Donaldson thought he was added by a different hand, but the addition consists of three words. an horn · of deus tu conu ersus viuificabis · and blewe yt wyth Beati quor um · remisse sunt iniquitates · that alle the alle seyntys yn heuene · songyn at onys Ho mi nes &iumenta & iumenta saluabis · quemadmodu m multiplicasti · m isericordiam tua m deus · & c etera A thousand of men tho · þrongou n to -gydres · ...?...& cryden Criede vpwarde to cryste · and to his clene moder · to haue grace go wiþ hem · trewthe to seeke Ac þ er was wygth none so wys · þat þe þe wey wey þider .....cowde Hm.5.533: Following this line, Hm alone omits a line found in all other B manuscripts, here given in the spelling of L: But blustreden forth as bestes ouer bankes and hilles. tyl late was and longe · that they a lede mette apparayled as a paynym · yn pylgrymes wyse he bare a burdou n y -bounde · wyþ a brode lyeste yn a wythe -wyndes wyse · y -boundyn ywounden aboute a bolle and a bagge · he bare by his syde an hundred of ampulles · on his hatte seetyn · sygnes of synay · and schelles of galyce and many a crouche on his cloke · and keyes of rome and the vernycle byfore · for men schulde knowe and see by his sygnes whom he sougth hadde This folke fraynede hym furste · whennes fro whennes he come f ram synay he seyde · and fro oure lordes sepulcre yn bedleme and yn babyloyne · y haue ben yn bothe yn heremonye ermonye yn Alysaundre · yn manye othre places ȝe may seen by my sygnes · that syttyn on myn hatte that y haue walked ful wyde · yn wete and yn drye and sougth good sentys · for my soule helþe knowest Knowestow ougth a cors -seynte that men callyn trewthe ...?...canst þu Coudestow ougth wyssen vs the weye · where that wye dwelleþ Nay so me god helpe · seyde the gome thanne y sawe neuere palmere · wyth pyke nor ne wyth scryppe aske aftur hym ere · tyl nowe yn this place · Petur q uod a plowman · and putte foorþ his hede y knowe hym as kyndely · as clerke dooth his bookes conscyence and k....ynde wy.t · kennyd me to his place and dude me suryn hym sykerly · to seruyn hym for euere bothe to sowe and to sette · the while y swynke mygth e · y haue ben his folwere · all this fyfty wynt er boþe sowyn his seed · and suyd his bestes · wyþ -ynne and wyþ -outyn · waytou n wayted his p rofyte y dyke and y delue · y do that trewþe hoteth · Sumtyme y sowe · and sumtyme y thresche yn taylours crafte and tynkers crafte · what trewthe can deuyse · I weue and y wynde · and do what trewthe hoteth · for þowe y seye yt my -selfe y serue hym to paye y haue myn huyre wel · and othurwhiles more he is the prestest payere · that poore men knoweth · he ne wyþ -halte none h...yne hewe his huyre · that he ne haþ it at euyn he is also as lowe as a lombe · and louely of speche and ȝif ȝe wylneþ to wyte · where that he dwelleth · y schall wysse ȝowe wytturly · þe weye to his place Ȝee leue peers q uod thes pylgrymes · and p rofred hym huyre forto wende wyþ hem · to trewþes dwellynge place Nay by my soule helþe my soules helth q uod peers · & gan forto swere y nolde fonge a ferþynge · for seynte Thomas schryne trewþe wolde loue me the lasse · a longe tyme þ eraftur after ac ȝif ȝe wylneþ to wende wel · this ys the weye þyder Ȝee motyn go þorowe mekenesse · boþe men and wyues tyl ȝe comyn ynto conscyence · that cryste wyte þe sothe · that ȝe louyn oure lorde god · leuest of alle thynges · and þanne ȝoure neybours nexte · yn none wyse apeyre oþerwyse þan þu woldest · he wrougth to thy -sylue And so boweth forby forth bi a brooke beth buxum of speche tyl ȝe fynde a foorde ȝoure fadres honoureth · Honora patrem & matrem · & c etera · Wadeþ yn ...?...þ at water · and wascheeþ ȝowe wel there and ȝe schull lepe þe lyȝtloker · al ȝour lyfe-tyme and so schalte thu swere nougth · but ȝif it be for nede · and namly yn ydel · the name of god almyghty · Than schalt þu come by a crofte · but come þu nougth þ erynne that crofte hatteth hat coueyte þu nougth nouȝte · mennys catel nor ne here wyues ne none of here seruauntys · that noyȝen hem mygthte loke ȝe breke no bowe bowes þere · but ȝif it be ȝoure owne Two stokkes þere stondeth · ac stynte ȝe nougth þere þey hattyn stele nougth ne slee slee nouȝte · stryke foorþ by boþe and leue hem on thy lefthalfe left halfe · and loke nougth þer -after and holde wel thyn halyday · hiȝe tyl it be til euyn Than schalte thu blenche at a bergh · bere no fals wytnesse he is frythed yn wyþ floreyns · and oþir fees manye loke þu plukke no plante þere · for p ereyl of þy .....sowle than schul ȝe seye se sey sooþ · so it be to done · yn no manere elles nougth · for no mannys byddynge Than schalte thu come to a courte · as cleer as the sonne the moot is of mercy · the manere aboute and alle þe walles ben of wytte · to holdyn wyl ....owte and kyrnelde wyth crystyndome mankynde to saue botrased wyþ byleue so · or thu beste nougth besauyd [y]sauyd ysaued · And alle þe houses ben hyled · halles and chambres · wyþ no led but wyþ loue · and lowe speche as bryþerne the brygge is of bydde wel · the bet may thu spede eche pylar ys of penaunce · and of prayers to seyntes of almysdedys ar the hokes · that the gates hange on Grace hatteth hatte the gateward · a good man forsothe · his man hatteþ hatte amende ȝowe · for many men hem man him knoweþ telleþ hym this tokne · that trewþe w.ete wite the sothe y p erformed the penaunce · the preest me ........enioyned and am fulsory ful sory for my synnys · and so schal y I shal euere whan y þenke þ eron · they y were a pope Hm.5.621: The reading pope was partially erased but is still legible. Byddeth amende ȝowe meke hym tyl his mayst er onys · to wayue vp the wyket · that the wo mman schette · to Tho Adam and Eue · etyn applys vnrostyd P er euam cunctis clausa est · & c etera nil Et p er maria m virginem · patefacta est · & c etera · For he haþ the keye and the clyket · thowe the kynge slepe and ȝif grace graunte the · to goo yn this wyse thu schalte se yn thy soule selue · trewthe yn thyn herte yn a cheyne of charyte · as thu a chylde were to suffre hym and sugge nougth · aȝen þy syres wylle Ac bewaar than of wratthe the · that is a wykkyd schrewe he hath enuye to hym · that yn thyn herte sytteth · and pookeþ foorþ pryde · to preyse thy -selue the boldnesse of thy benfetys · makyth the blynde thanne and than wurþest thu dryuen out as dewe · and the doore closyd · keyed and klykeded · to kepe the wyth -owtyn happyly an hundred wynt er · ere thu efte entre thus myghtest thu lesen his loue · to lete well by thy -seluyn and neuere happyly efte entre · but grace thu haue Ac þere are seuene sustren · that seruyn trewthe euere and are porters of the posternes · that to the place longeth · that on hatte abstynence · and humylyte an nothur charyte and chastyte · ben his cheef maydenys · pacyence and pes · muche peple they helpeth · largenesse the lady · schee leet yn ful manye · Sche haþ holpyn a thousand oute · of the deueles poustee ponfolde and wo -so is sybbe vnto to this seuene · so me god helpe he is wondurly welcome · and fayre vndurfongyn and but if ȝe be sybbe · to su mme of these seuene yt is ful harde by myn heed q uod peers · for eny of ȝowe alle to getyn yngange at any gate there · but ȝif but grace be the more Nowe by cryste q uod a kuttepurs · y haue no kyn there nor y q uod an Apeward · by augth that y can knowe w.ete god q uod a wafrestere · wyste y this forsothe schulde y neu ere ferþ er a fote · for no freris p rechynge Ȝus q uod peris the ploughman · and pokyd hem alle to goode mercy is a mayden there · and hath hath mygth ouer alle and sche is sybbe to alle synful · and hure sone also and þorough þe helpe of hem two · hope thu none othre thu mygth gete grace þere · by soo thu go bytyme By seynte Poule q uod a p ardener · p araduenture y be nougth knowe þere · y woll go fecche my boxe wyth my bryuett es · & a bulle wyþ buschops l etres · By cryste quod a comyn wo mman · thy company woll y folwe thu schalt seye y am thy sustur · y ne wote where þey become Passus sextus de visione · t T his were awykkyd a wykkyd weye . but who -so hadde a guyde that wolde folowyn vs ylke a fote · þ us this folke hem menyd · Quod p erkyn the ploughman · by seynt pet er of rome y haue an halfe acre to erye · by the hye weye hadde y eryed this halfe acre · and sowyn yt aftur y wolde wendyn wyth ȝowe · and the weye teche Hm.6.7: The rubricating scribe failed to note the paraph indicator in the left margin. This were a longe lettynge · q uod a lady yn a sclayre what schulde we wo mmen · werche the whiles · Su mme schull sowe the sakke q uod peers · for schedynge of the whete and ȝee louely ladyes · wyth ȝoure longe fymbg errys fy[n]g errys fyngres that ȝe haue sylke and sendal · to sowe whan tyme is chysybles for chaplaynes · cherches to honoure wyues and wydewes · wolle and flax spynneth · maketh cloth y conseyl ȝowe and kenneth so ȝoure douhtres the nedy and the nakyd · nymeth hede howe þey lygge.n and casteeth hem cloþes · for so comaundeth treuthe For y schall lenyn hem lyflode · but ȝif the londe fayle flesch and brede bothe · to ryche and to pouere als longe as y leue · for the lordys loue of heuene and al manere of men · that by þorw mete and drynke lybbeth helpeth hym to wurche wygthly · and þat wynnyth ȝoure food By cryste q uod a knygth tho · he kennyth vs the beste ac on the teme trewly · taugth was y neuere ac kenne me q uod the knygth · and by cryste y wol assaye By seynt poule q uod p erkyn · ȝe p rofre ȝowe so fayre that y schal swynke and swete · and sowe for vs bothe laborers And oþer laboures do for thy loue al my lyfe -tyme yn couenau nt that thu kepe · holy cherche kirke and my -sylue fro wastours and fro wykkyd men · that þis worlde stroye.n and go hunte hardylyche · to harys and to foxes to bores and to brokkes · that breken adown myn hegges and goo affayte thy faucou ns · wylde fowlys to kulle for suche comyn to my crofte · and croppeth my whete curteysly this þe knygth thanne · comsyd these woordes by my power peers quod he · y plygth the my trewthe to fulfulle þys forwarde · þowe y fygth schulde · as longe as y lyue · y schall the ma.....ynteyne ȝe and ȝit a poynte q uod peers · y praye ȝowe of more loke ȝe tene no tenaunt · but trewthe woll assente and þo....hewh ȝe mowe amercyen hem · late mercy be taxour and mekenesse thy mayst er · mawgre medes chekes · and þow.h poore men p rofre ȝowe p resentes and ȝiftes nyme it nougth yn aduenture · ȝe mowe it nougth deserue for ...