fol. 145r (cont.)I
Passus nonus de visione · & secundus de do-weel ·
Sire dowel dwelleþ quod wytte · nougth a daye hennys ·
yn a castel that kynde made · of fourkynfour kyn thynges ·
of erþe and aer it is maad · medlyd to-gydres
wyþ wynd and wyþ water · wytterly en.ionyd ·
k.....ynde hath closed þeryn · craftyly wyth-alle
a lemman that he loueth · lyke to hym-sylue
Anima sche hatteth · ac enuye her hateth
a proud priker of Fraunce · princeps huius mundi ·
and wolde wynne her a-way · wyth wyle and he mygthe ·
Ac k....ynde knoweth this wel · and kepyth her the bettre ·
and dooþ her wyth sire dowel · is duke of these marches ·
Dobet is her damysele · sire dowel-isHm.9.12: For the his-genitive, see Tauno F. Mustanoja, A Middle English Syntax, Part I: Parts of Speech (Helsinki, 1960), 159-162. See also Hm.19.54. doughter
to serue the lady lely · bothe late and rathe ·
dobest is a-boue bothe · ...?...?...a bysshopes pere
that he byt moot be do · he rewleth hem alle ·
Anima that lady · is ladde by his lerynge
ac þe constable of þat castel · þat kepeþ al the wacche ·
ys a wys knygth wyth-alle · sire .Inwyt he hatteth ·
and hath fyue fayre sonys · by his furste wyue ·
syr seewel and saywel · and herewel the ende
sir wurche wel wyth thyn hand · a wygth man of strenkthe ·
and sir godfrey gowel · grete lordes forsothe ·
these fyue ben sette · to saue this lady · Anima
tyl kynde come or sende · to haue her for euere
What kyn thynge ys kynde quod y · canste thu me telle ·
kynde quod wytt a creature · of all kyn thynges
fadur and furmour · of all þat euere was maked ·
and that is þe grete god · that gynnynge hadde neuere ·
lord of lyf and of lygth · of lysse and of peyne
aungels and alle þynge · arn at his wylle
ac man is hym moste lyke · of mark and of schaft
for þurgh þe woord þat he spake wexen foorþ bestes ·
fol. 145vI
Dixit & facta sunt & cetera ·
And made furst Adam man · lykest to hym-sylfe one ·
and eue of his rybbe bon · wyth-outyn eny mene
for he was synguler hym-selfe · and seyde faciamus
as who seith more moot herto · than my woord one
my mygth moot helpe nowe wyth my speche ·
rygth as a lord schulde make lettres · and hym lakkyd parchemyn ·
thouwe he wryte neuere so wele · ȝif he hadde no penne ·
the lettre for all the lordschipe · y leue were neuere ymakyd ·
And so it semeþ by hym · as the bible telleth ·
there he seyde · dixit & facta sunt ·
he moot werche wyth his woord · and his wytte schewe
and yn this manere was man maad · thorow mygth of god almyghty ·
wyþ his woord and werkmanschipe · and wyth his lyf to laste ·
and thus god gaf hym a goost · of the godhed of heuene
and of his grete grace · grauntyd hym blysse ·
and þat is lyf that ay schall laste · to alle lynage aftur
and þat is the castel · that kuynde made · caro it hatteth
and is also muche to mene · as man wyth a soule ·
and that he wrougth wyth werke · and wyth woord bothe ·
thurgh mygth of the mageste · man was y-makyd ·
Inwytt and alle wyttes · closyd ben therynne ·
for loue of þat lady anima · that lyf is y-nempnyd ·
oueral yn mannys body · ...ȝheHm.9.56: Ȝhe, "she." walketh and wandreth ·
and yn the herte is her hoom · and her moste reste ·
ac ynwytte is yn the hed · and to the herte he loketh ·
what anima is leef or loth · he lat her at his wylle ·
for aftur the grace of god · þe grettyst is ynwytt
Moche wo wurþ th..o m..en · þat mysrewleth ynwytt
and beth glotouns gluberous · her god is her wombe ·
Quorum deus venter est · & cetera ·
for they seruyn sathan · her soules schal he haue ·
that lyueth synful lyf · her soule is lyke the deuyl
and alle þat lyuen good lyf · arn lyke to god almyghty
Qui manet in caritate in deo manet · & cetera ·
Alas þat drynke schall fordo · þat god dere bougth ·
