fol. 23r (cont.)I
Passus quintus de visione vt supra

The kyng and hise knyȝtes . to þe kirke wente
To here matyns of þe day . and þe masse after
Thanne waked I of my wynkyng . and wo was with-alle
That I ne hadde slept sadder . and yseiȝen moore
Ac er I hadde faren a furlong . feyntise me hente
That I ne myȝte ferþer a foot . for defaute of slepynge
And sat softely adoun . and seide my bileue
And so I bablede on my bedes . þei brouȝte me aslepe
And þanne sauȝ I muche moore . þan I bifore of tolde
For I seiȝ þe feld ful of folk . þat I bifore of seide
And how Reson gan arayen hym . al þe Reaume to preche
And wiþ a cros afore þe kyng . comsede þus to techen

He preued þat þise pestilences . were for pure synne
And þe Southwestrene wynd . on Saterday at euen
Was pertliche for pure pride . and for no point ellis
Pyries and Plumtrees . were puffed to þe erþe
In ensample þat ye segges . sholden do þe bettre
Beches and brode okes . were blowen to þe grounde
fol. 23vI
Turned vpward hire tailes . in tokenynge of drede
That dedly synne er domes-day . shal for-doon hem alle

Of þis matere I myȝte . mamelen ful longe
Ac I shal seye as I sauȝ . so me god helpe
How pertly afore þe peple . Reson bigan to preche

He bad wastour go werche . what he best kouþe
And wynnen his wastyng . wiþ som maner crafte

He preide Pernele . hir purfil to lete
And kepe it in hire cofre . for catel at hire nede

Tomme Stowue he tauȝte . to take two staues
And fecche Felice hom . fro þe wyuen pyne

He warnede watte . his wif was to blame
For hire heed was worþ half marc . & his hood noȝt worþ a groteW.5.31: worþ a grote is in a darker ink though in the scribal hand, and perhaps written later.
And bad Bette kutte . a bouȝ ouþer tweye
And bete Beton þer-with . but if she wolde werche

And þanne he chargede Chapmen . to chastizen hir children
Late no wynnyng hem forwanye . while þei be yonge
Ne for no poustee of pestilence . plese hem noȝt out of reson
My sire seide so to me . and so dide my dame
That þe leuere child . þe moore loore bihoueþ
And Salomon seide þe same . þat Sapience made

Qui parcit virge odit filium

The englissh of þis latyn is . who-so wole it knowe
Who-so spareþ þe spryng . spilleþ hise children

And siþen he prechedeW.5.43: W alone reads prechede. Other B manuscripts have prayed. prelates . and preestes togideres
That ye prechen to þe peple . preue it on yow-selue
fol. 24rI
And dooþ it in dede . it shal drawe yow to goode
If ye leuen as ye leren vs . we shul leue yow þe bettre

And siþen he radde Religion . hir rule to holde
Lest þe kyng and his conseil . youre comunes apeireW.5.48: A nota to the right of this line appears to be in the text ink.
And be Stywardes of youre stedes . til ye be ruled bettre

And siþen he counseiled þe kyng . his commune to louye
It is þi trewe tresorW.5.51: W alone reads trewe tresor. Other B manuscripts have tresore if treson ne were. . and tryacle at þy nede

And siþen he preide þe pope . haue pite on holy chirche
And er he gyue any grace . gouerne first hym-selue

And ye þat han lawes to kepe . lat truþe be youre coueitise           W.5.54:nota
Moore þan gold ouþer giftes . if ye wol god plese           W.5.55:nota
For who-so contrarieþ truþe . he telleþ in þe gospel
That god knoweþ hym noȝt . ne no Seynt of heuene

Amen dico vobis . nescio vos

And ye þat seke Seynt Iames . and Seyntes of Rome
Sekeþ Seynt Truþe . for he may saue yow alle
Qui cum patre & filio . þat faire hem bifalle
That seweþ my sermon . and þus seyde Resoun

Thanne ran Repentaunce . and reherced his teme
And garte wille to wepe . water wiþ hise eiȝen

W.5.65: The scribe has written superbia in the left margin inside a red box. Pernele proudherte . platte hire to þe erþe
And lay longe er she loked . and lord mercy cryde
And bihiȝte to hym . þat vs alle made
She sholde vnsowen hir serk . and sette þere an heyre
To affaiten hire flessh . þat fiers was to synne
Shal neuere heiȝ herte me hente . but holde I woleW.5.70: W alone reads I wole, which is omitted by other B manuscripts. me lowe
fol. 24vI
And suffre to be mysseyd . and so dide I neuere
But now I woleW.5.72: W alone reads I wole. Other B manuscripts have woll y. meke me . and mercy biseche
For al þis I haue . hated in myn herte

W.5.74: The scribe wrote Luxuria inside a red box in the left margin. The page is cropped, so the first letters are lost. Thanne lechour seide allas . and on oure lady he cryde
To maken mercy for hise mysdedes . bitwene god and his soule
Wiþ þat he sholde þe Saterday . seuen yer þer-after
Drynke but myd þe doke . and dyne but ones

W.5.78: The scribe wrote Inuidia inside a red box in the left margin. The page is cropped, so the first letters are lost. Enuye wiþ heuy herte . asked after shrifte
And carefully mea culpa . he comsed to shewe
He was as pale as a pelet . in þe palsy he semed
And cloþed in a kaurymaury . I kouþe it nouȝt discryue
In kirtel and Courtepy . and a knyf by his syde
Of a Freres frokke . were þe foresleues
And as a leek þat hadde yleye . longe in þe sonne
So loked he wiþ lene chekes . lourynge foule

His body was to-bollen for wraþe . þat he boot hise lippes
And wryngynge he yede with þe fust . to wreke hym-self he þouȝte
With werkes or wiþ wordes . whan he seyȝe his tyme
Ech a word þat he warp . was of a Neddres tonge
Of chidynge and of chalangynge . was his chief liflode
Wiþ bakbitynge and bismere . and berynge of fals witnesseW.5.91: W alone omits the following line which appears in all the other B witnesses except F (which has an entirely different line):
Þis was al his curteisye . where þat euere he shewed hym (spelling of L).

