Readings for line KD.12.102

And seynt spirit þe saumplarye · and seide what men sholde write
And seint spirit þe samplarie . and saide  what men shulde write .
And saint Spirite the samplare & sayd what men should wryte
And seint Spirit þe Samplarie . & seide what men sholde writeW.12.110: After this WHmCr omit the line And riȝt as syȝte serueth a man . to se þe heighe strete (as in L).
and seynt spiryt the samplarye · and seyde what men schulde wryte · Hm.12.417: CrWHm omit the following line, found in all other manuscripts: And riȝt as syȝte serueth a man to se þe heighe strete, here given in the spelling of L.
And saynt spirit his samplarie · and saide what men shulde write
& seynt spyryte hys samplarye & sayde whatt men shuolde wryte
And seynt spirit his saumplarie  & seyde . what manO.12.110: OC2RF alone have the singular form. schulde write
And seynt spiriȝt þe saumplarie  & seyde what manR.12.112: With the exception of OC2, which agree with alpha, the beta manuscripts here show men. Cx agrees with beta. scholde write .
& seynt spiryȝt þe saumplarie / to þe man þat wryt yt.F.9.229: F miscomprehended the sense of the passage. The b-verse in Bx reads "& seide what men sholde write."