fol. 8v (cont.)I
Passus secundus de visione vt supra

YEt I courbed on my knees . and cried hire of grace
And seide mercy madame . for Marie loue of heuene
That bar þat blisful barn . þat bouȝte vs on þe Rode
Kenne me by som craft . to knowe þe false

Loke vp-on þi left half . and lo where he stondeþ
Boþe Fals and Fauel . and hire feeres manye

I loked on my left half . as þe lady me tauȝte
And was war of a womman . worþiliche y-cloþed
W.2.9: The paragraph sign was probably entered in error, since it is not motivated by the syntax, and there is not the usual space separating paragraphs. Purfiled wiþ Pelure . þe fyneste vp-on erþe
Ycorouned wiþ a coroune . þe kyng haþ noon bettre
Fetisliche hire fyngres . were fretted with gold wyr
And þer-on rede Rubies . as rede as any gleede
And diamaundes
fol. 9rI
And Diamaundes of derrest pris . and double manere Saphires
Orientals and Ewages . enuenymes to destroye

Hire Robe was ful riche . of reed scarlet engreyned
Wiþ Ribanes of reed gold . and of riche stones
Hire array me rauysshed . swich richesse sauȝ I neuere
I hadde wonder what she was . and whos wif she were

What is þis womman quod I . so worþili atired

That is Mede þe mayde quod she . haþ noyed me ful ofte
And ylakked my lemman . þat leautee is hoten
And bilowen hire to lordes . þat lawes han to kepe

In þe popes Paleis . she is pryuee as my-selue
But sooþnesse wolde noȝt so . for she is a Bastard
For Fals was hire fader . þat haþ a fikel tonge
And neuere sooþ seide . siþen he com to erþe
And Mede is manered after hym . riȝt as kynde askeþ
Qualis pater talis filius . Bonus arbor bonum fructum facit

I ouȝte ben hyere þan she . I kam of a bettre
My fader þe grete god is . and ground of alle graces
Oo god wiþ-outen gynnyng . and I his goode douȝter
And haþ yeuen me mercy . to marie wiþ my-selue
And what man be merciful . and leelly me loue
Shal be my lord and I his leef . in þe heiȝe heuene

And what man takeþ Mede . myn heed dar I legge
That he shal lese for hire loue . a lappe of Caritatis

How construeþ Dauid þe kyng . of men þat takeþ Mede
And men of þis moolde . þat maynteneþ truþe
And how ye shul saue your-self . þe Sauter bereþ witnesse
fol. 9vI
Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo &c

And now worþ þis Mede ymaried . vn-to a mansed sherewe
To oon fals fikel tonge . a fendes biyete
Fauel þoruȝ his faire speche . haþ þis folk enchaunted
And al is lieres ledynge . þat she is þus ywedded

Tomorwe worþ ymaked . þe maydenes bridale
And þere myȝtow witen if þow wilt . whiche þei ben alle
That longen to þat lordshipe . þe lasse and þe moore
Knowe hem þere if þow kanst . and kepe þow þi tonge
And lakke hem noȝt but lat hem worþe . til leaute be Iustice
And haue power to punysshe hem . þanne put forþ þi reson
Now I bikenne þee crist quod she . and his clene moder
And lat no conscience acombre þee . for coueitise of Mede

Thus lefte me þat lady . liggynge aslepe
And how Mede was ymaried . in Metels me þouȝte
That al þe riche retenaunce . þat regneþ with þe false
Were boden to þe bridale . on boþe two sides
Of alle manere of men . þe meene and þe riche
To marien þis mayde . were many men assembled
As of knyȝtes and of clerkes . and ooþer commune peple
As Sisours and Somonours . Sherreues and hire clerkes
Bedelles and baillifs . and Brocours of chaffare
Forgoers and vitaillers . and Aduokettes of þe Arches
I kan noȝt rekene þe route . þat ran aboute Mede

Ac Symonie and Cyuylle . and Sisours of courtes
Were moost pryuee with Mede . of any men me þouȝte
Ac Fauel was þe firste . þat fette hire out of boure
And as a Brocour brouȝte hire . to be wiþ fals enioyned

Whan Symonye and Cyuylle . seighe hir boþer wille
fol. 10rI
Thei assented for siluer . to seye as boþe wolde

Thanne leep liere forþ . and seide . lo here a chartre
That Gile wiþ hise grete oþes . gaf hem togidere
And preide Cyuylle to see . and Symonye to rede it

Thanne Symonye and Cyuylle . stonden forþ boþe
And vnfoldeþ þe feffement . that Fals hath ymaked
And þus bigynnen þise gomes . to greden ful heiȝe
Sciant presentes & futuri &c

