fol. 173r (cont.)I
Passus xvusquintus decimus · finis de do-weel · Incipit hic de do-bet ·
Ac aftyr my wakynge · it was wonder longe
er y kowde kyndly knowe · what was dowel ·
and so my wytte wex and wanyed · tyl y a fool were
and summe lacked my lyfe · allowyd yt fewe
and leten for alorela lorel · and looþ to reuerencyn ·
lordys and ladyes · or eny lyfe elles
as persouns yn pellure wyth pendawntes of seluer
to sergeaunt ne to none such · seyde y nougth ones
god loke ȝow lordes · ne lowtyd fayre
Hm.15.10: The rubricator ignored or failed to notice the paraph marker. þat folke heldyn me afoolla fooll · and yn þat folye y rauyd
tyl resoun hadde rewþe on me · and rokkyd me aslepe
tyl y as yt sorcerye were · a sotyl þyng wyþ-alle
oon wyþ-outyn tonge or teeþ · tolde me whider y schulde
and wherof y cam & of what kynde · y conyouryd · hym atte þe laste
if he were crystes creature · leue me to telle
Hm.15.16KD.15.16, 17
I am crystes creature quod he · and crystene yn many a place
yn crystes court y-knowe wel · and of his kyn apartya party ·
..þer is neyþer peter ne porter · ne poule wyþ his fauchoun ·
þat wol deffende me þe doore · dynge y neuere so late
at mydnygth at mydday · my voys is so y-knowe
þat eche a creature of his court · welcomeþ me fayre
what ar ȝe callyd yn þat court quod y · among crystes peple
Ther whiles y quyk was yn þe cors quod he · callyd y am anima
and whan y wylle and wolde · animus y hatte
and for þat y can and knowe · callyd am y mens
and whan y make mone to god · memoria is my name
and whan y deme domes · and do as trewþ techeþ
than is racio my rygth name · resoun on englysch
and whan y fele þat folke tellyn · my ferst name is sensus
and that is wytt and wysdom · þe welle of alle craftys
and whan y chalenge or chalenge nougth · chepe or refuse
than am y conscyence y-callyd. goddys clerk and his notarye
fol. 173vI
and whan y loue lely · our lord and alle oþere
thanne is lele loue myn name · and yn latyn amor
and whan y fle fro þe flesch · and forsake þe careyne
thanne am y spuryt specheles · spiritus than y hatte
austyn and ys.idorus · eyþer of hem boþe
nempnyd me thus to name · now thu mygth chese
how þu coueytest to calle me · now thu knowyst alle myn namys
Anima pro diuersis accionibus · diuersa nomina sortitur · dum viuificat corpus  anima est ·
dum vult  animus est · dum scit  mens est · dum recolit  memoria est · dum iudicat 
racio est · dum sentit  sensus est · dum amat  amor est · dum negat vel
consentit  consciencia est · dum spirat  spiritus est · & cetera
ȝee ben as a busschop quod y · all bourdynge that tyme ·
for busschops y-blessyd · they bereþ many names ·
presul and pontifex · and metropolitanus
and oþer names an hepe · episcopus and pastor
That is sooþ seyde he · now y see thy wylle
thu woldest knowe and kunne · þe cause of alle names
and of myn ȝif thu myghtest · me þynkeþ by þy speche
Ȝhe syre y seyde by so · noman were greuyd
and alle þe scyences vndur sonne · & alle þe sotyl craftis
y wolde y knew and cowde · kyndely yn myn herte
thanne art thu ynparfit quod he · and on of prides knyhtes
for suche a luste and lykynge · lucyfer fel from heuene ·
Ponam pedem meum in aquilone & similis ero altissimo · & cetera
yt were aȝenst kynde quod he · of al kyn resoun ·
þat any creature schulde kunne al · excepte cryst one
aȝenst suche salamon spekeþ · and despyseþ her wyttys
and seiþ · sicut qui mel comedit multum · non est ei bonum
sic qui scrutator est magestatis · opprimitur a gloria · & cetera ·
To englysch men this is to mene · þat men spekyn and here
the man þat muche hony eteþ · his mawe it engleymeth
and þe more þat amana man · of good mater hereþ ·
but he do þerafter · he dooþ hym double skathe ·
Beatus est seyþ seynt bernard · qui scripturas legit
Et vertit verba in opera · fullyche to his power
Coueytyse to kunne · and to knowe scyence
putte out of paradyse · Adam and eue ·
Sciencie appetitus · hominem in mortalitatis gloria spoliauit · & cetera
and rygth as hony is euel to deffye · & engleymeþ þe mawe
rygth so þat þurgh resoun · wolde þe rote knowe
fol. 174rI
of god and of his grete myghtes · his grace it letteth
for yn þe lykynge lyeþ a pryde and lykames coueytise
aȝenst crystes counseyl · and alle clerkes techynge
that is non plus sapere · quam oportet sapere
Frerys and fele othre maystrys þat to þe lewyd men prechen
ȝe meuyn materes ynmesurables · to tellyn of þe trynyte
þat ofte tymes þe lewyd peple · of here byleue doutyn
