fol. 69r (cont.)I
passus xvus de dowell & incipit dobetM.15.0: The guide for the rubricator in the right margin has been erased, but passus xvus de dowell & incipit dobet is still legible under ultra-violet light. It may be that a <j> has been erased after xv.

passus xvquintodecimus.

Ac aftur my wakynge . it was wonndur longe
Er I koude kyndly . knowe what isM.15.2: M's is is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read was. dowel .
And so my wit wexe and waynnyed . til I a foole were
And somme lakked my lif . allowed it butM.15.4: M's but is not shared by other B manuscripts. fewe .
And leten meM.15.5: M's original reading without me was shared by HmGYOC2CL. for a lorel . and loth to reuerencen .
Lordes or ladyes . or any lif elles
As persouns in pellure . with pendauntz of siluer .
To sergauntz ne to suche . saide IM.15.8: The addition of I puts M in agreement with WHmCr. nouȝt ones .
God loke ȝyow lordus . ne louted faire
That folk helden me a fool . and in þat folye I rauede
Til reson hadde ruthe on me . and rokked me a-slepe
Til I seighe as it sorcerie were . a sotil þing with-alle
Oon with-outen tonge or teeth . tolde me whider I sholde
And whereof I cam and of what kynde . I coniured hym atte laste
ȜifIf he were creature . for loue me to tellen
M.15.16KD.15.16, 17
I am cristes creature . quod he . and cristen in many a place
In Courte I knowe wel . and of his kyn a partie .
Is neither Petreer .. þe porter . ne Poule with his fauchoun .
That wol deffende me þe dore . dynge I neuere so late
At mydnyȝt at mydday . my vois so is y-knowe
That .eche a creature of his courte . welcometh me faire
What ar ȝye called in þat Courte quod I . amonge cristes p.eple
# discripcionem anime
The w....hiles I quyke þe corps . quod he . called am I Anima .
And whan I wilne and wolde . Animus ich hatte
And for þat I kan and knowe . called am I . mens
And whan I make mone to god . memoria is my name
And whan I deme domes . and do as truthe techeth .
Than is Racio . my riȝt name . resoun on ynglissh .
And whan I feele þat folke telleth . my furste name is Sensus .
fol. 69vI
And þat is wit and wisdome . þe welle of alle craftus .
And whan I chalange . or chalange nouȝt . chepe or refuse
Than am I Connscience y-called . godes clerk and his Notarie
And whan I loue lelly . oure lord and alle oþer
Thanne is lele loue my name . and in latyn Amor .
And whan I from þe flessh . and forsake þe caroigne
Thanne am I spirit specheles . spiritus þanne ich hatte
Austyn and .ysodorus . either of hem bothe .
Nempned me þus to name . now þow myȝt chese
How þou coueitest to calle me . now þow knowest alle my names
Anima pro diuersis accionibus diuersa nomina sortitur . dum viuificat corpus
anima est . dum vult animus est . dum scit mens est . dum recolit
memoria est . dum iudicat racio est . dum sentit sensus est . dum
amat amor est . dum negat vel consentit consciencia est . dum
spirat Spiritus est .
ȜYe ben as a bisshop quod I . al bourdynge þat tyme
For bisshopus yblessud . bereth many names .
Presul . and Pontifex . and Metropolitanus .
And othere names an heep Episcopus and pastor .
That is soth saide he . now I se þi wille
Thow woldest knowe and kunne . þe cause of alle hire names
And of myn ȝif þow miȝtest . me thynketh by þi speche .
ȜYe sire I saide by so no man . were agreuede
Alle þe sciences vndur sonne . and alle þe sotil craftes .
I wolde I knewe and couthe . kyndly in myn herte .
Thanne art þow inparfit quod he . and oon of prides knyȝtes
For suche a luste and likynge . lucifer felle from heuene .
Ponam pedem meum in aquilone & similis ero altissimo .
It were aȝeins kynde quod he . and alle kynnes resoun .
That eny creature shulde konne al . except Crist one .
Aȝeins suche sal.omon speketh and despiseth hire wittus .
And saith Sicut qui mel comedit multum non est ei bonum .
Sic qui scrutator est magestatis opprimitur a gloria .
To ynglissh men þis is to mene . þat mowen speke and here .
fol. 70rI
passus xvus
The man þat muche hony eteth . his mawe it engleymeth
And þe more þat a man . of good matire hereth
But he do theraftur it doth him double scathe
Beatus est seith Bernard . qui scripturas legit
Et verba vertit in opera . fulliche to his powere
Coueitise to kuonne . and to knowe science
PultteM.15.66: M's original pulte agreed with LR. OC2 have pullede. Other B manuscripts read putte. oute of paradis . Adam and Eue
Sciencie appetitus hominem inmortalitatis gloriam spoliauit
And riȝt as hony is .yuel to deffie . and englemeth þe mawe
Riȝt so þat þoruȝ reson . wolde þe rote knowe
# non plus sapere quam oportet
Of god and of hise grete miȝtes . his graces it letteth
For in þe likynge lith a pride . and a licames coueitise
Aȝyeins Cristes conseille . and alle clerkes techinge
That is Non plus sapere quam oportet sapere .
Freres and fele othere maistres . þat to þe lewed men prechen
ȜYe mouen matires in-mesurables . to tellen of þe Trinite
That ofte tymes þe lewed poeple . of hire bileue douten
Bettre ...?...?...were many doctours . bileu..e suche techingeM.15.77: The line has been rewritten and then revised. The final version is unique but closest to W's Bettre it were to many doctours to leuen swich techyng. L has Bettre byleue were mony doctoures such techyng, and Y has Better to leue were many doctours swich techynge.