ȝe þow schalte shalt ȝelde it aȝen · atte one ȝeres ende yn a ful p erelous place · purgatory it hatteth Hm.6.45: The <e> is retouched in a different ink. And mysbede nougth thy bonde -menan · bonde -men the bettre may the þow speede thowe he be thyn vndurlynge here · wel may happe yn heuene that he wurthier sytte sette · and wyth more blysse Amice ascende superius · & c etera · superius For yn a in charnel atte Hm.6.50: Though Hm appears to agree with LM in reading atte, "at the," against at or & in in other B manuscripts, usually Hm means only "at." cherche · c......herles ben euyl to knowe or a knygth fram a knaue there · knowe this yn thyn herrte Hm.6.51: The scribe's "2" form of <r> has been overwritten with hand3's anglicana form. and that thu be trewe of thy tonge · and tales that thu hatye but ȝif they ben of wysdome or of wytte · thy werkmen to chaste holde wyth none harlottes · ne here nougth here tales and namly at the mete · suche men eschue for it ben the deueles dysours · y do the to vndurstonde I assente by seynte iame · .seyde the knygth thanne · forto wurche by thy woordes · the while my lyfe dureth And y schal apparayle me q uod p erkyn · yn pylgrymes wyse and wende wyth ȝowe y woll · tyl we fynde trewthe and caste on my clothes · y -clowtyd and hole my kokeres and my ...?...cuffes · for colde of my n.ayles · and hange myn hop er · at myn hals · yn stede of a scryppe a buschel of bredcorn · brynke ...?...?...wiþ me brynge me ther -ynne for y wolde wil sowe it my -sylfe · and sutthyn woll y wende to pylgrymage as palmers doon · p ardon forto haue Ac who -so helpeth me to erye · or sowyn here or y wende schall haue leue by oure lorde · to lese h.....eere yn heruest and make hem mery e therwyth þere -mydde · magre who -so gruccheth .. and alkyn crafty men · that ku nnyn konne lyue yn trewthe y schal fynde hem food · that feythfully lybbeth · Saue iakke the iogolour · and ionet of the stywes and danyel the d...yes pleyere · and denote the bawde and frere the faytour · and folke of his ordre and robyn the rybaudour · for hi s rusty woordes Hm.6.75: Following this line, Hm omits the line Treuthe tolde me ones and bad me tellen it after, customarily found in all other B manuscripts and here given in the spelling of L. Deleantur de libro viuenciu m · y schulde nougth dele wyth hem · for holycherche is hote of hem no tythe to take Quia cum iustis non scribantur · & c etera nil They ben a -scapid good aduenture · god hem amende Dame wurche whan tyme is peers wyfe higth e his dought er higth do rygth so · or thi dame schall þe bete his sone higth suffre thy souereynes · to haue her wylle deme hem nougth for ȝif thu doost · thu schalt it dere abugge lat god y -wurthe wyth all · for so his woord techeth · for nowe y am olde and hore · and haue of myn owne to penaunce and to pylgrymage · y woll passe wyth with þise othre for -thy y woll or y wende · do wryte my byqueste In dei no mi ne amen · y make it my -sylue he schal haue my sowle · that beste hath deseruyd it · and fro the f.ende it deffende · for so y byleue tyl y come to his accountes · as my crede me telleth to haue a reles and aremyssyou n a remyssyou n · on that rental y leue The kurke Hm.6.93: This unusual spelling probably reflects the scribe's intent. He manifests a tendency to avoid the /k/ forms with just six instances in the poem to the twenty-one in L, nineteen in M, and twenty in W. The form probably is by analogy with rounded forms in church. schal haue my careyne · and kepe my bonys for of my corn and catel · he crauyd the tythe y payde it hym p restyly · for p eryl of my soule forþy is is he holdyn y hope · to haue me in his masse and myngyn yn his memorye · amonge alle crystene My wyfe schal haue of that y wan · wyth trewthe and nomore and dele amonge my doughtres · and my dere children · for þowe y deye to -day · my dettys are quytte y bar home þat y borwyd · er y to bedde ȝede And wyth the residue and the remenau nt · by the rode of lukes y woll wurschip ther -wyth · trewthe by my lyue · and ben his pylgryme at the .....plough for poore mennys sake my ploughfote schall be my pyked staf.e pyk -staf · and plucche Hm.6.105: Plucche, "pull" <OE plyccan. picche a -two þe rotes and helpe my cultur to kerue · and clense the furwys Nowe is p erkyn and his pylgrymes · to the plough faren to erye this halfe acre · helpyn holpyn hym manye dykers and deluers · dykyd digged vp the balkes ther -wyþ was p erkyn a -payde · and preysydyn hym hem faste oþer werkmen ther were · that wrouhten ful ȝerne echeman eche man yn his manere · made hym -sylfe to done and summe to plese p erkyn · pykyd vp the wedes Atte hie p rime perys · leet the plough stande · to ouerseen hem hym -sylfe · and who -so beste wrougth e he schulde be huyred theraftur · whan heruest -tyme come · ...?...Tha nne And þanne setyn & songyn · summe somme and songen atte the nale · and holpyn erye his halfacre · wyth howe trolly -lolly Nowe by the p erel of my soule quod peers · al yn pure tene but ȝe aryse the rathur · and rape ȝowe to wurche schall no greyne that groweth · glade ȝowe at nede and thowe ȝe deye for doel · the deuyl · hym haue haue that recche Tho were faytours afferde · and feyned hem blynde summe leydyn here legges a -lyry · as suche losell kunnyth and madyn here mone to peers · and prayde hym of grace for we haue no lymes to labour wyth · lorde of grace bydde we ygraced be the ȝe ac we praye for ȝowe peers · and for ȝoure plowe bothe that god of his grace · ȝoure grayn multyplye and ȝelde ȝowe for ȝoure almesse · that ȝe ȝyuyn vs here · for we may nougth swynke nor ne swete · suche syknesse vs eyleth · ȝif it be sooþ q uod peris · that ȝe seyn · y schall it sone aspye · ȝe ben wastours y wote wel · and treuthe wote the sothe and y am his olde hyne · and hygth hym to warne whuche they were yn this worlde · his werkemen appeyryd · ȝe wastyn that me.n wynnyn · wyþ trauayle and wyþ tene ac trewthe schall teche ȝowe · his teme to dryue · for Or ȝe schull ete barlybrode · and of the brooke drynke · but ȝif he be blynde or brokelegged · or bolted wyth yrens · he schall ete whetebrede · and drynke wyth my -sylue tyl god of his goodnesse · amendement. hym sende Ac ȝe þ at mygth myȝte(n) Hm.6.141: Since Ac extends into the left margin, the first three words may have been inserted over an erasure. trauayle as trewthe wolde · and take mete and huyre to kepen kyen yn the feelde · the corn from the bestys · dyken or deluyn · or dyngyn vpon scheuys or helpe make mort er · or bere mukke afelde ..yn lecherye and yn losengerye · ȝee lyuen and yn slauthe and all is thorowe suffraunce · that vengeaunce ȝowe ne taketh · Ac ancres and heremyt es · that etyn nougth but at nonys · and namore tyl on the er morowe · myn almus schul they haue and of catel to kepe hem wyth · that han cloystres and cherches · Ac robard re nnaboute · schall nougth haue of myne ne postles but they p reche ku nne · and haue power of the buschop · they schull haue payn and potage · and make hem -sylfe at ese for it is an vnresonable relygyou n · that hath rygth nougth at of certayn · And thanne gan a wastour to wratthe hym · and wolde haue fougth e · and to peris the ploughman · he p rofryd his gloue a brytoneer a bragger · abostyd peris als · And badde hym go pissyn wyth his plough · for -pynyd schrewe wylte thu or nylte thu · we wyln wil haue oure wylle of thy flour and of thy flesch · fecche whan vs lyketh and makyn vs mery ther -wyth · maugre thy chekes Thanne peris the ploughman · playned hym to the knygth · to kepyn hym as couenau nt was · fro cursyd schrewes · and fro wasto urus þis wastoures wolueskynnys · þat maketh þe worlde dere for þo wastyn and wynnyn nougth · and that ylke while wurth neuer plente amonge the peple · þe while my plough lyggeth Curteysly the knygth thanne · as his k....eynde wolde warnyd wastour · and wyssyde hym bettre or thu schalte a -bugge by the lawe · and by the ordre that y bere I was nougth wonte to wurche q uod wastour · & nowe wol y nat bygy nne and l...eet lygthly liȝte of the lawe · and lasse of the knygth · and sette peris at a pese · and his plough bothe and manaced peers and his men · ȝif þey mette . efte-sone Nowe by the p ereyl of my sowle q uod peers · y schal appeyre ȝowe alle and houpyd aftur hongour · that herde hym atte the furste a -wreke me on these of þise wastours quod he · that the þis . worlde schendeth hungor yn haste tho · hente wastour by the mawe and wronge hym so by the wombe · that bothe his yȝen watryd · he buffetyd the brytoneer · aboute the cheekys that he loked lyke a lant erne · all his ly.efe aftur he b...eet hem so bothe · he barste nere her guttys ne hadde peris wyth a pese -lofe prayde hungor to cese they hadde be doluyn · ne deme thu none othre Suffre hem lyue he seyde · and late hem ...ete wyth hogges · or elles benys and bren · y -bakyn to -gydres or elles mylke and mene ale · þus prayde peers for hem · Faytours for fere herof · flowyn ynto bernys and flattyn flapten on wyth flayles · fro morowe tyl euyn · that hungor was nougth so hardy · on hem forto loke for a potfull of pesyn · that peers hadde y -makyd · An hepe of heremytys · hentyn hem spades and kuttyn h..ere Hm.6.191: The final character is malformed. copes · and curtepyes hem made and wentyn as werkmen · wyþ spades and wyth schoueles · and doluyn and dyggedyn dykeden · to dryue aweye honger blynde and bedrede · were botenyd a thousande that setyn to begge syluer · sone were they helyd for that was bake for bayard · was bote for many hongry · and many a begger for benys · buxum was to swynke and eche poore man wel apayde to haue pesyn for his huyre and what peers prayde hem to do · as preste as a sperhauk and þerof was peris proude · and put hem to werke and ȝaf hem mete as he mygth aforthe · and mesurable huyre Thanne hadde peers pyte · and prayde hungor to