fol. 36r (cont.)I
...?...M.8.0: Something, no longer legible, is erased in the right margin.

Passus octauus de visione . et incipit inquisicio prima de dowellM.8.0: The <ll> is touched up in a brown ink which differs from the surrounding text.

Thus I-robede in Russet . ....I romede aboute
Al a somer sesoun  for to seke dowell
And frainede ful ofte  of folk þat I mette
If any wiȝt wuyste  Dowel was at innnee
And what man he miȝte be  of many folkM.8.5: M's folk is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read man or men. I ax...ede
# the questioun askyn of Freris of dowell
Was neuere wiȝte as I wente  þat me wisse couthe
Where þis leede leongudM.8.7: M's revised reading longud is found in many C manuscripts, but B manuscripts have lenged. . lasse ne more
Til it felleM.8.8: For fell, all other B manuscripts except F read bifel. vponM.8.8: M's reading of vpon is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read on. a Fryday  two Frerus I mette
Maistres of þe Menours  men of grete witte
I hailsud hem hendly  as I hadde lernede
And praied hem par charitee  ar þei passud further
ȜifIf þei knewe any Cuntre  or coostus as þei wente
Where þat Dowell dwelleþ  doþ me to wyten
For þei ben men on þis moolde  þat moost wyde walkun
And knowen Con.tres and Courtes  and many kynne places
Bothe Princes Paleisus  and pore mennus cotus
And dowell and do .yuel  where þei dwelle bothe
Amongus vs quod þe menours  þat man is dwellinge
And euere hath as I hope  and euere shal here-aftur
Contra quod I as a Clerke and coms...ede to disputen
...?...M.8.21: Something, no longer legible, is erased in the right margin.
And saide soþly sepcies  in die cadit iustus
Seuen sithe saith þe book  synn.eth þe riȝtful
And whoso sinneth I saide  doþ .yuel as me th.inkeþ
And dowell and do..iuel  may nouȝt dwelle to-gidre
Ergo he nys nauȝt alway  amonges ȝyow Frerus
He is otherwhile elles where  to wisse þe p.eple
fol. 36vI
I shal seie þe my sone . saide þe Frere þanne
How seuen sithes þe sad man  on þe day synneth
By a forbisene quod þe Frere  I shal þe faire shewen
Lat bringe a man in a bote  amidde þe brodurM.8.30: M's brodur is not attested in other B manuscripts, most of which read brode. watur
Þe wynde and þe watur  and þe boot waggynge
Makeþ þe man many a tyme  to falle and to stonde
For stonde he neuere so st.yf . he stumbleth ȝ.fif he moue
Ac ..yet is he sau.f and sounde  and so him bihoueth
For ȝif he ne arise þe rather  and rauȝte to þe steere
Þe wynd wolde with þe watur  þe boot ouerethrowe
And þanne were his lif  þourgh lachesse of him-seluen
And þus it falleþ quod þe Frere  bi folk here on erthe
Þe watur is likknede to þe world  þat wa..nyeth and wexeþ
Þe goodus arneM.8.40: M's original reading arne was unattested in other B manuscripts. of þis grounde arn like  to þe grete wawes
Þat as wyndus and wedres  walweþM.8.41: M's reading walweþ is shared with L and with some A and C manuscripts. Other B manuscripts read walkeþ. Compare a similar variant at M.9.56. aboute .
Þe boot is likkened to oure body  þat brutel is of kynde
Þat þourȝ þe flessh and þe feendeM.8.43: M's reading of flessh and þe feend is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read feend and þe flessh. and þe frele worlde
tymes sithesM.8.44: The deleted text is legible under ultraviolet light.
Synneth þe sad man  a day seuen timessithesM.8.44: M's original reading times placed it in agreement with HmCrG. In M, sithes is written over the erased times, although for some reason both tymes and sithes are erased in the margin.
Ac dedly synne doþ he nouȝte  for dowel him h.lp...keputhM.8.45: The erased reading appears to be helpeth which is the reading of F and of versions A and C. .
# quod Caritas maxime adiuuat contra peccatum
And þat is charitee þe champioun  chief helpe aȝein synne
For he strengtheþ man to stonde  and stereth soule
And þouȝgh þi body bowe . as aM.8.48: M's inserted a is unattested in other B manuscripts. boote  doth in þe watur
Ay is þe soule sauf  but þou þi-seluen wole
Do a dedly synne  and drenche so þ..y soule
God w...?...ole suffre wel þ..y sleuthe  ȝif þ..y-seluen likeþ
For ...?...he yaf þee to yeresyeue  to .yeme wel þ..y-seluen
And þat is wi..t aM.8.53: As in L, a is to be understood as "and," the reading of other B manuscripts. frewillefre wille  to euery wiȝte a porcioun
To fleinge foules  to fisshes and to beestus
Ac man haþ mooste þer.-of  and moost is to blame
But ȝif he worche well þerwith  as dowell him techeþ
I haue no kynde knowynge quod I  to conce..iue alle ȝyowre wordus
Ac ȝif I may lyue and loke  I shal go l.erne
I bykenne þe crist  þat on crosse deide
And I saide þe same  saue ȝyow from mischaunce
And ȝyeue ȝyow grace on þis grounde  gode men to worthen
And þus I wente wyde-where  walkynge biM.8.62: The addition of bi brings M into agreement with BF. myn one .
fol. 37rI
passus viijus
By a wilde wildurnesse  and be a wode syde .