And tellen men of þe ten comandementz . and techenM.15.78: M's techen is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read touchen. þe seuen synnes
And of þe braunches þat burioneth of hem . and bringeth men to helle
And how þat folk in hireM.15.80: M's hire is not shared by other B manuscripts. folies . myspenden here fyue wittes
As wel Freres as othere ....folk . folilich þei spenden .
In housynge in hateringe . and in-to heiȝe clergie shewynge
More for pompe þan for pure charite . þe poeple woot þe sothe .
That I lye not loo . for lordus ȝye plesen .
And reuerencen þe Riche . the rather for hire siluer .
Confundantur omnes qui adorant sculptilia . Et alibi 
Vt quid diligitis vanitatem & queritis mendacium .
Go to þe glose of þe vers . ȝye grete clerkes
.nota de fratribus.
Ȝ.If I lie on ȝyow to my lewde wit . ledeth me to b...rennynge
For as it semeth ȝye forsaketh . no almesse
Of vsurers of hores . of auerous chapmen .
And louten to þese lordes . þat mowen lene ȝyow nobles
Aȝyein ȝyoure Rule and religioun . I take record atte Ihesus
That saide to .his discipules . ne sitis personarum acceptores
Of þis matere I miȝte make a longe bible
Curatis loquitur
Ac of curatours of cristen p.eple . as clerkes bereth ...wytnesse
I shal tellen it for truthes sake . take hede who-so like..eth
fol. 70vI
As holinesse and honestee . out of holy chuyrcheM.15.98: The alteration of <u> to <y> is slightly misplaced. ...?...spryngethM.15.98: M's revision spryngeth is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read spredeþ.
Thoruȝ lele libbynge men . þat godes lawe techen
Right so out of holy churche . alle .yueles spredeth
There inparfit presthod is . prechours & techers
And se it b.y ensample . in somer tyme on trowes
There somme bowes .beth leued . and somme bereth none
There is a meschief in þe more . of suche manere bowes
# de prelatis & Curatis
Riȝt so persones and prestes . and menM.15.105: M's men is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read prechours. of holychurche
That arn rote of þe riȝt feith . to rule þe p.eple
Ac þere þe rote is roten . reson wot þe sothe
Shal neuere flour ne fruyt . ne faire leef be grene
For-þi wolde ȝeye lettrud leue . the leccherie of clothinge
And be kynde as bifel for clerkes . and of cristus goodus .
Truwe of ȝyowre tonge . and of ȝyoure taille bothe
And haten to here harlotrie . and nouȝt to vndurfonge
Tithes of vntrewe thinge . ytilied or chaffared .
Lothe were lewed men . but þei ȝyowre loore folwede
And amenden hem þat mysdoun . moore for ȝyoure ensamples
Thanne for to prechen and pre...uen it nouȝt . ..ypocrisie it semeth .
For ypocrisie in latyn . is likned to a donghull .
That were bisnewed with snow. . and snakes withinne
Or to a wal þat were whitlymed ...?...withouten and were foul withinneM.15.119: M's revised line is unique. Most B manuscripts lack withouten; Cr23YOC2 have withouten but lack were in the b-verse.
Ri...ght so many preestus . prechours and prelatus
ȜYe arn blaunchedM.15.121: M shares the reading blaunched with F; other B manuscripts have enblaunched. with bele paroles . and with clothes also .
Ac ȝyoure werkes and ȝyowre wordes . þerevndur arn ful vnloueliche
Iohannes Crisostomus of clerkus speketh and preestus .
NBM.15.124: The same ornate abbreviation is found on fol. 73v.
Sicut de templo omne bonum progreditur . sic de templo omne
malum procedit . Si sacerdocium integrum fuerit tota floret ecclesia
Si autem coruptum fuerit omnium fides marcida est . Si sacerdocium
fuerit in peccatis totus populus conuertitur ad peccandum . Sicut
cum videris arborem pallidam & marcidam . intelligi.s quod vici-
um habet in radice . Ita cum videris populum indisciplinatum
& irreligiosum / sine dubio sacerdocium eius non est sanum .
ȜiIf lewed men wiste . what þat þis latyn meneth .
And ..who was myn auctour . muche wondur me þinketh
# prestis Baselardis
But ȝif many preest beere . for hire baselardus and hire brooches
A peire of bedes in hire hand . and a book inM.15.128: M's in is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read vnder. hire arme
Sir Iohan and sire Geffray . hath a gerdel of siluer .
fol. 71rI
passus xvus
A baselard or a ballo..k knyf with botones ouergilte
Ac a porth..ors þat shuld —— sholde be his plow . placebo to segge
Hadde he neuere seruice to saue siluer þer-to . seith it with idel wille
Allas ȝye lewede men muche lese ȝye on preestus
Ac þing þat is wikkedlicheM.15.134: M's is wikkedliche is not shared by other B manuscripts, which reverse the order. y-wonnen . and with false sleightes
Wolde neuere wit of witty god . but wikked men it hadden .
The w..hiche arn prestus inparfite . and prechours aftur siluer .
.......ExecutoursM.15.137: M's revised form Executours agrees with WHmCr; other B manuscripts have sectours or something similar. and suddenes . somonours and hire lemmans
This þat with gile was geten . vngraciousliche is spended
So harlotes and hoores . arn holpen with suche goodus
And godes folk for defaute therof . forfaren and spillen .
Curatours of holikyrke . as clerkes þat ben auerouse
contra Curatos Auaros
Ligthliche þat þei leuen . loseles it habbeth
Or deyeth intestate . and þanne þe bisshop entreth
And maketh murthe þerewith . and hise men bothe
And seggen he was a Nygard . þat no godeod myȝte spare .