bettre b.eleue wereHm.15.76: LHm have beleue were against it were in W, to beleue were in OC2, beleue where in Cr1, and to leue were(n) in most other B manuscripts. manye · doctours such techyng
and tellen men of þe ten commaundementes · and touchyn þe · vij ·seuene synnes ·
and of þe braunches that buriowneþ of hem · & brynge men to helle
and how þat folke yn folyes · myspendyn her wyttes
as wel freres as oþere folke · folylyche spendyn
yn housynge and yn haterynge · & ynto hiȝe clergye schewynge
more for pompe þan for pure charyte · þe peple wot þe sope
that y lyȝe nougth loo · for lordys ȝe plesyn
and reuerencyn the ryche · þe raþer for her syluer
Confundantur omnis qui adorant sculptilia · Et alibi vt quid
diligitis vanitatem · & queritus mendacium · & cetera
Goo to the glose of þese vers · ȝe gret clerkes
if y lyȝe on ȝow to my lewyd wytt · ledeþ me to brennyng
for as it semeþ ȝe forsakeþ · no mannys almasse ·
of vsureres of hores · of auerous chapmen
and lowtyn to þese lordes · þat moun lene ȝow nobles
aȝen ȝour reule and relygioun · y take record at ihesus
that seyde to his dysciples · ne sitis personarum acceptores
Of þys matere y mygth · make a longe byble
ac of curatours of crysten peple · as clerkes bereþ wytnes
y schal telle it for trewþys sake · take hede who-so lykeþ
as holynesse and honeste · out of holy cherche spredeþ ·
thurghHm.15.97: An otiose mark appears above the <g>. lele lyuynge men · þat goddes lawe techen
rygth so out of holycherche · alle eueles spredeth ·
ther ynparfit preesthod is · prechours and techers ·
y see it by ensaumple · yn somer tyme on trowes
ther summe bowes beþ leuyd · and summe bereþ none
ther is a myscheef yn þe more · of suche maner bowes
rygth so parsouns and preestys · and prechours of holycherche ·
that arn rote of þe rygth feiþ · to rewle þe peple
ac þere þe rote is rotyn · resoun wot the sothe
schall neuer flour ne fruyte · ne fayr lef. be grene
forþy wolde ȝe lettryd leue · þe lecchery of clothynge ·
fol. 174vI
and be kynde as byfell for clerkes · and curteys of crystes godes
trewe of ȝour tonge · and of ȝowre tayle boþe
and haten to here harlotrye · and nougth vndurfonge
tyþes of vntrew þyng · y-tylyed or y-chaffaryd
Loiþ were lewyd men · but they ȝ....owre lore folwyde
and amendy.d hem þat mysdon · more for ȝowr ensaumples
þan forto prechen and preuyn yt nougth · ypocresye yt semeþ
for ypocresye yn latyn · is lyknyd to a dungehull
þat were bysnewyd wyth snowe · and snakes wyþ-ynneHm.15.116: HmCGB omit the following line, here given in the spelling of L: Or to a wal þat were whitlymed and were foule wyth-inne.
rygth so many preestys · prechours and prelatys
ȝe arn enblaunchid wyþ bele paroles · and wyþ cloþes also
ac ȝowr werkes and ȝour woordes þer-vndur · arn ful vnlouely ·
iohannes crisostomus · of clerkes spekeþ and preestys
Sicut de templo omne bonum progreditur  sic de templo omne malum
procedit · Si sacerdocium integrum fuerit  tota floret ecclesia · si autem
corruptum fuerit  omnium fides marcida est · Si sacerdocium fuerit in peccatis 
totus populus conuertitur ad p.....eccandum · Sicut cum videris arborem
pallidam & marcidam  intelligis quod vicium habet in radice · ita
cum videris populum indisciplinatum & irreligiosum  sine dubio
sacerdocium eius non est sanum · & cetera ·
Ȝif lewyd men wysten · what þis latyn meneth ·
and who was myn autor · moche wonder me þynkeþ ·
but ȝif many a preest bere · for her baselardes and her brochis
a peyre of bedys yn her hond · and abooka book vnder her arm
syre iohan and sere gyffray · haþ a gurdel of seluer
a baselard or a ballok-knyf · wyþ botouns ouergulte
ac a porthors þat schulde ben his plough · placebo to sigge
hadde he neuer seruyce to saue syluer þerto · seyþ yt wyþ ydel wylle
Alas ȝe lewde men · full muche lese ȝe on preestys
ac þynge þat wykkydly is wonne · and wyþ false sleyȝtes
wolde neuere þe wylle of wytty god · but wykkyd men it hadde
þe which ar preestys ynparfyt · and prechours after syluer
excecutours and souþdenes · somnours and her lemmanys
this þat wyþ gile was getyn · vngracyously is spendyd
so harlottes and hores · arn holpen wyþ suche goodes
and goddys folk for deffaute herof · forfaren and spyllyn
curatoures and holycherche · as clerkes þat ben auerous
lyghtly þat þey leuyn · losellis it habbeth
or dyen yntestat · and thanne the busschop entreþ
and makeþ merþe þerwyþ · and his meyne boþe ·
fol. 175rI