wende home yn -tyl in -to his owne ȝerde erd · and holdyn hym there for y am wel a -wroke of wastours · thorow thy mygth ac y praye the or thu passe · q uod peers to hungour of beggers and of bydders · what beste ben to done for y wote wel be thu wente · they wyln wil don worche full ylle for myscheef it maketh · they beth so meke nowthe and for defaute of her food · this folke is at my wylle they are my blody bretherne · quod peers for god b..owgth vs alle treuthe taugth me ones to louen hem echone and to helpen hem of alle thyngs · ay as hem nedyd nedeth · and nowe wolde y wyten of the · what were the beste and howe hey mygth amaystryen hem · and make hem to werche Here nowe q uod hongour · and hold. it for a wysdome bolde beggers and bygge · that mowyn her breed byswynke wyth houndys brede · and hors brede · holde vp her hertys abayte hem wyth benys · for bolnynge of her herte wombe and ȝif the gomes grucche · bydde hem go swynke and he schal sowpe swettere · whan h e it haþ deseruyd · And ȝif thu fynde any freke that fortune hath apeyryd or eny maner febul fals man · fonde thu suche to knowe conforte hym hem wyth thy catel · for crystes loue of heuene loue hem and lene hem · so lawe of god techeth · Alter alterius onera portate · & c etera and al manere of men · that thu mygth aspye that nedy ben and nougthty · helpe hem wyth thy goodes loue hem and lakke hem nougth · and late late god take the vengeaunce thouȝ they done euele · lat god y -wurthe Michi vindictam & ego retribuam · & c etera nil And ȝif thu wolte be gracyous to god · do as the gospel techeth · and byloue th.e amonge lewyd low m.en · so schalt thu lacche grace Facite vobis amicos de mammona iniquitatis · & c etera nil y wolde nougth greue god q uod peris · for all the good on grounde mygth y synneles do as thu seyste · seyde peris thanne Ȝee y behote the quod hungor · or ellys the byble lyeth · go to genesis the gyaunte · the engendrour of ...vs alle In sudore ....& in swynke thu schalte thi mete tylye and labour for thi lyflode · and so oure lorde higthe and sapience seith the same · y say it yn the byble pyger pro frigore · no felde wold.e nolde tylye in wynter tilye and therfore he schall · begge ...? somer and bidde · and no man bete his hunger Math eu wyth mannys face · mowthed these woordes that seruus neq uam · hadde a Mnam · i d est · besaunt & for he nolde nougth chaffare he hadde mawgre of his mayster · euermore after and bynam hym his mnan · for he ne wolde werche and ȝaf that mnam · to hym · that ten mnames hadde and wyth that he seide · that holy cherche it herde he þat hath schall · haue · and helpe there it nedeth and he that nougth hath nougth schal shal nouȝt haue · and no man hym helpe and that he weneth wel to haue · y wol hym wil it hym byreue .....kynde wyt wolde that eche wygth · wel a wyght wrougth or yn dykynge or yn deluynge · or yn or trauayle trauaillynge of prayers in preyeres contemplatyf lyf Contemplatyf lyf or actyf lyf · cryste wolde they wrougthe the saut er seith yn the psalme · of beati omnes the freke that fedeth hym -sylfe · wyth his feythfull labour he is blyssed by the book · yn body and in sowle · Labores manuu m tuarum · & c etera ȝit y praye ȝowe quod peris · pur charite and ȝe kunne ony leef of lechecrafte · lerne lere it me my dere for summe of my seruauntes · and my -sylfe bothe of al a wyke werke nougth · lord so so our wombe aketh · I wote wel quod hunger · what syknesse ȝowe eyleth · ȝe haue manged ouermuche · and that maketh ȝowe grone ac y hote the q uod hunger · as thu thyn hele wylneste þat þu drynke no day · er thu dyne sumwhat · ete nougth y hote the · er hungour the take and sende the of his sauce · to sauour wyth ȝoure þi lyppes and kepe sum tyl sop er tyme · and sytte nougth to longe and ryse vp or appetyt · haue eten his fulle lat nougth sire surfayt · syttyn at thi boord · leue hym nougth for he is leccherous · and lykerous of tonge and aftur many maner of metys · is metes his mawe is affyngryd and ȝif thu diete the thus · y dare legge myn eres that Fysyk schal his furrud hoodes · for his food selle and his cloke of calabre · wyth alle the knoppes of golde and be fayn by my feyth · his fysyke to sulle lete and lerne to labour wyth londe · forlyflode for lyflode is swete for murtheres are many leches · lorde hem amende they don men deye wyþ þorw here drynkes · ar destyne it wolde By seynt poule quod peers · these are p rofetable woordes wende nowe hunger whan thu wolte · þ at wel be þe euere for this is a louely lessoun · lord it the furȝelde Byhote god q uod hunger · hennes ne woll y wende tyl y haue dynyd by this day · and y -dronke bothe I haue no peny quod peers · pullettes to bugge noþ er Ne neyther gees ne gris · but two grene cheses · a fewe cruddes and creme · and an hauerkake and two loues of benys and bran · y -bake for my fawntys and ȝit y seie by my soule · y haue no salt bacou n · ne none kokeneys kokeney by cryste coloppis of for to makyn ac y haue p ercyle and porrettes · and many cole plontys and eke a cowe and a calfe · and a carte mare to drawe a -felde my donge the while the drougth lasteth and by this lyflode we mot lyue · tyl lammasse tyme and by that y hope to haue · heruest yn my crofte and þanne may y dygth þy dyner · as me dere lyketh Alle the poore peple tho · pescoddes fette benys and bakyn apples · they broughtyn yn her lappes chibolles and cheruell · and rype chiries manye and p rofryd peers this p resent · to plese wyth hunger Al hunger eet yn haste · and askyd aftur more thanne poor folke for fere · feddyn hunger ȝerne wyth grene porret and pesyn · to poysou n hym they thougth by that it neyȝhed neer heruest · newe corn cam to chepynge thanne was folke fayn · and feddyn hunger wyth the beste wyþ good ale as glotou n taugth · and gart hunger to slepe And tho wolde wastour nougth wurche · but wandred aboute ne no beggere ete brede that benys ynne were but of koket or clermatyn or elles of clene whete ne none halpenyale halpeny ale · yn none wyse drynke but of the beste and of the brownyste · that yn the burgh borgh is to sulle Laborers that han no londe to lyuen on · but her handes deynen Deyned nougth to dyne a -day · nygth -olde wortys may no peny -ale hem paye · ne no pece of bacou n but ȝif it be fresch flesch othur fysch · fryed othur bake · and that chaw.ded and plus cha.. ·wd for chyllynge of her mawes mawe and but he be hielyche huyred · ell es woll he chide and that he was werkman wrougth · wayle the tyme aȝenst catouns counseyl · comseth he to iangle Paup ertatis oonus · pacient er ferre memento · & c etera nil · He greueth hym aȝenste god · and gruccheth aȝenste resou n · and curseth ..also curseth he the kynge and and al his counseyl aftur suche lawes to loke · laborers to greue ac whiles hungour was her mayster · ther wolde none of hem chide ne stryue aȝenste his statut · so sternlyche he lokede Ac y warne ȝow werkmen · wynnyth while ȝe mowe for hunger hiderward · hyeth hasteth hym faste he schall a -wake wyth wat er · wastours to chaste er fyue ȝere be fulfuld · suche famyn schall aryse thorowȝ flodes and thorowh and fowle wedres · frutes schul fayle and so seyde saturne · and sente ȝowe to warne whan ȝe see the sonne amys · and two monkes hedes and amayde a mayde haue the maystrye · and multyply by eiȝht Than schal deeþ wyþ -drawe · and derthe be iustyse and dawe the dykere · deye schal deye for hunger but ȝif god of his goodnesse grawnte vs a trewe Passus septimus de visione · t T rewthe herde telle her -of · and to peris sente to takyn his teme · and tyllyen his þe erthe and purchacyd hym a p ardou n · a pena & a culpa · for hym and for his eyres · euermore for euermore aftur and badde hym holdyn hym at home and eryen his leyes and alle þat holpyn hym to erye · to sette or to sowe · or eny oþer mystyer · that mygth peris auayle p ardoun wyth peris ploughman · trewthe hath hem hath grauntyd kynges and knyghtes · that kepyn holy cherche and rygthfully in rewmes · reulyn the peple ...........han pardoun þorowȝ purgatorye · to passen full lyghtly wyth patryarkes and p rophetys · yn p aradys to be felawe Buschoppes yblessid ȝif þey ben as they schulde legistres of bothe lawes · the lewyd þerwyþ to p reche and And in as muche as they mowe · amende alle synfull arn peres wyþ þe apostles · this p ardoun peris scheweth and at the day of dome · at the hiȝe deys to sytte Marchauntes yn the margyn · haddyn many ȝeres · ac .non a pena & a culpa · the pope nolde hem graunte for they holdyn nougth her holydayes · as holy cherche techeth · and for þey swere by her sowle · & so god mote moste hem helpe aȝen clene conscyence · her catell to sulle Ac vndyr his secrete seal · trewthe sente hem a lettre that they schulde b.ugge boldly · that hem beste lykede and sytthen it sulle selle it aȝen · and saue the wynnynge and amende mesondieux ther -myd · and mysese. folke helpe and wykkyd weyes · wightly hem amende and do bote to brugges · that to -brokyn were maryen maydnes or makyn hem nonnys pore peple and prysones · fyndyn hem her foode and settyn scolers to scole · or to summe oþ ere craftes releue relygyou n · and rentyn hym hem bettre and y schall sende ȝow my -sylfe seynt mychael myn Aungel archangel that no deuel schall ȝow dere · ne fere ȝow at in ȝowr deyȝyng and wyte ȝowe fro wanhope · ȝif ȝe woln thus werche and sende ȝowr sowles yn saufte · to my seyntes yn ioye Thanne were marchauntes · merye · many weptyn for ioye and preysedyn peers the ploughman · that purchacyd this bulle Men of lawe leste p ardou n hadde · that pledyn pleteden for mede for the saut er saueth hem nougth · suche as takyn ȝyftes and namlyche of ynnocentes · that non vuel kunnyn Sup er innocentem mun era non accipies · & c etera nil Pledours schulde peyne hem to plede · for suche and helpe hem helpe · prynces and p relates · schulden p.aye for her trauayle A regibus & a & principibus · erit merces eoru m · & c etera nil · Ac many a Iustice and iorrour · wolde for iohan do more · than pro dei pietate · leue thu none othur Ac he that spendeth Hm.7.48: The first four letters of spendeth are badly rubbed or partially erased. his speche · and speketh for the