fol. 18v (cont.)I


Passus quintus de Visione .M.5.0: This passus rubric is centered on its own line. In the left margin, the guide for the rubricator has apparently been erased and the rubricator has noted Quintus.

The kynge and his knyȝtes . to þe kirke wente
To here matines of þe day . and þe messe
Þanne wakede I of myn wynkynge  and wo was withalle
Þat I nadde slepte saddere . and yseiȝen more
Ac er I hadde faren a fourlonge . faintise me hente
Þat I ne miȝte ferthere a fo..ot . for defaute of slepinge
And sat softely dounM.5.7: M shares the reading doun with H. Other B manuscripts have adoun. . & saide my bileue .
And so I bablede on my  þei brouȝte me a-slepe
And þanne sawe I moche more . þanne I bifore ofM.5.9: The insertion of of brings M into line with WCr. tolde
For I sawȝgh þe fielde ful of folk . þat I bifore of seide
And how resoun gan araiene hym . alle þe reume to preche
And with a crosse a-fore þe kynge . coms.ed þus to techen
# quia peccatum est Causa vindicti
He preued þat þise pestilences . was alM.5.13: M shares the reading was al with Y. Other B manuscripts omit al. for pure synne .
And þe southwest wynde . on a Saturday atte euene
Was pertliche for pure pride . and for no point elles
Piries and plumptrees . were puffud to þe erþe .
In ensample ȝye segges  ȝye shulden do þe
Beches and brode . weren .blowen to þe grounde .
Turned vpwarde heire tailles . in tok.....enyng ofM.5.19: M's original reading without of agreed with F, which, however, has knowlechynge in place of tokenyng. drede .
Þat dedly synnnesynne er Domusday . shal fordo.on hem alle
Of þis matere I miȝte . mamely ful longe
# quomodo predicabat Racio
Ac I shal saie as I sawe . so me god helpe
How pertly afore .þe p.eple . resoun gan ...? preche
He bad wastour go worche . what he beste couthe .
And wynnyn his wastynge . with s..meom manere crafte .
And praide pernelle . hire purfile to lete .
And kepe it in hire cofre . for catel at hire nede .
fol. 19rI
Thomme stowue he tauȝte . to take two staues
And fecchen felice hom . from þe wyuen pyne
# þat wattis wyff was to blame
He warned watte his wif was to blame
Þat hire hed was worth half aM.5.31: M's original reading without a agrees with WHmOBRF. markeandM.5.31: The and which was added was later deleted. Its absence here agrees with GYOC2CLR. his ho..od nouȝt worth a grote .
And ...?...bad Bette kutte  a bowe oþer tweyne
And bete .Betun þere-with  but ȝif she wolde worche
And þanne he charged  to chastisen hire children
Late no wynnynge hem for-weny . w...hil þei ben ȝyonge
Ne for no pouste of pestilence . plese hem nouȝt out of resoun
My sire saide so to me . and so dud my dame
Þat þe leuere childe . þe more lore byhoueth
And sal.omon saide þe same . þat sapience made
Qui parcit virge odit filium suumM.5.40: M alone among B manuscripts includes the word suum at the end of this Latin tag. .
Þe englissh of þis latin is . who-so wol it knowe
Who-so spareth þe springe . spilleþ his children
And sitthen he praide Prelates . & to-gedres
notate predicatores
Nota beneM.5.44: This odd nota bene sign resembles a few instances below.
Þat ȝye prechen to þe ..peple  proue it on ȝyowre-seluen
And dothe it in dede  it shal drawe ȝyow to goode .
...?...If ye l.yuenM.5.46: WC2CH read leuen, "believe." The spelling lyuen is usually a correction in M, since the original scribe does not distinguish between leuen and lyuen. as ȝye leren ..vs . we leuenM.5.46: The reading leuen is shared with F. Other B manuscripts supply shul. ȝyow þe bett.rere
And sithen he radde Religioun  ...hire rule to holde
nota.      nota.
Leste þe kynge and his conseil  .yowre comunes appaire
And be of ȝyowre stedes . til .ye be rulede
And sithen he conseilled þe kynge . þe comune to louye
# bene dicit
It is þi tresour ȝif tresoun ne were . and triacle at þi nede
And sithen he praiede þe pope . haue pite on holychurche
And er .......yeM.5.53: All other B manuscripts read he at this point. Kane and Donaldson's apparatus suggests that only the first letter of the word has been altered, but the erasure is considerably more extensive. gyue any grace  gouerne furst .yowre-seluenM.5.53: M's reading of yowre-seluen is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read hymseluen.
# quomodo laudatur veritas
And .ye þat han lawes to kepe  late truthe be ȝyowre coue....itise
More þanne gold or . ...if ye wil god plese .
For whoso contrarieþ treuthe . he telleþ in þe gospell
Þat god knoweþ him nouȝte . ne none sainte of heuene
Amen dico vobis nescio vos. & cetera
And .ye þat seke seint Iames . and seintes of Rome
Sekeþ seint truthe  for he may saue ȝyow alle ~
fol. 19vI
# Finem sermonis
Qui cum patre & filio . þat faire hem bifalle
Þat suweth my sermon . and þus saide resoun
Þanne ranne repentaunce . & rehercede his teme
And garte wille to wepe . water with his eyen
.....Pernelle proude-herte . platte here to þe erthe
And lay longe er she lok.ed . and lord mercy cried
And bihiȝte vn-to hym . þat vs alle made
She shulde vnsowen hire serke . and sette þere an heire
To affaiten hire flessh . þat fiers was to synne
Shal neuere heiȝe herte me hente . but holde me lowe
And suffre to beM.5.71: M's original reading without be agreed with F. myssaide  and so did I neuere .
But now wille I meke me . and mercy biseche
For alle þis I haue . hatede in myn herte .
Þanne lecchoure saide allas . and on owre lady he criede
To make mercy for his my.sdedes . by-twene god and his soule
With þat he shulde þe saturday . seuene ȝyere þere-aft.rer
Drinke but myd þe doke . and dyne but ones .
Enuie with heuy herte . axede aftur shrifte .
And carefuliche mea culpa  he comsed to shewe
He was as pale as a pelete  in þe he semed
And clothed in a .kaurimaury . I couthe it nouȝte discreue
In kurtul and  and a knyf by his side
# the Freris Fore-slevis
Of a freres frokke . were þe forsleues
And as a leke hadde yleye . longe in þe sonne
So lok.ed he with lene . lourynge foule .
His body was to-bolle for wrathe . þat he bo..ot his lippus
And wryngynge he ȝyede with þe fiste . to wreke hym-self he þouȝte
With werkus or with wordus . whanne he seighe his tyme .
Ecche a worde þat he warpe was of an addres tonge
Of chidinge and chalaungynge . was his chief liflode .
With bakbytynge and bismer  and berynge of false wittnesse
Þis was al his curtesie . where þat euere he shewede hym .
