fol. 180v (cont.)I
Passus ijussecundus · de do-bet ·
. · · · passus ijussecundus
NOw fayre falle ȝow quod y þoo · for ȝowr fayr schewyng
for haukyns loue þe actif man · euere y schal ȝow louye
ac ȝit y am yn a weer · what charyte is to mene
yt is a ful trye tree quod he · trewly to telle
mercy is þe moor þerof · þe myddell stok aboute
þe leuys be lele woordes · þe lawe of holy cherche
þe blosmys be buxum speches · and bennygne lokynge
pacyence hatte þe pure tree · and pure symple of herte
and so þurgh god and pure good men · groweþ þe fruyt of charyte
I wolde trauayle quod y þis tre to see · twenty hundryd myle
and forto haue my fulle of þat fruyt · forsake al oþer sawle
lord quod y ȝif eny wygth wyete · yt where it groweþ ·
yt groweþ yn a gardyn quod he · þat god made hym-sylue
amyddys mannys body · þe moor is of þat tree
herte hatteþ þe herber · þat yt ynne groweþ
...?...& liberum arbitrium · haþ þe lond to ferme
vnder peris þe ploughman · to pyken it and to weden ..
Pe...ers þe ploughman quod y þoo · and al for pure ioyȝe
þat y herd nempne his name · anon y swownyd after
and lay longe yn a loue-dreme · and at þe last me þouhte
þat p....eers þe ploughman · al þe place me schewede
and bad me to tooten on þat tree · oon crop and oon roote ·
wyþ þre pyles was it vndur-pygth · y parceyued it sone
Pe...ers quod y · y prayȝe þe · why stonden þese pyle......s here
fol. 181rI
For wyndes wolt þu wyeten quod he · to w.yten it fro fallyngeHm.16.25-28: The first four lines are written in the same hand and script but in a slightly larger form than the remainder of the leaf.
Cum ceciderit iustus non collidetur  quia dominus supponit .....manum suam & cetera
that yn blowynge tyme. byte þe floures · but ȝif þese pyles helpe
þe worlde is a wycked wynd · to hem þat wyln trewþe
coueytyse comeþ of þat wynd · and cryeþ among the leues
and forfreteþ nyȝ þe fruyt · þurgh many fayre sygthtes
thanne wyþ þe ferste pyl y pulle hym doun · þat is potencia dei patris
the flesch is a fel wynd yn flouryng tyme ·
thrugh lykyng and lustes · so lowde yt gynne.þ to blowe
and þat it noryscheþ nyse syȝtes · and sumtyme woordes
and wyckyd werkes þerof · wormys of synne
and forbyteþ þe blosmes · rygth to þe bare leuys
Thanne sette y to þe secounde pyle · sapiencia dei patris
þat is þe passyoun & þe power · of our prynce ihesu ·
thrugh prayers & þurgh penaunces · & goddes passyoun yn mynde
y saue it tyl y see it r.ypyn · and sumdel y-fruted ·
and þanne fondeþ þe fend · my fruyt to destruye
wyþ alle þe wyles þat he can · and waggeþ þe rote
and casteþ vp to þe crop · vnkynde neyhbours
bacbyteres breke þe cheste · braulers and chyderes
and leyþ a laddre þerto · of lesynges are þe ronges
and feccheþ a-weye my flowres bytyme · afore boþe myn eiȝen
ac lib...erum arbitrum · letteþ hem sumtyme
þat lyeutenaunt to loken yt well · by leue of my sowle
videatis qui peccat in spiritum sanctum · numquam remittetur ei · & cetera
hoc est idem qui peccat per lib
...erum arbitrium
Ac whan þe fend and þe flesch · forþ wyþ þe world
manasen byhynde me · my fruyt forto fecche ·
thanne lib...erum arbitrium · laccheþ þe furste plante
and falleþ adoun þe pouke · purelyche þurgh grace
and helpe of þe holygoste · and þus haue y þe maystrye
Now fayre falle ȝow perys quod y · so fayre ȝe descryuen
þe power of þese postes · and her propre myhtes
ac y haue þouhtes a þrowe · of þese þree pyles
yn what wode þey waxen · and where þat þey growyd
for alle are þey ylyche longe · noon lasse than oþere
and to my mynde as me þynkeþ · on o manere þey growyd
and of o gretnesse · and grene of greyn þey semen ·
That ys sooþ quod peris so it may byfalle
y schall telle þe as tyt · what þis ...?...tre hatteþ
fol. 181vI
the ground þere it groweþ goodnesse yt higthe
and y haue told þe what higth the tre · þe trynyte it meneþ ·
And egerlyche he looked on me · and þerfore y spared ·
to askyn hym eny more þerof · and bad hym fulȝare
to descruye þe fruyt · that so fayre hangeþ ·
Here now byneþe quod y thoo · ȝif y nede hadde
matrymoyne y may · neme amoysta moyst fruyt wyþ-alle
þan contynence is ner þe crop · as kaylaway bastard
þan bereþ þe crop kynde fruyt · and clennest of alle
maydenhod aungels pere · and raþest woll be rype
and swete wyþ-out swellyng · sour worþ it neuere
