Readings for line KD.7.128

Þat loueth god lelly · his lyflode is ful esy
Þat loueth god lelly  his liflode is ful es.y
That loueth god lelly , hys lyuelode is full easye
That loueþ god lelly . his liflode is ful esy
þat louen god lely · his lyflode is full esy ·
Þat loues god leally · his liflode is ful esy
that louveth god loyally hys lyuvelode ys fuvll eysyeG.8.137: The script in which this added line is written corresponds to that of the rubricated sections rather than that of the main body of the text. This is particularly true of the <l>s. Since the evidence suggests, however, that the rubricated sections were also written by the main scribe (see Introduction I.7), this does not imply a change of hand. Probably the scribe chose to use these particular letter forms in order to make certain that the lengthy section of overwriting was clear. The traces of the original line which remain suggest that it may have been equivalent to G.8.139. This correction was clearly made before the brown ink corrections.G.8.137: There appear to be traces in the margin of a mark indicating the position in which the addition should appear.
Þat loueþ god lelly  his lijflode is ful esye
Þat loueth god lely  his liflode is ful esy .
He þat loveþ god leelly / his lyfloode is ful redy.