I wolde byM.5.93: M's reading by is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read ben. shriuen quod þis shrewe  and I for shame durste
I wolde be by god . þat gibbe hadde meschaunce
Þanne þouȝe I hadde þis woke y-wonne . a weye of essex chese
fol. 20rI
vus passus
I haue a neiȝgbore neiȝe me . I haue ......anoyedM.5.96: In place of the rewritten anoyed (as in WG) other B manuscripts have noyȝed, enuyed, and envied. hym ofte .
ABylowenM.5.97: The scribe originally wrote A as a form of And (see a similar instance at M.9.57). This was erased and By written in. (Compare A variants at K.5.76: Bi-lowen and And belowen.) The erasure has affected the bottom of the <I> in the previous line. Other B manuscripts begin the line with And lowen on hym. ..him to . to do..on hym lese his silue..rr
A..nd made his frendus to benM.5.98: The reading to ben is shared with B. Other B manuscripts read be or omit entirely. his fon . þourgh my false tonge .
His grace and his gode happus . greueth me ful sore .
Bytwene many and many . I make debate ofte .
Þat bothe lif and lyme . is lost þ my speche
# discripcionem invidie
And whanne I mete hym in markete  þat I moste hate
I hailse hym ..hendliche . as I his frende were .
For he his douȝtier þan I  I dar do non othur
Ac hadde I maistrie and miȝte . god wot my wille .
And whanne I come to þe kirke  and shulde knele to þe Rode
And praie for þe p.eple  as þe preest techeth .
For pilgrymes and palmeres  for alle þe ...peple aftur .
Þanne I crie on my knees  þat criste ȝyeue hem sorwe .
Þat bar awaye my bolle  and my broke shete .
Away from þautiere þannneþanne  turne I myn eiȝen
And bih.oldeM.5.112: M's altered reading agrees with most B manuscripts. C2F here read bihelde. how Eleyne  ha...thM.5.112: R reads hath on; F reads hadde on. The erasure here may conceal such a reading. a newe cote .
I wisshe þanne it were myn  and alle þe webbe aftur
And of aM.5.114: M's reading of many a is perhaps altered from mennes, the reading of all other B manuscripts. lesinge I lauȝghe  þat akeþM.5.114: The reading akeþ is shared with B. Most other B manuscripts read likeþ. myn herte .
And for hire wynnyngesM.5.115: M's plural is unique among B manuscripts. I wepe  and waille þe tyme
And deme þat hij don ille  þere I do wel worse
Who-so vndurnemeth me þere-ofM.5.117: The reading þere-of is shared with F. Most other B manuscripts read hereof.  I hate hym dedly aftur .
I wolde þat .eche a wiȝt . were myn knaue .
For who-so haþ more þanne I  þat angreth me sore .
And þus I lyue loueles . like a luther dogge .
Þat alle my body bolneþ . for bitter of my galle
I miȝte nouȝte ete many ȝyeres . as a man ouȝte
For enuye and .yuel wille  is .yuel to diffien
May no sugre ne swete þinkeg . asswage myn swellynge
Ne no Diapenidion  dryue it from myn herte
Ne nowther shrifte ne shame . but ho-so shrape my mawe
ȜYus redily quod repentaunce  and radde hym to þe beste
Sorwe of synnes  is sauacioun of soules
I am sory quod þat segge  I am but selde .
fol. 20vI
And þat makeþ me þus megre  megreM.5.130: The final three letters of the erased megre are themselves a correction, but so messily written that the scribe has rewritten the word above. for I ne may me venge .
Amonges Burgeises haue I be . dwellinge at londoun
And garte bakbytinge be a brocoure . to blame mennus ware
Whanne he solde and I nouȝt  þan was I redy
To lie and loure onM.5.134: The scribe's repetition loure on to loure on has been corrected by erasure of the first two words. The reading without to agreed with HmCr23. to loure on my neiȝgbore . and to lakke his chaffare
I wil amende þis ȝif I may  þorw miȝte of god almiȝty
Now awaketh wratthe . with ...?...?...two white eyen
And neuelinge with þe nose . and þeM.5.137: The reading þe is shared with G. All other B manuscripts read his. nekke hangynge
M.5.138-143: This paragraph is bracketed in the left margin. nota#
I am wratthe quod he  I was sumtyme a Frere .
A.nd þe Couentus gardiner . for to graffe ympus
On limitours and list...res . lesinges I ympud
Til þei bare leues of lowe speche  lordus to plese
And siþþe þei blo....smed so brodeM.5.142: M's reading so brode is not attested in other B manuscripts, most of which read abrood. . in boure to here shriftus .
And now is fallen þereof a fruite . þat folke han wel leuere
Shewen hire shriftus to hem  þanne to hire personesM.5.144: M's unmetrical form of the b-verse is shared with GYCot. Most manuscripts read with W þan shryue hem to hir persons. .
# the Cause off grugge betwen Curatis & Freris
And now persons hanM.5.145: M's original reading without persons han is not attested in other B manuscripts. perceiuede . þat Freres parte with hem
Þis possessioneres preche . and depraue Freres .
And Freres findeþ hem in defaute . as folke bereth wittnesse
That whanne whanne þei preche þe p.eple . in many place aboute
I wratthe walke with hem . and wisse hem of my bokus
Þus þei speken of myM.5.150: M's original reading without my agreed with YOC2CBLF. spiritualte . tilM.5.150: The reading til is shared with F; most other B manuscripts read þat. despiseth othur .
Til þei be bothe beggers . and by my spiritualte libben
Or ellus alle riche . and riden aboute
I wrathe reste neuere  þat I ne moste folwe
This wikkud folk . for suche is my grace .
I haue an naunte to Nonne . and anM.5.155: M's original reading without an agreed with OCot. abbesse bothe
Hire were leuere swowe or swelte . þan suffre any peyne
I haue ben cook in here ..kychen . and þe couent serued
Many monthes with hem . and with monkes bothe
I was þe priouresses potagiere . and oþur pore ladyes
And made hem ioutes of iangelinge . þat dame Ione was a bastard
And dame Clarice a kniȝtus douȝtur  ac a kokewalde was hire sire
...?...M.5.162: Something, no longer legible, is erased in left margin.
And dame Pernelle a prestus file  priouresse worth she neuere
For she hadde childe in chirityme . al owre chapitre it wiste
Of wikked wordus I wrathe . made here wortusM.5.164: M's syntax here is unique among B manuscripts, the rest of which place the object before the verb.
Til þow lixte . and þow lixte . lopen oute at ones
And either h.ytte oþur . vndur þe cheke
fol. 21rI
vus passus
Hadde þai hadde knyues by crist . here eithur hadde kullud oþur
Seint Gregorie was a gode Pope . and hadde a gode forwitte
Þat no priouresse were preest . for þat he ordeinede
Þay hadde þanne ben infamis . þai can so euele hele conseille
Amonge monk. —— monkes I miȝte be  ac many tyme y shonye
For þere ben many fel..le Frekes . my feres to aspien
Bothe priour and ...subpriour  and oure Pater Abbas
And ȝif I telle any tales . þei taken hem to-g.idres
And don me fasten Frydais . to bred and to watur
And am chalanged in þe Chapitelhous . as I a Childe were .
