The Resources section offers information to aid students, teachers, and researchers in using the Archive, including materials to help use the Archive in the classroom and information on its technical construction.

We offer Teaching Resources for both high school and university teachers. In this section, you will find activities to help your students explore the Archive in the classroom.

The Technical Information section includes details about how Archive materials are created and encoded. The Transcriptional Protocols detail the Archive's TEI encoding practices. The Technical Introduction offers more detailed discussion of the technologies on which the Archive depends and on working practices. The Imaging Protocols explain the procedures for processing the manuscript images that accompany the text.

A Selective Bibliography for Textual Criticism of Manuscripts provides references to some important critical sources.

Finally, an Errata List collects corrections to the CD-ROM editions of Archive texts published from 2000–2009. Of course, the texts hosted at the Archive website represent the latest versions.