To freend ne to fremmed . the fiende haue his soule
For a wrecched hous he held . al his lif-tyme
And þat he spared and speredeM.15.148: M shares the reading sperede with F; other B manuscripts have bisperede. . spene we in murthe
Bye it lered . bybe it lewedeM.15.149: The revised a-verse agrees with Hm. The original reading is that of most B manuscripts, including WCr. . þat loth is to spende
Thus goon hire goodus . be þe goost faren .
Ac for goode men god woot . grete doel men maken .
And bymeneþ goode mete ȝyeuers . and in mynde haueth .
.quid est caritas
In preiers and in penaunces . and in parfite charite
What is charitee quod I thoo . a childissh þinge h.e saide
Nisi efficiamini sicut paruuli . non intrabitis in regnum celorum .
With-outen fauntelte or folye . a fre liberal wille
Where shulde men fynde suche a freend . with so fre an herte .
longe will
I haue liued in londe quod I . my name is longe wille
And fonde I neuere ful charite . bifore ne by-h.ynde
Men ben merciable . to mendinauntz and to pore
And wolen lenen þere þei leue . lelly to be paiede .
Ac charite þat Poule preiseth best . and moost plesaunt to oure Saueour
..IsM.15.163: M's altered reading of Is agrees with WHmCr. YOC2LRF read As. . non inflatu.r non estM.15.163: It is likely that the original reading was that of L, which has inflatus and omits est. ambiciosa . non querit que sua sunt .
I seigh neuere suche a man . so me god helpe .
fol. 71vI
That he ne wolde aske aftur his . and otherwhile coueite
Thing þat neded hym nouȝt . and nyme it ȝif he myghte
Clerkes kennen me . þat Crist is . in alle places
Ac I seigh him neuere soþely . but as my-sel.f in a .....Mirour
HicM.15.169: M's Hic agrees with RF; other B manuscripts read Ita, It, or omit. in enigmate tunc facie ad faciem .
And so I trowe truly by þat men telleth of charite
It is nouȝt champions fiȝte . ne chaffare as I trowe
Charite quod he ne chaffareth nouȝt . ne chalangeth ne craueth
quomodo laudatur caritas
As proude of a peny . as of a pounde of golde
And is as glad of a gowne . of a gray russet
As of a tunicle of Tarse . or of trye scarlete
He is glad with alle glade . and goode til al wikked .
And leneth and loueth . al þat oure lord made
Curseth he no creature . ne he kan bere no wrathe
Ne no likynge hath to lye . ne laughe men to scorne
Al þat men saien he leet it soth . and in solace taketh
And alle manere myschi...efs . in myldenesse he suffreth
Coueiteth he noon ....erþeliM.15.182: The form underlying erþeli was probably erly, as in F. good . but heuene-riche blisse .
questio de Caritate
Hath he any rentes or richessesM.15.183: M's richesses is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read richesse. For other examples see M.10.15 and M.15.184. . or any riche freendes .
Of rentes ne of richessesM.15.184: M's original richesse agreed with all other B manuscripts. For other examples see M.10.15, M.15.183. ne reccheth he neuere
For a frende þat fyndeth hym . failled hym neuere at nede
Fiat voluntas tua . fynt hym euere-moore .
And ȝif he soupe eteth . but a sop . of Spera in deo .
He kan purtreie wel þe Pater-noster . and peinte ...? with aues
And otherwhile is his wone . to wenden in pilgrimage
There pouere men and prisones liggeth . hire pardon to haue .
Though he bere hem no bred . he bereth swetter liflidelifl[o]de .
Loueth hem as oure lord biddeth . and loketh how þei fare .
And whan he is wery of þat werk . þan wol he somme-tyme
Labouren in lauendrie . wel þe lengthe of a myle .
And ȝyerne in-to ȝyouthe and ȝyepliche speke .
Pride with alle þappurtenaunces . and pakken hem to-gedre
And bouken hem at his brest . and beten hem clene
And leggen on longe . with laboraui in gemitu meo
And with warme watur at his eighen . whasshen hem aftur
And þanne he syngeth whanne he doth so . and somme-tyme saith wepynge
fol. 72rI
passus xvus
Cor contritum & humiliatum deus non despici..asM.15.201: M's revised despicias is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read despicies.
By Crist I wolde þat I knew hym quod I . no creature leuere
With-outeM.15.203: The scribe wrote the first letter of this line immediately below the preceding line. He then realized he needed to leave space for a new verse paragraph and erased the <W>. helpe of piers þeM.15.203: M shares the reading þe with R; all other B manuscripts omit it. plowman quod he . his persone seest þow neuere
Wher clerkes knowen hym quod hI . þat kepen holy kyrke
Clerkes haue no knowynge quod he . but by werkes and by wordes
Ac Piers þe plowman parceyueth moore depper
.WhatM.15.207: M's original reading is not legible here. LRF read Þat. is þe wille . and wherefore . þat many wiȝt suffreth .
Et vidit deus cogitaciones eorum
For þere arn ful proude-herted men . pacient of tonge
And buxome as of berynge . to burgeys and to lordes
And to pouere poeple han peper in þe nose
And as a lyon he loketh . þere men lakken his werkes
For þere arn beggers and bidders . bedmen as it were
Loken as lambren . and semen lif-holy
Ac it is more to haue hire mete . with such an esy manere
Thanne for penaunce and parfitenesse . þe pouerte þat suche taketh
Therfore by colour ne by clergie . know shalt þow hym neuere
Neither þoruȝ wordus ne werkes . but þoruȝ wille oone
And þat knoweth no clerk . ne creature in erthe
But piers þe plowman . Petrus id est Cristus
Caritas omnia libenter suffert
For he ne is not in lollers . ne in londlepers hermytes
Ne at ancres þere a box hangeth . alle suche þei faiten
Fy on faitours and in fautores suos .
