Readings for line KD.7.140

Were þow a prest pieres quod he · þow miȝte preche where þow sholdest
Were thow a preest Piers quod he . þow miȝ  preche where þow shuldeste
Were þou a priest quod he , þou mightst preach wher þou shold ,
Were þow a preest quod he . þou myȝtest preche where þou sholdest
were thu a preest peers quod he · þumysteþu myste preche where thu schuldest ·
Were þou a prest Piers quod he · thow miȝt preche where þow sholdest
were thow a prest quod he þou myghtest preche where þou shuldestG.8.149: The first few words of the supplied section can to some extent be verified by considering the position of the descenders still visible at the top of the page. This does not, however, apply to the last three words. G.8.149:The place where this material should be inserted is indicated by a line in the margin. The ink appears to be the same as that used for the <u> to <v> corrections and this insertion was therefore presumably made at the same time.
Were þou a preest peers quod he  þou myȝtist preche where þou schuldist
Were þow a prest peres quod he  þow miȝtest preche where þow woldestR.7.150: Beta reads where þow sholdest while F condenses the line's final phrase to abowte.R.7.150: The <t> of woldest disappears into the gutter of the binding, so it is impossible to see whether a final punctus is present.
Pers  quod he / & þou were a preest / þou myghtist preche abowte.