and seyn he was anyggardea nyggarde · þat no good mygth spare
to frende ne to fremde · þe fende haue his soule
for a wrecchid housholde he helde · all his lyf-tyme
and þat he spared and bysperyd · spende we yt yn merþe
Be it lered be it lewyd · þat loiþ is to spende
þus gon her goodes away · be þe gost faren ·
ac for goode men god wot · gret doel men makyn
and bymeneþ goode meteȝyuers · and yn mynde haueþ
yn prayers and yn penaunces · and ynparfit charyte
What is charyte quod y tho · a childysch þyng he seyde
Nisi efficiamini sicut paruuli · non intrabitis in regnum celorum · & cetera
Wyþ-outyn fauntelte or folye a free lyberall wylle
WhereHm.15.154: An expansion indicator has been added to the original wher. It appears to be the work of same hand that made the next correction in this line. ...?...schulde men fynde such afrenda frend · wyþ so fre an herte
y haue lyued yn londe quod he · myn name ys longe wylle
and fond y neuere full charyte · byfore ne byhynde
men beþ mercyable · to mendynauntys and to poore
and wollyn lene ther þey leue · lely to be payde
ac charyte þat poule preyseþ best · & most plesaunt is to our sauyour
ys non inflatur non ambiciosaest ambiciosa · non querit que sua sunt ·
I say neuere such amana man · so me god helpe
þat ...?...he ne wolde aske after his · and oþerwhile coueyte
thyng þat nedyd hym nougth · and nyme ȝif he myghte ·
Clerkes kennyn me þat cryst · is yn alle places
ac y say hym neuere soþly · but as my-sylf yn a myrrour
In enigmate · tunc facie ad faciem · & cetera
and so y trowe trewly · by þat men telleþ of charyte ·
yt isHm.15.168: Probably as a result of damage caused by the following erasure, the <s> in is has been touched up. n.gth.tono chaumpiouns fygth · ne chaffare as y trowe
Charite quod he ne chaffareþ nougth ne chalengeþ ne craueþ
as proud of a peny · as of a pound of golde
and is also glad of a gowne · of a graye russat
as of a tonycle of tars · or of trye scarlett
he is glad wyþ alle glade · and good tyl alle wykkyd
and leneþ and loueþ alle · þat our lord made ·
curseþ he no creature ne can bere no wratthe
ne no lykynge haþ to lyȝe · ne laugh men to scorne
all þat men seyn he let it sooþ · and yn solace takeþ
and alle manere myschiefs · yn myldenes he suffreþ ·
coueyteþ he non erþly good · but heuenryche blysse
Haþ he eny rentys or rycchesse · or eny ryche frendys 
of rentes ne of rycchesse · reccheþ he neuere ·
fol. 175vI
for a frende þat fyndeþ hym · faylyd hym neuere at nede
Fiat voluntas tua · fyndeþ hym euermore ·
and ȝif he soupeþ · he eteþ but a sop · of Spera in deo ·
he can portraye wel þe pater noster · and peynt it wyþ Auees
and oþurwhile is his wone · to wendyn on pylgrymage
ther poore men and persons lyggeþ · her pardoun to haue
thowh he bere hem no breed · he bereþ hem bettre lyflode
loueþ hem as our lord byddeþ · and lokeþ how þey fare
And whan he is wery of þat werk · þan wol he sumtyme
labouryn yn lauandrye · well þe lengþe of a myle
and ȝerne ynto ȝowþe · and ȝeplyche speke
pryde wyþ all þe apportenaunce · and packen hem to-gydres
and boukyn hem atte his brest · and beten hem clene ·
and leggyn on longe wyþ laboraui in gemitu meo ·
and wyþ warm water atte his eiȝen · waschyn hem aftyr
and þanne he syngeþ whan he dooþ soo · & sumtyme seith wepynge
Cor contritum & humiliatum deus non despicies · & cetera ·
By cryst y wolde þat y knew hym quod y · no creature leuere
wyþ-outyn help of peers ploughman quod he · his parsoun seest þu neuere
wherþer clerkes knowyn hym quod y · þat kepyn holy cherche
clerkes han no knowyng quod he · but by werkes and by woordys
ac peers þe ploughman parceyueþ more deppere
what is þe wylle and wherfore · þat many wygth suffreþ ·
Et vidit deus cogitaciones eorum · & cetera
For þer are ful proud-herted men · pacient of tonge
and buxuomest of berynge · to burieisHm.15.207: Burieis, "burgesses." and to lordes
and to pore peple · han pepir yn her nose ·
and as alyouna lyoun ...they lokeþ · there men lacken ...her werkes
And þer ar beggers and bydders · bedemen as yt were
þat lokyn as lambren · and semyn lyfholy ·
ac it is more to haue her mete · yn such an esy manere ·
than for penaunce · and parfitnesse · þe pouerte þat such takeþ
Therfore by clergye ne by colour · know schalt þu hym neuere
neyþer þurgh woordes ne werkes · but þurgh wylle oneHm.15.215: Hm alone omits the line that follows, here given in the spelling of L: And þat knoweth no clerke ne creature in erthe.
