fol. 7r (cont.)I

Passus secundus de visione  vt supraM.2.0: No blank line follows this rubric, which is centered.
YetM.2.1: The main scribe always spells yet with initial <ȝ> and it is always corrected. Here it looks as though the guide letter has been altered to a <y>. At any event, the initial <Y> was painted after the general correction of the <ȝ> to <y>. I courb.ed on m.y knees . and criede .......hire of grace
And saide mercy ma-dame . for marie loue of heuene .
Þat bar þat blisseful barn . þat bouȝte vs on þe rode
Kenne me by somme crafte  to knowen þe fals .
Loke vppon .....thy lefte half . and lo where he stondeth
Boþe fauel and falsM.2.6: M reverses the order of the names found in the other B manuscripts. . and here feres manye
I loked on my lifte half. as þe lady me tauȝte .
#primam apparicionem mede
And was war of a ..womman . worth.ily y-clothede
Purfiled with pelure . þe finest vpon erthe .
Y-crouned with a croune  þe kynge haþ non
Fetislich hire fyngres weren  fretted with g.old wyre
And þere-on rede rubies  as red as any glede
And diamauntz of derreste pris  and double manere sa......phires
Orientales and ewages . venymes to destr.uye robe was ful riche . of red skarlete engreyned
With ribanes of rede golded . and of riche
Hire arra..y me rauysshede . suche richesse saw I neuere
I ...?...hadde wonder what she was . and whas w.yf she were .
What is þis womman quod I  so wondurlyM.2.19: M's reading of wondurly is not attested among other B manuscripts, most of which read worþili. atyrede
That is mede þe mayden quod she  haþ noiede me ful ofte
And ylakked my lemman  þat leaute is hoten .
And bilowen hire to . þat lawes han to kepe .
In þe popes Palais . she is priue as my-selue
fol. 7vI
But sothnesse wolde nouȝt so  for she is a basta..erd
For fals was hire fadur  þat ha.þM.2.25: In place of M's corrected haþ, YOC2 read hadde. a fikul tonge
And neuere soth saide  sith he come to þeM.2.26: M is the only B manuscript to include þe at this point. erþe
And Mede is manered aftur hym . riȝte as kynde askeþ
Qualis pater talis filius . bonus arbor bonum fructum facit .
I auȝte to ben heiȝer þan she . I cam of a
My þe grete god is . & grounde of alle graces .
O god wyth-outen gynnynge . and I his goode douȝtur
And haþ ȝyoue meM.2.32: M's orginal omission of me agreed with G. mercy . to marye with my-selue
And what man be merciful . and lelly me
Shal be my lord and I his leef  in þe heiȝe heuene .
And what man takeþ mede  my lif dar I laye
Þat he shal lese for hire loue  a lappe of caritatis
How construeth kynge dauydM.2.37: M's reading of kyng dauyd is not shared by other B manuscripts, which except for F read Dauid þe kyng. . of men þat take mede
And men of þis moolde . þat mainteigneth truthe .
And how ȝye shal saue ȝyoure-selue . þe sauter bereth w..ytnesse .
Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo . & cetera .
And now worth þis mede y-mariede . al toM.2.41: The original reading alto is in line with YOC2L. The corrected reading is shared with GFH, whereas WHmCr have vnto. a mansede shrewe .
# maritage medis
To o..on fals fik..el tonge . a biyete .
Fauel þourȝe his faire speche  haþ þis folk enchaunt..ed
And al is lieres ledynge  þat she is þus y-weddud .
To-morwe worthe y-made  þe brydale
And þere miȝte þow wyte ȝif þou wolt . .whiche þei ben alle .
Þat longeth to þat lordshipe  þe lasse and þe more .
Knowe hem þere ȝif þou kanst . and kepe ...þou þiM.2.48: M's altered reading þou þi agrees with WHmCrGMH. YOC2F read wel þi; CLR read thy. tonge
And lakke hem nouȝt . but lat hem worthe . til leawte be iustice .
And haue power to punissh hem . þanne put forþe þi resoun
Now I bikenne þe Crist quod she  and his clene
And late no conscience acombre þe  for couetise of mede .
Thus lefte me þat lady . liggynge a-slepe .
And how mede was y-mariede . in meteles me þouȝte .