For charite is godes champioun . and as a good child hende
And þe merieste of mouthe . at mete where he sitteth
Þe loue þat lith in his herte . maketh hym light of speche
And is companable and confortatif . as crist bit hym-seluen .
Nolite fieri sicut ypocrite tristes . & cetera
For I haue sein hym in silk . and some-tyme in russet
Bothe in grey and in grys . and in gilt herneys .
And as gladliche he it gaf . to gomes þat it neded .
Edmond and Edward either were kynges
And beM.15.233: M's addition of be is attested in F. seintes y-set . ...forM.15.233: M's revised for is the reading of WCr, and of Hm by correction. The erased reading looks as though it was til, as in all other B manuscripts except RF which have so. charite hem folwed
I haue seiȝen charite also . syngen and reden. /
fol. 72vI
M.15.235: Along the top and the left margin there is written, in light, large, pencil:
Cruke Cruke
Riden and rennen in ragged wedes
nota de mendicantibus
Ac biddynge as a beggerseM.15.236: M's original beggers agreed with all other B manuscripts except BF, which have the singular. . biheld I hym neuere
Ac in riche Robes . rathest he walketh
Y-called and y-crymylled . and his croune shaue
And inM.15.239: The scribe has avoided a 2 cm slit in the parchment. No text has been lost. a Freres frokke . he was founden oones
audi frater
Ac it is ferre a-goo . in seint Fraunceys tyme
In þat secte sithe to selde . hath he ben knowe
Riche men he recomendeth . and of hire robes taketh
That with-outen wyles . ledeth hire lyues
Beatus est diues qui & cetera
In kynges courte he cometh ofte . þere þe counseille is trewe
Ac ȝif coueitise be of þe conseill . he wil not come þere-inne .
In courte amonges Iapers . cometh heM.15.247: M's cometh he is not shared by other B manuscripts, which reverse the order. but selden .
For braulynge and bakbytynge and beryng of fals wittnesse
In þe Consistorie bifore þe Commissarie . he cometh not ful ofte
contra legum doctores
For hire lawe dureth ouere-longe . but ȝif þei lacchen siluer .
And matrimoigne for moneye . þeiM.15.251: M's þei is not shared by other B manuscripts. maken and vnmaken .
And þat conscience and crist . hath y-kny...t faste
Thei vndoon it vnworth.ily þo doctours of lawe .
Ac I lakkeM.15.254: M shares the reading lakke with F; other B manuscripts have ne lakke. no lif . but lord amende vs alle
And gif vs grace goode god . charite to folwe .
For whoso miȝte mete with hym . swyche maners hym eileth
Neither he blameþ . ne heM.15.257: M's he is not shared by other B manuscripts. banneþ . boosteth ne preiseth
Lakketh noe loseth . ne loketh vp sterne
Craueth ne coueiteth . ne crieth aftur moore
In pace in idipsum dormiam & cetera
The mooste liflode he lyueth by . is loue in godes passion .
Neither he biddeth ne beggeth . ne borweth to ȝyelde
Misdoth he no man . ne with his mouthe greueth .
Amonges cristen men þis myldenesse shulde laste
# quanta erat humilitas Cristi
In alle manere angres . haue þis at herte
That þouȝgh þei suffre al þis . god suffrethM.15.266: Both verbs in the line are in the past tense in all other B manuscripts, except F, which has suffre in the a-verse. for vs more
In ensample we shulde do so . and take no vengeaunce .
Of oure foes þat doth vs falsenesse . þat is oure fadres wille .
For wel may euery man
fol. 73rI
passus xvus
For wel may euery man wite  ȝif god hadde wolde hym-seluen
Shulde neuere Iudas ne iewe . haue Ihesu doon on rode 
Ne han martired petreer ne poule . neM.15.271: M's original reading without ne agreed with G. in prisoun holden .
Ac he suffrede in ensample  þat we shulde suffre also .
And saide to suche þat suffre wolden . þat Pacientes vincunt .
Verbi gracia quod he . and ..verrey ensamples manye
In legenda sanctorum . the lif of holy seintes .
What penaunce and pouerte . and passion þei suffrede
de paupertate & paciencia
In hunger in hete in alle manere angres .
Antonye and Egidie . and other holy fadres .
Woneden in wildernesse  amonges wilde beestes
Monȝkeskes and mendinauntz  men by hem-seluen .
In spekes and spelonkes . selden speken to-g.ydre .
Ac neither Antonye ne Egidie . ne heremite that tyme .
Of lyons ne of lypardes . no liflode ne toke
But of fowles þat fleeth . þus fyndeth men in bokes .
Excepte þat Egidie . aftur andanM.15.285: An error for an as in all other B manuscripts, perhaps through confusion with the form an for and as at M.6.98, M.7.2, M.7.185, etc. hynde criede
And þoruȝ þe mylke of þat mylde beeste . the man was susteigned .
And day by day hadde he hire nouȝt . his hunger for to slake
But selden and sundr.y tymes . as saithe the book and techeth .
Antony a dayes . aboute nonesM.15.289: For M's nones other B manuscript read noon or none. tyme
Hadde a bridde that brouȝte hym bred . that he by lyuede .
And þouȝ þe gome hadde a geste . god fonde hem bothe
Poule primisprim[u]s heremita . hadde parrokede hym-seluen .
That no man miȝte hym se . for mosse and ......for leues
Fowles hym fedde fele wyntres / with-alle .
quid coqueris
Til he founded Freres . of Austyns ordre .
Poule after his prechinge . panyers he made .
And with his hon...des . þat his wombe neded . /
Petreer fisshed for his fode . and his felawe Andrew .