pouere that is ynnocent Hm.7.49: The letters <s ynn> are badly rubbed or partially erased. and nedy · and noman appeyreth conforteth hym in that caas · wyþ -outyn couetys of ȝiftes and scheweþ lawe for oure lordes loue · as he it haþ y -lernyd lerned schal no deuyl at his deth -day · dere hym amyete a myte that he ne wurth saufe & his soule · þe sawt er beryth wytnesse Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo & c etera Ac to bygge wat er ne wynde ne wyt ne fyer the fierthe these foure the fadur of heuene made · to his folde yn comyn · these ben trewthes tresours · trewe folke to helpe that neuer schull wexe ne wanye · wyth -owtyn god hym -sylue · whanne they drawe vnto deth þe deþ Hm.7.59:There is wide variation at this locus. HmR omit the before deþ. L and W confused thorn with <y> but also omit þe. · and yndulgences wolde haue her p ardoun is full petyt at her p artynge hennys that eny mede of mene men · for her motynge taketh ȝee legystres and lawyers · holdeth this for trowthe that ȝif þat y lyȝe · math eu is to blame for he bad me make ȝow this · and this p rouerbe me tolde Quodcumq ue vultis vt faciant vobis · ho mi nes facite eis · & c etera nil Alle lybbynge laborers · that lyuen wyth her hondys · that trewlyche takyn · and trewlyche wynnyn and lyue yn loue and yn lawe · for her lowe hertys haue þe same abs.olucyou n · that sente was to peris Beggers ne bydders · beth ne beþ nougth yn the bulle but ȝif the sugestyou n be sooth · that schapeth hem to begge · ...?...?...for he þ at beggeþ or byt · but ȝif he haue nede · he is fals wyth the fende · and deffraudeth the nedy Hm.7.74: The scribe's usual indicator for the rubricated paraph was ignored by the rubrisher, perhaps canceled by two horizontal lines through it. and also he bygyleth the gyuere · aȝenste his wylle for if he wyste he were nougth nedy · he wolde ȝeue þ at another that were more nedy than he · so the nedyeste schulde ben holpe catou n kenneth me thus · and the clerke of storyes Cui des videto · is catou ns techynge And yn the storyes he techeth · to bystowe thyn alm.esse Sit elemosina tua in manu tua donec studes cui des · & c etera nil · Ac gregorye was a good man · and bad vs gyuyn alle that asketh for his loue · that vs alle leneth · Non eligas cui miseriaris · ne forte p ret erearis pretereas illu m qui meret ur accip ere · Quia incertu m est p ro quo deo magis placias · & c etera nil · For wote ȝe neuere who is wurthy · ac god wote who hath nede yn hym that taketh is the treccherye · ȝif any tresoun walke for he that ȝyueth ȝeldeth · and ȝarketh hym to reste and he that byddeth borweth · and bryngeþ hym -sylfe yn dette for beggers borwyn euermore · and her borow is god almyghty to ȝelde hem that ȝyuyn hem · and ȝit vsure more · Quare non dedisti pecunia m mea m ad mensam vt ego veniam veniens cum vsuris exigere · & c etera · Forthy byddeth nougth ȝe neyȝbo urs beggeres · but ȝif ȝe haue grete nede for who -so hath to byggyn hym breed · the book beryth wytnesse he hath ynowe that hath breed ynowe þowe he haue nougth ell es · Satis diues est · qui non indiget pane · & c etera nil Late vsage be ȝoure solace · of seynt es lyues redynge the book bannyth beggers beggarie · and blameth hem on in this manere · Hm.7.99: The rubricating scribe overlooked a paraph indicator. Iunior fui etenim senui · & non vidi iustu m derelictu m nec semen eius querens panem · & c etera · For ȝe lyuyn yn no loue · ne no lawe holde many of ȝow ne wedde nougth · the womman that ȝe wyth delyn but as wylde bestes wyth wehe · wurthyn vp and wurchyn and bryngeþ foorth barnes · bastardes that þat bastardes men calleth · or the bakke or sum bone · he breketh yn his ȝouthe and syþþyn gon faytyn wyth ȝoure fauntes · for euermore aftur ther is more mysschape peple · amonge these beggers · than of alle man er of men · that on this molde reignyn walketh and they that lyuen thus her lyfe mown lothe the tyme that eu ere thei were men he was man wrougth · whan they schull hennys fare Ac olde men and hore · that helpeles ben of strenkthe and wymmen wyth childe · that werchen ne mowe blynde and bedred · and brokyn her membrys that takyn these myschefes myschief(es) mekelych · as meselles and othre han as playn p ardoun · as the ploughman hym -syluyn · for loue of here lowe hertys · oure lorde hath hem grauntyd · her penaunce and her purgatorye · here on this erthe · Peris quod a p reest tho · thi p ardoun muste y rede for y woll construe eche clause · and kenne it the on englysch · And peers at his prayer · the p ardoun vnfoldeth and y byhinde hem bothe · byhulde all the bulle al yn two lynes it lay · and nougth a lefe more and was wryten rygth thus · yn wytnesse of trewthe · Et qui bona egerunt · ibunt in vitam et ernam · & c etera nil · Qui vero mala in ignem eternu m · & c etera nil · Peter q uod the prest tho · y can no pardou n fynde but do wel and haue wel · and god schall haue thi sowle and do euele and haue euele · hope thu non oþer Hm.7.127-138: The scribe omitted a line on initial copying. He erased the final eleven lines on the page and overwrote the space with twelve lines, thus producing 41 lines to this page. Kane and Donaldson note that the new lines are in a different ink, but the hand is the same. but after þy deþ -day · the deuyl schall haue þy sowle and peris for pure tene · pullyd it a -twynne atweyne and seyde · si ambulauero in medio vmbre mortis non timebo mala q uoniam tu mecu m es · & c etera nil I schal cese of my sowyng quod peris · & swynke nougth so harde ne abowt my bely ioyȝe · so besy be nomore of prayers and penaunce · my plough schal ben her -after and wepyn whan y schuld slepyn · þowȝ whetebrede me fayle þe p rophete his payn eet · yn penaunce and yn sorowe by þat þe sauter seiþ · so dedyn oþer manye þat louen god lely · his lyflode is full esy · Fuerunt michi lacrime mee panes die ac nocte · & c etera nil · And but ȝif luke lye · lereþ he lereth vs by fowles we schuldyn nougth be to besy · aboutyn this þe worldys blysse ne soliciti sitis · he seith yn the gospel and scheweth vs by ensampull vs -sylfe forto to wysse the foules yn the felde · who fynte hem mete yn at wynt er · haue they no gern er to go to · but god fynte hem alle What q uod the preest to p erkyn · peter as me thynketh · thu art lettryd a lytyll · who lernyd the on booke abstynence the abbesse q uod peris · myn · a · b · c · me taugth · and conscyence came afturward · and kennyd me moche more were thu a preest peers q uod he · þumyste þu myste p reche where thu schuldest · as dyuynour yn diuinite · wyth dixit in.sipiens thi teme · lewyd lorel quod peers · lytyl lokest thu on the bible on salamones sawes · seldom thu beholdest · Ecce dirisores & iurgia cu m eis non ne crescant & c etera · The preste and p erkyn · apposedyn either othur and y þorowh her woordes a -wooke · and waytede a -boute and say the sonne yn the south · sytte that tyme meteles and moneyles · on maluerne hulles · musynge on thes metels · and my wey yȝede Many tyme thes metels · haue hath makyd me studye to studye of þat y sawe slepynge · ȝif it so be mygth e and also for peris the ploughman · ful pensyf yn herte and whiche a p ardou n peris hadde · all the peple to conforte and howe the preest ynpu ngnyd it · wyth two p ropre woordes ac y hano ...?...sauour yn sowngewarye · for y se it ofte fayle catou n and canonystres · conseylen vs to leue to settyn sadnesse yn sowngewarye · for sompnia ne cures ac for the book of the byble · beryth wytnesse howe daniel dyuynyd · the drem dremes of a kynge · that was ..Nabygodonosor · nempnyd of clerkes daniel seide sure s[i]re sire kynge · thi dremes betokneth that vncowth knygthes schull come · thi kyngdom to cleyme amonge lower lordes thi londe schall be dep artyd · and as danyel dyuynyd · yn dede it fel aftur the kynge les his lordschipe · and lower men it hadde · and Ioseph mette merueylously · how þe mone and the sonne and And þe ...?...?...enleuene sterres · worschipede hailsed hym alle than iacob Iuged · Iosephis sweuene · beaufys q uod his fader · for deffaute we schullyn y my -selfe and my sones · seche tho þe for nede It beffel as his fader seyde · in pharaoes tyme that Iosep whas iustyse · egypte to lokyn and tho It bifel as his fader tolde · his frendes there hym sougthe · and all this maketh me · on thes metels to þenke And how the ...?...?...preest · p rouede no pardon to dowel and demyd that do wel · indulgences passyd biennals and tryanals and buschopes seales lettres and how do -wel at the day of dome is dignylyche vndurfongyn and passeth all the p ardou n · of seynt petres of rome cherche ☞ p ardo n Now hath the pope power · p ardou n to graunte the peple wyth -outyn any penaunce · to passe ynto heuene this is oure byleue · as lettryd men vs techeth Quodcumq ue ligaueris sup er terram erit ligatu m & in celis · & c etera And so y leue lely · oure lordes lordes Hm.7.194: HmGF read oure lorde against lordes in most B manuscripts, though Hm initially had the genitive form. forbode elles that p ardoun and prayers · and penaunce penaunce and preyeres don saueth sauyn saue soules that han synnyd · seuene sythes dedly · ac to truste to these triennals · trewly me thynketh is nougth so syker for for þe soules soule · certys as is do -wel For -thi y rede ȝow renkes · that ryche ben on this erthe · vppon trust of ȝour tresour · triennals to haue ȝe neu ere the boldere · to breke the ten hestes and namely ȝe maystres · mayres and Iuges that han the welthe of þis worlde and for wyse men ben holdyn · to purchace ȝow p ardou n · and the popes bulles · At the dredful dome · whan the dede ded schulle aryse and comyn alle to -fore bifore cryste acountys to ȝelde how ȝe þow ladde laddest ȝour þi lyfe there here · and his lawys kepte keptest and how ȝe þow dedyn dedest day by day · the doom schall wil .......reherce · a pokeful of p ardou n · þere · ne p rouyncyal es lettrys they ȝe be fowndyn in the Frat ernyte · of all þe foure ordres · and haue indulgences dowblefold · but ȝif dowel ȝow helpe y sette ȝour patentes and ȝour p ardou n · at one pyes hele for -þy y conseyl alle crystene · forto to crye god mercy and mary his moder · be oure mene bytwene that god ȝyue vs grace · here or we gon hennes suche werkes to wurche · while we ben here that aftur our deth -day · do -wel reherce at the day of dome · we dude as he higth · Passus octauus de visione · & p rimus de do -weel · t T hus ro....bed yrobed yn russat · y romed aboute all a somer cesou n · forto seke do -wel And frayned fulofte ful ofte · of folke that y mette ȝif eny wygth wyste · where do -wel was at ynne and what man he mygth be of many man y askede ...?...was neu er wyth Hm.8.6: Wyth, "person, anyone." as y wente · that me wysse cowde where this lede lenged lasse ne more tyl it befell on a Fryday · two frerys y mette maystres of the menours · men of grete wytte y halzed Hm.8.10: Halzed, "hailed." Kane-Donaldson interpret <z> as <ȝ>. hem hendely · as y hadde lerned and prayde hem pur charyte · er they passyd ferther ȝif þey knewe any cuntre · or cost costes as they wente wher þat do -wel dwelleth · dooþ me to wyten for þey ben men of this molde þat most wyde walkyn and knowyn contres and courtes · and many kynne places boþe p rinces palays · and pore mennys cotes · and do -wel and do -euyl · where they dwelle bothe Amonges vs q uod the menours · that man is dwellynge · and euer haþ as y hope · and euere schall here -aftyr Contra quod y as a clerke · and comsed to despute and seyde hem soothly · sepcies in die cadit iustus Seuene sythes quod seith the book · synnyth the ryghtfull and who -so synnyth as y seyde I seyde · dooþ euyl as me thynketh and do -wel and do -euele · mowe nougth dwelle togydres ergo he is nougth alway · amonge ȝow frerys he is oþerwhile elles -where · to wysse the peple y schall seye þe my sone · seyde the frere thanne how seuene sythes þe sadman sad man · on a day synneth by a forbisene q uod the frere · y schall the fayre schewe lat brynge aman a man yn a bote · amydde the brod wat er and þe Þe wynde and þe wat er · and þe bote waggynge makeþ þe man many a tyme · to falle and to stonde for stonde he neu ere so styffe · he stomblyth ȝif he meue and ȝit is is he saufe and sound · and so hym byhoueth for ȝif he ne aryse þe rathur · and rauȝt to the sterne stiere · the wynde woold wyþ þe wat er · the bote ouerþrowe and þanne were his lyfe loste · þorough lacches of hym -sylue And þus it falleth q uod þe frere · by folke here on erthe the wat er is lyknyd to þe worlde þat wanyeþ and wexeth the goodes of þis grounde · are lyke to þe grete wawes Hm.8.40: After this line, Hm uniquely omits the line Þat as wyndes and wederes walweth aboute found in all other B mss, and here given in the spelling of L. The omission is perhaps caused by eye-skip, for the scribe omitted the third line in a five-line sequence that begins each line as follows: the, the, that, the, and that. the bote is lyknyd to our body · þat brotel is of kynde that thorough the fende and þe flesch · and the frele worlde synneth the sadman sad man on the day a day · seuene tymes sythes Ac dedly synne dooth he nougth · for dowel hym kepeth · and þat is charyte the champyon · chief helpe aȝenste synne for he strenkthet man to stonde · & stereth mannys soule and þowh þe þi body bowe · as boot dooþ yn the wat er ay is þe þi soule saufe · but ȝif thi -selfe woll · doo a dedly synne · and drenche so thi soule god woll suffre suffre wel thy soule sleuthe · ȝif þy -sylfe Hm.8.50: The final <e> has been partially erased. lyketh for he ȝaf þe to ȝeres -gyue · to ȝeme well þy -sylue · and þat is wytte and fre wyll · euery to euery man wyȝte aporcyon a porcyon · to fleynge fowlys to fysches and to bestes ac man hath moste þ erof · and moste is to blame but ȝif he wurche wel þ erwyth · as do -wel hym techeth I haue no k.....ynde knowynge q uod y · to conceyue all ȝour wordes ȝif Ac if y may lyue and loke · y schall go lerne bettre y bekenne the cryst q uod þat on he · þat on the cros deyed and y seyde þe same · saue ȝow fro meschaunce and ȝiue ȝow grace on this grou nde · good men to wurthe and thus y wente wyde -where · walkynge myn one by a wyde wilde wyldernesse · and by a wode syde blysse of tho þe bryddes · brougth me a -slepe and vndur a lynde vpon a launde · lenyd y a stounde to lustyn lythe the layes · the louely fowlys madyn murþe of her mouthes · made me there to slepe the merueyluste merueillousest metels · mette me thanne that euere dremyd wygth · yn world as y wene A muche man as me þougth · and lyke to my -sylue come and callyd me · by my kuynde name What art thu q uod y tho · þat thu myn name knowest that thu woste wel q uod he · and no wight bettre wote y what þu art · þougth seyde he thanne · y haue sued the þis seuene ȝere · seiȝe thu me no rather art þu þougth quod he I tho · thu cowdest me wysse · where that do -wel dwelleth · and do me that knowe to knowe · Do -wel and do -bet · and do -beste the thrydde q uod he · ar thre fayre vertues · and beth nougth fer to fynde who Who -so is trewe of his tonge and of his two handys · and thorough his labour or þurgh his londe · his lyflode wynnyth · and ys trusty of his taylende · taketh but his owen and is nougth drunkelewe · ne dysdeynous · do -wel hym folweth · Dobet dooþ rygth þus · ac he dooþ muche more he is also as lowe as a lombe · and louely of speche and helpeth alle men · aftur that hem nedeth · the bagges and þe bygerdles · he hath brokyn hem alle that the erl auarous · helde and his eyres · and thus wyþ mammonaes moneye · he hath made hym frendys · and is ronnyn to relygyou n · and hath rendred the bible and p recheth to þe peple · seynte poulys wordys Libent er suffertis insipientes · cu m sitis ip si sapientes · & c etera nil · And suffreth the vnwyse · wyth ȝow forto lybbe · and wyth glad wylle dooþ hem good · for so god ȝow hoteth Dobest is aboue bothe · and beryþ a buschops cros · ys hokyd on þat on ende · to halyȝe men fro helle a pyke is on þat potente · to putte a -dou n the wykkyd that wayten eny wykkydnesse · do -wel to tene and do -wel and do -be..t amonges hem haue ordeynyd ordeigned · to crownyn oon to be kyng · to rewlyn hem bothe · that ȝif do -wel or do -be..t · dude aȝenst do -best · than schal þe kynge come · and castyn hym hem yn yrnys · and but ȝif dobest preye bede for hym hem · they two be there · for euere Thus do -wel and do -bette · and do -best the thrydde · crownyd on to be kynge to kepen hem alle and to reule the reme · by her thre wyttys and none oþerwyse · but as they thre assentyd · y þonkyd þougth · that þo þat he me thus taugth e ac ȝit sauoureþ me nougth thi seiȝinge · y coueyte to lerne · how do -wel do -bet and do -beste · don amonge the peple · but wytte konne wysse the q uod þougth · where þoo þre dwelle elles wote y none that can · that now ys on lyue · Thouth and y thus · thre dayes we ȝedyn dysputynge vppon do -wel · day aftur othur and ar we wer waar · wyth wyt.. gon we mete · he was longe and lene lyke to none othre was no pryde vppon on his apparayle · ne pou erte neythre sadde of his semblaunt and of softe chere · y durste meue no matere · to make hym to iangle · erfley Hm.8.119:In the lower right margin appears a cursive pen trial that appears to be a family name or place name, written on the vertical axis, reading from top to bottom: erfley. but as y bad þougth thoo · be mene bytwene · and putte foorth sum p urpos · to p reuyn his wyttes what was dowel · fro dobet · and do -best fram hem bothe Thanne.... þought yn that tyme seyde thes woordes where do -wel · do -bet and do -beste ben yn londe · here is wil wolde wyte · ȝif wyt co...wde teche hym and wheþ er he be man or wo mman · this man wolde aspye · and wurchyn as þey thre wolde · þus þis ys his entent Passus nonus de visione · & secundus de do -weel · s S ire dowel dwelleþ q uod wytte · nougth a daye hennys · yn a castel that kynde made · of fourkyn four kyn thynges · of erþe and aer it is is it maad · medlyd to -gydres wyþ wynd and wyþ wat er · wytterly en.ionyd · k.....ynde hath closed þ eryn · craftyly wyth -alle a lemman that he loueth · lyke to hym -sylue Anima sche hatteth · ac enuye her hateth a proud p riker of Fraunce · p rinceps hui us mundi · and wolde wynne her a -way · wyth wyle wyles and he mygthe · Ac k....ynde knoweth this wel · and kepyth her the bettre · and dooþ her wyth sire dowel · is duke of these marches · Dobet is her damysele · sire dowel -is Hm.9.12: For the his -genitive, see Tauno F. Mustanoja, A Middle English Syntax, Part I: Parts of Speech (Helsinki, 1960), 159-162. See also Hm.19.54. doughter to serue the þis lady lely · bothe late and rathe · dobest is a -boue bothe · ...?...?...a bysshopes pere that he byt moot be do · he rewleth hem alle · Anima that lady · is ladde by his lerynge ac þe constable of þat castel · þat kepeþ al the wacche · ys a wys knygth wyth -alle · sire .Inwyt he hatteth · and hath fyue fayre sonys · by his furste wyue · syr seewel and saywel · and herewel the ende sir wurche wel wyth thyn hand · a wygth man of strenkthe · and sir godfrey gowel · grete lordes forsothe · these fyue ben sette · to saue this lady · Anima tyl kynde come or sende · to haue saue her for euere What kyn thynge ys kynde q uod y · canste thu me telle · kynde q uod wytt witte is a creature · of all kyn thyng es fadur and furmour · of all þat euere was maked · and that is þe grete god · that gynnynge hadde neu ere · lord of lyf and of lygth · of lysse and of peyne aungels and alle þynge · arn at his wylle ac man is hym moste lyke · of mark and of schaft for þurgh þe woord þat he spake wexen foorþ bestes · Dixit & facta sunt & c etera · And made furst Adam man man · lykest to hym -sylfe one · and eue of his rybbe bon · wyth -outyn eny mene for he was synguler hym -selfe · and seyde faciamus as who seith more moot herto · than my woord one my mygth moot helpe nowe wyth my speche · rygth as a lord schulde make lettres · and hym lakkyd p archemyn · thouwe he wryte neu ere so wele · ȝif he hadde no penne · the lettre for all the lordschipe · y leue were neu ere ymakyd · And so it semeþ by hym · as the bible telleth · there he seyde · dixit & facta sunt · he moot werche wyth his woord · and his wytte schewe and yn this manere was man maad · thorow mygth of god almyghty · wyþ his woord and werkmanschipe · and wyth his lyf lyf to laste · and thus god gaf hym a goost · of the godhed of heuene and of his grete grace · grauntyd hym blysse · and þat is lyf that ay schall laste · to alle lynage aftur and þat is the castel · that kuynde made · caro it hatteth and is also as muche to mene · as man wyth a soule · and that he wrougth wyth werke · and wyth woord bothe · thurgh mygth of the mageste · man was y -makyd · Inwytt and alle wyttes · closyd ben therynne · for loue of þat þe lady a ni ma · that lyf is y -nempnyd · oueral yn mannys body · ...