I prayed peris to pulle a-doun · an appull ȝif he wolde
and suffre me to assaye · what sauour yt hadde
And peris caste to þe crop · and þan comsyd it to crye
and waggyd wydewhod · and yt wepte after
and whan it meuyd matrymoyne · it made afoula foul noyse
and y had rewþe whan perys rogged · yt gradde rewfully
for euere as þey droppyd adoun · þe deuyl was redy
and gadred hem alle togydres · boþe grete and smale ·
adam and abraham · and ysaye the prophete
sampson and samuel · and seynt iohan þe baptyst
bar hem foorþ boldly · no-body hym lettyde
and made of holy men his horde · in limbo inferni
þere is derknesse and drede · and þe deuyl mayster
And peris for pure tene · þat appull he lauȝte
he hitte after hym · happe how it mygthe
filius by þe fader wylle · and f...?...renesse of spiritus sancti
to go. robbe þat rageman · and reue þe fruyt from hym ·
and þan spack spiritus sanctus · yn gabryeles mowþe ·
to amaydyna maydyn þat higth marye · am....ekea m....eke þyng wyþ-alle
þat oon ihesus a Iustyses sone · most ioukyn yn her chaumbre
tyl plenitudo temporis · fully comyn were
that peris fruyt flouryde · and fel to be rype
and þanne schuld ihesus iuste þerfore · by iugement of armes
wheþer schulde fonge þe fruyt · þe fend or hym-sylue
The mayden myldelyche þoo · þe messager grauntyd
and seyde myldelyche to hym · loo me his handmayden ·
forto werchen his wylle · wyþ-owtyn eny synne
Ecce ancilla domini fiat michi secundum verbum tuum & cetera
And yn þe wombe of þat wenche · was he fourty wykes
fol. 182rI
tyl he wax a faunt þurgh her flesch · and of fyȝtyng cowde
to haue fouhtyn wyþ þe fend · er ful tyme come
and peris þe ploughman · parceyued plener tyme
and lered hym lechecrafte · his lyf forto saue ·
þat þowȝ he were wounded wyþ enemy · to warsche hym-sylue
and dude hym assaye his surgenrye · on hem þat syke were
tyl he was parfit practysour · ȝif eny peryl fulle
and sougth owt þe syke · and synful boþe
Hm.16.112KD.16.110, 108
and salued syke and synful · boþe blynde and croked
and comyn wommen conuerted · and to good turned
Non est sanis opus medicus set in & cetera
Boþe meseles and mute · and yn þe menysoun blody
ofte he heled suche · he held it for no maystrye
saue þoo he leched lazar · that hadde leyn yn graue
quatriduanus quelt · quyk dude hym walke
ac as he made þe maystrye · mestus cepit esse
and wepte water wyþ his eiȝen · þere seyen it manye ·
summe þat þe syȝt seyȝen · seyden that tyme
þat he was leche of lyf · and lord of hiȝe heuene
iewes ianglyd þeraȝen · and iuged lawes
and seydyn he wrouht wyþ wycchecrafte · & wyþ þe deuelys mygth
Demonium habes · & cetera ·
Thanne are ȝe clerkes quod y · and ȝowr children boþe
and sathan ȝowr saueour · ȝowr-sylf now ȝe wytnessyn ·
for y sauyd ȝow seyþ cryst · and ȝowr sones after
Ȝowr bodyes ȝowr bestes · and blynd men holpe
and fedde ȝow wyþ two fysches · and wyþ fyue loouys
and lefte baskattes ful of broken .....mete · bere awey who-so wolde ·
and mysseyde þe iewes manlyche · and manased hem to bete
and knocked on hem wyþ acordea corde · and kest adoun her stalles
that yn cherche chaffareden · or chaungeden any moneye ·
and seyde it yn sygth of hem alle · so þat alle herden ·
y schal ouerturne þys temple · and a-doun throwe
and yn þre dayes after · edyfye it newe ·
and makyn it also moche oþer more · yn alle maner poyntes
as euere it was and as wyde · wherfore y hote ȝow ·
of prayers and of parfitnesse · þys place þat ȝe callen ·
Domus mea domus oracionis vocabitur & cetera ·
Enuye and euyl wyl · was yn the iewes ·
þey casten and contreuedyn · to kulle hym whan þey myghte ·
fol. 182vI
eche day after oþer · her tyme they awaytede
tyl it befell on a fryday · a lytel byfore pasch
þe þursday byfore · there he made his mawnde
syttyng at þe soper · he seyde these woordes
y am solde þurgh oon of ȝow · he schal þe tyme rewe
þat euere he his sauyour solde · for syluer or elles
Iudas ianglyd þer-aȝen · ac ihesus hym tolde
yt was hym-sylf soþly · and seyde tu dicis
Thanne went foorþ þat wycked man · and wyþ þe iewes mette
and told hem atoknea tokne · how to knowe ihesus
and whiche tokene to this day · to muchil is vsyd
þat is kyssyng and fayr contynaunce · and vnkynde wylle
and so was wyþ iudas tho · þat ihesus bytrayed ·