I wolde ben yshryue quod þis sherewe . and I for shame dorste
I wolde be gladder by god . þat Gybbe hadde meschaunce
Than þouȝ I hadde þis wouke ywonne . a weye of Essex chese

I haue a neȝebore by me . I haue anoyed hym ofte
And lowen on hym to lordes . to doon hym lese his siluer
And maad his frendes be his foon . þoruȝ my false tonge
His grace and his goode happes . greuen me ful soore
Bitwene manye
fol. 25rI
Bitwene manye and manye . I make debate ofte           W.5.99:nota
That boþe lif and lyme . is lost þoruȝ my speche
And whan I mete hym in Market . þat I moost hate
I hailse hym hendely . as I his frend were
For he is douȝtier þan I . I dar do noon ooþer
Ac hadde I maistrie and myȝt . god woot my wille

And whan I come to þe kirk . and sholde knele to þe Roode
And preye for þe peple . as þe preest techeþ
For Pilgrymes and for Palmeres . for al þe peple after
Thanne I crye on my knees . þat crist ȝyue hem sorwe
That berenW.5.109: W alone reads beren. Other B manuscripts have bar. awey my bolle . and my broke shete

Awey fro þe Auter þanne . turne I myne eiȝen
And biholdeW.5.111: W alone reads biholde. Other B manuscripts have biholde how. Eleyne . haþ a newe cote
I wisshe þanne it were myn . and al þe web after

And of mennes lesyngeW.5.113: The scribe wrote per dicere above the line. I lauȝe . þat likeþ myn herte
And for hir wynnynge I wepe . and waille þe tyme
And deme þat þei doon ille . þere I do wel werse           W.5.115:nota
Who-so vndernymeþ me her-of . I hate hym dedly after
I wolde þat ech a wight . were my knaue
For who-so haþ moore þan I . þat angreþ me soore
And þus I lyue louelees . lik a luþer dogge
That al my body bolneþ . for bitter of my galle

I myȝte noȝt ete many yeres . as a man ouȝte
For enuye and yuel wil . is yuel to defie
May no sugre ne swete þyng . aswage my swellyng
Ne no Diapenidion . dryue it fro myn herte
Ne neiþer shrifte ne shame . but who-so shrape my mawe

Ȝis redily quod Repentaunce . and radde hym to þe beste
Sorwe of synnes . is sauacion of soules
fol. 25vI
I am sory quod þat segge . I am but selde ooþer
And þat makeþ me þus megre . for I ne may me venge

Amonges Burgeises haue I be . dwellyng at Londoun
And gart bakbityng be a brocour . to blame mennes ware
Whan he solde and I nouȝt . þanne was I redy
To lye and to loure on my neȝebore . and to lakke his chaffare
I wole amende þis if I may . þoruȝ myȝt of god almyȝty

W.5.135: The scribe wrote Ira inside a red box in the left margin. The page is cropped, so the first two letters are lost. Now awakeþ Wraþe . wiþ two white eiȝen           W.5.135:nota
And neuelynge wiþ þe nose . and his nekke hangyng

I am wraþe quod he . I was som-tyme a frere
And þe Couentes Gardyner . for to graffen Impes
On lymitours and listres . lesynges I ymped
Til þei beere leues of lowe speche . lordes to plese
And siþen þei blosmede abrood . in boure to here shriftes
And now is fallen þer-of a fruyt . þat folk han wel leuere
Shewen hire shriftes to hem . þan shryue hem to hir persons

And now persons han parceyued . þat freres parte wiþ hem
Thise possessioners preche . and depraue freres

And freres fyndeþ hem in defaute . as folk bereþ witnesse
That whan þei preche þe peple . in many places aboute
I wraþe walke wiþ hem . and wisse hem of my bokes
Thus þei speken of my spiritualte . þat eiþer despiseþ ooþer
Til þei be boþe beggers . and by my spiritualte libben
Or ellis al riche . and ryden aboute
I wraþe reste neuere . þat I ne moste folwe
This wikked folk . for swich is my grace

I haue an Aunte to Nonne . and an Abbesse boþe
Hir hadde leuere swowe or swelte . þan suffre any peyne
fol. 26rI
I haue be cook in hir kichene . and þe Couent serued
Manye Monþes wiþ hem . and wiþ Monkes boþe
I was þe Prioresse potager . and oþere pouere ladies
And maad hem Ioutes of Ianglyng . þat dame Iohane was a bastard
And Dame Clarice a knyȝtes douȝter . ac a cokewold was hir sire
And Dame Pernele a preestes fyle . Prioresse worþ she neuere
For she hadde child in chirietyme . al oure Chapitre it wiste

Of wikkede wordes . I wraþe hire wortes made
Til þow lixt and þow lixt . lopen out atonesat ones
And eiþer hitehit[t]eW.5.165: W alone reads hite; most other B manuscripts have hitte. ooþer . vnder þe cheke
Hadde þei had knyues by crist . hir eiþer hadde kild ooþer

Seint Gregory was a good pope . and hadde a good forwit
That no Prioresse were preest . for þat he ordeyned
They hadde þanne ben Infamis þe firste day . þei kan so yuele hele counseilW.5.169: The right margin is cropped after <co> plus one minim, losing the rest of the word. Other B witnesses read conseil.