ȝhe he Hm.9.56: Ȝhe, "she." walketh and wandreth · and yn the herte is her hoom · and her moste reste · ac ynwytte is yn the hed · and to the herte he loketh · what a ni ma is leef or loth · he lat her at his wylle · for aftur the grace of god · þe grettyst is ynwytt Moche wo wurþ th..o þat m..en man · þat mysrewleth his ynwytt and And þat beth glotou ns gluberous globbares · her god is her wombe · Quorum deus venter est · & c etera nil · for they seruyn sathan · her soules schal he haue · that lyueth synful lyf lyf here · her soule is lyke the deuyl and alle þat lyuen good lyf · arn lyke to god almyghty Qui manet in caritate in deo manet · & c etera · Alas þat drynke schall fordo · þat god dere bougth · and dooþ god forsakyn hem · that he schoop to his lyknesse · Amen dico vobis · nescio vos & alibi · Et dimisi eos s ec und um desideria eoru m · & c etera · Folys þat faylyn fauten ynwytte · y fynde þat holy cherche · schulde fynde hem that ....they hem faylen fauteth fauted · and faderles childryn · and wydewes that haue nougth · wherwyth to wynnyn wynnen hem her food · madde men and maydenes · that helples were alle þese lacken ynwytt · and lore byhoueth Of þys mat er y mygth · makyn a longe tale and fyndyn fele wytnesses · amonge þe four doctours · and þat y lye nougth of that y lerne lere the · luke beryþ wytnesse Godfadur and godmodur · that seen her godchildryn · at mysayse and at myscheef · and mowyn · hem amende · schull haue penaunce yn purgatory · but ȝif they hem helpe · for more bylongeth to the lytyl barn · er he the lawe conne knowe · than nempnynge of aname a name · and he neu ere the wysere · schulde no crystene creature · cryen at the ȝate · ne faylen payn and ne potage · and p relatys dudyn as þey schuldyn a iewe wolde nougth seen a iewe go ianglynge for deffaute · for alle þe nobles moebles on this molde · and he amende it mygth alas þat a crystene creature · schall be vnkynde tyl another · Syþþe iewes that we .Iuge · Iudas felawes · eythur of hem helpeth othre · of that þat þat h.em hym nedeth · whi ne woll nel we crystene · of crystes good ben also as kynde · as iewes þat ben our lores -men · schame to vs alle · the comou n for her vnkyndenes · y drede me schull a -bye · Busschopes schull be blamyd · for beggers sake · he wurse than iudas · that ȝyueth a iap er syluer and byddeth the begger go · for his brokyn clothes · Proditor est p relatus cu m iuda qui p atrimoniu m christi minus distribuit · & alibi · p erniciosus dispensator .......est qui res paup eru m christi inutilit er consumit · He dooth nougth well þat doth þus · ne dredeþ drat nougth god almyghty · he Ne loueþ nougth salamones sawes · that sapience made tauȝte · Iniciu m sapiencie timor d omini · & c etera nil · That dredeþ god he doth well · þat dredeth hym for loue · and nougth for drede of vengeau nce · dooþ þerfore þe bettre · he doth best þat wyþdraweþ hym · by day and by nygthe · to spille any speche · or any space of tyme · Qui offendit in vno in om nib us reus est est reus · & c etera nil · Lesynge of tyme · trewth.e wote the sothe is moste hatyd vpon erþe · of hem þat ben yn heuene · and suþþe to spille speche · þat spicere spyre is of grace · and a And goddes gluman · and a gamyn game Hm.9.110: Hm alone has the dissyllabic and thus unmetrical spelling gamyn against the game of other manuscripts. F also has gamen, but the line is substantially rewritten there. of heuene · wolde neu ere þe feythfull fader · .hysys f......ythele were vntempryd · ne his glewman a gadelynge · a goere to tauernes · To alle trewe tydymen · that trauayle desyryn · our lord loueþ hem and leneth hem lent · lowde oþ er stylle · grace to go to hem · and a -gon her lyflode · Inquirentes aute m .......d omin um no n minuentur omni bono · & c etera nil · Trewe weddyd lyuynge folke yn þys worlde ys dowel · for þey moot werche and wynne · and þe world susteyne · for of her kynde · þey come · þat confessoures ben ne mpnyd kynges and knyghtes · caysers and cherles maydens and martyres · out of oo man come · the wyf was maad þe wey · forto helpe werche · and þus was wedlok y -wrougth · wyth amene a mene p ersone · fyrste by the fadres wylle and þe frendys conseyl · and suþþyn by the bi assent of hem -selfe as þey two mygth accorde · and þus was wedlok y -wrougth · and god hym -sylfe it made · yn erthe the heuene ys · hym -sylfe was the wytnes ac fals folke feythles · theuys and lyers wastours and wrecchis · oute of wedlok y trowe · conceyuyd ben yn euyl tyme · as caym was on eue · of suche synfull schrewys . þe saut er makyth mynde . Concepit .........dolorem in dolore · & pep erit iniquitatem · & c etera · And alle þat comyn of that caym · comyn to euil ende for god sente to seem · and seyde by an Aungel · th..yn yyssue .in thyn yssue · y woll þat þey be weddyd and nougth þy kynde wyþ caymes · y -cowplyd ner ne spousyd Ȝit summe aȝen the sonde · of our saueour of heuene · caymes kynde and his kynde · couplyd to -gydres tyl god wratthid for her werkes · and suche a woord seyde · that y made man · now it me furthynketh · Penitet me fecisse ho mi nem · & c etera nil · And come to noe anoon · and bad hym .nougth lette · swythe go schape a schip · of schydes and of boordys · thy -sylf and þy sonys thre · and sutthyn ȝour wyues buske ȝow to þat boot · and abydeth bideth ȝe ther -ynne · tyl fourty dayes ben fulfulde · þat flood haue ywaschyn · clene awey þe cursyd blood · þat caym hath y -makyd · bestys þat now ben · schull banne the tyme · that euere cursyd þat cursed cayme · come to on this erthe Alle schall deye for ...?...?...his dedys · by dalys and by hylles · and þe fowles that fleen · foorþ wyth oþre bestys · eccepte onlyche · of eche kynde a couple · that yn thy schynglyd schip · schull be sauyd ysaued · Here abougthe þe barn · the belsyres gultys · ...?...?...& alle for her forfadres · þey feerdyn the wurse the gospel is heragayn · yn oo degre y fynde · Filius non portabit · iniquitatem p atris · & pat er non portabit iniquitatem filij · & c etera nil Ac y fynde ȝif þe fader be · fals and a schrewe that sumdel the sone · schall haue the syres tecchis ympe vpon on an ellerne tre ellerne · and ȝif the þine appul be swete muche meruayl me thynketh · and more of a schrewe that bryngeþ foorþ any barn · but ȝif he be the same and haue a sauour aft er þe syre · selde seest thu oþer Nunq uam colligit ur de spinis vua vuas · nec de tribulis ficus · & c etera nil · And thus þurgh cursyd caym · cam care vpon erthe · and all for þey wrougth wedlokes · aȝenste goddes wylle forthy haue þey maugree of her maryages þat maryen so her childryn for summe as y se now · the sothe to soth forto telle · for couetyse of catel · vnkyndely ben weddyd · and As carfull concepcyou n · cometh of suche maryages as byfel of þe folke · þat ybyfore y byfore of tolde for good e schuldyn wedde good e  þouȝ her neyther hij no good hadde · y am via & veritas seyth cryst · y may auaunce alle · It is an vncomely couple · by cryst as me thynketh to ȝyuen aȝonge a ȝonge wenche · to an olde feble man feble · or wedde any wedywe · for welthe of her goodes þat neuere schal barn bere · but it be yn armys many a peyre syth pestylence þe pestilence · han plygth hem to -gydres the frute .þat þey brynge foorth · arn fowl woordes ...In ielosye ioyles · and iangly.nge ab.edde haue þey no childryn but cheste · and carpynge choppyng hem ...?...betwene and þouwe þey doon hem to dunmowe · but ȝif þe deuel helpe · to folwyn aftur the flykke · fecche they it neuere · and but þey bothe ben forsworn · þat bacou n þe y tyne forthi y conseyle all crystyn men crystene · coueyte nougth ben wedded · for couetyse of catel · ne of kynrede ryche ac maydens & maydens · macche ȝow to -gydres · wydwes and wydwes Widwes and widwers Hm.9.188: CrHm read wydwes and wydwes. The verse caused the scribes some difficulty, but alpha reads Wydeweres and wydewes (in the spelling of R) against beta's Widwes and widwers. · wurcheth the same for none no londys but for loue · loke ȝe be wedded and þa nne gete ȝe the grace of god · & good y -now to lyue wyth · and euery maner seculer · þat may nougth conteyne · wysly go wedde and war hym fro synne · for lecchery yn lykynge · is lymȝerde of helle whiles þu art ȝonge · and þy wepne kene wreke þe wyþ wyuynge · ȝif þu wolte ben excused Dum sis vir fortis · ne des tua robora scortis · Scribitur in portis · meretrix est ianua mortis · Whan ȝe han wyued be waar · and wurche yn tyme nougth as Adam and Eue · whan tyme caym was engendred for yn vntyme trewly · bytwene man and wo mman ne schulde no berde yn bourde on bedde be · but ȝif þey were boþe bothe were clene bothe of lyfe and of soule and yn p arfyt charyte · that ylke derne dede do · noman ne schulde and ȝif þey ledyn thus her lyfe it lyketh god all -myghty for he made wedlok furst · and hym -sylf it seyde Bonu m est vt vnusquisq ue vx orem suam h abeat p ropt er fornicac io nem · & c etera nil And þey þat oþergatys were ben getyn · for gadelyng es ben holdyn · als fals folke foundlynges · faytours and lyers vngracyous to gete good · or loue of the peple · wandryn and wastyn · what they cacche mowe aȝenst do -wel þey don euyl · and þe deuel s erue · and aftur her deþ -day · schull dwell w yt h þe same · but god gyue hem grace here · hem -sulf to amende · Dowel my frende is · to don as lawe . techeth to loue þy frende and þy fo · leue me þat is do -bet to ȝyuen and to ȝemyn · bothe ȝonge and olde to helyn and to helpyn · is dobest of alle · and dowel is to drede god · and do -bet to suffre · and so cometh do -best of bothe · and bryngeþ dou n adoun þe mody and