And baleised on þe bare ers . & no breche bitwene .
For I -þi haue I no lykynge . with þo leodes to wonye
I ete þere vnthende Fissh . and fieble ale drinke .
Ac othurwhile whanne wyn cometh . whanne I drinke wyn at eue
# the Flix off the Foule mowth
I haue a fluxe of a foule mouthe wel fyue daies aftur .
Alle þe wikkudnesse þat I wote  by any of oure breþeren
I couthe it in oure cloistre  þat alle oure Couent wote it .
Now repente þe quod Repentaunce  and reherce itM.5.184: M's reading here is unique. The other B manuscripts read þow or you. F reads þou yt. neuere
Conseille þat þou ........knowest  by conte.naunce ne bi riȝt
And drinke not to delicatly . ne toM.5.186: M's reading of to is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read ouer. depe nowthere
Þat þi wille b.y cause þereof  to wratthe miȝte tourne
Esto sobrius he saide  and assoillud ...hymM.5.188: The alteration to hym here brings M into agreement with Cr. All other B manuscripts read me. A similar situation is found in the next line. aftur
Auaricia .
And bad ...hymM.5.189: The alteration to hym brings M into agreement with Cr. All other B manuscripts read me. A similar situation exists in the previous line. wilne to wepe ....  hisM.5.189: The alteration to his brings M into agreement with Cr. All other B manuscripts read my. wikkudnesse to amende .
And þanne come Cou...?...eitise . can I him nouȝt discriue
So hungriliche and holwe . sire h...eruyM.5.191: While it is not possible to read what lies under this erasure, GCLR read Henry here. hym lokud
# optima descriptio Auaricie
He was baberlippud . and bitelbrowedM.5.192: All other B manuscripts have the words baberlippud and bitelbrowed in the other order. also
With to blerede eien  as a blynde hagge
And as a letheren Purs . lollud his chekus
Wel siddere þanne his chin . they cheueled for elde
And as a bondman of his bacon  his berde was bidrauelede
With an hode on his hede . a lousie hatte abouen
And in a tawny tabard . of twelue ȝyereM.5.198: The reading yere is shared with F. All other B manuscripts read wynter. age
Al to-torne and baudy  and ful of lis crepynge
But ȝif yþat a lous couthe  þe betterre haue lopenM.5.200: M's b-verse reverses the syntax of the other B manuscripts. Compare W's han lopen þe bettre.
She shulde nouȝt haue walkud on þat welthe  so was it thredbare .
I haue ben cou......eitous quod þatM.5.202: M's reading of þat is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read þis. It is the reading of some A manuscripts. Cay...tif . I biknowe it here .
fol. 21vI
For so..m-tyme I serued  symme at þe stile
And was his prentys y-pliȝte . his profit. to waite
Furst I lerned to lie . a lief or tweyne
Wikkudliche to weie . was my furst lessoun
To wy and to wynchestre . I went to þe faire
With many manere Marchyndise . as my maistre me hiȝte
Nad þe grace of gil.e  gon amonge my ware
I..t hadde ben vnsolde þis seuen ȝyer  so me god helpe
Þanne drowe I me amonge drapers  my donet to lurne
To drawe þe lisor alonge  þe lengere it semede
Amonge þe riche Rays . I rendrede a lessoun
To broche hem with a ...?...paknedleM.5.214: M's altered reading paknedle agrees with most B manuscripts. LRF read batnedle.  and plait..eM.5.214: The altered reading is shared with W. YC2OLR have the past tense, as M may have had; other manuscripts have other verbs. hem to-g.edres
And putte hem in a presse  and pynned hem þereinne
Til ten ȝyerdus or twelue  tollud out threttene
My wif was a webbe  and wollen cloþe made
She spake vntoM.5.218: M's reading of vnto is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read to. spinnestiers  to spynnnenspynnen it oute
Ac þe pounde þat she paide byM.5.219: M's original reading without by agreed with B. weied a quartroun more .
Þanne myn owne auncere  who-so weied truthe
I bouȝte hire barly malte  she b...?...?...rew it to selle
PenyalePeny ale and poding Ale  she pourede to-g.idres
For laborers and lowefolklowe folk  þat lay by hem-selue
The beste ale lay in my boure . or in my bed chambre
And whoso bummud þereof . bouȝte it þere-aftur
A galoun for a gr...eyM.5.226: M's reading of grey is not shared by other B manuscripts, which have no adjective here. Perhaps the scribe inadvertently wrote grote twice and the first was corrected to grey. grote . god wot no lasse .
And ȝyit it cam in .........cuppemele  þis crafte my .......wif vsed
Rose þe regratere . was hire riȝte name .
She haþ holden hukrie  al hire lyf-tyme .
Ac I swere now so theik . þat synne wil I lete .
And neuere wikkudlich weie  ne wikke chaffare vse
But wenden to walsingham . and my wif also .
And bidde þe Rode of Bromholme . bringe me out of dette .
# questiones Repentencie
Repentestow þe euere quod Repentaunce  ne restitucioun madeste .
ȜYus ones I was herberwed quod he . with an hepe of chapmen
I roos whanne þei were areste  and rifled hire males .
fol. 22rI
vus passus
That was no restitucioun quod repentaunce . but a robers thefte
Þow haddest beM.5.238: M's original reading without be agreed with LR. bettur worthy . ben hanged þerfore
Þan for alle þat / þat þow  hast here y-shewede
I wende riflinge were restitucioun . forM.5.240: The reading for is shared with Hm. Most other B manuscripts read quod he or quod he for. I lerned neuere ...toM.5.240: The corrected to is unique. Other B manuscripts omit it, and many other also omit rede. rede on boke
And I can none Frensh in feithe . but of þe furthest ende of Northfolke .
Vsudestow euere vsurie quod Repentaunce . in alle þi lif-tyme
Nay sothly he saide . saue in my ȝyowthe
I lerned amonges lombardus . and iewes a lessoun
To weie pens with a peis . and pare aweieyM.5.245: M's reading of awey is not shared by other B manuscripts. þe heuie.ste
And lene it for loue of þe crosse . to legge a wede and lese it .
Suche dedus I d.ide doM.5.247: M's reading of do is not shared by other B manuscripts. write  ȝif he isM.5.247: is, "his." day brrekebreke
I haue mo maneres þorw rerages . þan ......thurgh miseretur & comodat
I haue lente lordus  and ladies my chaffare
And ben hire brocour aftur . and bouȝte it my-seluen
Eschaunges and cheuisaunces . with suche chaffare I dele .
And lene folk þat lese wol . a lippe at euery noble .