Þat alle þe riche retenaunce  þat regneth with þe fals
Weren boden to þe bridale . on boþe two 
fol. 8rI
ijus passus
# thassemble at medis mariage
Of alle manere of men . þe mene and þe riche
To marie þis ma...yden . was many man assemblede
As of kniȝtes and clerkes . and oþur comune p.eple
As sisours and sompnours . shereues and hire clerkes
Bedelles and Bailliues . and Brokours of chaffaresM.2.61: M alone of the B manuscripts has the plural form of the word. .
Forg.....oeris and vitaillers . and vocates of þe arche.s
I can not rekkenen þe route . þat ran aboute Mede .
Ac symonye and Cyuile . and sisours of courtes
Were mo...ost priue with Mede  of any men asM.2.65: M alone among B manuscripts includes as at this point. me thouȝte
Ac Fauel was þe furste  þat fet here oute of boure
And as a brokurour brouȝte hire . to be with fals enioynede .
Whanne symonye and Cyuyle  seiȝ hire boþere wille .
Thei assented for siluer . to saie as boþe wolde
Thanne leep liere forth . and saide lo here a chartre
Þat Gile with his grete othes . gaf hem to-gedre .
And preide Cyuile to see . and Symonie to rede it
Þanne symonye and Cyuile . stoden forth bothe .
A.....nd vnfolden þe Feffement . þat fals ha.þ y-makede
And þus bigynnen þes gomes . to greden ful heiȝe
Sciant presentes .& futuri & cetera .
Medis Fefment
Witeth and wittenesseth . þat wonieth vpon þis erþe
Þat Mede is y-maried . more for hire
.....Than for any vertue or fairenesse . or for any free kynde .
Falsenesse is fain of hire . for he wot hire riche
And fauel with his fikel speche . feffeth by þis chartre
To be withM.2.82: The inserted with is not attested in any other B manuscript. princes in pride . and pouerte to despise
To bakbyteM.2.83: M shares the reading bakbyte with H; all other B manuscripts read bakbyte and. : to boosten . and beren fals witytnesse
To scorne and to scoolde . and sclaundre to make
Vnbuxome : and bolde : to breke þe ten heestus .
And þerldome of enuye . and wrath to-gedres .
With þe chastlete of cheste  and chatering out of resoun
Þe countee of Coueityse . and alle þe coo...stes aboute
That is vsure and Auarice . alle I hem graunte .
+ burgh
In bargaines and in brocages . with alle þe b....urgh of thefte .
And alle þe lordshipe of lecherie . in lengthe and in brede
As in werkes and in . and waitinges with eiȝes .
And in and ..wysshinges . and with .idel thouȝ .
fol. 8vI
There as wille wolde . and wer...?...kmanship failleth
Glotonye he gaf hem eke . and grete othus to-gedre
And alle day to drinke . at diuerse tauernes
And þere to iangle and to iape  and iuggen here euene-cristene .
And in fastinge-days to frete . ar ful tyme were .
And þanne to sitten and soupen  til slepe h.emM.2.99: M's revised reading is that of all B manuscripts except F which has hym. assaille .
And bred.en as burgh swyn . and bedden hem esily
Til sleuthe and sle..ep . sliken hi.rM.2.101: M's alteration of the word to hir brings it into agreement with HmCrYH. Other B manuscripts have hise. sides
And þanne ..wanhope to awake hym so  with no wille to amende
For he leueth b.e l.ostM.2.103: M's revised reading is that of most B manuscripts except Cr which has by lust. . þis is here laste ende .
And þei to haue and to holde . and heires a...fter
A dwellinge with þe deuel  and dampned be for euere
With alle þe purteinaunce of purgatorie . in-to þe pyne of helle .
ȜYeldinge for þis þinge . at on ȝyeres eende
Here soules to s...?...athan . to suffre with hym paines .
And with hym to wonye in wo  whil god is in heuene .
In wittnesse of w....hich þinge  wronge was þe furste .
And Piers þe Pardonere . of Paulines doctrine
Bette þe Bedelle . of Bokyngham shire .
Raynalde þe Reue . of Rotlande sokene
Munde þe Mellere  and many mo othere
In þe date of þe deuel . þis dede I assele .
Bi siȝte of sire Symonye . and Ciuiles leue .
# Irascebatur theologia
Thanne tened hym Theologie . whan he þis tale herde
And saide to Cyuyle . now sorwe moot þow haue .