Among Monkes I myȝte be . ac many tyme I shonye itW.5.170: W alone reads it, which is omitted by other B witnesses.
For þere ben manye felle frekes . my feeris to aspie
Boþe Priour and Suppriour . and oure Pater Abbas
And if I telle any tales . þei taken hem togideres
And doon me faste frydayes . to breed and to watre
And am chalanged in þe Chapitre-hous . as I a child were
And baleised on þe bare ers . and no brech bitwene
For-þi haue I no likyng . wiþ þo leodes to wonye
I ete þere vnþende fissh . and feble ale drynke
Ac ouþer while whan wyn comeþ . þanneW.5.179: W alone reads þanne. LGMR have whan. Other B manuscripts have and. I drynke wyn at eue
AndW.5.180: W alone reads And. Other B manuscripts have I. haue a flux of a foul mouþ . wel fyue dayes after
Al þe wikkednesse þat I woot . by any of oure breþeren
I couþe it in oure Cloistre . þat al oure Couent woot it

Now repente þee quod Repentaunce . and reherce þow neuere
Counseil þat þow knowest . by contenaunce ne by riȝt
And drynk nat ouer-delicatly . ne to depe neiþer           W.5.185:nota
fol. 26vI
That þi wille by cause þer-of . to wraþe myȝte turne           W.5.186:nota
Esto sobrius he seide . and assoiled me after
And bad me wilne to wepe . my wikkednesse to amende

W.5.189: The scribe wrote Auaricia inside a red box in the left margin. The page is cropped, so the first letters are lost. And þanne cam Coueitise . kan I hym naȝt discryue
So hungrily and holwe . sire heruy hym loked
He was bitelbrowed . and baberlipped also
Wiþ two blered eiȝen . as a blynd hagge
And as a leþeren purs . lolled hise chekes
Wel sidder þan his chyn . þei chyueled for elde
And as a bonde-man of his bacon . his berd was bidraueled
Wiþ an hood on his heed . a lousy hat aboue
And in a tawny tabard . of twelf wynter age
Al to-torn and baudy . and ful of lys crepyng
But if þat a lous couþe . han lopen þe bettre           W.5.199:nota
She sholde noȝt han walked on þat welþe . so was it þredbare           W.5.200:nota

I haue ben coueitous quod þis caytif . I biknowe it here
For som-tyme I serued . Symme atte Style
And was his prentice ypliȝt . his profit to wayte

First I lerned to lye . a leef ouþer tweyne           W.5.204:nota
Wikkedly to weye . was my firste lesson           W.5.205:nota
To wy and to wynchestre . I wente to þe Feyre
Wiþ many manere marchaundise . as my maister me hiȝte
Ne hadde þe grace of gyle ygo . amonges my chaffare
It hadde ben vnsold þis seuen yer . so me god helpe

Thanne drouȝ I me among drapiers . my donet to lerne
To drawe þe liser along . þe lenger it semed
Among þe riche Rayes . I rendred a lesson
To broche hem wiþ a paknedle . and playteW.5.213: W alone reads playte (infin.), while HmCr2 have plyte which is perhaps merely a spelling variant. However, the majority of B manuscripts unambiguously have the past tense playted or plytid. hem togideres
And putte hem in a presse . and pyneW.5.214: W reads pyne, while Cr23 have pynnen. Other B manuscripts have the past tense pynned. hem þer-Inne
Til ten yerdes or twelue . hadde tolled out þrittene
fol. 27rI
My wif was a webbe . and wollen cloþ made
She spak to Spynnesteres . to spynnen it oute
Ac þe pound þat she paied by . peised a quartron moore
Than myn owene Auncer . who-so weyed truþe

I bouȝte hire barly malt . she brew it to selle
Peny ale and puddyng ale . she poured togideres
For laborers and for lowe folk . þat lay by hym-selue

The beste ale lay in my bour . or in my bedchambre
And who-so bummed þer-of . bouȝte it þer-after
A galon for a grote . god woot no lesse
And yet it cam In cuppemele . þis craft my wif vsed
Rose þe Regrater . was hir riȝte name
She haþ holden hukkerye . al hire lif-tyme
Ac I swere now so thee ik . þat synne wol I lete
And neuere wikkedly weye . ne wikke chaffare vse
But wenden to walsyngham . and my wif als
And bidde þe Roode of Bromholm . brynge me out of dette

Repentedestow euere quod Repentaunce . or restitucion madest

Ȝis ones I was yherberwed quod he . wiþ an heep of chapmen
I roos whan þei were areste . and riflede hire males

That was no restitucion quod Repentaunce . but a robberis þefte
Thow haddest be þeW.5.237: W alone reads þe, which is omitted by other B witnesses. bettre worþi . ben hanged þer-fore
Than for al þat . þat þow hast here shewed

I wende riflynge were restitucion quod he . for I lerned neuere rede on boke
And I kan no frenssh in feiþ . but of þe ferþest ende of Northfolk

Vsedestow euere vsurie quod Repentaunce . in al þi lif-tyme
fol. 27vI
Nay soþly he seide . saue in my youþe
I lerned among lumbardes . and Iewes a lesson
To weye pens wiþ a peis . and pare þe heuyeste
And lene it for loue of þe cros . to legge a wed and lese it
Swiche dedes I dide write . if he his day breke
I haue mo Manoirs þoruȝ Rerages . þan þoruȝ Miseretur & comodat