And w..ith . lombardus lettres . I ladde gold to Rome
And toke it bi ta...leM.5.254: Before it was altered, this word was probably taile, the reading of most B manuscripts. here . and tolde hem þere lasse
L........entestow euere lordus  for loue of hire mainteinaunce
ȜYe I haue lent lordus  loued me neuere aftur
And haue ymadeM.5.257: M's original ymade is shared with LWR. many a kniȝt . boþe mercere and drapere
Þat paiede neuere for his prentishode . nouȝte a paire gloues .
Hastow pite on poremenpore men . þat moten ..nedes borwe .
I haue as moche pite on pore men . as pedlere haþ of cattus
Þat wolde kylle hem ȝif he cacche hem miȝte  for coueitise of hire
Artow manlich amonge þi neiȝborwes  of þi mete .& drinke .
I am holden quod he as hende  as hounde is in kuych...ene
Amonge my neiȝbores nameliche  suche a name I haue
Now god leue neure quod repentaunce  but þou repente ..M.5.265: Other B manuscripts read þe before rather. rather
Þe grace ..onM.5.266: For on BoGCot have of. þis grounde . þi good welM.5.266: M here omits to, found in most B manuscripts. bisette
Ne þin ....heirsM.5.267: M's altered reading heirs agrees with most B manuscripts. L reads ysue, R reads vssue, and F oddly reads houswif. aftur þe . haue ioie of þat þou wynneste
Ne þin executours wel bisette . þe siluer þat þou hem leuest
And þat was wonnen with wronge . with wikkud men be despendud .
fol. 22vI
For were I Frere of þat hous  þere go..od faith and charite is
I nolde cope vs with þi catel . ne oure kirke amende
Ne haue a peny to my pitaunce of þin  by my soule hele
For þe beste bookM.5.273: The final <e> on beste is squeezed into the line without erasure; book is inserted in a different, paler, ink. in oure hous  þeiȝe brent gold were þe leues
And I wiste witturly þou were . suche as þou tellest
Seruus es alterius cum fercula pinguia queris
Pane tuo pocius vescere liber eris
Thou art an vnkynde creature  I can þe nouȝt assoille
Til þow make restitucioun  and rekene with hem alle
And sitythen þat resoun rolle it  in þe Registre of heuene
Þat þou .. hast made eche man gode  I may þe nouȝte assoille
Non dimitturdimitt[it]ur peccatum . donec restituatur ablatum. & cetera
For alle þat hath of þi goode . haue god my trouthe
mirabile dictum
Is holden at þe heiȝe dome . to helpe þe to restitue
And whoM.5.284: M's reading of who is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read whoso. leueth nouȝt þis be soth . loke in þe bokeM.5.284: M's boke is shared only by G. Most other B manuscripts read glose.
In miserere mei deus . where I mene truthe
Ecce v...?...enim veritatem dilexisti & cetera
Shal neuere werkeman in þis world . þryue with þat þow wynnest
Cum sauncto saunctus eris . construe me þis on yenglisshe
Þanne wex þat shrewe in wanhope . and wolde haue hangede himself
N....adde repentaunce þe rather recounforted  hym in þis manere
Haue mercy in þi mynde . and with þi mouthe biseche it .
For godes mercy is more . þanne alle hise othere werkes
# quod misericordia eius super omnia opera
Misericordia eius super omnia opera eius & cetera .
And alle þe wikkednesse in þis wor...ld . þat man miȝte worche or thinke
Ne is no more to þe mercie of god  þanne in þe see a glede .
Omnis iniquitas quantum ad misericordiam dei est quasiM.5.296: M's original reading without quasi is shared by L. sintilla in medio maris
For-þi haue mercy in þiney mynde . and marchaundise leue it
For þow hast no goode grounde . to gete þe with a wastell .
But ȝif it were with þiney tonge  orM.5.299: All other B manuscripts here include ellis. with þine two handus .
For þe goode þat þow hast geten . bigan al with falsenesseM.5.300: The reading falsenesse is shared with F. All other B manuscripts read falshede.
And as longe as þow lyueste þere-with . þow ȝyeldest not but borwest
And ȝif þow wite neuere to ..whiche . ne toM.5.302: The addition of to above the line, later erased, would have placed M in agreement with HmCr. whom to restitue
Bere it to þe bisshoppe . and bidde hym of his grace .
fol. 23rI
vus passus
Bysette it hym-selue . as best is for þi soule
For he shal answere for þe  at þe heiȝe dome
For þe anyd for many mo  þat man shal ȝyeue rekenyngeM.5.306: The reading rekenynge is shared with F. All other B manuscripts read a rekenynge.
What he leredeM.5.307: M's reading of lerede is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read lerned. ȝyow in lenten . leue ȝye non othur
And what he lente ȝyow of ȝowreM.5.308: This erasure brings M into agreement with all other B manuscripts except YOC2CB, which read his. lordes good  to lette ȝyow from
N..ow biginneth glotoun  for to go to shrifte
And kaires him to kirkewarde  his coupe to shewe
Ac betoun þe brewestere . bad him gode morwe
And axede him with þ...? wordM.5.312: M's added reading of word is not shared by other B manuscripts. whiderward he wolde
To holichurche quod he  for to here messe
And siþþe I wil be shriuen  and synn..nen nomoreno more .
I haue gode ale gossib quod she  glotoun wiltow assaie
Hastow ouȝtþ in þiny Purs  any ....hote spices
I haue pepur and piones quod sheM.5.317: M's original reading of he agreed with GCrYCBL. . and a pound. of garlik
A ferthinge worthe of fenel siede . for fastinge-daies .
Þan goth glotoun ...yn . and grete othes afturM.5.319-331: This paragraph is bracketed in the right margin.
Cisse þe sowsteresseM.5.320: The form of the word varies (souteresse, sowestere, sowter). M's form is unique. . sat ..M.5.320: Although it is not possible to read what has been erased, BmBoCot here read upon. on þe benche
Watte þe warnere . and his wif boþe .
TyommeM.5.322: The name varies widely in the manuscripts. FGC2 have Tomme, WLO have Tymme. þe tynkere  and tweine of his prentis
H...eikke þe hakenei....yman . and hugh þe neldere
Clarice of cokkeslane  and þe Clerke of þe churche .
DawevyM.5.325: M's altered reading Davy agrees with Cr23. All other B manuscripts read Dawe. þe dikere  and a doseine oþere .
Sire pieres of pridie  and pernelle of Flaundres
A Ribebour a Ratonere  a Rakere of Chepe .
A Ropere a reding..kynge  and Rose þe disshers
Godfray of garlekhide  and grifin þe walssh
And vpholders an hepe . erly by þe morwe
Geuen glotoun with glade chiere  go..od ale to hanselle
Clement þe Cobelere  caste of his cloke
And at þe newe faire  he nempned it to selle
H.ykke þe hakeneim..yman his hodeod after
And bad bette þe bochere . ben on his side .