and dooþ god forsakyn hem · that he schoop to his lyknesse ·
Amen dico vobis · nescio vos & alibi ·
Et dimisi eos secundum desideria eorum · & cetera ·
Folys þat faylyn ynwytte · y fynde þat holy cherche ·
fol. 146rI
schulde fynde hem that ....they faylen · and faderles childryn ·
and wydewes that haue nougth · wherwyth to wynnyn her food ·
madde men and maydenes · that helples were
alle þese lacken ynwytt · and lore byhoueth
Of þys mater y mygth · makyn a longe tale
and fyndyn fele wytnesses · amonge þe four doctours ·
and þat y lye nougth of that y lerne the · luke beryþ wytnesse
Godfadur and godmodur · that seen her godchildryn ·
at mysayse and at myscheef · and mowyn · hem amende ·
schull haue penaunce yn purgatory · but ȝif they hem helpe ·
for more bylongeth to the lytyl barn · er he the lawe conne ·
than nempnynge of anamea name · and he neuere the wysere ·
schulde no crystene creature · cryen at the ȝate ·
ne faylen payn and potage · and prelatys dudyn as þey schuldyn
a iewe wolde nougth seen a iewe go ianglynge for deffaute ·
for alle þe nobles on this molde · and he amende it mygth
alas þat a crystene creature · schall be vnkynde tyl another ·
Syþþe iewes that we .Iuge · Iudas felawes ·
eythur of hem helpeth othre · of that h.em nedeth ·
whi ne woll we crystene · of crystes good ben also kynde ·
as iewes þat ben our lores-men · schame to vs alle ·
the comoun for her vnkyndenes · y drede me schull a-bye ·
Busschopes schull be blamyd · for beggers sake ·
he wurse than iudas · that ȝyueth a iaper syluer
and byddeth the begger go · for his brokyn clothes ·
Proditor est prelatus cum iuda qui patrimonium christi minus distribuit · &
alibi · perniciosus dispensator
.......est qui res pauperum christi inutiliter consumit ·
He dooth nougth well þat doth þus · ne dredeþ nougth god almyghty ·
he loueþ nougth salamones sawes · that sapience made ·
Inicium sapiencie timor domini · & cetera ·
That dredeþ god he doth well · þat dredeth hym for loue ·
and nougth for drede of vengeaunce · dooþ þerfore þe bettre ·
he doth best þat wyþdraweþ hym · by day and by nygthe ·
to spille any speche · or any space of tyme ·
Qui offendit in vno in omnibus reus est · & cetera ·
Lesynge of tyme · trewth.e wote the sothe
is moste hatyd vpon erþe · of hem þat ben yn heuene ·
and suþþe to spille speche · þat spicere is of grace ·
and a goddes gluman · and a gamynHm.9.110: Hm alone has the dissyllabic and thus unmetrical spelling gamyn against the game of other manuscripts. F also has gamen, but the line is substantially rewritten there. of heuene ·
wolde neuere þe feythfull fader · .hysys f......ythele were vntempryd ·
fol. 146vI
ne his glewman a gadelynge · a goere to tauernes ·
To alle trewe tydymen · that trauayle desyryn ·
our lord loueþ hem and leneth hem · lowde oþer stylle ·
grace to go to hem · and a-gon her lyflode ·
Inquirentes autem .......dominum non minuentur omni bono · & cetera ·
Trewe weddyd lyuynge folke yn þys worlde ys dowel ·
for þey moot werche and wynne · and þe world susteyne ·
for of her kynde · þey come · þat confessoures ben nempnyd
kynges and knyghtes · caysers and cherles
maydens and martyres · out of oo man come ·
the wyf was maad þe wey · forto helpe werche ·
and þus was wedlok y-wrougth · wyth amenea mene persone ·
fyrste by the fadres wylle and þe frendys conseyl ·
and suþþyn by the assent of hem-selfe as þey two mygth accorde ·
and þus was wedlok y-wrougth · and god hym-sylfe it made ·
yn erthe the heuene ys · hym-sylfe was the wytnes
ac fals folke feythles · theuys and lyers
wastours and wrecchis · oute of wedlok y trowe ·
conceyuyd ben yn euyl tyme · as caym was on eue ·
of suche synfull schrewys . þe sauter makyth mynde .
