fol. 4r (cont.)I

Passus primus de Visione .

What þis montaigne bymeneth  and þe merke dale
And þe fielde ful of folk  I shal ȝyow faire shewe .
A louely lady of lere  in lynnen y-clothed .
Come doun from a castel  and called me faire
And saide sone slepest þou  seest þou þis p.eple .
How bisi þai ben alleM.1.6: The addition of alle brings M into agreement with WHmCRG. abouten þe mase
Þe mooste partie of þis p.eple  þat passeþ on þis erþe
# off them þat will non other heven but this
Haue þei w.orshipe in þis world  þai wilnen no bettur .
Of oþur heuene ...than here  holde þei no tale .
I was a-ferd of hire face  þouȝ she faire were
And saide mercy ma-dame  what is þis to mene .
Þe toure vp þe tofte quod she  truthe is þere-ininneM.1.12: Originally the scribe wrote innne, corrected by erasing the first two minims. See Introduction III.1. .
And wolde þat ȝye wrouȝten  as his worde techeþ .
For he is fadur of faiþ  fourmed ȝyow alle
Boþe with fel and with face  and ...yaf ȝyow fyue wittes
Forto wuorshupe hym þerewith  þe while þat ȝye ben here .
And herforeM.1.17: In place of herfore all other B manuscripts read þerfore. he hiȝte þe erthe  to helpe ȝyow echone
Of wollen of lynnen  of lyflode at nede .
In mesurable manere  to make ȝyow at ese .
# iij thingis in Comon
And comaunded of his curtesie  in comune þre þinges
Arn non nedful but þo  and nempne hem I thinke .
+ ȝe
And rekkene hem by resoun  reherce .yeM.1.22: M's original reading without a pronoun here agreed with GY. M's altered reading of ye agrees with HmCrOC2F. Other B manuscripts read þow. The correction was first written in the margin as ȝe, and this insertion was presumably so spelled, and later revised in line with the spelling corrector's usual form. hem aftur .
Þat on is vesture  from chele þe to saue .
And mete atte mele  for mysese of þ..y-selue .
And drynke whanne þou drieste  ac do nouȝt oute of resoun .
Þat þou worþe þe worse  whanne þou worche shuldeste
For loth in his liue-days  for likynge of drynke
Did by his douȝteres  þat þe Deuel likede
a iiij
fol. 4vI
Delited hym in drinke . as þe deuel wold
And leccherie hym lauȝte . and lay by hem boþe .
And al he witte it þe wyn . þat wykk.ed dede .
Inebriamus eum vino . dormiamusque cum eo .
Vt seruare possimus de patre nostro semen .
Thourgh wyn & þourȝ wymen  þere was loth accombrede
And þere he gat in glotonye . gerles þat were cherles
For-thi drede delitable drinke  and þou shalt do þe
Mesure is medycyne þouȝ. M.1.37: The punctus elevatus, placed at the wrong point in the line, is inserted over an erasure. þou muche ȝyerne
It is nouȝt al go..od to þe goost  þat þe gutte axeþ .
Ne liflode to þi likam  ...?...þat lief is to þe souleM.1.39: M originally shared the omission (through eyeskip on likam) of this b-verse and the following a-verse with WHmCL.
Leue not þi likam  for a liere hym techeþM.1.40: The line is inserted with a red cross and line in the right margin. The end of the last word has been lost in the binding. This same line, in smaller script and marked with a black cross, is erased immediately following in the margin. The omission of the line was apparently noted in one effort and formally addressed in another.
Þat is þe wrecchede worlde  wolde þe bitraye
For þe fende and þi flessh  folweþ þe togaidre .
This and þat s...eeþM.1.43: This alteration occurs at a point where B manuscripts are especially diverse in their readings. Seeth, sees, seiþ, seest, sueth, sewe, and sleth are all attested. þeM.1.43: All other B manuscripts read þi. Kane and Donaldson record the <e> as written over an erasure, but this does not seem to be the case. soule  and saithM.1.43: M's reading of saith is unique among B manuscripts, which attest a wide variety of readings. it in þin herte
And for þou shuldeste ben war  I wisse ..thetheM.1.44: The correction the is written over the line and then erased and inserted within the line. þe .beste
Ma-dame mercy quod I  me liketh wel ȝyoure
Ac þe monoye of þis molde  þat men so faste holdeþ
Telle me to whom ma-dame  þat tresore appendeþ
Go to þe gospell quod she  þat god saide hym-seluen .