Þere were chappemen y-chosen . þis chaffare to praise
fol. 23vI
Whoso haueþ þe ho..od shal haue  amendes of the cloke
Two risen vp in rape  and rounenM.5.338: All other B manuscripts have the verb in the past tense. tog.idres
And praiseden þes peniworthes  apart by .y.hem-seluenM.5.339: In place of the altered reading hem, HmRF have hym.
Þei couthen nouȝt by here conscience  accorden in truthe
Til Robin þe Roperere  arose by þe sotheM.5.341: Most other B manuscripts read southe. This line is "the locus classicus for the corruption of the B archetype" (Ralph Hanna, III, Pursuing History: Middle English Manuscripts and their Texts [Stanford, 1996] p. 217. Beta manuscripts read by the southe, and the unique M reading, originally by sothe, with þe inserted, is a desperate attempt to make sense of this.
And nempnede hym for a nounpere  þat non debate nere
Hikke þostelere  hadde þe cloke
In couenant þat Clement  shulde þe cuppe ....fille
And haue hikkes hoode þe hostilere and holde him yseru.ed
And whoso repentud raþ  shulde a-rise
And grete sire glotoun . with a galoun ale
Þere was lawynge and louringe  and lete go þe cuppe
And seten so til euensonge and songen vmwhile .
.Til glotoun hadde y-...?...globbed M.5.350: The altered reading globbed is shared by many B manuscripts, though Cr and A manuscripts have forms of gulped. a galon and a gille 
His guttes guonne to godly  as two gredy sowes
He pissud a potel  in a
And blewe his rounde ruwet  at his rugge ende
Þat alle þat herde þat horn  helde here nos..esM.5.354: M's altered reading noses agrees with WHmGCot. Other B manuscripts read nose.
And wissheden it hadde ben wexud  with a wispe of Furses
He miȝte neither steppe ne  er he his staff hadde
And þanne gan he go liche  a bicche
Somme-tyme aside  and ariere
As who-so laith lynes  for to lkaccheM.5.359: M's original reading was shared with HmGF; the altered reading agrees with other B manuscripts. foules .
And whanne he drow to þe dore  þanne dymmeden his eiȝen
He ...stombledM.5.361: M's altered reading agrees with most B manuscripts. LR read trembled. on the thr.essh.folde  and threw to þe erthe
Clement þe cobelericobeler  cauȝte him by þe myd...del
For to luyfte hym a-lofte  and laide him on his knowes
Ac glotoun was a grete ch.erl  and a grim in ..M.5.364: Most B manuscripts read þe here. M's erasure of the word brings it into agreement with HmCr3C2. liftyng.
And .....coghed vp a caudel . in Clementus lappe
take hede good gossip
Is non so hungry hounde  in herteforde shire
Durst lapen of þeM.5.367: Kane and Donaldson record the word as þo. The reading þe is shared by GLR. leuynges  so vnlouely it smauȝte
With alle þe wo of þe wo...rld  his wif and his wenche
Baren hym hom to his bed  and brouȝten hym þere-inne
fol. 24rI
vus passus
And aftur al þis excesse  he hadde an accidie
Þat he slepe saturday and ..sonday  til s.onne ȝyede to reste
Þanne wakenede he of his wyn.kkynge  and wipud his eiȝen
Þe furste worde þat he warpe  was . where is þe bolle
His wi.fM.5.374: M's altered reading agrees with WCr1. Most B manuscripts read wytte. gan edwite hym þo  how wikkudliche he liuede
And repentaunce riȝte so  rebukede hym þat tyme
As þow with wordus and werkes hast wrouȝte  euel in þiny liue
Shriue þe and be shamed þereof  & shewe it with þiney mouthe
I glotoun quod theM.5.378: M's original reading he was shared with G. gomme  gulti me ȝyelde
Þat I haue trespassud with my tonge  I can nouȝt telle how ofte
Sworne godsoule  and selpe me godM.5.380: While this b-verse has widely varying readings among B manuscripts, M is the only beta-family manuscript to share RF's syntax so help me god, in contrast to the other beta manuscripts which read so god me help. and halydome
Þere none nede ne was  nyne hundr..ed tymes
And ouere-seien me at my sopere  and sommetyme at nones .
Þat I glotoun gurte vp  er I hadde goone a myle
And spilte þat miȝte han ben spared  and spendud on suomme hon....grie
Ouerdelicately on fastinge-daies  drunken and eten bothe
And sate so longe þere..... somtymeM.5.386: The syntax of the a-verse is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read som tyme so longe þere.  þat I slepe and atte ones
For loue of tales in tauernes  to drinke þe more I dineM.5.387: M is the only B manuscript to attest the present tense of the verb.
And h...yed to þe mete e.....r noon  whanne fastinge-daies were
This shewinge shrifte quod repentaunce  shal be merite to þe
And þanne gan glotoun gre..deM.5.390: M's altered reading grede agrees with Cr1. Most B manuscripts read greete. and grete doel to make
For his l.....uther lif  þat he liuede hadde .
And avowed toM.5.392: M's original reading without to agreed with GLR. faste  for hungre or forM.5.392: M's original reading without for is not attested in other B manuscripts, except F, which has and in place of or. thurste
Shal neuere fi..ssh on Friday  defien in my wombe
Til abstinen..ce myn aunte  haue ȝyouen me leue
And ...yet haue I hatud hire  al my liftyme
Þanne come slewthe al bislabrede with two slym.y eiȝen
I mo..ste sitte saide þe segge  or shulde I nappe
I may not stonde ne stoupe  ne with-oute a stoleol knele .
Were I brouȝte on bedde  but ȝif my tail..ende it made
Shulde no ...?...thyngM.5.400: M's altered reading thyng agrees with B and two C manuscripts. Other B manuscripts read ryngynge. do me rise  tilM.5.400: M's reading of til is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read er. It is the reading of the C text. I were ripe to dine
He bigan benedicite with a bolk  and his breste knockede
A........nd raskledM.5.402: M's reading raskled is shared with Cr and most C manuscripts; most other B manuscripts read roxed. and rorede  and rutte at þe laste
What awake renc quod Repentaunce  and rape þe to shrifte .
fol. 24vI
If I shulde deie by þis day  me luste nouȝt to loke
I can nouȝt parfitely my  as þe preest it singeþ
But I can rimes of Robin hode  & Randolf þ erle of chestre
Ac nowther of oure lorde ne oure lady  þe leeste þat euere was madeked
IM.5.408: M alone among B manuscripts omits the word haue here. made vowes fourty . and fo....rgat hem on ..M.5.408: Most B manuscripts read þe here. M's erasure of the word brings it into agreement with OCBRF. morwe
I parfourmede neuere penaunce  as þe preest me hiȝte
Ne riȝte soriey for my  ȝyet was I neuere .
