Readings for line KD.16.73

I prayed pieres to pulle adown · an apple and he wolde
I praide piers to pulle a-doun . an appul and he wolde
I prayed pyers to pull downe an appull and he wold
I preide Piers þoW.16.76: W alone reads þo; all other B manuscripts omit it. to pulle adoun . an Appul and he wolde
I prayed peris to pulle a-doun · an appull ȝif he wolde
C [Not found.]
I preyed pyers to pull downe an appuvll & he wolde
I preyede peers to pulle adoun  an appel & he wolde
In priedeR.16.75: Here the R scribe made a colossal mistake, misconstruing his exemplar's I prayed, the Bx reading, as In pride. His corrector notices the mistake and alters the noun with a supralinear <e>, but he overlooks the need to correct the initial preposition, so that the "corrected" reading is still nonsense. peres to pulle a-doune  an appel & he wolde .
I prayede Peers / to pullyn doun / an appil if he wolde.F.12.77: Roman numeral xj is written (erroneously) in a lighter brown ink in the right margin.