Readings for line KD.12.233

Why Adam neL.12.236: LCrMWR read ne; all other B witnesses omit it. hiled nouȝt firste · his mouth þat eet þe apple
# why Adam couered his licam rather than his mowth
Why Adam ne hiled nouȝt first  his mouth þat ete the Appul
Why Adam ne hilled not first his mouth þat eat þe apple
Why Adam ne hiled noȝt first . his mouþ þat eet þe Appul
whi Adam helyed nougth ferst · his mowþ that ete þe appull
Why Adam hilled nouȝt first · his mouthe that ete the appel
why adam hylled not furste hys mouvthe or þat heteG.13.237: The G scribe's reading or þat (for most manuscripts þat) followed by deleted <h> suggests that he anticipates a line with the meaning "Why Adam didn't cover his mouth before he ate the apple" instead of Bx's "Why Adam didn't cover his mouth that ate the apple." The scribe writes or þat for "before" and is about to write he but realises this is not in his exemplar and changes it to ete. þe apple
Why adam hilede not first  his mouþ þat eete þe appel
Whi adam ne huled nauȝt furst  his mouth þat ete þe appel .
Why Adam heled not hys mowþ / whan he eet þe appil.