Blisse of þe briddus  brouȝte me a-slepe
And vndur a linde vpon a launde  lened I a stounde
To lithe þe laies  þe louely foules maden .
Murthe of here mouthes  made me a-slepeM.8.67: M's reading a-slepe is shared with F; other B manuscripts read þer to slepe.
Þe merueillouseste me....tels  mette me þanne
Þat euere dremed wiȝth  in world as I wene
# quomodo thought primo apparuit in sompno
A ... muche man asM.8.70: M's original reading without as is not found in other B manuscripts but is shared with A and some C manuscripts. me þouȝte  and lik. vn-to my-seluen .
Come and callud me  by my riȝte name
What artow quod I þo  þatM.8.72: M alone among B manuscripts omits þou at this point, but it is the reading of A and most C manuscripts. Most B manuscripts read þat þou; Cr reads thou þat. myn name knowest
Þat þow woost well quod he  and no w..yght
Wot I what þou arte  þowght . saide he þanne
I haue suwede þe þis seuen ȝyeer  say þow me no rathur
Art þou þoȝwght . quod I þo  þow coutheste me wisse
Where þat Dowel dwelleþ  and do me that to knowe
...?...# prima discripcio de dowell
Dowell and do-bet  and dobeste þe þridde quod quod he
Aren þre faire vertues  and beth nouȝte fer to feccheM.8.79: M's reading of fecche is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read fynde.
Whoso is trwe of his t..tonge  and of his two handes
And þourgh his labour or þourgh his londe his liflode wynneþ
And is trusty of his tail..ende  takeþ but his owne
And is nouȝt ...dronkenlewe . ne  Dowell him folweth
Do-bette doþ riȝt þus  ac he doþ muche more
He is as lowe as a lombe and loueliche of speche
And helpuþ alle men  aftur þat hem nedeth
Þe baggus and þe bigurdeles  he haþ to-broken hem alle
Þat þe erl ...?...?...Auarous  heeld and his heires
And þus with mamon...?...aes moneie  he makeþM.8.89: M alone among B manuscripts has the present tense. Other B manuscripts attest the present perfect or past perfect. him freendus
And is ruonnen in-to Religioun  and haþ rendrede þe bible
And precheþ to þe p.eple  seinte Poules wordus
Libenter suffertis insipientes . cum sitis ipsi sapientes
And suffreþ . þe vnwise  with ȝyow for to libbe
And with glade wille doþ hem goode  for so god ȝyow hoteþ .
# discripcio de do-best ad episcopos pertinet
Do-beste . is a-boue bothe  and bereth a bisshopus croos
Is hokud on þat on ende  to halen men from helle
A pike is on þat potente  to putte a-doun þe wikk..ed .
fol. 37vI
Þat waiten any wikk.ednesse  dowel to tene
And dowell and dobet  amonges hem ordeinede
# On to be kyng & Rule all
To croune on . to be kynge to reulen hem .....bothe
Þat ȝif dowell or do-bet  do aȝeins dobeste
Þanne shal þe kynge comen  and caste hem in irens
And but ȝif dobest bidde for hem  þei to ben  þere for euere
Thus dowell and dobet  and dobeste þe þridde
Crouned on to be kynge to kep..en hem alle
And to reulen þe Reume  by hire þre wittus
And in .....non other wise  but as þei þree assentude
I thonkede þouȝth þo  þat he me þus tauȝte .
Ac .yet sauoreth me nouȝte þi segginge  I coueite to lurne
How dowel dobet . and dobest  don amonges þe poeple
But . wit.. . conne wisse þe quod þouȝte where þo þree dwellen
Elles wote I none þat can  þat now is a-liue .
# quomodo will & thought primo obuiauerunt cum witt
Þouȝt. and I þus  þre daies we ȝyeden
Disputinge vppon Dowell  day aftur othur
And ar we were war  wyth . witte gan we mete
He was longe and lene  and liche to non othur
Was no pruyde on his apparaille  ne pouerte nowther
Sadde of his semblaunt  and of ..cheresofte chiere .
I durste .....moeue non matiere  to maken him to iangle
But as I bad þou..ȝt þo  be mene bytwene
And putte forth somme purpos  to prouen his wittus
What was Dowell . from dobet  and dobest fram hem boþe .
Þanne þouȝt. in þat tyme  saide þise wordus
Where Dowell dobete  and dobeste benM.8.124: M's original reading without ben agreed with RF. in londe
will ...?...M.8.125: This erasure is illegible even under an ultraviolet lamp.
Here is . will . wolde y-wyte  ȝif wit.. couthe teche hym .
And wh.....eiþer he be man . or womman  þis man fayne ——M.8.126: M's original reading agreed with WCrLRF. M's erasure of fayne brings it into agreement with HmGYOC2CB. wolde aspie
And worchen as þ..ei thre wolde  þis is his entente .