Some þei solde . and somme thei sothe . and so þei liued bothe
And also Marie Maudeleyne . by amores leiuedM.15.300: The notion that Mary Magdalene lived on love-affairs and dews, though delightful, has no support from the other manuscripts. The reading amores has been corrected to mores, i.e. "roots," the reading of all other B manuscripts. and dewes .
Ac moost þoruȝ deuocioun . and mynde of god almiȝty .
I shulden not þise seuene dayes . seggen hem alle
That lyueden þus for oure lordes loue . many longe ȝyeres
Ac þere ne was lyo.n ne lyparde . þat on laundes wenten .
Neither beere ne boor . ne other beeste wilde
That ne felle to hire feet . and fawned with þe tailles
And ȝif þei couthe han y-carped . by crist as I trowe
They wolde haue y-fed þat folke . byfore wylde fowles .
fol. 73vI
Ac god sente hem fode by fowles . and by no fierse beestes .M.15.309-312: The first four lines are bracketed in right margin. There is a large NB ornament in the left margin.
In menynge þat meke þinge . mylde þinge shulde fede .
As whosoM.15.311: M shares the reading whoso with F; other B manuscripts read who. seith Religious . riȝtful men sholde fynde
contra rapacitatem dominorum super tenentibus
And laweful men to lif-holy men . liflode bringe .
And þanne wolde lordes and ladyes . be loth to agylte
And to take of hire tenauntz . more þanne truthe wolde
# Frater
Founde þei þat Freres . wolden forsake hire almes .
And bidden hem bere it . þere it was y-borwede
For we ben godes Fowles . and abiden alwey
Til briddes bringe vs . þat we shulde lyue by .
For hadde ȝye potage and payn y-nough . and penyale to drynke
And a messes þere-myde . of on manere kynde
ȜYe hadden riȝt y-nough ȝye religious . and so ȝyoure reule me tolde .
Numquam dicit Iob rugit onager cum herbam habuerit  aut mugiet
bos . cum ante plenum presepe steterit  brutorum animalium natura te condempnat
quia cum eis pabulum comune sufficiat . ex adipe prodijt iniquitas tua .
ȜifIf lewed men knewe þis latyn . þei wolde loke whom þei ȝyeue 
contra mort Main
And auyse hem byfore . a fyue dayes or sexe
Er þei amortisede to muonkes . or Chanouns hire rentes .
Allas lordes and ladys . lewede conseille haue ȝye .
To ȝyeue from ȝyoure heires . þat ȝyoure aieles ȝyow lefte .
And ȝyeueth to bidde for ȝyow . to suche as ben riche .
And ben founded and feffed eke . to bidde for othere
Who parfourneth þis prophecie . of þe p.eple þat now libbeth .
Optime dicit & verum
Dispersit dedit pauperibus & cetera .
Ȝ.If any poeple parfourne þat texte . it aren þise pouere freres .
For þat þei beggen aboute . in buyldynge þei spene
And on hem-selue somme . and suche as ben hire laborers .
And of hem þat habbeth þei taken . and ȝyeueth hem þat ne habbeth .
Ac clerkes and knyȝtes . and Comuners þat ben riche .
Fele of ȝyow fareth . as ȝif I hadde a ForesteM.15.337: M's syntax hadde a Forest is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read a Forest hadde.
That were ful of faire trees . and I fonded and caste
How I miȝte mo þere-inne . amonges hem sette .
Right so ȝye riche ȝye robrobethM.15.340: M's original reading was probably robbeth, agreeing with the majority of B manuscripts. WYCL have M's revised reading robeth. . þat ben riche .
And helpeth hem þat helpeth ȝyow . and ȝyeueth þere no need is .
As whoso fillede a tonne . of a fressh ryuer
And wente forth with þat water to woke with Themese
Right so ȝye riche . ȝye rob.ethethM.15.344: M's original reading was probably robbeth, agreeing with the majority of B manuscripts. WL alone have M's revised reading robeth. . and fedeth .
fol. 74rI
passus xvus
Hem þat han as ȝye han . hem ȝye make at ese
Ac Religious þat riche ben . sholde rather feeste beggers
Than burgeys þat riche ben . as þe book techeth
Quia sacrilegium est . res pauperum non pauperibus dare .M.15.348: This long Latin quotation is boxed in two separate boxes: one containing the first three lines, the other the final two.
Item peccatoribus dare  est demonibus immolare
Item monache si indiges & accipis . pocius das quam accipis
Si autem non eges & accipis  rapis .
Porro non indiget monachus  si habeat quod nature sufficit .
nota beneM.15.353-364: This and the next eleven lines are bracketed in the left margin.
# quia super omnia Caritas
For-þi I counseille alle cristene . to confourmen hem to charite
For charite withouten chalangynge  vnchargeth þe soule .
And many a prisonerM.15.355: For the abbreviation see M.14.187, prisoners. The majority of B manuscripts read prison, but CrGC2CotF read prisoner(s). The rather ambiguous abbreviation in M explains the variation. from purgatorie  þorȝwgh his praiers he deliuereth
Ac þere is a defaute in þe folk . þat þe feith kepeth .
Wherfore folk is þe febler . and nouȝt ferme of bileue
As in lussheburwes is a lether alay . and ȝyet loketh he lik a sterlinge
Þe merke of þat monee is good . ac þe metal is feble .
And so it fareth by somme folke nowe . þei han a faire speche
Croune and cristendome . þe kynges merke of heuene .
Ac þe metal þat is soule  with synne is foule alayede
Bothe lettred and lewede beth now alayed with synne .
That no lif loueth other . ne oure lord as it semeth .
For þoruȝ werre and wykked werkes and wederes vnresonable
Weder-wise shippmen . and witty clerkes also .