Þo þe p..eple hym appos.ed  wiþ a peny in þe temple .
Wheþer þei shulde þerwith  worshipe kyngeM.1.50: M shares the reading kyng with F; all other B manuscripts have þe kyng. ..Cesar
And god asked of hem  of whom spake þe lettre .
And þimage isM.1.52: M's reading of is is not shared by other B manuscripts, though among A manuscripts ChLE include is. The other B manuscripts which have a form of be here, W and F, read was. ylike  þat þere-inne stondeþ .
Cesares þei saide  we seen hym wel echone .
RedditeM.1.54: The scribe initially began this line immediately following M.1.53, but realized he wished to leave a blank line before he completed the first graph. The partially completed <R> is still visible in the space separating strophes. Cesari quod god  þat Cesari bifalleth .
Et que sunt dei deo . or elles ȝye doon ille .
For riȝtful resoun  shulde reule ȝyow alle .
And kynde witte be wardein  ȝyowre welthe to kepe .
And tutour of ȝyoure treso..r  and take it ȝyow at nede
For housbondrie and hij  holden to-gadre .
Þanne I fraynede heire faire  for hym þat h.ire made
Þat dongoun in þe dale  þat dredful is inM.1.61: M's reading of in is unique among B manuscripts, most of which read of. siȝte
What may it be to mene  ma-dame I ȝyow biseche .
Þat is þe castel of care  whoso comeþ þere-inne .
May banne þat he borne was  to body or to soule
Þere-inne woneth a wiȝte  þat wronge is y-hote of falsede  and founded it hym-selue .
fol. 5rI
primus passus
Adam and Eue  he egged to ille
Conseiled Caym  to kullen his broþur
Iudas he iapud  with iewen siluer
And sitthe on an eldre  hanged hym aftuer
He is lettere of loue  and lieth hem alle .
Þat trusten on his tresor  by-traieth he sonneste
Þanne had I in my wit..  what womman it were
Þat suche wise wordus  of holy writte shewede
And asked hire on þe heiȝe name  ar heo þ ȝyede .
What she were witt..erly  þat wiss.ed me so faire .
Holichurche I am quod she  þow ouȝtest me to knowe
I vndurfoenge þe furste  and þe faithe tauȝte .
And brouȝteste me borwes  my biddinge to fulfulle
...?...M.1.80: The added and erased material is illegible under ultra-violet light. Most likely it indicated the alteration leally.
And to loue me ...leally  þe while þi lif dureth 
...?...M.1.81: The added and erased material is illegible under ultra-violet light. Most likely it indicated the alteration &.
Thanne I courbed on my knes  . & criede hire of grace
And praide hire pitously  praie for my synnes .
...?...M.1.83: The added and erased material is illegible. Most likely it indicated the alteration kenne me.
+M.1.81: The <+> is added in a large drypoint in the right margin.
And also kenne meM.1.83: M's omission of these two words was not shared by other B manuscripts. kyndely  on crist to bileue .
Þat I miȝte worchen his wille  þat wrouȝte me to man .
Teche me to no tresour  but telle me þis ilke .
How I may sauen my soule  þat sainte art y-holden .
# truth is the best
Whanne alle tresores ben tried quod she  truþe is þe beste /
I do it on deus caritas  to deme þe soþe 
It is as derworth a drwery  as dere god hym-seluen .
Who-so is trwe of his tonge  and telleþ noon oþur
And doþ þe werkes þere-wiþ  and wi......lneth noman ille .
He is a god by þe gospell  a grounde and on lofte
And I-...lyk to oure lord  be saint lukes wordus .
Þe þat knoweþ þis  shulde kenne it aboute .
For cristene and vncristen  claim.. it ichone .
Kynges and knyȝtus  shulde kepen it by resoun
R.iden and rappen doun  in reumes aboute 
An taken transgressores  and tien hem faste
Til trewthe had y-termynede  hire trespasse to þe ende /
And þat is þe p..rofessioun . appertely  þat appendeth to knyȝtes
# Fasting on Fryday
And nouȝt to fasten a Fryday  in fyue score .
fol. 5vI
But holden wyþ hym and with hire  þat wolden alle truthe
And neuere leue hem for loue  ne for lacchinge of siluer
For dauid in his dayes  dubbed knyȝ .