I haue lent lordes . and ladies my chaffare
And ben hire brocour after . and bouȝt it my-selue
Eschaunges and cheuysaunces . wiþ swich chaffare I dele
And lene folk þat lese wole . a lippe at euery noble
And wiþ lumbardes lettres . I ladde gold to Rome
And took it by tale here . and tolde hem þere lasse

Lentestow euere lordes . for loue of hire mayntenaunce

Ye I haue lent toW.5.255: W alone reads to, which is omitted by the other B manuscripts. lordes . loued me neuere after           W.5.255:nota
And haue ymaad many a knyȝt . boþe Mercer and draper
That payed neuere for his prentishode . noȝt a peire gloues

Hastow pite on pouere men . þat mote nedes borwe

I haue as muche pite of pouere men . as pedlere haþ of cattes           W.5.259:nota
That wolde kille hem if he cacche hem myȝte . for coueitise of hir skynnes           W.5.260:nota

Artow manlich among þi neȝebores . of þi mete and drynke

I am holden quod he as hende . as hound is in kichene
Amonges my neȝebores namely . swich a name ich haue

Now god lene þee neuere quod Repentaunce . bubu[t] þow repente þe raþer
The grace on þis grounde . þi good wel to bisette
Ne þyne heires after þee . haue ioie of þat þow wynnest
Ne þyne executours wel bisette . þe siluer þat þow hem leuest
fol. 28rI
And þat was wonne wiþ wrong . wiþ wikked men be despended           W.5.268:nota
For were I frere of þat hous . þer good feiþ and charite is
I nolde cope vs wiþ þi catel . ne oure kirk amende
Ne haue a peny to my pitaunce . so god my soule saueW.5.271: W alone reads so god my soule saue. GHmCr have helpe for saue. Other B manuscripts have of þyne bi my soule hele.
For þe beste book in oure hous . þeiȝ brent gold were þe leues
And I wiste witterly . þow were swich as þow tellest

Seruus es alterius . dumW.5.274: W alone reads dum; all other B manuscripts have cum. fercula pinguia queris
Pane tuo pocius . vescere . liber eris

Thow art an vnkynde creature . I kan þee noȝt assoille
Til þow make restitucion . and rekene wiþ hem alle
And siþen þat Reson rolle it . in þe Registre of heuene
That þow hast maad ech man good . I may þee noȝt assoille

Non dimittitur peccatum . donec restituatur oblatum

For alle þat han of þi good . haue god my trouþe
Ben holden at þe heiȝe doom . to helpe þee to restitue
And who-so leueþ noȝt þis be sooþ . loke in þe Sauter glose
In Miserere mei deus . wher I mene truþe
Ecce enim veritatem dilexisti &c
Shal neuere werkman in þis world . þryue with þat þow wynnest           W.5.286:nota
Cum sancto sanctus eris . construwe me þis on englissh

Thanne weex þat sherewe in wanhope . & wolde han hanged hym-selfeW.5.288: The manuscript is cropped after hym. Other B manuscripts have hym-self.
Ne hadde repentaunce þe raþer . reconforted hym in þis manere

Haue mercy in þi mynde . and wiþ þi mouþ biseche it
For goddes mercy is moore . þan alle hise oþere werkes
And al þe wikkednesse in þis world . þat man myȝte werche or þynke           W.5.292:nota
Nis namoore to þe mercy of god . þan in þe see a gleede           W.5.293:nota

Omnis iniquitas quantum ad misericordiam dei . est quasi sintilla in medio marisW.5.294: The right margin is cropped with the lobes of the <a> just visible after an <m>. Other B manuscripts have maris.W.5.294: The first two words of W.5.290, haue mercy, are repeated at the foot of the page in another hand.
fol. 28vI
For-þi haue mercy in þy mynde . and marchaundise leue it
For þow hast no good ground . to gete þee wiþ a wastel
But if it were wiþ þi tonge . or ellis wiþ þi two hondes
For þe good þat þow hast geten . bigan al wiþ falshede           W.5.298:nota
And as longe as þow lyuest þer-with . þow yeldest noȝt but borwest

And if þow wite neuere to whiche . ne whom to restitue
Ber it to þe Bisshop . and bid hym of his grace
Bisette it hym-self . as best is for þi soule
For he shal answere for þee . at þe heiȝe dome
For þee and for many mo . þat man shal yeue a rekenyng
What he lerned yow in lente . leue þow noon ooþer
And what he lente yow of oure lordes good . to lette yow fro synne

W.5.307: The scribe has written Gula in a red box in the left margin. Its graphies are ornamented with touches of red ink. Now bigynneþ Gloton . for to go to shrifte
And karieþ hym to kirkeward . his coupe to shewe
And Beton þe Brewestere . bad hym good morwe
And asked atW.5.310: W alone reads at. Other B manuscripts have of. hym wiþ þat . whiderward he wolde

To holy chirche quod he . for to here masse
And siþen I wole be shryuen . and synne namoore

I haue good Ale gossib quod she . Gloton woltow assaye

Hastow ouȝt in þi purs quod he . any hote spices

I haue pepir and piones quod she . and a pound of garleek
And a ferþyngworþ of fenel seed . for fastynge-dayes

Thanne goþ Gloton In . and grete oþes after
Cesse þe Souteresse . sat on þe benche
Watte þe warner . and his wif boþe
Tymme þe Tynkere . and tweyne of his prentices
Hikke þe hakeneyman . and hugh þe Nedlere
fol. 29rI
Clarice of Cokkeslane . and þe Clerk of þe chirche
Dawe þe dykere . and a dozeyne oþere

