Technical Information

The Technical Information section offers technical information about the creation of the Archive and its text, including guidance for editors undertaking encoding projects.

The Transcriptional Protocols detail the Archive's TEI encoding practices, surveying a variety of textual and editorial situations and explaining how to reflect them in TEI markup conforming to the Archive's standards.

The Technical Introduction offers an overview of file formats, character encodings, standards, and practices that have been important in the development of the Archive.

The Imaging Protocols offer guidelines for producing and processing the images that have been included in the Archive, and provide guidance on maintaining copy of record for image files.

The formats and techniques employed by the Archive continue to develop. The information provided here details practices that have been employed by the Archive in the course of its development, but some have been superseded. Please contact the editors if you are currently working on an edition or need the latest information on practices and standards.