Readings for line KD.7.178

And passeth al þe pardoun · of seynt petres cherche
And passuth al þe pardoun . of seint Pietres churche
And passeth al þe pardon of saint Peters church
And passeþ al þe pardon . of Seint Petres cherche
and passeth all the pardoun · of seynt petres of rome
And passes al þe pardon of seint peter cherche.
and passed all the perdone off seynt petuvrs chuvrche
And passeþ al þe pardoun  of seynt peteris chircheO.7.186: OC2 alone lack the following nine lines attested by all other B manuscripts:
"Now haþ þe pope power pardon to graunte
[Th]e peple wiþouten penaunce to passen [to ioye]
This is [a leef of] oure bileue, as lettred men vs techeþ
Quodcumque ligaueris super terram erit ligatum & in celis &
And so I leue lelly, lor[d] forb[e]de ellis,
That pardon and penaunce and preieres doon saue
Soules þat haue synned seuen siþes dedly.
Ac to trust [on] þise triennals, trewely, me þynkeþ
It is noȝt so siker for þe soule, certes, as is dowel."
And passeth alle pardounR.7.189: R uniquely omits þe before pardoun. Only one A manuscript duplicates this error (the others all agree with Bx).  of seinte petres chercheR.7.189: Here the scribe omits the customary space between strophes, presumably because the next verse paragraph begins on the last line of this side.
& passeþ al þe pardoun / of seynt Petris chirche.