Sire Piers of Pridie . and Pernele of Flaundres
A Ribibour a Ratoner . a Rakiere of Chepe
A Ropere a Redyngkyng . and Rose þe dyssheres
Godefray of Garlekhiþe . and Griffyn þe walshe
And vpholderes an heep . erly by þe morwe
Geue Gloton wiþ glad chere . good ale to hanselle

Clement þe Cobelere . caste of his cloke
And at þe newe feire . he nempned it to selle

Hikke þe Hakeneyman . hitte his hood after
And bad Bette þe Bocher . ben on his syde

Ther were chapmen ychose . þis chaffare to preise
ThatW.5.335: W alone reads That, omitted by other B manuscripts. who-so hadde þe hood . sholde han amendes of þe cloke

Two risen vp in Rape . and rouned togideres
And preised þise penyworþes . a-part by hem-selue
Thei kouþe noȝt by hir Conscience . acorden in truþe
Til Robyn þe Ropere . aroos by þe Southe
And nempned hym for a nounpere . þat no debat nere

Hikke þe hostiler . hadde þe cloke
In couenaunt þat Clement . sholde þe cuppe fille
And haue Hikkes hood hostiler . and holden hym yserued
And who-so repented raþest . sholde aryse after
And greten sire Gloton . wiþ a Galon ale

There was lauȝynge and lourynge . and lat go þe cuppe
And seten so til euensong . and songen vmwhile
Til Gloton hadde yglubbed . a galon and a gille
fol. 29vI
Hise guttes bigonne to goþelen . as two gredy sowes
He pissed a potel . in a pater noster while
And blew his rounde ruwet . at his ruggebones ende
That alle þat herde þat horn . helde hir noses after
And wisshed it hadde ben wexed . wiþ a wispe of firses

He myȝte neiþer steppe ne stonde . er he his staf hadde
And þanne gan he to go . lik a glemannes bicche           W.5.355:nota
Som-tyme aside . and som-tyme arere
As who-so leiþ lynes . for to lacche foweles

And whan he drouȝ to þe dore . þanne dymmed hise eiȝen
He stumbled on þe þresshfold . and þrew to þe erþe
Clement þe Cobelere . kauȝte hym by þe myddel
For to liften hym olofte . and leyde hym on his knowes
Ac Gloton was a gret cherl . and a grym in þe liftyng
And kouȝed vp a cawdel . in Clementes lappe
Is noon so hungry hound . in hertford-shire
Dorste lape of þat leuynges . so vnlouely þei smauȝte

Wiþ al þe wo of þis world . his wif and his wencheW.5.366: The red ink partially obscuring wenche is transferred from Accidia on the opposite page.
Baren hym hom to his bed . and brouȝte hym þer-Inne
And after al þis excesse . he hadde an Accidie
That he sleep Saterday . and Sonday . til sonne yede to reste

Thanne waked he of his wynkyng . and wiped hise eiȝen
The firste word þat he warp . was where is þe bolle
His wif gan edwyte hym þo . how wikkedly he lyuede
And Repentaunce riȝt so . rebuked hym þat tyme
As þow wiþ wordes & werkes . hast wroȝt yuele in þi lyue
Shryue þee and be shamed þer-of . and shewe it with þi mouþe

I Gloton quod þe grom . gilty me yelde
That I haue trespased with my tonge . I kan noȝt telle how ofte
Sworen goddes soule . and so me god helpeW.5.378: W alone reads me god helpe. Most other B witnesses have god me helpe & (þe) holidome with minor variation.
fol. 30rI
There no nede was . nyne hundred tymes

And ouerseyen me at my soper . and som-tyme at Nones
That I Gloton girte it vp . er I hadde gon a myle
And yspilt þat myȝte be spared . and spended on som hungry
Ouer-delicatly on fastyng-dayes . dronken and eten boþe
And sat som-tyme so longe þere . þat I sleep and eet atonesat ones
For loue of tales in Tauernes . and forW.5.385: W alone reads and for. Other B manuscripts have to. drynke . þe moore I dyned
And hyed to þe mete er noon . whan fastyng-dayes were

This shewynge shrift quod Repentaunce . shal be meryt to þe

And þanne gan Gloton greete . and gret doel to make
For his luþer lif . þat he lyued hadde
And auowed to faste . for hunger or for þurste
Shal neuere fyssh on Fryday . defyen in my wombe
Til Abstinence myn Aunte . haue ȝyue me leeue
And yet haue I hated hire . al my lif-tyme

W.5.394: The scribe wrote Accidia inside a red box in the left margin. Thanne cam Sleuþe al bislabered . wiþ two slymy eiȝen
I moste sitte seide þe segge . or ellis sholde I nappe
I may noȝt stonde ne stoupe . ne wiþ-oute a stool knele
Were I brouȝt abedde . but if my tail-endeW.5.397: The spacing is ambiguous, and this could be read as two words. Cf. W.8.82 (fol. 46r) where the word is clearly written as one word, in the sense "tallying" but with a pun on tail-ende. it made
Sholde no ryngynge do me ryse . er I were ripe to dyne
He bigan Benedicite with a bolk . and his brest knokked
And raxed and rored . and rutte at þe laste