And ȝif I bidde any  butM.5.411: The reading but is shared with F. All other B manuscripts read but if. it be in wratthe
Þat I telle with my tonge  is two myle from myn herte
I am ocupiede eche day  halyday and othur
With ydel tales atte ale  and otherw...hile in churches . paine and his passioun  ful selde þenke I on itM.5.415: The addition of it brings M into agreement with W. M's omission of the word agreed with OC2C. Most B manuscripts read theron.
I visitede neuere fieble men  ne fettrud men in puttus
I haue leuere here herlotrie  or a somere gamen of souteres
AndM.5.418: M's reading And is unique among B manuscripts, which read Or. lesinges to lauȝgwen at  and bilye myn neiȝeburgh
Þan alle þat euere marke made  Mathewe Ion and lucas
M.5.420: M alone among B manuscripts lacks the word And here. Manuscripts of the C text also lack the word.Vigilies and fastinge-daies  alle þese late I passe .
And ligge abedde in lentoen  and my lemman in myn harmes
Til matynes and Masse be do  & þan go I to þe freres .
Come I to Ite missa est  I holde me y-seruede .
I nam nouȝt shryuen suome-tyme  but sekenesse it make
Nouȝt twies in two ȝ  and þanne vp gesse I shriue me .
Contricio et infelicitas in vijs eorum & ceteraM.5.426: This line, which occurs only in M among the B manuscripts, is the only Latin tag written in red ink. It is in a different hand from the main text and is written in a paragraph space. The same Latin tag is found at M.4.36.
I haue be prest and person.. passinge þretty
# de presbiteris venatoribus
ȜYet can I neither solfe ne synge  ne saintus reden .
But I can fynde in a fielde  or in a fourlonge an hare þanne in Beatus vir or in Beati omnes .
Construe oon clause wel  and kenn..e it to my paris.....shens
I can holde louedaies  and h.ere a Reues Rekenynge
Ac in Canoun ne in þe Decretales  I can nouȝt rede a lyne .
...If I bigge and borwe it  but ȝiif it be tailled
I forȝete it as ȝyerne  andM.5.435: M alone among B manuscripts omits the word if here. men me it axe
Six sithes or seuene  I forsake it with othes
And þus tene I trwe men  ten hundred tymes .
And my seruauntz some-tyme . hir salarie is bihi.ynde
Reuthe is to here rekenynge  whanne we shal rede acompt..esM.5.439: The revised reading is that of most B manuscripts. Cr23 read account.
So with wikkuede wille & wrath  my werkemen I paie .
.. Ȝif any man doþ me
fol. 25rI
vus passus
...If any man doþ me a bienfaite  or helpeþ me at nede
I am vnkynde aȝeinz his curteisie  and can nouȝt vndurstonde it
For I haue and haue hadde ...?... somdeel haukes maners
I nam nouȝte lured with loue  but þere ligge auȝt  vndur þe thombe
Þe kyndnesse þat my euene-cristene  kydde me f...?...ernyere
Sixty sithes I slewthe  haue forȝete it siþþe
In speche and in sparinge of speche  y-spilte many a tyme
Bothe Flessh and Fisshe and many othur vitailles
Bothe brede and ale  mylke butt..reM.5.449: M alone among B manuscripts lists mylk before buttre. and chese
For-sle.....uthed in my seruice  til it miȝte seruen no man
I ran a-boute in ȝyowthe  and ȝyaf me nouȝt to l.erne
And euere sitth haueM.5.452: M's original reading without haue agreed with LR. ben beggere  for my foule slewthe .
Heu michi quia sterilem duxi vitam iuuenilem .
Repentestow þe nauȝte  quod repentaunce . and riȝt with þat he swonede
Til vigilate þe veille  fette watur at his eiȝen .
And flatte it vponM.5.456: M's reading of vpon is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read on. his face  and faste vponM.5.456: M's reading of vpon is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read on. hym criede
# quod misericordia superest omnem iniquitatem
And saide war þe from wanhope  wolde þe bitraie
I am sor.y for myn  saie so to þei-selue
And bete þi-selue on þi breste  and bidde hym of grace
For is non gulte here so grete þat his godnesse ..nysM.5.460: The rewritten nys brings M into agreement with WL. Other B manuscripts have is. more .
Þ sat sleuthe vp  and sainede him swythe
And made avowe to-fore god  for his foule sleuthe
Shal no suonday be þis seuene ȝyere  but ȝif sekenesse it lette
Þat I ne shal do me er day  to þe dere churche
And heren matines and messe  as I a monke were
Shal no..on ale aftur metesM.5.466: M alone among B manuscripts attests the plural.  holden me þennes
Til I haue euensonge herde . I bihote to þe Rode .
And ȝyete wol I ȝyelde aȝein  ȝif I so muche haue
Alle þat I wikkudly wan  syth I witte hadde .
And þouȝ my liflode lakke  l.eten I nelle .
Þat eche man ne shal haue his  I wende
And with þe Re..sydue and þe rem.enaunt  by þe rode of Chestre
I shal seke truthe ...erst  ar ..I se Rome
# de Robert the robber
Roberte þe  on reddite loked
And for þere nasM.5.475: M's reading of nas is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read was. nauȝte whereof .  he we..ep swithe &M.5.475: Between swithe and sore there is a faint insertion caret and a mark which is perhaps best interpreted as an ampersand. There is no support for this among the variants. sore .
fol. 25vI
Ac ȝyet þe .usynneful shrewe  saide to him-seluen
Crist þat þat vponM.5.477: M's reading of vpon is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read on. Caluarie  vpon þe crosse de.yedest
Þo dismas my broþur  bisouȝte ȝyow of grace .
And haddest mercie on þat man  for memento sake
So ruwe on þis robbere  þat reddere ne haue.thM.5.480: M's original haue (followed by an overwritten punctus) agreed with most B manuscripts. The alteration brings M into agreement with Cr23, while Cr1OC2 read hath.
Ne neuere wene to wynne  with crafte þat I owe
But for þi mikel mercy  mitigacioun I biseche
Ne dampne me nouȝte at domesday  for þat I d.ide so ille .
What bifel of þis feloun  I can nouȝte faire shewe
Wel I wo..ot he wepte faste  watur with boþe his eiȝen
And knowlechede his gulte to Crist . ȝyet eftesones .
Þat penitencia his pike  he shulde Polisshe newe
And lepe with him ouerlande  alle his liftyme
For he hadde l..eyne bi latro  luciferes aunte
the prayer of Repentance
And þanne hadde repentaunce reuthe  and redde hem alle to knele
For I shal biseche for alle sinneful  oure saueoure of grace
To amende vs of oure misdedes  and do mercie to vs alle .
nota bene
Now god quod he þat of þiney goodnesse  gunne þe worlde make
And of nauȝte madest ou...ght . and man mooste liche þi-selu..en
And siþþe suffredest for to synne . a sekenesse to vs alle .