Suche weddinges to worche . to wratthe with truthe
And er þis weddynge be wrouȝte  wo þe bitideM.2.120: first vowel is damaged by a wormhole.
For mede is m.....oliree of amendes engendred
And god graunteth to ...gyue  mede to truthe
And þow hast ....giuen hire to a gilour  now god ȝyeue þe sorwe
Thi tixte telleþ þe not so . truthe wot þe soþe .
For dignus est operarius . his hire to haue .
And þou hast. feste hire to fals . fy on thi lawe .
For al by lesinges þou l.yuest . and leccherouse werkes .
Symonye and þi-self . shenden holichurche
Þe notaries and ȝye . noieth þe p.eple
Ȝe shul abiggen it boþe . by god þat me made .
Wel ȝe wyten wernardus
fol. 9rI
ijus passus
M.2.131: The <//> is to indicate that a paraph should be rubricated. See Introduction I.7. Wel ȝye wyten wernardes . but ȝif ȝyoure witte faille
That fals is faitheles . and fikul in his werkes
And was a bastarde ybore . of belsabubbes kynne .
And mede is moylere . a mayden of gode .
And miȝte kysse þe kynge . for cosin and she wolde
For-þi worcheþ bi wisdome . and by witte also
And ledeth here to londoun . þere þeM.2.137: M shares the reading þe with H. Other B manuscripts omit. lawe is shew..ed
If any lawe wol loke  þei liggen to-gedres .
And þouȝ Iustices iugge hire  to be ioyned with fals
ȜYet be war of weddynge . for witty is truthe .
And conscience is of his conseille . and knoweth ȝyow echone
Notate verba
And ȝif he fynde ȝyow in defaute . and with þe fals holde
It shal bisitte ȝyoure soules . ful soure atte laste .
M.2.144: The scribe did not fill the space left for a capital letter but instead wrote an indication for a paragraph mark which was never inserted.Herto assent.ede Cyuyle . ac symonye ne wolde
Til he had siluer for his seruice . and also þe Notaries .
Thanne fette fauel forth . flo..ryns y-nowe .
And bad gile to geue . golde alabouteal aboute .
And namelich to þe Notaries  þat hem none faille
And feffe fals wittnessesM.2.149: M shares the plural form wittnesses with W. See Introduction IV.2.2.4. . with Floruyns y-nowe .
For ..theyM.2.150: M's altered reading agrees with WHmCrGYOC2CH. LRF read he. may mede amaistrye  and maken at my wille /
Tho þis gold was g.yue  grete was þe þonkynge
To fals and to fauel . for here faire ȝyiftes
And comen to conforte . from care þe fals .
And saiden certes sire . cesse shal we neuere .
Til mede be þi wedded wif . þoruw of vs alle
For we haue mede amaistriede . with oure merie speche
That she graunteþ to gon . with a gode wille .
To londoun to loke . ȝif þat þe lawe wolde
Iuggen ȝyow ioyntly . in ioye for euere .
Thanne was fals.enesse fayne . and fauel as blithe
And leten sompne alle segges . in shyres aboute
And badeM.2.162: M alone omits the word hem at this point. alle ben boun  beggers and othere
To wende with hem to westmynstre  to w..itnesse þis dede
Ac þanne carede þei for . to kayren hem þidur .
And fauel fette forth þanne . ynowe .
b j
fol. 9vI
And sette mede vpon a shyreue . ......shood al newe
And fals sat on a sisour . þat softely trotted
And fauel on a flaterere . fetisliche attirede
Tho þeM.2.169: M uniquely reads þe at this point, though the reading is shared with two A manuscripts. notaries none . annoyede thei were .
For Symonye .. & Cyuyle  shulde on here feet gange
Ac þanne swo..or Symonye . ..and Cyuyle bothe
That sompnours shulde be sadlede . and seruen hem .echone .
And lat apparaille þes prouisours . in palfrays wise .
Sire Symonye hym-seluen . shal sitte vpon hire bakkes
Denes and sudbdenes . drawe ȝyow to-gaydres
Erchedekenes and Officiales . and alle ȝyoure Registrers .
Lat sadle hem with siluer . owre synne to suffre
As auoutrie and ...?...deuorses . and derne vsurye
To bere bisshopes aboute . abr...ood in visitinge .
...?...PaynlesM.2.180: M's reading of Paynles is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read Paulynes. prives . for plei....ntes in þe consistorie
Shullen seruen my-selue . þat Ciuyle is nempned
And carte-sad..le oure  oure carte shal he lede
And fecchen vs vit....ailes  at Fornicatores .