What awake renk quod Repentaunce . and rape þee to shryfte

If I sholde deye bi þis day . me list nouȝt to loke
I kan noȝt parfitly my Pater noster . as þe preest it syngeþ
But I kan rymes of RobynhoodRobyn hood . and Randolf Erl of Chestre
Ac neiþer of oure lord ne of oure lady . þe leeste þat euere was maked
fol. 30vI
I haue maad auowes fourty . and foryete hem on þe morwe
I parfournede neuere penaunce . as þe preest me hiȝte
Ne riȝt sory for my synnes . yet was I neuere
And if I bidde any bedes . but if it be in wraþe
That I telle wiþ my tonge . is two myle fro myn herte           W.5.410:nota
I am ocupied eche day . haly-day and ooþer
Wiþ ydel tales at þe Ale . and ouþer-while atW.5.412: W alone reads at. Other B manuscripts have yn. chirche
Goddes peyne and his passion . ful selde þenke I on it

I visited neuere feble men . ne fettred folk in puttes
I haue leuere here an harlotrye . or a Somer game of Souters
Or lesyngeW.5.416: W alone has singular lesynge. Other B manuscripts have lesynges. to lauȝen at . and bilye my neȝebores
Than al þat euere Marc made . Mathew Iohan . and Lucas
And vigilies and fastyngdayes . alle þise late I passe
And ligge abedde in lenten . and my lemman in myne armes
Til matyns and masse be do . and þanne go to þe freres
Come I to Ite missa est . I holde me yserued
I nam noȝt shryuen som-tyme . but if siknesse it make
Nouȝt twyes in two yer . and þanne vp gesse I shryue me

I haue be preest and person . passynge þritty wynter
And yet kan I neyþer solue ne synge . ne seintes lyues rede
But I kan fynden in a feld . or in a furlang an hare
Bettre þan in Beatus vir . or in Beati omnes
Construe oon clause wel . and kenne it to my parisshens
I kan holde loue-dayes . and here a Reues rekenyng
Ac in Canoun nor in decretals . I kan noȝt rede a lyne

If I bigge and borwe auȝt . but if it be ytailed
I foryete it as yerne . and if men me it axe
Sixe siþes or seuene . I forsake it wiþ oþes
And þus tene I trewe men . ten hundred tymes

And my seruauntz som-tyme . hir salarie is bihynde
fol. 31rI
Ruþe it is to here þe rekenyng . whan we shul rede acountes
So wiþ wikked wil and wraþe . my werkmen I paye

If any man dooþ me a bienfait . or helpeþ me at nede
I am vnkynde ayeins curteisieW.5.439: W alone omits his before curteisie. . and kan nouȝt vnderstonden it           W.5.439:nota
For I haue and haue had . som-del haukes maneres
I am noȝt lured wiþ loue . but þer ligge auȝt vnder þe þombe

The kyndenesse þat myn euencristene . kidde me fernyere
Sixty siþes I Sleuþe . haue foryete it siþþe
In speche and in sparynge of speche . yspilt many a tyme
Boþe flessh and fissh . and manye oþere vitailles
Boþ bred and ale . buttre / melk and chese
Forsleuþed in my seruice . til it myȝte serue no man

I ran aboute in youþe . and yaf me nauȝt to lerne
And euere siþþe haue I be beggere . for my foule sleuþe

Heu michi quia sterilem vitam duxi Iuuenilem

Repentedestow noȝt quod Repentaunce . & riȝt wiþ þat he swowned
Til vigilate þe veille . fette water at hise eiȝen
And flatte it on his face . and faste on hym cryde
And seide ware þee . for wanhope wolde þee bitraye
I am sory for my synnes . seye to þi-selue
And beet þi-self on þe brest . and bidde hym of grace
For is no gilt here so gret . þat his goodnesse nys moore

Thanne sat Sleuþe vp . and seyned hym swiþe
And made auow tofore god . for his foule sleuþe
Shal no Sonday be þis seuen yer . but siknesse it lette
That I ne shal do me er day . to þe deere chirche
And here matyns and masse . as I a monk were
Shal noon ale after mete . holde me þennes
fol. 31vI
Til I haue euen-song herd . I bihote to þe Roode
And yet wole I yelde ayein . if I so muche haue
Al þat I wikkedly wan . siþen I wit hadde

And þouȝ my liflode lakke . leten I nelle
That ech man ne shal haue his . er I hennes wende
And wiþ þe residue and þe remenaunt . bi þe Rode of Chestre
I shal seken truþe erst . er I se Rome

Roberd þe Robbere . on Reddite loked
And for þer was noȝt wher-of . he wepte swiþe soore
Ac yet þe synfulle sherewe . seide to hym-selue
Crist þat on Caluarie . vp-on þe cros deidest
Tho Dysmas my broþer . bisouȝte yow of grace
And haddest mercy on þat man . for Memento sake
So rewe on þis Robbere . þat Reddere ne haue
Ne neuere wene to wynne . wiþ craft þat I owe
But for þi muchel mercy . mitigacion I biseche
Ne dampne me noȝt at domes-day . for þat I dide so ille

What bifel of þis feloun . I kan noȝt faire shewe
Wel I woot he wepte faste . water wiþ boþe hise eiȝen
And knoweliched his gilt . to crist yet eft-soones
That penitencia his pik . he sholde polshe newe
And lepe wiþ hym ouer lond . al his lif-tyme
For he hadde leyen by Latro . luciferis Aunte

And þanne hadde Repentaunce ruþe . and redde hem alle to knele
For I shal biseche for alle synfulle . oure Saueour of grace
To amenden vs of oure mysdedes . and do mercy to vs alle