And d.ide hem swere on here swerde  to serue truthe euere .
And who-so passethdM.1.106: The erased reading passeth is an A text reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson against the reading passed of all the B manuscripts. They do not note that M is rewritten. See next note. þat poyn....t  isM.1.106: The word is, written over an illegible erasure, is the reading of YOC2 and A manuscripts. Other B manuscripts have was. See previous note. Apostata in þordre .
But crist kyngene kynge  knyȝted ten
Cherubin .....and seraphin  suche seuene and on oþur .
And ȝyaf hem miȝte in his mageste  þe murger hem þouȝte .
And ouere his mene maynee  made hem archangeles
Tauȝte hem by þe trinite  truþe to knowe .
To be buxuome at his biddynge  he bad hem nouȝte elles
the Fall off luceffer
Lucifer with legionus  lernede it in heuene
But for he brake buxuomnesse  his blisse gan he tyne
And fel fro þat felash.ype  in a feendus likknesse
In-to a depe derke helle  to dwelle þere for euere 
And mo þousandes with hym  þanne man couthe nombre
Lopen out wiþ lucifer  in lothliche fourme .
For þei leueden vp-on hym  þat lied in þis manere
Ponam pedem in aquilone . & similis ero altissimo .
And alle þat hopud it miȝte be so  no..on heuene miȝte hem holde
But fellen out in feendus likkenesse  nyne dayes to-gydres .
Til god of his goodnesse  gan stablen and stynte .
And garte þe heuene to steke  and stonden in quiete .
Whanne þise wikk.ed wente out  wonderwise þey f.ellen
Somme in þerthe somme in þe eire  and somme in helle depe .
Ac lucifer lowest  lithe of hem alle .
For Pride þat he putte oute his payne haþ none ende .
And alle þat worcheþ with wronge wenden ...þei shullen hire deþ-day  and dwelle with þat shrewe
Ac þo þat worcheþ wel  as holy w...ryt telleþ
And enden as I hereeerM.1.132: M's erased reading agreed with G, but this is a spurious agreement since the reviser is correcting M's spelling of er as again at M.1.135. See Introduction IV.1.2.7. saide  in truthe þat is beste /
Mowe be siker þat here soules  shal wenden to heuene
Þere truthe is in trinite  and troneþ hem alle
For-þi I saie as I saide hereeer  bi siȝte of þ...ise .
Whanne alle tresores arne triede  þanneM.1.136: M shares þanne with Y. All other B manuscripts omit. truþe is þe beste
Lereth it ....yeM.1.137: The erasure occurs at a point where most B manuscripts read this or þise. GF have thys ye. lewde men  for lettred men it knowe .
fol. 6rI
primus passus
Þat trwthe is tresoreM.1.138: M shares the reading tresor with G and with A manuscripts. Most other B manuscripts have tresor þe. triedest on erthe
...Yet haue I no kynde knowynge quod I  ...?...yet mote ye kenne me b....ettre
By what crafte in my corps  it comseth and where
Þow doted daffe quod she M.1.141: No B manuscript omits quod she. . dulle arne þi
To litul latyn þow lernedeste lede in þi ȝyouthe .
Heu michi quia sterilem . duxi vitam iuuenilem .
It is a kynde knowynge quod sheM.1.144: M's original reading of he agreed with CCrL.  þat kenneth in þine herte
For to loue þinthy lorde  leuer þanne þi-seluen .
# dye rather then do dedly syn
No dedly synne to do  deiȝe þouȝ þou shuldeste dey
Þis I trowe be truthe  who can teche þe b....ettre
Loke þou suffre hym to saie  and sithen lere it
For þus wittnesseþ his worde  worche þou þ .
For truthe telleþ þat loue  is triacle ...ofM.1.150: For M's revised reading of, Cr has for and YOC2 has in. heuene .
May no synne be on hym seene  þat vseth þat spice
And alle his werkes he wrouȝte  wiþ loue as hym luste
And lered it Moyses for þe leueste þinge  and moost like to heuene
And also þe pleente of pees  mooste precious of vertues .
For heuene miȝte nouȝte holden it  it was so heuy of hym-sel.ue
Til it hadde of þe erthe  eten his fille .
And whanne it of þis foolde flessh and blood taken .
