Readings for line KD.7.94

Or þe bakke or some bone · he breketh in his ȝouthe
Or þe bakke or somme bo..on  he brekuþ in .his ȝyouthe .
Or the backe or some bone , he breaketh in his youth
Or þe bak or som boon . he brekeþ in his youþe
or the bakke or sum bone · he breketh yn his ȝouthe
Or þe bak or some boon he breke in his youthe
other þe bake or some bonne he brekythe yn þe youvght
Or þe bak or sum boon  he brekiþ in his ȝouþe
Or þe bak or þeR.7.104: Both beta and F read some bone. This agrees with the reading of Cx. Ax had read his bon. bone  þeiR.7.104: Beta manuscripts have he breketh for alpha's þei breken. The A manuscripts are divided, some attesting a singular and others a plural, but Cx agrees with alpha, treating the phrase as a plural. breken in here ȝouthe .
& here baak / or sum boon / þey breke in here birthe.F.5.1087: Bx probably read "Or þe bak or som boon þei breke in hire (or his?) youþe." Beta manuscripts have ambiguous he for alpha's þei, though it is clear that beta scribes took it to be singular.