Now god quod he þat of þi goodnesse . bigonneW.5.490: W alone reads bigonne. Other B manuscripts read gonne. þe world to make
And of nauȝt madest auȝt . and man moost lik to þi-selue
And siþen suffredest for to synne . a siknesse to vs alle
fol. 32rI
And al for þe beste as I bileue . what-euere þe book telleþ

O felix culpa . o necessarium peccatum Ade &c W.5.494: A second hand has inserted just below the original Latin line the following: o felex Culpa o necessarium peccatum ade &c

For þoruȝ þat synne þi sone . sent was to þis erþe
And bicam man of a maide . mankynde to saue
And madest þi-self wiþ þi sone . and vs synfulle yliche

Faciamus hominem ad ymaginemW.5.498: W alone omits et similitudinem after ymaginem. nostram
Et alibi . / Qui manet in caritate in deo manet & deus in eo

And siþþe wiþ þi selue sone . in oure secteW.5.500: W alone reads secte. Other B witnesses read sute. deidest
On goodfrydaygood fryday for mannes sake . at ful tyme of þe daye
Ther þi-self ne þi sone . no sorwe in deeþ feledest
But in oure secte was þe sorwe . and þi sone it ladde
Captiuam duxit captiuitatem

The sonne for sorwe þer-of . lees liȝt ofW.5.505: W alone reads of. Other B manuscripts have for. a tyme
Aboute mydday whan moost liȝt is . and meel-tyme of Seintes
Feddest wiþ þi fresshe blood . oure fore-fadres in derknesse

Populus qui ambulabat in tenebris . vidit lucem magnam

And þoruȝ þe liȝt þat lepe out of þee . Lucifer was blent
And blewe alle þi blessed . in-to þe blisse of Paradys

The þridde day after . þow yedest in oure sute
A synful Marie þe seiȝ . er seynte Marie þi dame
And al to solace synfulle . þow suffredest it so were

Non veni vocare iustos . set peccatores ad penitenciam

And al þat Marc . haþ ymaad . Mathew / Iohan / and Lucas
Of þyne douȝty dedes . wasW.5.516: W alone reads was. Other B witnesses have were. doon in oure armes
fol. 32vI
Verbum caro factum est & habitauit in nobis

And by so muche me semeþ . þe sikerer we mowe
Bidde and biseche . if it be þi wille
That art oure fader and oure broþer . be merciable to vs
And haue ruþe on þise Ribaudes . þat repenten hem here soore
That euere þei wraþed þee in þis world . in word . þouȝt or dedes

Thanne hente hope an horn . of Deus tu conuersus viuificabis
And blew it wiþ . Beati quorum . remisse sunt iniquitates
That alle Seintes in heuene . songen atonesat ones

Homines & iumenta saluabis . quemadmodum multiplicasti misericordiam tuam deus

A þousand of men þo . þrungen togideres
Cride vpward to Crist . and to his clene moder
To haue grace to go wiþ hem . truþe to seke

Ac þere was wiȝt noon so wys . þe wey þider kouþe
But blustreden forþ as beestes . ouer bankes and hilles
Til late was and longe . þat þei a leode mette
Apparailled as a paynym . in pilgrymes wise
He bar a burdoun ybounde . wiþ a brood liste
In a wiþwyndeW.5.535: W alone reads wiþwynde. HmGLRM read wythewyndes. YOC2C have swithe wyndes. wise . ywounden aboute
A bolle and a bagge . he bar by his syde
An hundred of Ampulles . on his hat seten
Signes of Synay . and shelles of Galice
And many a crouch on his cloke . and keyes of Rome
And þe vernycle bifore . for men sholde knowe
And se bi hise signes . whom he souȝt hadde

This folk frayned hym first . fro whennes he come

Fram Synay he seide . and fram oure lordes Sepulcre
In Bethlem and
fol. 33rI
In Bethlem and in Babiloyne . I haue ben in boþe
In Armonye in Alisaundre . in manye oþere places
Ye may se by my signes . þat sitten on myn hatte
That I haue walked ful wide . in weet and in drye
And souȝt goode Seintes . for my soules helþe

Knowestow auȝt a corsaint . þat men calle truþe
Koudestow auȝt wissen vs þe wey . wher þat wye dwelleþ

Nay so me god helpe . seide þe gome þanne
I seiȝ neuere Palmere . wiþ pyk ne wiþ scrippe
Asken after hym er . til now in þis place

Peter quod a Plowman . and putte forþ his hed
I knowe hym as kyndely . as clerc doþ hise bokes
Conscience and kynde wit . kenned me to his place
And diden me suren hym sikerly . to seruen hym for euere
Boþe to sowe and to sette . þe while I swynke myȝte
I haue ben his folwere . al þis fifty wynter
Boþe ysowen his seed . and suwed hise beestes
Wiþ-Inne and wiþ-outen . waited his profit
I dyke and I delue . I do þat truþe hoteþ
Som-tyme I sowe . and som-tyme I þresshe
In taillours craft and tynkeris craft . what truþe kan deuyse
I weue and I wynde . and do what truþe hoteþ
For þouȝ I seye it my-self . I serue hym to paye
I haue myn hire wel . and ouþer-whiles moore
He is þe presteste paiere . þat pouere men knoweþ
He ne wiþhalt noon hewe his hire . þat he ne haþ it at euen
He is as lowe as a lomb . and louelich of speche
And if ye wilneþ to wite . where þat he dwelleþ
I shal wisse yow witterly . þe wey to his place

Ye leue Piers quod þise pilgrimes . and profred hym huyre
fol. 33vI
Forto wende wiþ hem . to truþes dwellyng place

