Errata List for Published Volumes: F, W, L, M, O, and Hm

The first six volumes were published on CD-ROM between 2000 and 2009. The list of errors in those volumes are presented here in two sections. The first reflects changes in the content of the texts themselves, some of them involving changes in editorial practice since the first volume was prepared, such as removal of emendations or adding shadow hyphens to distinguish compounds from phrasal units. The second set of changes are to the contents of XML tags instead of the texts themselves. These mainly reflect necessary changes in recording the lineation of the Athlone passus and line numbers for reference purposes.

All of the corrections noted here have been corrected in the editions on this web site. The editors will be grateful for further corrections. Please send suggestions to

Changes in the Text

Changes in MS F Text

Changes in MS W Text

Changes in MS L Text

Changes in MS M Test

Changes in MS O Text

Changes in MS Hm Text

Changes to XML Tags (Mainly Line Numbers)

Changes in MS F XML Tags (Mainly line numbers in the Athlone edition)

Changes in MS L XML Tags

Changes in MS W XML Tags

Changes in MS O XML Tags

Changes in MS M XML Tags

Changes in MS Hm XML Tags

Errata in the Introductions or Appendices