but peris þe ploughman · petrus id est christus ·
for he nys nougth yn lollers · ne yn land-lepynge heremytes
ne at ancres þere a boxHm.15.218: The scribe adjusted an initial <y> to make the <x>. hangeþ · alle suche þey fayten ·
fy on faytours · and infautoresin fautores suos ·
for charyte is goddys champioun · and as good childe hende
and þe meryest of mowþ · atte mete wherso he sytteþ ·
fol. 176rI
the loue þat lyeþ yn his herte · makeþ hym lygth of speche ·
and is compaygnable and confortatyf · as cryst byt hym-sylue ·
Nolite fieri sicut ypocrite tristes · & cetera
For y haue seyn hym yn selke and sumtyme yn russat
boþe yn gray and yn grys · and yn gult harneys
and als gladlych he it gafe to gomes þat yt nedyde
edmund and edward · boþe were kynges
and seyntes y-set · ...for charyte ...hem folw....ede ·
y haue seyn charite also · syngyn and redyn ·
rydyn and rennyn · yn raggyd wedys ·
ac byddynge as beggers · behelde y hym neuere
ac yn ryche robys · rathest he walkeþ ·
y-callyd and y-crymylyd · and his crowne y-schaue
and yn a frerys frocke · he was foundyn onys
ac it is fern a-goo · yn seynt Fraunceys tyme
yn þat secte seþþe · to selde haþ he be knowyn ·
ryche men he recomendeþ · and of her robes takeþ
that wiþ-outyn wyles · ledeth her lyues
Beatus est diues qui · & cetera ·
In kynges court he comeþ ofte þere þe conseyl is trewe
ac ȝif coueytyse be of þe counseyl he woll nougth come þerynne
yn court amonges iapers · he comeþ nougth but selde
for braulynge and bacbytynge · and berynge of fals wytnes
In þe constorye byfore the commissarye · he comeþ nougth full ofte
for her lawe dureþ ouer longe · but ȝyf þey lacchen syluer
and matrymoyne for moneye makyn and vnmakyn ·
and þat conscyence and cryst · haþ y-knytt faste
þey vndon it vnworþyly · þe doctors of lawe ·
Ac y ne lacke no lyfe · but lord amende vs alle ·
and gyue vs grace goode god · charite to folwe
for who-so mygth mete wyþ hym · such maneres hym eyles
neyþer he blameþ ne banneþ · bosteþ ne preyseþ
lackeþ ne loseþ · ne lokeþ vp sterne
craueþ ne coueyteþ · ne cryeþ after more
In pace inidipsumin idipsum · dormiam & requiescam & cetera ·
The moste lyflode þat he lyueþ by · is loue yn goddys passioun
neyþer he byddeþ ne he beggeþ · ne borweþ to ȝelde
mysdoiþ he noman · ne wyþ his mowþ greueþ ·
Amonges crystyn men · þis myldenesse schulde laste
yn alle manere angres · haue þis atte herte ·
fol. 176vI
that thowȝ þey suffryd all this · god suffryd for vs more
yn ensaumple we schuld do so · and take no vengeaunce
of our foes þat don vs falsnesse · þat is our fadres wylle
for wel may euery man w.ete · ȝif god had wolde hym-sylue
schulde neuere iudas ne iewe · haue ihesu don on rode
ne han martyred peter and poule · ne yn prysoun holdyn ·
ac he suffryd yn ensample · þat we schuld suffre also
and seyde to suche þat suffre wolde · þat pacientes vincunt
verbi gracia · quod he · and verrey ensamples manye
In legenda sanctorum · the lyf of holy seyntes
what penaunce and pouerte · and passioun þey suffryd
yn hungourur yn hete · yn alle manere angrys
antoni and Egidi · and other holy fadrys
wonedyn yn wyldernesse · amonge wylde bestys
monkes and mendynauntes · men by hem-sylue
yn spekes and yn spelonkes · seldom speke togydres
Ac noyþer antony ne egidi · ne hermyte þat tyme
of lyouns ne of lupardys · no lyflode ne tooke
but of fowles þat fleeþ · thus fynde men yn bokys
except that egidi · after an hynde cryed ·
and þurgh þe mylde beste · the man was susteyned
and day by day hadde he her nougth · his hungour forto slake
but seldom and sundry tymes · as seiþ þe book and .techeþ
Antony a dayes · abowt the noon-tyme
hadde a brydde þat brougth hym breed · þat he by lyuyde
and þowȝ the gome had a gest · god fond hem bothe
poul primus heremita · hadde parrokkyd hym-sylue
that noman mygth hym se · for mosse and for leuys
fowlys hym fedde · fele wyntrys wyþ-alle
tyl he foundyd frerys · of austynes ordre
Poul after his prechynge · panyers he made
and wan wyþ his handys · that his wombe neded
Peter fischid for his food · and his felaw Andrew
somme þey sothyn & summe soldyn · and so they lyued boþe