Han no bileue to ..þeM.15.367: The alteration is made in a hand in which <þ> is indistinguishable from <y>. lifte . ne to þe loore of philosophres
# Facultas Astrologorum
Astron....omiensM.15.368: While M's original reading is not legible, the word is variously spelled in the manuscripts. aldayal day . in hir arte faillen .
That whilom warned bifore . what. shulde falle after .
Shippmen and sheperdes . þat with shipp . and sheep wenten .
Wisten by the walkene . what sholde bytyde .
Fallacia signorum preteritorum & FuturorumM.15.372: This note is written over a drypoint <X>.
As of wederes and wyndes . þei warned men ofte .
Tiliers þat tileden þe erthe . tolden hire maistres .
By þe seede þat þei s...ewe what þei selle mighte
And what to leue . and to leiuebyleiue by . þe lond was so trewe .
Now failleth þe folk of þe flood . and of þe londe bothe
Sheperdes and shippmen . and so do þise tiliers
Neither þei kuonneth ne knoweth . oon cours byfore another .
M.15.379-383: This line and the next four are bracketed in the left margin.Astronomiens also aren at hire wittus ende .
# New Gramer
Of þat was calkulede of þe element . þe contrarie þei fynde
Gramer þe grounde of al . bigileth now children .
For is noon of þise newe clerkes . whoso nymeth hede
That kan versifien faire . ne fourmeliche enditen .
fol. 74vI
Ne nouȝt oon amonge an hundered . þat an Auctour kan construe
Ne rede a lettre in any langage . but in latyn or in englissh .
contra Gyle & Flatere
Go now to any degre . and but ȝif gile be maistreer
And flaterer his felawe . vnder hym to fourmen .
Muche wonder me thynketh . amonges vs alle .
Doctours of decres . and of diuynite maistres
That shulden kuonne . and knowe . alle kynnes clergye
# Responsum ad quodlibet
And answere to argumentz . and also to a Quodlibet
I dar nouȝt seggen it for shame . ȝif swiche weren apposed .
ThatM.15.393: M's That is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read Thei. shulde faille in hire philosophie . and in hire Phisike bothe
Wherfore I am aferde . of folk of holy kyrke
Lest þei ouerehuppen as other doon  in office and in houres .
Ac ȝif þei ouerehuppe as I hope nouȝt . oure bileue suffiseth .
# festum Corporis Cristi
As Clerkes in Corpus Cristi feeste . syngen and reden .
That sola fides sufficit . to saue with lewede poeple
And so may Sarasines ben saued . scribes and Iewes .
Allas þanne but oure loresmen . lyuen as þei leren vs
And for hire lyuynge þat lewede men . ben þe lother god agulten .
For Sarasines han sumwhat . semynge to oure bileue
For þei loue and bileue . in oon persone almiȝty
And we lered and lewede . in oon god bileueth
And on Makometh . a man . in mysbileue
Brouȝte Sarasines of and se in what manere
This Makometh was a Cristen . and for he moste not be pope
In-to surrye he souȝte . and þorugh his sotile wittes
Dawunted a doweue . and day and niȝte hire fedde .
The corn þat she kroppud . he kast it in his ere
And if he amonge þe p.eple preched . or in places come
xM.15.412: The <x> is written in drypoint.
Þanne wolde þe coluere . come to þe clerkes ere
Menynge as after mete . thus makometh hire enchauntede
And dede folke þanne falle on knees . for he swoor in his prechynge
That þe coluere þat com so . c..oom from god of heuene
As messager to Makometh . men for to techen .
And þus þoruȝ ..wyles of his wit . and a whit dowue
# disceptionem Machamitis
Makometh in mysbileue . men and wymmen brouȝte
That ....lyued þo þere and l....yuen ȝyetM.15.419: M's original reading in the a-verse was perhaps that of L, which has þat lered þere and lewed ȝit. Most B manuscripts have similar readings. The alterations bring M into agreement with WCr. . lieuen on hise lawes
And sith oure saueour suffred . þoM.15.420: M's þo is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read þe. sarasines so bigiled
Thoruȝ a cristene clerk . ...acursed in his soule
And for drede of þe dethe . I dar nouȝt telle þe truthe
fol. 75rI
passus xvus
# Englissh Clerkis Fede Couetise
How englissh clerkes a coluere feden . þat coueitise hatte
And ben manered after Makometh . þat no man vseth truthe .
Ankres and hermytes . monkes and Freres .
Peren to apostoles . þoruȝ hire parfit lyuynge
Wolde neuere þe faitheful fader . þat hise Mynystres shulden
# ¶ quod de rebus male adquisitis non debet dari elemosina
Of tirauntes þat teneth trwe men . taken any almesse
But doon as Antony dide . Domynyk and Fraunceys
Benet and Bernard . þe w...hiche hem furste tauȝte
To lyue bi litel and in lowe houses . by lele mennues almesse
Grace shulde growe and be grene . þoruȝ hire goode lyuynge
And folkes shulde fynde . þat ben in diuerse sekenesse
The bettre for hire biddynges . in body and in soule .
Hire praiers andM.15.435: M alone among B manuscripts lacks the word hir here. penaunces . to pees shulde bringe .
Alle þat ben at debate . and bedemen were truwe
Petite & accipietis & cetera .
Salte saueth catel seggen þise wyues .
Vos estis sal terre & cetera
The heuedes of holychurche . and þei holy were
Crist calleth hem salte . for cristene soules .