And alle for þe beste as I bileue . what euere þe boke telleþ
de necessitate peccati
O felix culpa . o necessarium . ade peccatum . & cetera .
For þ þat synn..e þi sone sent was to þe erthe
And bicam man of a maide . mankynde to saue
And madest þiself with þ..y sone . and vs synneful y-liche
Faciamus hominem ad ymaginem & simlitudinemsim[i]litudinem nostram
Et alibi qui manet in caritate . in deo manet & deus in eo .
nota bene
And suth with þiny selue sone . in oure sute deiedeste
On godefriday for sake . at ful tyme of þe day
Þere þi-selue ne þiney sone  non sorwe in deth feledest
But in oure secte was þe sorwe  and þiney sone it ladde
Captiuam duxit captiuitatem
Þe sonne for sorwe herofM.5.508: M's reading herof is unattested among other B manuscripts, which read þerof.  les hisM.5.508: This insertion brings M into agreement with C2YOCot. ..liȝteM.5.508: It seems probable that M originally read siȝte, agreeing with BoHmGCBmCotLRF. The alteration brings M into agreement with WCrYOC2. for a
Aboute midday whanne mooste liȝte is  and mele-tyme of
Feddeste with þi Fressh blode  owre forfadres in derkenesse .
Populus qui ambulabat in tenebris vidit lucem magnam & cetera
fol. 26rI
vus passus
And þo...rgh þe liȝt þat lepe out þeoM.5.512: M originally read out þe, with þe then altered to þo and a punctus elevatus inserted between the two words. Most other B manuscripts read out of þee. lucifer was blent
And blewe alle þine blessud  in-to þe blisse of Paradys
Þe þridde daiey aftur  þow .yedest in oure sute
# Sinffull Mare
notaM.5.515: The ink of nota differs from that of Sinffull Mare.
And ...?...?...synful Marie þe seiȝ . er seinte Marie þi dame
And al to solace sinneful . þou suffredest it so were
Non veni vocare iustos . set peccatores ad penitenciam
optime dictum
And al þat mar.k haþ y-made  Mathew Ion and lucas .
Of þine douȝtieste dedes . weren don in oure armes
Verbum caro factum est & habitauit in nobis
And by so muche me semeþ . þe sekerer we mowe
Bidde and biseche . ȝif it bieM.5.522: M's original bi was unattested in other B manuscripts. þiny wille .
Þat art oure fadur and oure brothur . be merciable to vs .
And haue reuthe on þes Ribaudes . þat repente hem soM.5.524: M's reading of so is unique among B manuscripts, many of which read here. sore
Þat euere þei wratthed þe in þis world . in worde . þouȝte . or dede
# de hope
Þanne hente hope and horne  of deus tu conuersus viuificabis
And blewe it with Beati quorum remisse sunt iniquitates
Þat alle in heuene  songen at ones .
Homines & iumenta saluabis . quemadmodum multiplicasti misericordiam tuam deus & cetera
A thousand of men þo  throngen to-......gydres
Criede vp to crist-wardeM.5.531: M's syntax here is unique among B manuscripts, the rest of which read vpward to Crist. . and to his clene modur
To haue grace to go with hem  treuthe to seke
Ac þere was wiȝte non so wis  þei we.y þuydur couthe
But blustrede ...forþ as  ouer bankes and .
Til late was and longe  þat þei a l....eede mette
Apparailled as a payninm  in pilgrimes wise
He bar a burdoun y-bonunden  with a brode liste
In a withwyndes wise  y-wonunden aboute
A Bolle and a bagge  he bare bi his side
And anM.5.540: M's revised reading And an is shared with F and is the reading of C manuscripts. Other B manuscripts have An. hundred of ampulles  on his hat seten
Signes of sinay  and shelles of galice
A..nd many aM.5.542: M's original reading without a agreed with YCR. cr....ouch on his cloke  and keies of Rome
And þe vernicle bifore  for men shulde .....knowe
And se bi his  whom he souȝte
Þis folk frainede him furst  from w...?...?...hennes he coome
From sinay he saide  and from oure lordes sepulcre .
fol. 26vI
In Bedlem and in Babiloine  I haue ben in boþe
In Ermonie in alisaundre  in many othur places
ȜYe may se by my signes  þat sitt.en on myn hatte
Þat I haue walkude ful wide  in wete and in drie .
And souȝte gode seintus  for my soule helþe .
questio vbi veritas moratur
Knowestow ouȝte a corseinte  þat men callen treuthe
Coudestow ouȝte wiss.en vs þe weiey  where þat wye won....yethM.5.553: M shares the reading wonyeth with Cr. It is also the reading of C manuscripts. Other B manuscripts have dwelleþ.
nota bene
Nay so me god helpe  saide þe gome þanne
I se.ygh neuere Palmere  with pike ne with skrippe
Axen aftur hym  tilM.5.556: M shares the reading til with F. Other B manuscripts have alliterating er or er til. now in þis Place .
Petur quod a plowman  and putte forth his hede
I knowe him as kyndeliche  as clerke doþ his bokus
# quia dicit Petrus ploughman optime cognoscere veritatem
Conscience and kende witte  kende me to his place
And deden me seuren hym sikerly  to seruen him for euere
Bothe to sowe and to sette  whil I miȝte .
I haue ben his folware  al þis fourty wynture
Bothe sowen his sede  and suede his bestus .
With-inInne and with-outen  waited his profit
I dike and I delue . I do þat treuthe hoteth
Somme-time I sowe  and I thresshe
In taillours crafte and tynkers  what treuthe can diuise
I weue and I w.inde  and do what treuthe hoteth
For ..þoȝ I seie it my-selue  I serue him to paie
I haue myn hire wel  and othurwhiles more
He is þe presteste paiere  þat pore manM.5.571: M alone among B manuscripts attests the singular. It is the reading of the C text. knoweth
He ne withh....oldeþM.5.572: The altered form withholdeþ is shared with G. Other B manuscripts read withhalt. non h.ewe his hire  þat he nath it at euen
He is as lowe as a lombe  and loueliche of speche .
# quomodo docet viam viamviam ad veritatem
And if ȝye wilneth to witen  where þat he dwelleþ
I shal wisse ȝyow witturly  þe weiey to his place
ȜYe leue piers quod þis pilgrimes . and proferede hym h....yre
For to wenden with him  to truthes dwellinge-place
Nay by my soules helthe quod piers  and gan for to sweren
I nolde fange a ferthinge  for seinte Thomas shrine
Treuthe wolde loue me þe lasse  a longe tyme aftur .
Ac ȝif ȝye wilneth to wende wel  þis is þe weiey þuyder .
fol. 27rI
vus passus
primum mandatum
ȜYe moten go þor...hgh me.kenesse . bothe men and wyues
Til ȝye come in to conscience . þat Crist wo..otM.5.583: M's altered reading woot (presumably originally wote) agrees with F. Other B manuscripts have wite. þe sothe
Þat ȝye louen oure lorde god . leueste of alle þingesM.5.584: M's original form without <-s> was shared by F.