and also marye magdalene · by mores lyuyd and dewys
ac most þurgh deuocioun · and mynde of god almyghty ·
I schuld nougth þis seuene dayes · syggen hem alle ·
that lyuedyn þus for our lordys loue · many longe ȝerys
ac ther ne was lyoun no lupard · þat on laundys wentyn ·
neyther bere ne bore · ne other best wylde ·
fol. 177rI
that ne fel to her feet · and fawnyd wyþ her tayles
and ȝif þey haue carpede by cryst as y trowe
they woldyn haue fed that folk · byfore wyld fowles
ac god sent hem food by fowles · and by none fiers bestys
yn menyng þat meke thynge · mylde thynge schuld serue
as who seiþ relygiouns · ryghtfull men schuld fynde
and lawful men to lyf-holy men · lyflode brynge
and þanne wolde lordes and ladyes · be loiþ to agylte
and to take of her tenawntes · more þan trewþ wolde
founde they that frerys · wolde forsake almasses
and byddyn hem bere it · þere it was y-borwyd ·
for we ben goddes fowlys · and abydyn alwey ·
tyl bryddys bryngyn vs · that we schulde lyue by
for had ȝe potage and payn ynow · and peny-ale to drynke
and a messe þerwyþ · of oo maner kynde ·
ȝe haddyn rygth ynowȝ ȝe relygiouns · and so ȝowr rewyl me tolde
Numquam dicit iob rugit onager · cum herbam habuerit · aut mugiet bos cum
ante plenum presepe steterit · brutorum animalium natura te condempnat · quia
cum eis papulum comune sufficiat · ex adipe prodijt iniquitas tua · & cetera
ȝif lewed men knew this latyn · they wolde loke whom they ȝyue
and auyse hem byfore · a fyue dayes or syxe
er þey enmorteysid to monkes · or chanones her rentys
alas lordes and ladyes · lewyd counseyl haue ȝee ·
to ȝyue fro ȝowr heyres · þat ȝowr aiels ȝow lafte
and ȝyueþ to bydde for ȝow · to such þat ar ryche
and beþ foundyd and feffyd eke · to bydde for othere
who parformeþ þis prophecye · of the peple þat now lybbeþ
dispersit dedit pauperibus · & cetera
ȝif eny peple parforme þat text · it are þese pouere frerys
for þat þey beggyn aboute · yn buyldyng þey it spende
and on hem-selfe sum · and such as ben her laborers
and of hem þat habbeþ they takyn · and ȝyue hem þat habbeþ
Ac clerkes and knyhtys · and comoners þat ben ryche
fele of ȝow fareþ · as ȝif y a forest hadde
that were ful of fayr trees · and y fonded and caste
how y mygth mo þerynne · amonges hem sette
rygth so ȝe ryche · that robbeþ that ben ryche
and helpeþ hem þat helpeþ ȝow · and ȝyueþ þere no nede is
as who-so fylde a tonne · of a fresch reuere
and went foorþ wyþ þat water · to wokyn wyþ t....emse ·
fol. 177vI
rygth so ȝe ryche · that robbyn and fedyn
hem that han as ȝe han · hem ȝe makyn at ese
Ac relygyous þat ryche ben · schuld raþer feste beggers
than burieysHm.15.343: Burieys, "burgesses." þat ben ryche as the book techeþ
Quia sacrilegium est res pauperum non pauperibus dare
Item peccatoribus dare est immolare ·
Item monach.e si indiges & accipis  pocius das quam accipis
Si autem non eges · & accipis rapis ·
Porro non indiget monachus  si habeat quod nature sufficit · cetera
wonesHm.15.349: Clumsy pen trials in a later hand appear in the right margin beside this line, Hm.15.356, and Hm.15.359.
Forþy y counseyl alle crystene · to conforme vs to charyte
for charyte wyþ-out chalengynge · vnchargeþ þe soule
and many a prisoun fro purgatory · þurgh his prayers he delyuereth ·
ac þere is a deffaute yn þe folke · that the feyþ kepeþ ·
wherfore folk is þe febler · and nougth ferme of byleue
as yn luschboroughs is a lyþer alay · & ȝit lokeþ he lyke asterlynga sterlyng
þe marke of þat moneye is good · ac þe metal ys feble
and so it fareþ by somme folke now · þey han a fayr specheHm.15.356: Clumsy pen trials in a later hand appear in the right margin beside this line, Hm.15.349, and Hm.15.359. This one was written in a very wet ink and blotted the facing leaf, though the text remains legible.
crowne and crystendom · þe kynges marke of heuene ·
ac þe metal þat is mannys soule · wyþ synne is fowl alayed ·
boþe lettryd and lewyd · beþ allayed now wyþ synneHm.15.359: Clumsy pen trials in a later hand appear in the right margin beside this line, Hm.15.349, and Hm.15.356.