Et si sal euanuerit  in quo salietur
Ac Fressh flessh or fisshe . whan it salt failleth
It is vnsauori for sothe . or y-baake
Notate qui Curam habetis
So is soule sothly . þat seeth noon good ensample
Of hem of holychurche . þat þe heiȝe weye shuolde teche
And be gyde . and go bifore . as a good baneour
And hardien hem þat byhinde ben . and ȝyeuen hem gode euidence
Elleuene holy men . alle þe world turned
In-to lele bileue . the liȝtloker me thinketh
Shulde alle manere of men . we han so many maistres
Preestus and prechours . and a pope a-boue
That goddus salt shulde be . to saue soule .
Al was hethenM.15.454: M's hethen is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read hethynesse. suomtyme . Inglond and wales
Til Gregorie gerte clerkes . to go h......ere and preche .
Austyn at Canturbury . cristened þe kynge
And þoruȝ miracles as menM.15.457: M alone among B manuscripts lacks mow here. rede . al þat marche he turnede
To crist and to cristendome . and cros to honoure .
And fulled folk faste . and þe feithe tauȝte
More þoruȝ miracles . þanne þoruȝ muche prechinge .
fol. 75vI
As wel þoruȝ hise werkes . as þoruȝ his holy wordus
And seiden hem what fullynge . and feithe was to mene
Nota bene
Cloth þat cometh from þe weuynge . is nouȝt comely to were
Til it is fulled vnder foot . or in fullynge stokkes
Wasshen wel with watresM.15.465: In place of watres, all other B manuscripts read watre. The <s> is oddly formed and possibly an addition. . and with taseles cracchede
Y-touked and y-teynted . and vndur taillours hande
And so it fareth by a barn . þat born is of a wombe
Til it be cristened in cristes name . and confermed of þe bisshop
It is hethen as to heueneward . and helpeles to þe soule
Hethene it is to mene after heth . and vntiled erthe
As in wilde wildernesse . wexeth wilde beestes
Rude and vnresonable . rennynge withoute cropers
deficitM.15.473: Kane and Donaldson argue that the sidenote indicates that "a corrector of M knew of a manuscript which possessed XV 472-85, missing from the larger group" (p. 51n7). This seems unlikely, since the note is placed ten lines too early, and furthermore Kane and Donaldson themselves admit that "there is no evidence that M was corrected to (RF)." The note may simply refer to the fact that M alone among B manuscripts lacks how before a man.
HYe mynnen wel how Mathewe saith . a man made a feeste
He fedde hem with no venysoun . ne fesauntz y-bake .
But with fowles þat from hym nolde . but folwed his whistylinge
Ecce altilia mea & omnia parata sunt & cetera
And with calues flessh he fedde .M.15.477: M alone among B manuscripts lacks þe here. folke þat he loued
The calf bitokeneth clennesse . in hem þat kepeth lawes
For as þe kow þoruȝ kynde mylke . þe calf norissheth til an oxe
So loue and leaute lele men susteigneth
And maydens an mylde men . mercy desiren .
Right as þe cow calf coueiteth swete mylke
So doon riȝtful men . mercy and trewthe
Ac who be thoM.15.484: M's be tho is unparalleled. Other B manuscripts read beþ, which could have given rise to M's reading. þat excusen hem . þat arn persones and preestus
That hedes of holy churche ben . that han hire wille here
With-outen trauaille . þe tithe deel . þat trwe men biswynken
Thei wole be wroth for I write thus . ac to witytnesse i take
Bothe Mathew and Mark . and Memento domine dauid .
What pope or prelate now . parfourneth þat Crist highte
Ite in vniuersum mundum & predicate & cetera .
Alas þat men so longe on . Makoemeth . shulde bileue
So many prelates to preche . as þe pope maketh
Of Nazareth . of Nynyue / of Neptalim and Damaske
That þei ne wente as crist wisseth . sith þei wil haue name
To be pastours and preche . þe passion of Ihesus
fol. 76rI
passus xvus
And as hym-seluen saide / so to lyue and deye 
Bonus pastor animam suam ponit & cetera .
And saide it in sauacion . of Sarasynes and other
For cristene and vn-cristen . crist saide to prechours
Ite vos in vineam meam & cetera
And sith þat þise Sarasyenes . scribes and Iuwes
Han a lippe of oure ... bileue . the liȝtloker me thinketh
Thei shulde tourne ...who-so trauaille.hdM.15.503: M's altered form trauailled, apparently over trauailleth, agrees with WHmCr23. Most other B manuscripts read trauaile wolde. . to teche hem of þe ...Trinite
Querite & inuenietis & cetera
It is ruthe to rede . how riȝtwise men lyuede
How þei defouled hire fflessh . forsoke hire owne wille
Fer from kith andM.15.507: M alone among B manuscripts lacks fro here. kynne . yeuele clothed ȝyeden .
Badly y-bedded . no book but conscience
Ne no richesse . but þe Rode . to reioise hem Inne 
Absit nobis gloriari nisi in cruce domini nostri & cetera
And þo was plente and pees . amonges pouere and riche
# the Red noble
And now is routhe to rede how þe rede noble
Is reuerenced er þe Rode . resceyued for þe worthier
Than cristes cros that ouercam . deth and dedly synne
And now is werre and wo . and whoso wh.....y axeth
For couetise after cros . the crowne stant in golde
Bothe riche and Religious . that rode þei honoure
That in grotes is y-grauen . and in golde nobles
For coueitise of þat cros . men of holy kyrke
Shul tourne as Templers deden . the tyme approcheth faste
Wyte ȝye nouȝt wyse men  how þo men honourede
More tresour þanne truthe . I dar not seyM.15.522: M's sey is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read telle. the sothe
Reson and riȝtful doome . tho Religious demed
RightsoRight so ȝye clerkes for ȝyoure coueitise . longe
Shal thei demen doos ecclesie . and ȝyoure pride depose
Deposuit potentes de sede . & cetera
contra possessiones ecclesie
Ȝ..If kniȝthode and kynde wit . and comune byM.15.527: M's addition of by, not present in most B manuscripts, brings it into agreement with WCr. conscience
To-geders loue lelly . leueth it wel ȝye bisshopes .