Witeþ and witnesseþ . þat wonieþ vp-on þis erþe
That Mede is y-maried . moore for hire goodes
Than for any vertue or fairnesse . or any free kynde
Falsnesse is fayn of hire . for he woot hire riche
And Fauel wiþ his fikel speche . feffeþ by þis chartre
To be Princes in pride . and pouerte to despise
To bakbite and to bosten . and bere fals witnesse
To scorne and to scolde . and sclaundre to make
Vnbuxome and bolde . to breke þe ten hestes

And þe Erldom of Enuye . and wraþe togideres
Wiþ þe Chastilet of cheste . and chaterynge out of reson

The Countee of Coueitise . and alle þe costes aboute
That is vsure and Auarice . al I hem graunte
In bargaynes and in brocages . wiþ al þe Burgh of þefte

And al þe lordshipe of leccherie . in lengþe and in brede
As in werkes and in wordes . and in waitynges with eiȝes
And in wedes and in wisshynges . and wiþ ydel þouȝtes
There as wil wolde . and werkmanshipe fayleþ

Glotonye he gaf hem ek . and grete oþes togidere
fol. 10vI
And al day to drynken . at diuerse Tauernes
And þere to Iangle and Iape . and Iugge hir euencristen
And in fastynge-dayes to frete . er ful tyme were
And þanne to sitten and soupen . til sleep hem assaille
And breden as Burgh swyn . and bedden hem esily
Til Sleuþe and sleep . sliken hise sydes
And þanne wanhope to awaken hem so . wiþ no wil to amende
For he leueþ be lost . þis is hir laste ende

And þei to haue and to holde . and hire heires after
A dwellynge wiþ þe deuel . and dampned be for euere
Wiþ alle þe appurtinaunces of Purgatorie . in-to þe pyne of helle

Yeldynge for þis þyng . at one dayes tymeW.2.107: W alone reads dayes tyme. All other B manuscripts have yeres ende.
Hire soules to Sathan . to suffre with hym peynes
And with hym to wonye with wo . while god is in heuene

In witnesse of which þyng . wrong was þe firste
And Piers þe Pardoner . of Paulynes doctrine
Bette þe Bedel . of Bokyngham-shire
Reynald þe Reue . of Rutland Sokene
Maud þe Millere . and many mo oþere

In þe date of þe deuel . þis dede I ensele
By siȝte of sire Symonie . and Cyuyles leeue

Thanne tened hym Theologie . whan he þis tale herde
And seide vn-toW.2.118: W alone reads vn-to. All other B manuscripts have to. Cyuyle . now sorwe mote þow haue
Swiche weddynges to werche . to wraþe wiþ truþe
And er þis weddynge be wroȝt . wo þee bitide

For Mede is muliere . of Amendes engendred
And god graunteþ to gyue . Mede to truþe
And þow hast gyuen hire to a gilour . now god gyue þee sorwe
fol. 11rI
Thi text telleþ þee noȝt so . Truþe woot þe soþe
For Dignus est operarius . his hire to haue
And þow hast fest hire to Fals . fy on þi lawe
For al bi lesynges þow lyuest . and lecherouse werkes .
Symonye and þi-self . shenden holi chirche
The Notaries and ye . noyen þe peple
Ye shul abiggen it boþe . by god þat me made

Wel ye witen wernardes . but if youre wit faille
That Fals is feiþlees . and fikel in hise werkes
And was a Bastard ybore . of Belsabubbes kynne
And Mede is muliere . a maiden of goode
And myȝte kisse þe kyng . for cosyn and she wolde

For-þi wercheþ by wisdom . and by wit also
And ledeþ hire to Londoun . þere it is yshewed
If any lawe wol loke . þei ligge togideres
And þouȝ Iustices Iuggen hire . to be Ioyned to Fals
Yet be war of weddynge . for witty is truþe
And Conscience is of his counseil . and knoweþ yow echone
And if he fynde yow in defaute . and with þe false holde
It shal bisitte youre soules . ful soure at þe laste

Her-to assenteþ Cyuyle . ac Symonye ne wolde
Til he hadde siluer for his seruice . and also þe Notaries

Thanne fette Fauel forþ . floryns ynowe
And bad gile to gyuen . gold al aboute
And namely to þe Notaries . þat hem noon ne faille
And feffe false witnesses . wiþ floryns ynowe
For þei may Mede amaistrye . and maken at my wille

Tho þis gold was ygyue . gret was þe þonkyng
To Fals and to Fauel . for hire faire ȝiftes
fol. 11vI
And comen to conforten . from care þe false
And seiden certes sire . cessen shul we neuere
Til Mede be þi wedded wif . þoruȝ wittes of vs alle
For we haue Mede amaistried . wiþ oure murie speche
That she graunteþ to goon . wiþ a good wille
To london to loken . if þe lawe wolde
Iuggen yow ioyntly . in ioie for euere