that no lyf loueþ oþer · ne our lord as yt semeth ·
for þurgh werre and wycked workes · and wedres vnresonable
wederwyse schipmen and wytty clerkes also
han no byleue to the lyfte · ne to þe lore of philosophers
Astronomyens alday · yn her art faylen
þat whilom warnyd byfore · what schuld falle after
schipmen and scheepherdys · þat wyþ schip and scheep wente
wystyn by þe walkyne · what schulde betyde
as of wedres and wyndes · þey warnyd men ofte ·
Tylyers þat tylyed þe erþe · toldyn her maystryes
by þe seed that they sewe · what þey sylle mygthe
and what to leue and what to lyue by · þe lond was so trewe
Now fayleþ þe folk of þe flood · and of þe lond boþe
scheepherdys and schipmen · and so don þese tylyers
neyþer þey konneþ ne knoweþ · on cours byfore an noþer
Astronomyens also · arn atte her wyttys ende
of þat was calculed of þe elyment · þe contrarye þey fynde
gramer that is ground of al · bygyleþ now chyldren
for is noon of þys newe clerkes · who-so nymeþ hedeHm.15.378: CrWHm omit the following line, here given in the spelling of L: Þat can versifye faire · ne formalich enditen.
no nougth oon among an hundryd þat an autour can construe · Hm.15.379: The text is badly rubbed (or the ink did not take well) for the central sections of this line, but the text remains legible.
fol. 178rI
ne rede a lettre yn any langage · but yn latyn or yn englysch ·
go now to eny degre · and but ȝif gyle be mayster
and flaterer his felaw · vndur hym to formyn ·
moche wonder me thynkeþ · amonges vs alle
Doctours of decres · and of dyuynyte maystres
that schulden fynde & knowe all kyn clergye
and answere to argumentes · and also to a quodlibet
y dar nougth sygge it for schame · if such were apposed
they schuldyn fayle of her philosophie · and yn fysyke boþe
wherfore y am a-ferd · of folk of holycherche
lest they ouerhippyn as other don · yn offyces and yn hourys
ȝif þey ouerhippyn as y hope nougth · our byleue suffiseth ·
as clerkes in corpus christi feste syngyn and redyn ·
that sola fides sufficit · to saue wyth lewyd peple
and so may sarazynes be sauyd · scrybes and iewys
alas þanne but our lordys men · lyuen as þey leren vs
and for her lyuynge þat lewyd men · be þe loþer god a-gulte
for sarasenes han sumwhat · semyng to our byleue
for þey loue and byleue · yn o persone almyhty
and we lered and lewyd · yn o god byleueþ
And on macameth · amana man yn mysbyleue
brought sarrasenys of surre · and see yn what manere
this macameth was a crystene · and for he most nat be pope ·
ynto surre he sought · and þurgh his sotyl wyttys
he dauntyd ado...uuea do...uue and day and nygth her fedde
the corn þat sche croppyd · he kest it yn his ere
and ȝif he amonge þe peple prechid · or yn places come
thanne wolde þe culuer · come to þe clerkes ere
menyng as after mete · thus macameth here enchauntyd
and dude folk þan falle on knees · for he swore yn his prechyng
þat þe culuer þat cam so · cam fram god of heuene
as messager to macameth · men forto teche ·
And thus þurgh wyles of his wytt · and a whyte dowue
macameth yn mysbyleue · men and wymmen brougthe ·
þat lewyd þere and l......ered ȝit · leuyn on his lawys
And seþþe our sauyour suffred · þe sarasenys so bygyled
þurgh a crysten clerk · a-cursyd yn his sowleHm.15.416-419: The b-verses of the last four lines of this leaf are obscured by bleed through and poor ink adherence.
and for drede of þe deþ y dar nougth telle trewþe
how englysch clerkes a culuer feden þat coueytyse hatteþ
and ben maneryd aftyr macameth · þat noman vseþ trewþeHm.15.419: There appears to be an accidental imprint of an ornamented capital in the bottom margin of this page. It most likely came from contact with a loose page in this manuscript.