Nay by my soules helþe quod Piers . and gan for to swere
I nolde fange a ferþyng . for seint Thomas shryne
Truþe wolde loue me þe lasse . a long tyme þer-after
Ac if yowW.5.578: WCr1 alone read yow, where other B witnesses have ȝe. There are no examples in W of nominative yow, so perhaps wilneþ is here uniquely treated as an impersonal verb. Cf. 5.571 above. wilneþ to wende wel . þis is þe wey þider

Ye moten go þoruȝ mekenesse . boþe men and wyues
Til ye come in-to Conscience . þat crist wite þe soþe
That ye louen oure lord god . leuest of alle þynges
And þanne youre neȝebores next . in none wise apeire
Oþer-wise þan þow woldest . he wrouȝte to þi-selue

And so boweþ forþ by a brook . beþ buxom of speche
Til ye fynden a ford . youre fadres honoureþ
Honora patrem & matrem &c
Wadeþ in þat water . and wasshe yow wel þer-Inne           W.5.587:nota
And ye shul lepe þe liȝtloker . al youre lif-tyme           W.5.588:nota
And so shaltow se swere noȝt . but if it be for nede
And nameliche on ydel . þe name of god almyȝty

Thanne shaltow come by a croft . but come þow noȝt þer-Inne
That croft hatte Coueite noȝt . mennes catel ne hire wyues
Ne noon of hire seruauntz . þat noyen hem myȝte
Loke ye breke no bowes þere . but if it be youre owene

Two stokkes þer stondeþ . ac stynte ye noȝt þere
Thei hiȝte Stele noȝt & Sle noȝt . strik forþ by boþe
And leue hem on þi lift half . and loke noȝt þer-after
And hold wel þyn haliday . heighe til euen

Thanne shaltow blenche at a Bergh . bere no fals witnesse
He is fryþed In wiþ floryns . and oþere fees manye
Loke þow plukke no plaunte þere . for peril of þi soule
fol. 34rI
Thanne shul ye see seye sooþ . so it be to doone
In goodW.5.603: W alone reads good. Other B witnesses have no. manere ellis noȝt . for no mannes biddyng

Thanne shaltow come to a court . as cler as þe sonne
The moot is of mercy . þe Manoir aboute
And alle þe walles ben of wit . to holden wil oute
And kerneled wiþ cristendom . mankynde to saue
Botrased wiþ bileef so . or þow beest noȝt saued

And alle þe houses ben hiled . halles and chambres
Wiþ no leed but wiþ loue . and lowe speche as breþeren
The brugge is of bidde wel . þe bet may þow spede
Ech piler is of penaunce . of preieres to Seyntes
Of almes-dedes are þe hokes . þat þe gates hangen on

Grace hatte þe gateward . a good man for-soþe
His man hatte amende yow . for many men hym knoweþ
Telleþ hym þis tokene . þat truþe wite þe soþe
I parfourned þe penaunce . þat þe preest me enioyned
And am ful sory for my synnes . and so I shal euere
Whan I þynke þer-on . þeiȝ I were a Pope

Biddeþ amende yow meke hym . til his maister ones
To wayuen vp þe wiket . þat þe womman shette
Tho Adam and Eue . eten apples vnrosted

Per Euam cuntis clausa est . et per Mariam virginem patefacta est

For he haþ þe keye and þe cliket . þouȝ þe kyng slepe
And if grace graunte þee . to go in þis wise
Thow shalt see in þi-selue . truþe in þyn herte
In a cheyne of charite . as þow a child were
To suffren hym and segge noȝt . ayein þi sires wille
fol. 34vI
And be war þanne of wraþe þee . þat is a wikked sherewe
He haþ enuye to hym . þat in þyn herte sitteþ
And pokeþ forþ pride . to preise þi-seluen
The boldnesse of þi bienfetes . makeþ þee blynd þanne
And þanne worstow dryuen out as dew . and þe dore closed
Keyed and cliketted . to kepe þee wiþ-outen
Happily anhundredan hundred wynter . er þow eft entre
Thus myȝtestow lesen his loue . to lete wel by þi-selue
And neuere happily eft entre . but grace þow haue

And þer are seuen sustren . þat seruen truþe euere
And arn porters of þe Posternes . þat to þe place longeþ

That oon hatte Abstinence . and humilite anoþer
Charite and Chastite . ben hise chief maydenes
Pacience and pees . muche peple þei helpeþ
Largenesse þe lady . she let in ful manye
Heo haþ holpe a þousand out . of þe deueles punfolde
And who is sib to þise seuene . so me god helpe
He is wonderly welcome . and faire vnderfongen
And but if ye be sibbe . to some of þise seuene
It is ful hard by myn heed quod Piers . for any of yow alle
To geten ingoing at any gate þere . but grace be þe moore

Now by crist quod a kutte-purs . I haue no kyn þere
Nor I quod an Apeward . by auȝt þat I kan knowe
Wite god quod a wafrestere . wiste I þis for soþe
Sholde I neuere ferþer a foot . for no freres prechyng

Ȝis quod Piers þe Plowman . and poked hem alle to goode
Mercy is a maiden þere . haþ myȝt ouer alle
And she is sib to alle synfulle . and hire sone also
And þoruȝ þe help of hem two . hope þow noon ooþer
Thow myȝt gete grace þere . so þow go bityme .
fol. 35rI
Bi seint Poul quod a pardoner . parauenture I be noȝt knowe þere
I wol go fecche my box wiþ my breuettes . & a bulle with bisshopes lettres

By crist quod a comune womman . þi compaignie wol I folwe
Thow shalt seye I am þi Suster . I ne woot where þei bicome