Readings for line KD.7.20

For þei holde nouȝt her halidayes · as holicherche techeth
For þei holden not here halidyhalid[a]y  as holichurch techeþ
For thei hold not her holi daies , as holi kirke techeth
For þei holde noȝt hir halidayes . as holy chirche techeþ
for they holdyn nougth her holydayes · as holy cherche techeth ·
For thay held nouȝt hir halidayes · as holy chirche teches
for þei hold not theyr halydays as holye chuvrche teychethe
For þei holden not her halidayes  as holi chirche techiþ
For þei holde nauȝt here halydayR.7.20: Although M agrees with alpha on this singular form, most beta witnesses show the plural, halidayes. Most A copies agree with the majority beta reading, but the C manuscripts divide into two large groups, the X family (with some P- family support) atetsting alpha's form while the dominant P-family reading agrees with beta.  as holy cherche telleth .R.7.20: R's telleth is unique; Bx has techeth, the same reading found at this point, uniformly, in the other versions .
For þey holden non holydayF.5.1004: Alpha is responsible for singular -day. This is another instance in which alpha agrees with C and beta with A. / as holy chirche techyþ.