that is wykkyd wikked wille þat many werke schendeth and dryueth a -wey dowel · þurgh dedly synnys Passus x us decimus · de visione · & iij us tertius · de do -weel · t T hanne hadde wytt a wyfe · was hotyn dame studye · þat lefe lene was to of lere Hm.10.2: Hm's lef was to lere is unique, involving a misinterpretation of lere as the verb "learn." The archetypal reading is lene was of lere, "was lean of face," though Cr 1 prints leue for lene. · And of lyche boþe sche was wondurly wroth · þat wytt þus me me þus taugth e and al starynge dame studye · sternly seyde · Wel art thu wys q uod sche to wytt · eny wysdomes to telle to flaterers or to folys · þat frentyk ben of wyttes and blamyd hym · and bannyd hym · and bad hym ben stylle wyþ suche wyse wordes · to wyssyn eny sottes · and seydyn noli mittere man · margery p erles · amonge hogges · that han hawes at wylle þey done but dreuelyn þ eron · draf were hem leuere than al þe p recyous p errey · þat yn p aradys wexeth y seye it by suche q uod sche · þat scheweþ by her werkys that hoem were leuer · lond and wurschip lordship on erthe or rycchesse or rentys · or and reste at her wylle þan all þe soþsawes soþ sawes · þat salamon seyde euere Wysdom and wytt now · is nougth wurþ a kerse but ȝif it be cardyd wyþ couetyse · as kembsters clotheres kembyn her wolle who -so can contreue dysceytes · and conspyre wronges · and lede foorþ a loueday · to lette wyþ trewthe · he þat suche craftes can · to counseyl is clepid they ledyn lordes wyþ lesynges · and bylyeþ trewþe Iob þe gentyle · yn his gestys wytnesseth · þat wykkyd men ...?...nweldyn · Hm.10.24: Weldyn and the punctus are written over an erasure of at least ten letters ending with <n>; the initial <w> has a splayed lead-in stroke to fill some of the extra space created by the erasure. Kane and Donaldson reasonably surmise the original reading may have been archetypal þey weldyn. þe welþe of þys worlde and that they be lordys in of ylke alonde a londe · þat out of lawe lybbeth Quare impij viuu nt · b en e est o mnibus · qui p reuaricant ur · & ...?...iniq ue agunt · & c etera nil The saut er seyþ þe same · by suche þat don ylle Ecce impij ipsi Hm.10.28: The scribe picked up impij from Hm.10.26. p ecc atores habundantes · in sec ulo obtinueru nt diuicias · Loo seith holy lettrure · whiche woordes lordes be these þis shrewes · þulke that god gyueþ most · lest good þey deleth · and most vnkynde to þe comou n · þat most catel weldeþ · Que p erfecisti destruxeru nt iustus autem · & c etera · Harlotes for her harlotrye · may haue of her go....odes and iapers and iugolours Hm.10.34: Kane and Donaldson misread as iungolours. · and ianglers of gestys · Ac he þat hath holy wrytt · ay yn his mowth · and can telle of Thobye · and of þe twelue apostles · or p rechyn of þe penaunce · þat pylat wrougth to ihesu þe gentyle · that iewes to -drowe · lytil is he louyd · that suche a lessou n scheweth · or dauntyd or drawe foorþ · y do it on god hym -sylue · But tho that feynyn hem foles · and wyþ faytynge lybbeþ aȝen the lawe of our lord · and lyen on hem -sylue · spyttyn and spewyn · and spekyn fowle woordes · drynkyn and dreuelyn · and do men to gape · lykne men and lyȝe on hem · that leneþ hem no ȝiftes they conne nomore mynstracy · ne musyk men to glade · than munde the myller · of multa fecit deus ne were her vyle harlotrye · haue god my trewthe · schulde neuere kynge ne knygth · ne chanou n of seynt poules ȝyue hem to her ȝeresȝyue · ȝee the þe ȝifte of a grote ac merthe and mynstracy · is amonge men nouthe lecchery and losengerye · and losels tales glotany and grete othes · þis merthey merthe murthe þey loueth Ac ȝif they carpyn of cryst · these clerkes and þyse lewyd at þe mete yn her merthe · whan mynstrales ben stylle · tellen Hm.10.56: The correcting scribe wrote ne to complete þanne and then they, but failed to supply the verb. He later added tellen in the right margin, but failed to indicate its placement. they of of þe trynyte · a tale other tweyne · and bryngeþ foorth a ballyd resou n · & takyn bernard to wytnesse and puttyn foorþ a p resu mpcyou n · to p reue the sothe thus þey dreuelyn at her deys · þe deite to knowe and gnawyn god wyþ þe gorge · whan þe her guttys fyllyn · ac þe carful may carpe · and cryȝen crye · and carpen at the ȝate boþe an -hungred and a -þurste and for chele quake ys noon to nymen hym neer · his noyȝe to amende but huntyn hym as an hound · and hotyn hym go thennys lytyl loueþ he þat lorde · þat lent hym all þat blysse · that þus p arteth wyth þe poore · a p arcel whan hym nedeth Hm.10.67-69: A crude line drawing (or pen trials) appear in the left margin. ne were mercy yn mene men · more than yn ryche · mendynauntes meteles · myghten go to bedde · god is muche yn þe gorge · of þese grete maystres ac amonges mene men · his mercy and his werkes and so seith þe saut er · y haue seen it ofte · Ecce audiuim us eam in effrata · inuenim us ea m in campis silue · & c etera nil · Clerkes and oþerkyn oþer kyn men · carpyn of god faste and hauyn moche yn þe mouþ · ac mene men yn herte frerys and faytours · han foundyn suche questyouns to plese wyþ proud men · sytthe þe pestylence tyme and p rechyn at seynt poules · for pur enuye of clerkes that folke is nougth f..ermyd yn the feyþ · ne fre of her goodes ne sory for her synnys · so ys pryde woxen · yn relygyou n and yn all þe reme · amonge ryche and pouere that prayers han no power · the pestylence to let..te and ȝit þe wrecchis of þys worlde is noon waar by other ne for drede of deeþ · wyþdrawyn nougth her pryde ne beþ plentyfous to þe pouere · as pure charyte wolde but yn gaynesse and yn glotanye · forgluttyn her good hem -sylue · and brekyn nougth to þe beggere · as þe book techeþ Frange esurienti panem tuu m · & c etera And þe more he wynneth and welte welþes and rycchesse · and lordes yn londes · the lesse good he deleth · Hm.10.90-104 betou n brygg es thobye telleth ȝow nougth so · taketh hede ȝe ryche how þe booke of þe byble · of hym bereþ wytnesse Si tibi sit copia habundant er tribue · Si autem exiguu m · illud imp ertiri stude libent er · & c etera nil · Who -so haue hath muche spende manlyche so meneth thobye · and who -so lytyl weldeth · reule hym þ ere -aftur for we haue no lettre of our lyfe how longe it schall endure dure · suche lessouns lordes · schuldyn louye to here · and how þey he mygth moste meyne · manly fynde Nougth to fare as a fytheler · or a frere to seke festes homlyche at othre mennyshouses mennys houses · and hatyn her owen · elenge is the halle · eche day yn the wyke · ther þe lord ne þe lady · lykeþ nougth to sytte · now haþ eche ryche arewle a rewle · to etyn by hem -sylue · yn a p riue p arlour · for poore mennys sake · or yn a chambre wyþ a chymneye · & leue þe chefe halle · that was maad for melys · men to etyn ynne and al to spare to spille · that spende schall an nother I haue herd hiȝe men · atte the table etynge etyng atte table · carpyn as they clerkes were · by of cryst and of his myghtes and leyden fawtes vpon þe fader · þat formed vs alle and carpen aȝen clerkys · crabbyd woordes why wolde our saueour · suffre suche a worm yn his blysse · that bygylyd so the þe womman · and þe man aftur thorow whiche wyles and woordes · þey wente to helle · and all her seed for her synnys synne · þe same deeþ suffryd · Here lyeþ ȝour lore · lordes þise lordes gonne despute · of þat þe clerkes vs kennyth · by cryst of of cryst by the gospel Filius non portabit iniquitatem p atris · & c etera Why schulde we þat now ben · for þe werkes of adam · roten Roten and to -rente (to)rende resou n wolde it neuere Vnusquis.q ue portabit onus suu m · & c etera · Suche mootyues they meue · þese maystres yn her glorye and makyn men yn mysbyleue · þ at musyn mochyl on her woordes ymagynatyf her -aftyrward · schall answere to ȝour p urpos austyn to suche arguers · he telleþ hem þys teme · Non plus sap ere q uam oportet & c etera · wylneþ neuere to wyete wite Hm.10.127: Hm is the only manuscript to read wete, and that is the result of a scribal correction. Other B manuscripts read wite. · why that god wolde suffre so Suffre Hm.10.128: The same variation occurs at Hm.10.135. sathan · his seed to be -gyle ac byleue lely · yn the lore of holy cherche and praye hym of p ardou n · and penaunce yn thy lyue and for his mechyl moche mercy · to amende ȝow here for alle þat wylneþ to wyte · þe weyes of god almyghty · y wolde his eiȝe were yn his ers · & his fyngor aftyr that euere wylneth to wyte · why þat god wolde suffre so Suffre Hm.10.135: The same variation appears in Hm.10.128. sathan · his seed to begyle or iudas to the iewes · ihesu bytraye al was þu woldest · lorde y -wurschipyd be thu and wurth al worth as thu wolt · what -so we despute And þo þat vsyn þese hauylou ns · to blende mennys wyttes what is do -well fro do -bet · and Hm.10.140: The erased and is visible under ultra violet light, and would have agreed with & in Cr 1 against now in most B manuscripts. deef mote he Hm.10.140: The words mote he are partially erased but legible. worþe sytthe he wylneþ to wyte whiche þey ben boþe Hm.10.141: The words ben boþe are partially erased but legible. but he lyue yn the lyf · that longeth to do -wel for y dar ben his bolde bo...rwh þat do -bet woll he neuere for þouȝ Þeigh dobest drawe on hym · day after oþ ere And whan þat wytte was y -waar · what dame studye tolde he bycam so confuse d confus · he cowde nougth loke and as doumbe as deeþ · and drowh hym arere and for no carpynge þat y I couthe aftyr ne knelynge to the grounde · y mygth gete no greyn · of his grete wyttys but al lauȝhynge he lowted · and lokyd vpon studye yn sygne þat y schulde · beseche hure of grace And whan y was war of his wyl · to his wyf gan y loute and seyde mercy madame · ȝour man schall y wurthe as longe as y leue bothe late and rathe forto wurche ȝour wyll · whil þe while my lyfe dureth so With þat ȝe kenne me kyndely · to knowe what ys dowel for þy mekenesse man q uod sche · and for þy mylde speche y schal kenne þe to my cosyn that clergye is y -hotyn hoten he haþ weddyd a wyfe wyth -ynne these sixe monthes þat is Is sybbe to þe seuene artz · scripture ys her name they two as y hope · aftur my techynge schull wysse þe to dowel · y dar it vndurtake · Thanne was he I also fayn · as foul of fayr morwe and gladder þan þe glewman · þ at golde haþ to ȝifte and askyd here þe hiȝe way · where þ at glergye [c]lergye clergye dwelleþ dwelte and telle me by me sum tokne q uod y for tyme ys þat y wende Aske þe hiȝe way q uod sche · hennys to suffre · boþe weel and eke and woo · ȝif ȝif þat thu wylte lerne · and ryde foorþ by rycchesse · ac reste þu nougth þ erynne for ȝif þu couplest the þ erwyth · to clergye comest þu neuere And also þe lykerous launde · þat lecchery hatteth · leef hym on þy lefthalfe left half a large myle or more · tyl þu come to a court · kepe well þy tonge fro lesynges and lyther speche · and lykerous drynkes Thanne schalt thu see soberte · and symplesse symplete of speche · that eche wygth be yn wylle · his wytte þe to schewe and þus schalt þu come tome to clergye þ at can many thynges seiȝe hym þys sygne · y sette hym to scole · and þat y grete well his wyfe for y wrote her many bookes and sette her to sapience · and to þe saut er glosyd · logyk y lernyd here · and many othur lawes · and alle þe musou ns of in musyke · y made her to knowe · plato the poiete · y putte hym furst to booke · arystotle and othre moo · y taugth hem argue to argue I tauȝte · gramer for gerles · y gart ferst to wryte · and beet hem wyth a balays · but ȝif þey wolde lerne · Of allekyn craftes · y contreuyd toolys of carpuntry of keruers · and compaced masou ns · and lernyd hem to leuel leuel and lyne þow y looke dy mme · ac theologie haþ tenyd me · ten score tymes · the more y muse þ erynne · þe mystyere it semeth · and þe depper y dyuyne · þe derker me it þenkeþ yt is no conscyence forsothe · forto sotyle ynne · a fullyeþyy ful lyeþyy Hm.10.194: Hand3 in correcting <y> to <e> adds his characteristic flourish to word-terminal <y>. þynge it were · ȝif þat loue nere · ac for it leet best by loue · y loue it þe bettre for þere þat loue is ledere · ne lacked neu ere grace · looke þu loue lely · ȝif the lyke lyketh do wel · for dobet and dobest · ben of loues kynne · yn othre science it seyth · y say it yn catou n Qui simulat verbis · nec in nec corde est fidus amicus Tu quoq ue fac simile · sic ars d.eluditur arte · & c etera nil Who -so gloseþ as gylours don · go me to þe same · and so schalt þu fals folke · and feithles bygyle this is þe is catou n catones kennynge · to folke clerkes þat he lereth Ac theologye techeþ nougth so · who -so taketh ȝeme he kenneþ vs þe contrarye · aȝenst catou ns woordes for he bytte vs be as bretherne · and bydde for our enne..mys and louen hem þat lyen on vs · and lene hem whan hem nedeth · and do good aȝen aȝeines euel · ....for god god hym -selfe it hoteth Dum tempus habemus · op erem ur bonu m ad om nes maxime autem ad domesticos fidei · & c etera Poule p reched the peple · that .p ar fitnesse louede to do good for goddys loue · and gyue men that askyn · and namly to suche that sewyn oure byleue and alle þ at lacketh vs or lyeth · our lord techeþ vs to louye and nougth to greuen hem þat greueth vs · god hym -sylfe forbad it · Michi vindictam & ego retribuam · & c etera · for -þy loke thu louye · as longe as thu durest · for is no science vndur sonne so souereyn for þe soule · ac astronomye is an hard thynge · and euel forto knowe · geometrye and geomesye · so is gentyl ginful of speche who -so thenkeþ wurche wyth tho two · þryueth ful late for sorcery is the souereyn booke · that to tho scyence s longeth Ȝit are ther fybycches yn forcers · of fele mennys makynge exp erementes of alkenemye · the peple to desceyue ȝif thu thenke to do wel · dele þ erwyth neuere alle þese scyences y my -selfe sotylyd and ordeyned and foundyd hem formyst · folke to desceyue telle clergye þese tokenes · and scrypture aftur to conseyle þe kyndely · to knowe what is do -wel I seyde gramercy madame · and mekely her grette and wente wyghtly awey · wyþ -outyn more lettynge · and tyl y come to clergye · cowde y I couthe neuere stynte and grette þe goodman · as studye me tolde tauȝte and aftyrward þe wyfe and wurschiped hem bothe · and tolde hym hem the tokenes · that me taugth were was neuere gome on vppon þys grounde · syþ god makyd þe worlde fayrer vndurfongyn ne frendloker at ese · than my -sylfe sothly · sone so he wyste · that y was of wyttes hous · and wyth his wyf dame studye I seide to hem sothly · that sent was y ......thider dowel and dobet · and dobeste to lerne yt is acomou n a comou n lyfe q uod clergye · on holy cherche to beleue · wyþ alle the articules of þe feyth · þ at falleþ to byknowe be knowe and þat is to beleue · lely · both leryd and lewyd · on þe grete god · that gynnynge hadde neuere · and on þe soþfast sone · þat saued mankynde fro þe dedly deeþ · and þe fendys deueles powere thurgh þe helpe of þe holy gost · þe whiche goste ...? of bothe thre p ersones · ac nougth yn plurel noumbre for alle is but o god · and eche is god hym -sylue Deus pat er deus filius deus sp iritus sanctus · & c etera nil God the fader god þe sone · god holygoost of bothe maker of mankynde · and of bestys bothe · Austyn the olde · herof maade bookes and hym -sylfe ordeyned · to sadde vs yn byleue who was his autour · alle þese þe four eu aungelystes and cryste clepyd hem -selfe hym -self so · þe eu aungelistes bereþ wytnes alle þe clerkes vndur cryst · ne cowdyn þys assoyle · but þus it bylongeth to byleue · to lewyd þat wolen dowel · for hadde neuere freke fyn wytte · þe feith to despute ne man hadde no meryte · mygth it ben y -preuyd · Fides non habet meritu m · vbi humana rac io p rebet exp erimentu m · & c etera nil · Thanne is dobet to suffre · for the þi soules helthe · and Al þat þe book bytte · by holy cherches techynge · and þat is man by thy mygth · for mercyes sake · loke thu werche it yn werke · þat þy woord scheweth · suche as þu semyst yn sygth · be yn assaye founde yfounde · Appare quod es vel esto quod appares · & c etera nil And lat no -body be · by thy berynge be nil bygylyd but be suche yn thy soule · as þu semest wyth -oute · than is do -best to be bolde · to blame the gulty · syþnes thu semest seest thy -sylfe · as yn soule clene · ac blame thu neuere body · and thu be blame -wurthy · Si culpare velis · culpabilis esto esse cauebis · Dogma tuu m sordet · cu m te tua culpa remordet · & c etera nil God yn the gospell greuously grymly rep reueth alle þat lacken eny lyf · and lackles han hem -sylue Qui consideras festuca m in oculo fr atris tui · trabem in oculo tuo · & c etera · Why meuest thu thy mood for a mote · yn thy broþers eiȝe · syþen a beem yn thy owen · all blyndeth ablyndeth thy -sylue · Eice primo trabem in de oculo tuo & c etera · whiche letteþ þe to looke · lesse other more · I rede eche eche a blynd bosard · do bote on to hym -sylue · for abbotes and for p riores · and for alle manere p relates and p arsou ns and p aresch p reestes · þat p reche schulde and teche · alle manere of men · to amende · by her myghtes this tixt was told ȝow · to be war er ȝe taugthe that ȝe were suche as ȝe seyde · to saue salue wyth othre · for goddes woord wolde nougth be lost · for þat wercheþ euere ȝif it a -vayled nougth the comou n · it mygth a -vayle ȝow -sylue · Ac it semeþ now soþly · to the worldes sygth þat goddes woord wurcheth nougth · on lewyd nor yn leryd lered ne on lewede but yn suche aman...ere a manere as marke meneth yn the gospel · Du m ..cecus ducit cecu m · ambo in fouea m cadunt · & c etera nil · Lewyd folke men may lykne ȝow thus · þ aat Hm.10.295: The scribe began to write the abbreviated form of þat using a superscript <a>, but then erased that character and wrote the word out normally. þe beem lyeth yn ȝour eiȝe · and þe festu is fallyn · for ȝowr owen ȝowre deffaute yn alle manere men · þurgh mansyd p reestes the byble bereþ wytnesse · þat all þe folke of ysrael · byttre abouȝtyn the gultes · of two badde p reestes ofn..y and phynees · for her couetyse archa dei myshappyd · and ely brak his nekke · forþy ȝe correctours · claweþ her -onne & correcteþ fyrst ȝow -sylue · and þanne mowe ȝe sauely seye · as dauid made the saut er · Existim....asti iniq ue q uod ero tui similis · argua m te & statua m cont ra facie m tuam · & c etera And þa nne schull burrel clerkes · ben abaschid to blame ȝow or greue · and carpe nougth as þey carpe now · and calle ȝow doumbe houndys Canes non valentes latrare & c etera nil · And drede to wratthe ȝow yn eny woord · ȝour werkmanschip to lette and be p restyer at ȝour prayer · than for a pound of noblys · and al for ȝour holynesse · haue ȝe þys yn herte · In scole þere is scorn · but ȝif a clerk woll lerne and gret loue and lykynge for eche of hem loueth othre · ac now is relygyou n arydere a rydere · aromere a romere by stretys and A ledere of louedayes · and a lond -byggere a prykyere on a palfray · fro maner to maner an hep of houndys at her his ers · as a lord he he a lorde were and but ȝif his knaue knele · þat schall his cuppe brynge he loureþ on hym and lackeþ axeth hym · who taugth hym curtasye · lytyl hadde lordes to done · to ȝyue londe fro her heyres to relygyous that haue no rewthe · þowȝ it reyne on her auters In many places þere þey p arsou ns ben · by hem -sylfe at ese · of þe poore haue þey no pyte · and þat is her charyte · and þey letyn hem as lordes · her londes lyn londe lith so brode but Ac þer schal come a kynge and confesse ȝow relygyou.s and bete ȝow as þe byble telleth · for brekynge of ȝour reule · and amende monyales · monkes and chanou ns · and puttyn hem to her penaunce · ad pristinu m statu m statum ire and barou ns wyþ erlys betyn hem · þurgh beatus virres techyng · that her barnys cleymyn · and blamyn ȝow fowle · Hij in curribus & hij in equis ip si obligati sunt · & c etera · And þanne frerys yn her freytours freitoure · schul fynde a keye · of costantynes cofrys · yn whiche is the catel · that grygoryes good god childryn · han euel despendyd and þan schall the habbot of habyndou n · & al his yssue for euere haue a knokke of of [of] of a kynge and yincurable ys nil the wounde That this wurth · sooth seke ȝe · þat ofte ouerseen · the byble