And þanne ȝyoure neiȝgbores nexte . in nonwisenon wise appairen
Othere-wise þanne þow woldest . he wrouȝte to þiney-seluen
And so boweþ ...forþ by abrokea broke . beth buxuom of speche
Til ȝye fynde a forthd ȝyoure fadres honoureth
Honora patrem & matrem & cetera .
Wadeth in þat watur  and wassh ȝyow wel þereInneM.5.590: The addition of Inne brings M into agreement with WF.
.....And ye shullen lepe þe liȝtloker . al ȝyowre lif-tyme
And so shalte þow seM.5.592: M's original reading without se agreed with HmYOC2. swere nouȝt . but ..if it be for nede .
An nameliche an ydel . þe name of god almiȝty
Þanne shalt þou come by a crofte . but come þow nouȝt þereinne
Þat Crofte hat coueite nouȝte . catel ne hire wyues
Ne none of here seruauntz . þat noien hem miȝte
Loke ȝye breke none bowes þere  but ȝif it be ȝyoure owne
Two stokkes þere ston..den  ac stondeM.5.598: M's stonde is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read stynte. ȝye nouȝte þere .
Þei ..hatten stele nouȝte . ne slee nouȝte  strike forbyM.5.599: M's reading of forby is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read forþ by. boþe .
And leue hem vponM.5.600: M's reading of vpon is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read on. þ.yM.5.600: For M's altered þy CrG read þe. lufte half . and loke nouȝte þere-aftur .
And holde wel þine halydaye  heiȝe til euene .
Þanne shaltow blenche at a burgh . bere no false witytnesse
He is is frithed inne with Flo..rynes . and oþere foes many
Loke þow ne.M.5.604: M's ne is unattested in other B manuscripts. plukke no plaunte þere  for peril of þiney soule
Þanne shul ȝye se swereM.5.605: The erased supralinear swere is legible with ultraviolet light. There are no parallels in other B manuscripts. sey soth  so it be to done
In no manere elles nouȝt . for no biddinge
Þanne shaltow come to a court . as cliere as þe suonne
Þe mote is of mercy  þe manere aboute .
And alle þe walles ben of wit.. . to holde wille oute
And kernelled with Cristendome  m.ankynde to saue
Boterasud with bileue so  or þow beest nouȝt y-sauede
And alle þe houses ben heled . halles and chambres
With no led . but with loue  and lowe speche as Breþeren
Þe brugge is of bidde wel . þe bet may þou spede 
Eche pilere is of penaunce . andM.5.615: The addition of and brings M into agreement with HmF. of praiers to
fol. 27vI
Of almesdedus arne þe hokes . þat þe gatus hangen on .
Grace hat þe gatewarde . a gode man for sothe
His man ....hatte amende ȝyow  for many man him knoweth
Telleþ him þis tok...ene . þat truthe wite þe sothe
I parfournede þe penaunce  þe prest me enioinede
And am ful sori for my synus  and so I shal euere
Whanne I thenke þere-on  I were a pope .
Biddeth amende ȝyow meke him  to his ones
# appyllis vnrosted
To wayue vp þe wikat  þat þe womman shette
Tho Adam and Eue et.en  ap...?...eples vnrostud .
Per evam cunctis clausa est . & per mariam virginem patefacta est .
For he hath þe keie and þe klikat . þouȝ þe kynge slepe
And ȝif grace graunte þe to go in : inM.5.628: M shares the reading in in with L. Other B manuscripts simply have in. þis wise .
Þow shalte seen in þiney-seluen  treuthe sitte in þine herte .
In a Chei..ereM.5.630: Most B manuscripts here read cheyne. The altered reading of M agrees with Cr3Bm. of charitee  as þow a Childe were .
To suffren him and segge nouȝte  aȝein þi sires wille
Ac be war þanne of wratthe  þat is a wikk.ede shrewe
He hath enuye to him  þat in þine herte sitteth
And pokeþ forth pruyde  to praisen þi-seluen
...?...?...esseM.5.635: This erased marginal note was likely a guide for the correction þe boldnesse.
...?...Þe boldnesse of ...thy bienfaitz . makeþ þe blynde þanne .
And þanne worthestow driuen out as dewe  and þe dore closude
Kaied and kli.....ketted  to kepe þe with-oute
Happuyly an hu....ndred  er þou efte entre
.Thus miȝte þou lesen his loue  to late wel by þi-seluen
And neuere aftur happilicheM.5.640: M's reading of aftur happiliche is unique among B manuscripts, the rest of which read happily eft. entre  but grace þow haue
Septem sorores que seruiunt ad veritatem
Ac þere arne seuene sustren  þat seruen truthe euere
And arne Porters ..ofM.5.642: For M's altered of, F reads at, Cr23 read to, and R reads ouer. þe posternes . þat to þe place longeþ .
Þat on h..te abstinence . and humilite þatM.5.643: M's reading þat is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read an. oþur
Charite an chastite  ben his chief
Pacience . & pees  moche p.eple þei helpuþ .
Largenesse þe lady  ...?...sheM.5.646: The altered form she is shared with most B manuscripts. L has heo and R he. leteþ in ful manye
...SheM.5.647: The altered form She is shared with most B manuscripts. WLR have Heo. haþ holpen a þousan..d oute of þe deueles penfolde
And who is sibbe to þis seuene  so me god helpe
He is wondurliche welcome  and faire vndurfongen .
And but ȝye be sibbe  to somme of þes seuene
It is ful harde by myne he..ed . quod Piers  for any of ȝyow alle
fol. 28rI
vjus passusM.5.652a: The numeral and the word passus are in different inks.
To geten ingonge at any gate þere . but grace be þe more
# Cutpurse
Now by Crist quod a cuttepurs . I haue no kynne þere
Ne I quod apewarde  by auȝte þat I knowe .
Wo..otM.5.655: Other B manuscripts read Wite or Wold for M's Woot, which is probably altered from Wote. god quod a wafrere . wiste I þis for sothe
Shulde I neuere ferthere a fote  for no Frerus prechinge .
ȜuYus quod Pieres PlowmanM.5.657: M's Plowman agrees with F; other B manuscripts read þe Plowman.  and pokud hem alle to gode
# quia misericordia super omnia
Mercy is a mayden þere  hath miȝte ouere hem alle
And she is sibbe to alle synneful  and here sone also
And ...?...thurgh the helpe of hem two  hope þow none othere
Þow miȝte gete grace þere  so þow go bytyme
By seinte poule quod a Pardonere . ...anM.5.662: M's addition of an brings it into agreement with Cr. Most B manuscripts read par. auenture  I be nouȝte knowen þere
I wil go fecche my box with my breuetes  and a bulle with bisshopus lettres
By Crist quod a comune womman  þi companie wil I folwe .
Þow shalte seie I am þi  I not ...where þei b.ycome .