Readings for line KD.7.19

Ac none a pena & a culpa · þe Pope nolde hem graunte
Ac no..on a pena & a culpa . þe pope nolde hem graunte .
And none A pena et culpa , the Pope wyll hem graunt
Ac noon A pena & a culpa . þe pope nolde hem graunte
ac .non a pena & a culpa · the pope nolde hem graunte
And non a pena & a culpa þe pape nolde hem graunte
but non a pena et a culpa . the pope wolde graunte
Ac noon a pena &O.7.19: CrO alone lack a second a before culpa.culpa  þe pope nolde hem graunte
Ac noR.7.19: Alpha construes the opening of this phrase as English and omits the initial Latin preposition; cf. beta's none a pena. The X family of the C version treats this phrase exactly as alpha does, while the reading of the P family omits the negative and is obviously corrupt. pena et a culpaþepopeþe pope wald hem nauȝtR.7.19: In place of R's wald hem nauȝt, F has will(e) not while beta reads nolde hem; no beta copy (nor any A or C witness) attests the presence of alpha's nauȝt. Beta is likelier to be authorial. In a slightly revised version of this half-line, the C version reads either nolde hem (P family) or wolde hem (X family). The same disagreement between wolde and nolde divides the A copies into two large groups. graunte .
But no pena & a culpaF.5.1003: Alpha had changed archetypal "noon A pena" to "no pena." / þe Pope wille not graunte.F.5.1003: Alpha's b-verse probably read "þe Pope wolde hem not graunte." Beta reads "þe pope nolde hem graunte."