fol. 178vI
ancres and heremytes · and monkes and frerys
peren to apostles · þurgh her parfyt lyuynge
wolde neuere þe feiþful fadre · þat his mynystres schulde
of tyrauntys þat tenyn trew men · takyn eny
but don as antony dude · dominic and Fraunceys
benet and bernard · þe whiche hem furst taugthe
to lyue by lytyll · and yn low.e howses · by lele mennys almasse
...?...thanne grace schuld growe and be grene · þurgh her good lyuynge
and folk schuld .y...farenHm.15.428: It appears probable that hand2 originally agreed with all other B witnesses and then altered to β3's reading. · þat ben yn diuerse syknes
the bettre for her byddynges · yn body and yn soule
her prayers and her penaunces · to pees schulde brynge
alle þat ben at þe bate and bedemen were trewe
Petite & accipietis · & cetera ·
Salt saueþ þe catel · ...?...siggen thes wyues ·
Vos estis sal terre · & cetera ·
The heuedys of holy cherche · and they holy were
cryst calleþ hem salt · for crystene sowlys
Et si sal euanuerit in quo salietur · & cetera
Ac freisch flesch oþer fysch · whan yt salt fayleþ
yt is vnsauery forsoþe · y-sothynHm.15.439: The <h> in sothyn may be written over an erasure by the third scribal hand. It is also possible that he added an extra tick to the <y> at the same time. or y-bake
so is mannys soule soþly · þat seeþ no gode ensaumple
of hem of holycherche · þat þe hie wey schulde teche
and be gyde and go byfore as a good baneour
and hardye hem þat byhynde ben · and ȝyue hem good euydence
enleuene holy men · all þe worlde turnede
ynto lele byleue · the lyȝtloker me þynkeþ
schulde alle manere of men · we han to many maystrys
preestys and prechours · and a pope aboue
that goddys salt schuld be · to saue mannys soule ·
All was heþenes sumtyme · engelonde and wal...ys
tyl gregory gart clerkys · to go hyder and preche
austyn at caunterbury · crystnyd þe kynge
and þurgh myracles þat men may rede · al þat march he turnyde
to cryste and to crystendom · and cros to honoure
and fullyd folk faste · and þe feyþ taugthe
more þurgh myracles · þan þurgh moche prechyng
as wel þurgh his werkes · as þurgh his holy wordys
and seyde hem what þe fullyng was · & feyþ was to mene
Cloiþ þat comeþ fro þe weuynge · is nougth comely to were
tyl it be fullyd vndur fote · or yn fullynge stockes ·
fol. 179rI
waschen wel wyþ water · and wyþ taseles cracched
y-towked and y-teyntyd · and vnder taylours handes
and so it fareþ by a barn · þat born is of a wombe
tyl he be crystned yn crystes name. and confermyd of busschop
yt is heþen as to heuenward and helples to þe soule
Heþene is to mene after heþ · and vntylyed erþe
as yn wylde wyldernes · waxen wyld bestes
rude and vnresonable · rennyng wyþ-out cropers
ȝe menyn wel how matheu seyþ · how amana man made a feste
he fedde hem wyþ no venysoun · ne fesauntes y-bake
but wyþ foules þat fram hym nolde · but folwyd hym whistlynge
Ecce altilia mea & omnia parata sunt · & cetera
And wyþ calues flesch he fedde · the folk þat he louyde
þe calf bytokeneþ clennesse · yn hem that kepeþ lawes
for as þe cow þurgh kynde mylk · þe calf noryscheþ tyl an noxe
so loue and lewte · lele men susteyneth ·
and maydenys and mylde men · mercy desyryn ·
rygth as þe cow calfe · coueyteþ swet mylke
so don ryghfull men · mercy and trewthe
ac who-so beþ þat excuseþ hem · þat arn parsouns and preestys
þat heuedys of holycherche ben · þat han her wylle here
wyþ-outyn trauayle þe tyþe deel · þat trew men byswynkyn
þey woln be wroþ for y wryte þus · ac to wytnes y take
boþe matheu and mark · and memento domine dauid ·
what pope or prelat now parformeþ þat cryst higth ·
Ite in vnuuersumvn[i]uersum mundum · & predicate · & cetera
Alas þat men so longe · yn macameth schuld byleue
so many prelates to preche · as the pope makeþ
of nazareth of nynyue · of neptalym and damaske
þat þey ne wente as cryst wysseþ · syþþyn þey woln haue name ·
to ben pastours and preche · þe passyoun of ihesusHm.15.490: Hm alone omits the following line, here given in the spelling of L: And as hymself seyde so to lyue and deye.
Bonus pastor animam suam ponit · & cetera ·
And seyde it of saluacioun · of sarazenes and oþere ·
for crystene and vncrysten · cryst seyde to prechours
Ite vos in vineam meam & cetera
And seþþe þat þese sarrazenes · scrybes and iewes
han alippea lippe of our byleue · þe lyȝtloker me þynkeþ
þey schuld turne who-so traueyled · to teche hem of þe trynyte
Querite & inuenietis · & cetera
It is rewþ to rede · how ryȝtwyse men lyuede ·
fol. 179vI
how þei deffowlyd her fleysch · forsokyn her owen wylle
fer fro kyþ and fer fro kyn · euel ycloþyd ȝedyn
badly ybeddyd · no book but conscyence
ne no rycchesse but þe rode · to reyioyse hem ynne
Absit nobis gloriari nisi in cruce domini nostri · & cetera
And þo was plente and pes · among and ryche
...?...?...Ac now is reuthe to rede how þe rede noble ·
iIs reuerenced ar þe rode · receyuyd for þe worthiere Hm.15.506-507: Hand3 wrote these two verses on a single line, writing Hm.15.506 over an extended erasure, then writing Hm.15.507 immediately following it in the right margin.
