Readings for lines KD.16.108 and KD.16.110

L.16.112KD.16.108, 110
And souȝte oute þe syke · and synful bothe
M.16.112KD.16.108, 110
And souȝte oute þe seke . and þe syn..ful bothe
Cr1.16.111KD.16.108, 110
And sought out the seke and sinfull both ,
W.16.112KD.16.108, 110
And souȝte out þe sike . and synfulle boþe
W.16.114KD.16.109 KD.16.110
And commune wommen conuertede . and to goode turnede
Hm.16.111KD.16.108, 110
and sougth owt þe syke · and synful boþe
C.16.75KD.16.108, 110
And sought out of the sike and synful bothe
G.17.111KD.16.108, 110
& soght owte þe syke & synnfull bothe
O.16.113KD.16.108, 110
And souȝte out þe seke  & þe synful boþe
R.16.111KD.16.108, 110
And souȝt oute þe sike  and synful bothe .
F.12.113KD.16.108, 110
& sowhte owt þe syke / & þe synful boþe.