And makeþ of liere a longe carte . to leden alle þes oþ.ere
As Freres and fauytours  þat on hire fete rennen
And þus fals and fauel . farethM.2.186: All other B manuscripts except for H have forþ after fareth. to-gidres
And Mede in þe . and alle þes oþere .
I haue no tome to telle . þe ta..yle ...þat hem folwȝ..edM.2.188: M's altered reading folwed agrees with WH. All other B manuscripts record present tense.
Of many manere of m.enM.2.189: Among B manuscripts only MH read of men, though it is the A text reading. Cr23 have men; other B manuscripts have man. In M the vowel of men has been altered. . þat on þis moolde libbeth
Ac gile was forgo..ere  and giede hem alle
Sothnesse seiȝ hym wel  and saide but litul
And priked his palfray . and passede hem alle .
And come to þe kyngges court.  & connscience it tolde .
And connscience to þe kynge . carped it after
# quo modo Rex Iurauit punicionem maleffactorum
Now bi crist quod þe kynge . and I cacche myȝte
Fals o.r fauel . or any of his feeres
I wolde be wroken of þo wrecches . þat wercheþ so ille
And don hem hange by þe hals . and alle þat hem mainteneth .
fol. 10rI
ijus passusM.2.199a: There is an erasure up in the top left corner of this leaf which is illegible even under ultraviolet light.
Shal neuere man of þisM.2.199: M's original reading without þis is shared by HmYOC2CLRFH. molde . mainprise the leeste
But riȝte as þe lawe wol loke . lat falle on hem alle .
And comaunded a conestable . þat come atte fuyrste
To attache þo tirauntes . for eny þ I hote
And fettereth faste falsnesse . for enykynnes ȝ
And gurdeth of giles hed . and lat hym go no ferthere
And ȝif ȝye lacche liereeM.2.205: It appears here that a letter, perhaps <-e>, has been erased to make space for a punctus, and the curl then added to final <r>. See Introduction III.1. . lat hym nouȝt ascapen
Er he be putte on þe piloriey . for any-þingeM.2.206: M's reading of any-þing, an echo from M.2.202, is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read any prayere. I hoote
And bringeþ mede to me . maugre hem alle .
Drede at þe dore stoode . and þe doome herde
# drede stetit ad hostium & audiuit mandatum Regis
And how þe kyng comaunded . constables and seriauntz
Falsenesse and his felash.ipe . to fettren .. & to bynden
Þanne drede wente ...?...wiȝtliche . and warned þe fals
And bad hym flee for feere  and his felawes alle .
¶ Falsenesse for fere þanneM.2.213: M's original reading without þanne is shared by HmHm2GF. . fledde to þe Freres
And gile doþ him to go . agast for to dye
Ac marchauntz mette with hym . and made him abide
And bishetten hym in here sho..p . to shewen hire ware .
And apparailled hym a...?...s aprentice . þe p.eple to serue .
Liȝtlich lier . leep a-way þanne .
Lorkyng thorȝw lanes . to beM.2.219: The addition of be, in an unfamiliar hand and ink, brings M into agreement with Cr1. lugged of manye
He was ...?...nawher welcome  for his manye tales .
Ouer-al yhowted . and yhote trusse
Til pardoners ha...dde pite . and pulled hym to house
Thei wesshen hym and wipped hym  and wounden hym in cloutes
And senten hym with seles  on sondays to churches .
# pardoun For pens & powndmele & cetera
And gaf pardoun for pens  poundmele a-boute
Þanne loured leches . and lettres þei sente
Þat he shulde wonye with hem . wateres to loke
Spicers spoke with hym . to spien here ware .
For he couthe of hire crafte . and knew many gommes
Ac mynstrals and messagers . mette with hym ones
And helden hym an half ....yeer and elleuen daies .
Freres with faire speche . fetten hym þennes
fol. 10vI
And for knowynge of comers . coped hym as a Frere
Ac he hath leue to lepe out . as ofte as him liketh
And is welcome whanne he .....wille  and woneth with hem ofte
Alle fledden for fere . and flowen in-to hernes
Saue mede þe mayden . namo durste abide
Ac truly to telle  she tremblede for drede
And ek wepte and wronge  whanne she was atachede ~