Thanne was Falsnesse fayn . and Fauel as bliþe
And leten somone alle segges . in shires aboute
And bad hem alle to be bown . beggers and oþere
To wenden wiþ hem to westmynstre . to witnesse þis dede

Ac þanne cared þei for caples . to carien hem þider
And Fauel fette forþ þanne . foles ynowe
And sette Mede vp-on a Sherreue . shoed al newe

And Fals sat on a Sisour . þat softeli trotted
And Fauel on a Flaterere . fetisly atired

Tho hadde Notaries none . anoyed þei were
For Symonye and Cyuylle . sholde on hire feet gange

Ac þanne swoor Symonye . and Cyuylle boþe
That Somonours sholde be Sadeled . and seruen hem echone
And late apparaille þise prouisours . in palfreyes wise
Sire Symonye hym-self . shal sitte vp-on hir bakkes

Denes and Southdenes . drawe yow togideres
Erchedekenes and Officials . and alle youre Registrers
Lat sadle hem wiþ siluer . oure synne to suffre
As Auoutrye and diuorses . and derne vsurie
To bere Bisshopes aboute . abrood in visitynge
fol. 12rI
Paulynes pryuees . for pleintes in Consistorie
Shul seruen my-self . þat Cyuyle is nempned

And Cartsadle þe Commissarie . oure cart shal he lede
And fecchen vs vitailles . at Fornicatores

And makeþ of lyere a lang cart . to leden alle þise oþere
As Freres and Faitours . þat on hire feet rennen .

And thus Fals and Fauel . fareþ forþ togideres
And Mede in þe myddes . and alle þise men after

I haue no tome to telle . þe tail þat hire folwedW.2.188: Following this line, all B manuscripts except WCr1GHm have the line: Of many maner man . þat on þis molde libbeth (in the spelling of L).
Ac Gyle was Forgoer . and gyed hem alle

Sothnesse seiȝ hem wel . and seide but litel
And priked his palfrey . and passed hem alle
And com to þe kynges court . and Conscience it tolde
And Conscience to þe kyng . carped it after

Now by crist quod þe kyng . and I cacche myȝte
Fals or Fauel . or any of hise feeris
I wolde be wroken of þo wrecches . þat wercheþ so ille
And doon hem hange by þe hals . and alle þat hem maynteneþ
Shal neuere man of þis molde . meynprise þe leeste
But riȝt as þe lawe wol loke . lat falle on hem alle

And comaunded a Constable . þat com at þe firste
To attachen þo Tyrauntz . for any þyng I hote
And fettreþ faste Falsnesse . for any kynnes ȝiftes
And girdeþ of Gyles heed . and lat hym go no ferþer
And if ye lacche lyere . lat hym noȝt ascapen
Er he be put on þe Pillory . for any preyere I hote
And bryngeþ Mede to me . maugree hem alle
fol. 12vI
Drede at þe dore stood . and þe doom herde
And how þe kyng comaunded . Constables and sergeauntz
Falsnesse and his felawship . to fettren and to bynden

Thanne Drede wente wyȝtliche . and warned þe False
And bad hym fle for fere . and hise felawes alle

Falsnesse for fere þanne . fleiȝ to þe Freres
And Gyle dooþ hym to go . agast for to dye
Ac Marchauntz metten with hym . and made hym abyde
And bishetten hym in hire shoppes . to shewen hire ware
Apparailed hym as Apprentice . þe peple to serue

Liȝtliche Lyere . leep awey þanne
Lurkynge þoruȝ lanes . tolugged of manye
He was nowher welcome . for his manye tales
Ouer al yhontedW.2.220: The reading could equally well be yhouted. B manuscripts vary between forms of hunten and houten. . and yhote trusse
Til Pardoners hadde pite . and pulled hym in-to house
They wesshen hym & wiped hym . & wounden hym in cloutes
And senten hym wiþ seles . on Sondayes to chirches
And yeuenW.2.224: W alone reads yeuen, while all other B manuscripts have gaf or ȝaf. pardoun for pens . poundemele aboute

Thanne lourede leches . and lettres þei sente
That he sholde wonye with hem . watres to loke

Spycers speken with hym . to spien hire ware
For he kouþe of hir craft . and knew manye gommes

And Mynstrales and Messagers . mette with hym ones
And helden hym an halfyeerhalf yeer . and elleuene dayes

Freres wiþ fair speche . fetten hym þennes
And for knowynge of comeres . coped hym as a Frere
Ac he haþ leue to lepen out . as ofte as hym likeþ
fol. 13rI
And is welcome whan he wile . and woneþ with hem ofte .

Alle fledden for fere . and flowen in-to hernes
Saue Mede þe mayde . namo dorste abide
Ac trewely to telle . she trembled for drede
And ek wepte and wrong . whan she was attached