The lordshipe of londes . for euere shul ȝye lese .
And lyuen as Leuitici . as oure lord ȝyow techeth
Per primicias & decimas & cetera .
fol. 76vI
Whanne Costantyn of curteisie . holykyrke dowed
With londes and ledes . lordshippes and rentes
quere veritatem
     .id est. luciferM.15.534: The identification by a later hand of the angel with Lucifer is curiously inappropriate.
An angel men herden . an heygh at Rome crye
Dos ecclesie þis day . hath y-dronken venyme
And þo þat han petres power . arn enpoisened alle
nota bene ...?... Malicia procedens ex cupiditate absque caritateM.15.537: The sidenote is written in an italic hand over a partially erased note in one or two fifteenth-century hands.
A medecyne mot þere-to . that may amende prelates
That shulden praien for þe pees . possession hem letteth
Taketh hire landes ȝye lordes . and leteth hem lyue by dymes
ȜefIf possession be poisoun . and imparfite hem make
Good were to deschargen hem . for holy churches sake
And purgen hem of poysoun . er moore perille falle .
ȜefIf presthode were parfit . the peple shulde amende
That contrarien cristes lawe . and cristendome despise
For alle paynymes praieth . and parfitliche bileueth
In þe holy grete god . and his grace þei axen .
And make hire moone to Makometh . hire message to shewe
Thus in a feithe leue þat folk . and in a false mene .
And þat is routhe for riȝtful men . þat in þe Reume wonyen .
And a pererilperil to þe pope . and prelates þat he maketh
That bere bisshopus names . of Bedleem and Babiloyne
That huppe aboute in Englonde . to halwe mennus autiers .
And crepe amonges Curatours . confessen a-geyn the lawe
Nota bene
Nolite mittere falsem in messem alienam . & cetera
Many man for cristus loue . was martired in Romaigne
Er any cristendome was knowe there . or any crosse honoured
Euery bisshop þat bereth Cros . by þat he is holden .
Thoruȝ his prouince to passe . and to his poeple to shewe hym .
Tellen hem and techen hem . on þe Trinite to bileue .
M.15.560KD.15.573, 576
And feden hem with goostly foode . and gyue þere it nedeth .
In domo mea non est panis neque vestimentum
Et ideo nolite constituere me Regem .
Ozias saith for swiche . þat seke ben and fieble
Inferte omnes decimas in orreum meum vt cibus in domo mea . & ceteraM.15.564: Kane and Donaldson fail to record this & cetera, which appears outside the red box, but which is itself written in red ink. HmR also attest this & cetera.
Ac we cristene creatures . þat on þe crosse bileuen
Aren ferme as in þe feithe . godusM.15.566: This alteration places M in agreement with HmCr23G, though HmG read forbode as forbede. The confusion seems to arise from interference between two set phrases God's forbode and God forbid. forbode ellus
And han clerkus to kepen vs þere-inne . and hem þat shul come after vs .
And Iewes lyuen in lele lawe . oure lord wroot it hym-seluen
fol. 77rI
passus xvus
In stoon for it stuydfaste was . and stonde shulde euere .
Dilige deum & proximumM.15.570: The <p> has an otiose abbreviation loop. . is parfit Iuwen lawe
And tooke it Moises to teche men . til Messye come
And on þat lawe þei leuen ȝyit and leten it þe beste
AndM.15.573: M alone among B manuscripts lacks ȝit here. knewe þ..ey Crist . þat Cristendome tauȝte
For a parfite prophete . þat muche p.eple saued
Of selcouthe sores . þei seien it ofte
Bothe of miracles and meruailles . and how he men fested
With two fisshes and fyue loues . fyue thousand peple .
And by þat mangerye men miȝte wel se . þat messye he semede
And whan he lifte vp lazare . þat layde was in graue
And vnder stoon ded and stank . with styf voys hym callede
Lazare veni foras 
Dide hym rise and rome . riȝt byfore þe Iuwes
Ac þei saiden and sworen . with sorcerye he wrouȝte
And studyeden to ......struyen hym . and stroyden hem-seluen
And þoruȝ his pacience . hire power . to pure nouȝt he brouȝte .
Pacientes vincunt .
Danyel of hire doynge . dyuyned and saide .
Cum sanctus sanctorum veniat . cessabit vnxio vestra
And ȝyet wenen þo wrecches . þat he were pseudo propheta .
And þat his loore be lesynges . and lakken it alle
And hopen þat he be to come . þat shal hem relieue
Moyses efte or Messye . hire maistres ȝyet dyuyneth
# quod prelat in de necligencia prelatorum in articulis Fidei
Ac pharesees and Sarasenes . Scribes and Grekes
Aren folk of oon feith . þe fader god þei honouren .
And sithen þat þe Sarasenes . and also þe Iewes
Konne þe furste clause of oure bileue . Credo in deum patrem omnipotentem
Prelates of cristen prouinces . sholde preue ȝif þei miȝte
ToM.15.598: The addition of To brings M into agreement with WCrB. Leren hem litlum and litlum . et in Ihesum Cristum filium .
Til þei kouthe speke and spelle . et in spiritum sanctum .
And reden it and recorden it . wiþ remissionem peccatorum .
Carnis resureccionem & vitam eternam . ameN
passus xvjus & primus de dobetM.15.601: The guide for the rubricator to indicate the beginning of passus 16 in the right margin is erased, but under ultra-violet light, passus xvjus & primus de dobet is visible.