Was neuere leef vpon lynde  liȝter þere-aftur
And portatif and persaunt  as þe pointe of a n....edle
Þat miȝte non armure it lette  ne none heiȝe walles
For-þi is loue led..ere  of þe folke of heuene
And a Mene as þe Maire is  bitwexe þe kynge and þe comune
Riȝte so is loue a leder  ande þe lawe shapeþ .
Vpon man for his mysdedes  þe mercimentzM.1.164: M's plural is not shared by other B manuscripts. he taxeth .
And for to knowe it kyndly  it comseth by miȝte
heuedM.1.166: This erased word is legible with ultraviolet light.
And in þe herte þere is þe  heedM.1.166: This word is perhaps followed by a punctus. and þe heiȝe welle
For in kynde knowynge in herte  þere a miȝte bigynnethe
And þat Falleþ to þe  þat fourmede vs alle .
Lo..kede on vs with loue  and lete his sone deye .
Mekely for oure mysdedes  to amende vs alle 
fol. 6vI
And ȝyet wolde he hem no wo . þat wrouȝte hym þat paine
But mekeliche with mouthe . mercy he bisouȝte
To haue pite on þat p.eple . þat pynede hym to dethe
Here miȝte þou see ensamples . in hym-selueM.1.174: M's original reading without hym agreed with Cr. one .
Þat he was myȝtful and meke  and mercy gan graunte
To hem þat hongen hym on heiȝ . and his herte þirled .
For-þi I rede ȝyow riche . haueth reuthe of þe pouere
Thouȝ ȝye be miȝtful to mote . beth in ȝyoure ......werkesM.1.178: In place of M's revised reading werkes, H has werk, F has herte and G has seluen.
For þe same mesures þat ȝe mete . amys oþer elles .
ȜYe shullen ben .weien þerwith . whanne ȝye wende
Eadem mensura qua mensi fueritis / remecietur vobis
For þouȝ ȝye be trwe of ȝyowre tonge . and trweliche wynnen
And as chaste as a childe þat in chuyrche wep.eth .
ButM.1.184: M's reading But is paralleled only among A manuscripts. F has & But; all other B manuscripts have But if. ȝye loue lelliche . and lene þe Pouere .
Suche good as god ȝyow sent . goodlich parteth
ȜYe haue na more merite  in masse ne in houres
off Malkyns maydenhedM.1.187: Notabile is in a different hand from the rest of this marginal insertion.
Þan malkyn of hire maydenhede  þat noman disireth
For Iames þe gentil . iuggede in his bokes .
Þat faith withouten þeM.1.189: M's original reading without þe agreed with YF and most A manuscripts. faite  is riȝt no þinge worthi
And as ded as a dore-tre . but ȝif þeM.1.190: M's original reading without þe agreed with FH. dedes folwe .
Fides sine operibus mortua est. & cetera
ForM.1.192: M shares the reading For with G; other B manuscripts have forþi. chastite with-oute charitee . worth cheyned in helle
It is as lewde as a laumpe . þat no liȝt is
Nota de Chast chapeleyns
Many ch.apleyns arne chaste . acM.1.194: Kane and Donaldson's reading of this word as ne is an error. charitee is a-waye
Arn no men auaurousere þan hij . whan þei ben auaunced
Vnkynde to hire kyn . and to alle cristene
Chewen here charitee . and chiden more .
Suche chastitee with-outen charite . worth cheyned in helle
Many curatours kepen hem . clene of here bodies
Thei ben accombrede with couetise  þei kuonne not do it from hem .
So harde hath auarice . yhasp.ed hem to-gedres
And þat is no truthe of þe Trinite . but trecherie of helle
And lernynge to lewde men . þe latter for to dele .
fol. 7rI
Ius passus
For-þi þes wor...des  ben writen in þe gospell
Date & dabitur vobisM.1.205: The underlining of the phrase is done in a later ink.  for I dele .yow alle
And þat is þe loke of loue . .....þatM.1.206: M shares its revised reading þat with CrGFH. Other B manuscripts have and. lateth oute my grace
To conforte þe careful . accombrede with synne .
Loue is leche of lif  and nexte oure lord seluen
And also þe graithe .gate . þat goth in-to heuene
For-þi I say as I saide . ere by þe textis .
Whanne alle tresores ben tried . truth is þe beste
Now haue I tolde þe . what truthe is . þat no tresorer is b....ettre
I may no lenger lenge þe with . now loke þe oure lord .