Readings for line KD.16.27

Þe worlde is a wykked wynde · to hem þat woldenL.16.28: L alone reads wolden; most other B manuscripts have willen. treuthe
The world is a wikked wynde . to hem þat willen truthe .
The world is a wicked wind , to hem that wyl trouth
The world is a wikked wynd . to hem þat willen truþe
þe worlde is a wycked wynd · to hem þat wyln trewþe
The worlde is a wykked wynde · to hym þat willen treuthe
the worlde ys a wycked wynde to þem þat wyllen trewthe
Þe werld is a wykkid wijnd  to hem þat willen truþe
Þe werld is a wikked wynde  and crepeth amonge þe leues .R.16.28: Here alpha compressed two Bx lines into one, merging the a-verse of KD16.27 with the b-verse of KD16.28. The missing b-verse and following a-verse, as witnessed in beta, reads:
to hem þat willen treuthe
Coueityse cometh of þat wynde
The C version also attests the authenticity of these verses omitted by alpha.
Þe world is a wikkid wynd / & wendeth a-mong þe levis.F.12.29: Eye-skip caused alpha to omit the b-verse and following a-verse. Interestingly, a drypoint <x> appears in the right margin at this point, suggesting awareness of text outside alpha. Bx reads as follows:
The world is a wikked wynd to hem þat willen truþe
Coueitise comþ of þat wynd and crepeþ among þe leues.