Concepit .........dolorem · & peperit iniquitatem · & cetera ·
And alle þat comyn of that caym · comyn to euil ende
for god sente to seem · and seyde by an Aungel ·
th..yn yyssue .in thyn yssue · y woll þat þey be weddyd
and nougth þy kynde wyþ caymes · y-cowplyd ner spousyd
Ȝit summe aȝen the sonde · of our saueour of heuene ·
caymes kynde and his kynde · couplyd to-gydres
tyl god wratthid for her werkes · and suche a woord seyde ·
that y made man · now it me furthynketh ·
Penitet me fecisse hominem · & cetera ·
And come to noe anoon · and bad hym .nougth lette ·
swythe go schape a schip · of schydes and of boordys ·
thy-sylf and þy sonys thre · and sutthyn ȝour wyues
buske ȝow to þat boot · and abydeth ȝe ther-ynne ·
tyl fourty dayes ben fulfulde · þat flood haue ywaschyn ·
clene awey þe cursyd blood · þat caym hath y-makyd ·
bestys þat now ben · schull banne the tyme ·
that euere cursyd cayme · come to this erthe
Alle schall deye for ...?...?...his dedys · by dalys and by hylles ·
and þe fowles that fleen · foorþ wyth oþre bestys ·
fol. 147rI
eccepte onlyche · of eche kynde a couple ·
that yn thy schynglyd schip · schull be sauyd ·
Here abougthe þe barn · the belsyres gultys ·
...?...?...& alle for her forfadres · þey feerdyn the wurse
the gospel is heragayn · yn oo degre y fynde ·
Filius non portabit · iniquitatem patris · &
pater non portabit iniquitatem filij · & cetera
Ac y fynde ȝif þe fader be · fals and a schrewe
that sumdel the sone · schall haue the syres tecchis
ympe vpon an ellerne tre · and ȝif the appul be swete
muche meruayl me thynketh · and more of a schrewe
that bryngeþ foorþ any barn · but ȝif he be the same
and haue a sauour after þe syre · selde seest thu oþer
Nunquam colligitur de spinis vua · nec de tribulis ficus · & cetera ·
And thus þurgh cursyd caym · cam care vpon erthe ·
and all for þey wrougth wedlokes · aȝenste goddes wylle
forthy haue þey maugree of her maryages þat maryen so her childryn
for summe as y se now · the sothe to telle ·
for couetyse of catel · vnkyndely ben weddyd ·
and carfull concepcyoun · cometh of suche maryages
as byfel of þe folke · þat ybyforey byfore of tolde
for goode schuldyn wedde goode  þouȝ her neyther good hadde ·
y am via & veritas seyth cryst · y may auaunce alle ·
It is an vncomely couple · by cryst as me thynketh
to ȝyuen aȝongea ȝonge wenche · to an olde feble man ·
or wedde any wedywe · for welthe of her goodes
þat neuere schal barn bere · but it be yn armys
many a peyre syth pestylence · han plygth hem to-gydres
the frute .þat þey brynge foorth · arn fowl woordes
...In ielosye ioyles · and iangly.nge ab.edde
haue þey no childryn but cheste · and carpynge hem ...?...betwene
and þouwe þey doon hem to dunmowe · but ȝif þe deuel helpe ·
to folwyn aftur the flykke · fecche they it neuere ·
and but þey bothe ben forsworn · þat bacoun þey tyne
forthi y conseyle all crystyn men · coueyte nougth ben wedded ·
for couetyse of catel · ne of kynrede ryche
ac maydens & maydens · macche ȝow to-gydres ·
wydwes and wydwesHm.9.188: CrHm read wydwes and wydwes. The verse caused the scribes some difficulty, but alpha reads Wydeweres and wydewes (in the spelling of R) against beta's Widwes and widwers. · wurcheth the same
for none londys but for loue · loke ȝe be wedded
and þanne gete ȝe the grace of god · & good y-now to lyue wyth ·
fol. 147vI
and euery maner seculer · þat may nougth conteyne ·
wysly go wedde and war hym fro synne ·
for lecchery yn lykynge · is lymȝerde of helle
whiles þu art ȝonge · and þy wepne kene
wreke þe wyþ wyuynge · ȝif þu wolte ben excused
Dum sis vir fortis · ne des tua robora scortis ·
Scribitur in portis · meretrix est ianua mortis ·
Whan ȝe han wyued be waar · and wurche yn tyme
nougth as Adam and Eue · whan tyme was engendred
for yn vntyme trewly · bytwene man and womman
ne schulde no berde yn bedde be · but ȝif þey were boþe clene
bothe of lyfe and of soule and yn parfyt charyte ·
that ylke derne dede do · noman ne schulde
and ȝif þey ledyn thus her lyfe it lyketh god all-myghty
for he made wedlok furst · and hym-sylf it seyde
Bonum est vt vnusquisque vxorem suam habeat propter fornicacionem · & cetera
And þey þat oþergatys were getyn · for gadelynges ben holdyn ·
als fals folke foundlynges · faytours and lyers
vngracyous to gete good · or loue of the peple ·
wandryn and wastyn · what they cacche mowe
aȝenst do-wel þey don euyl · and þe deuel serue ·
and aftur her deþ-day · schull dwell wyth þe same ·
but god gyue hem grace here · hem-sulf to amende ·
Dowel my frende is · to don as lawe . techeth
to loue þy frende and þy fo · leue me þat is do-bet
to ȝyuen and to ȝemyn · bothe ȝonge and olde
to helyn and to helpyn · is dobest of alle ·
and dowel is to drede god · and do-bet to suffre ·
and so cometh do-best of bothe · and bryngeþ doun þe mody
and that is wykkyd þat many werke schendeth
and dryueth a-wey dowel · þurgh dedly synnys