than crystes cros þat ouercam · deþ and dedly synne
And now is werre and woo · and who-so why aske
for coueytise after cros · þe corowne stant yn golde
boþe ryche and relygyous · þat rode they honoure
that yn grotes is grauyn · and yn gold nobles
for coueytise of þat cros · men of holycherche
schul turne as templeres dude · þe tyme approcheþ faste
Wete ȝe nougth ȝe wyse men · how þoo men honoured
more tresour than trewþe · y dar nougth telle þe soþe
Resoun and ryhtful doom · þe relygyous demyd
rygth so ȝe clerkes · for ȝour coueytise or longe
schal þey demen dos ecclesie · and ȝour pride depose
Deposuit potentes de sede · & cetera ·
ȝif knyȝthod and kynde wytt · and comoun conscyence
togedres loue lely · leeueþ it well ȝe busschopes
þe lordschipe of londes · for euere schull ȝe lese ·
and lyuen as leuitici · as our lord ȝow techeþ ·
Per p...?...rimicias decimas & cetera ·
whan constantyn of curtesye · holycherche do.wede
wyþ londes and ledes · lordschipes and rentys
an aungel men herden · an hiȝe at rome cryȝe
dos ecclesie this day · haþ dronkyn venym ·
Hm.15.530: Though the pale blue paraph marker visible on the images is an artefact of the photography, coming from the genuine marker on the preceding folio, 178v, it in fact coincides with an erased paraph marker on this leaf of which only a blue dot remains visible. And þo þat han petres power · arn appoysonyd alleHm.5.530: A crude line drawing, perhaps of a quill, appears to the right of this line and above it a lightly scored X of uncertain origin and meaning.
a medecyn moot þerto · þat may amende prelates
thanne schuldyn they praye for þe pes · possessiouns hem letteþ
takeþ her landes ȝe lordes · and leteþ hem lyue by dymes
ȝif possessioun be poysoun · and ynparfitHm.15.534: Kane and Donaldson misread this word as vnparfit. hem makeþ
good were dyschargen hem · for holycherches sake
and purgyn hem of poysoun · or more peryl falle
ȝif preesthod were parfit · the peple schulde amende
þat contraryen crystes lawe · and crystendom dyspise ·
for alle paynymes prayeþ · and parfitly byleeueþ ·
yn þe holy grete god · and his grace þey axen ·
fol. 180rI
and makyn her mone to macameth · her message to schewe
Hm.15.542: The parasign has been badly smudged. Thus yn a feiþ ly...eueþ þat folk · and yn a fals mene
and þat is rewþe for rygthfull men · þat yn þe rewm wonyn ·
and a peryll to þe pope · and prelatys þat he makeþ
þat beryn busschops names · of bethlem and of babyloigne
that hippyn aboute yn yngelonde · to halwyn auters
and crepyn amonges curatours · confessen aȝen þe lawe
Nolite mittere falsem in messem alienam · & cetera
Many man for crystes loue · was martyred yn romayne
er þan crystyndom was knowe þere · or eny cros honouryd
Euery busschop þat bereþ cros · by þat he is holdyn ·
þurgh his prouynce to passe · and to his peple schewyn hym ·
tellen hem and techen hem · on þe trynyte to byleeue
and feden hem wyþ gostly food · and gyuen þere it nedeþ
In domo mea non est panis neque vestimentum & ideo
nolite constituere me regem · & cetera
Ozias seiþ for suche · that syke ben and feble ·
Inferte omnes decimas in h....orreum meum vt cibus in domo mea & cetera
Ac we crystyn creatures · that on þe cros byleuyn
arn ferme as yn þe feyþ · god forbede ellys
and han clerkes to kepe vs þerynne · and hem þat schull come after
And iewes lyuen yn lele lawe · our lord wrot it hym-sylue ·
yn ston for it stedefaste was · and stonde schulde euere ·
Dilige deum & proximum · is parfit iewyn lawe
and took it moyses to teche men · tyl messye come
and on þat lawe þey lyeuen ȝit · and letyn it þe beste
and ȝit knew þey cryst · þat crystendom taugthe
for a parfit prophete · þat muche peple sauyd ·
of selcowþe sores · they seyen it ofte
bothe of myracles and meruayles · and how ..he men festyde
wyþ two fysches and fyue loues · fyue þousand peple
and by þat mangery men mygth well se · þat messye he semed
and whan he lyft vp lazar · þat leyd was yn graue
and vnder ston deed and stanke · wyþ styf voys hym callyd
Lazare veni foras · & cetera ·
Dude hym ryse and rome · rygth byfore þe iewys
Ac they seydyn and sworen · wyþ sorcery he wrougth
and studyeden to destruye hym · and struyeden hem-sylue ·
and þurgh his pacyence her power · to pure nougth he brougth
Pacientes vincunt · & cetera ·
fol. 180vI
Danyel of her vndoynge dyuyned and seyde
Cum sanctus sanctorum veniat cessabit vnccio vestra · & cetera
And ȝet wenyn tho wrecchis þat he were pseudo propheta
and þat his lore be lesynges · and lacken yt alle
and hopyn þat he be to comen · that schall hem releue
moyses eft or messye · here maystres ȝet dyuyneþ
Ac pharyses and sarasyns · scrybes and iewes
arn folk of oo feyþ · the fader god they honouryn
and syþþen þat the sarasens · and also þe iewes
kunnen þe ferst clause of our byleeue · credo in deum patrem omnipotentem · & cetera
prelates of crystes prouynces schulde preue ȝif þey mygth ·
leren hem lytsom and lytsom · & in ihesum christum filium
tyl þey cowd speke and spelle · & in spiritum sanctum ·
and reden yt and recordyn yt · wyþ remissionem peccatorum ·
Carnis resurexionem & vitam eternam amen · & cetera