aue rabi quod þat rybaud · and rygth to hym he ȝede
and kessed hym to be cauȝt þerby · and kyllyd of þe iewes
Thanne ihesus to iudas · and to þe iewys seyde
falsnesse y fynde · yn thy fayre speche ·
and gyle in thy glad chere · and galle ys yn þy lauhynge
thu schalt be myrrour · to many men to desceyue
ac þe wurste and þe wyckednesse · schall wurþe vp-on þy-sylue
Necesse est vt veniant scandala · ve homini illi per quem scandalum venit · & cetera
Thowh y by tresoun be take · at ȝowr owen wylle
suffreþ myne apostles · in pays and in pees gange
vpon a thursday in thesternesse · thus was he taken
thrugh Iudas and iewes · ihesus was his name ·
that on þe fryday folwynge · formankyndesfor mankyndes sake
iusted in ierusalem · a ioyȝe to vs alle
on cros vpon caluarye · cryst took þe batayle
aȝenst deeþ and þe deuyl · destruyed her boþersHm.16.172:her boþers, "the both of them." myhtes
deyed and deeþ fordede · and day of ....nyȝt made
And y awakyd þerwyþ · and wypid myn eiȝen ·
and after peris þe plouhman · pryed and stared
estward and westward · y wayted after faste
and ȝede foorþ as an ydyot · yn contre to aspye
after peris þe ploughman · many a place y sougthe
and þanne mette y wyþ amana man · amdylenta mydlent sonynday
als hore as an hawþorn · abraham he higthe
y frayned hym ferste · fro whennys he come
and of whennys he where · and whider þat he þouhte
I am feyþ quod þat freke · yt falleþ nougth to lyȝe
fol. 183rI
and of abrahames hous · an heraud of armes
y seke after a segge · that y say onys
a ful bold bachiler · y knew hym by his blasen ·
What beriþ þat berne quod y þoo · so blysse þe bytyde
Three leode in oo lyth · noon lenger þan oþer
of oo mochele and mygth · in mesure and yn lengþe
þat on doiþ alle doiþ · and eche doiþ by his one ·
The ferste · haþ mygth and mageste · maker of alle þynges ·
pater is his propre name · oo persone by hym-sylue
The secounde of þat syre is · sooþfastnesse filius
wardeyn of þat wytt haþ · was euere wyþ-owt gynnyng
The þrydde hatte þe holy gost · a persone by hym-sylue ·
þe lyȝt of al þat lygth haþ · on lond and on watre
confortour of creatures · of hym comeþ alle blysse
So þree bylongyn for a lord · þat lordschipe cleymeþ
mygth and mene · to knowe his owen mygth
of hym and of his seruauntys · and what þey suffre boþe
So god þat gynnynge had neuere · but þoo hym good þouhte
sent forþ his sone · as a seruaunt · that tyme
to ocupye hym here · tyl yssue were spronge
that is children of charyte · and holy cherche þe moder
patryarkes and prophetes · and apostles were þe childryn ·
and cryst and crystendom · and crysten holy cherche ·
yn menyng þat man moste · on god byleue ·
and þere hym lyked and louyd · yn þree personys hym schewed ·
and þat it may be so and soiþ · manhode it scheweþ
wedlok and wydewhod · wyþ virgynyte ynempnyd
in tokenyng of þe trynyte · was takyn owt of a man ·
adam our aldre fader · eue was of hym-sylue
and þe yssue þat þey hadde · yt was of hem boþe
for eyþer is oþers ioyȝe · yn þree sondry personys
and yn heuene and here · on synguler name
and þus is mankynde and manhed · of matrymoigne y-spronge
and bytokneþ þe trynyte · and trewe byleeue ·
Myȝt is matrymoigne · that multiplyeþ þe erþe
and bytokeneþ trewly · telle ȝif y durste ·
hym þat ferst formede all · þe fader of heuene ·
The sone ȝif y durst seyȝe · resembleþ wel þe wydewe
Deus deus meus vt quid dereliquisti me · & cetera
That ys creator wex creature · to knowe what was boþe ·
fol. 183vI
as wydewe wyþ-owt wedlok · was neuere ȝit y-seyȝen ·
nomore mygth god be man · but ȝif he amodera moder hadde
so wydewe wyþ-owten wedlok · may nouȝt wel stande
ne matrymoigne wyþ-owten muliereHm.16.227: The scribe appears to take the word muliere to be Latin here, in view of his use of display script, but at line Hm.16.230, he treats it as English. · is nougth moche to preyse ·
Maladictus homo qui non reliqui.t semen in israel · & cetera
Thus yn þree persones · ys parfitlyche manhod
þat is man and his make · and muliere childryn
and is nougth but gendre yn generacyoun · byfore ihesu cryst yn heuene
so is þe fader foorþ-wyþ þe sone · and fre wyl of boþe
Spiritus procedens a patre & filio · & cetera ·
whiche is þe holy of alle · and al is but oo god ·
Thus yn somer y hym seyȝe · as y sat yn my porche
y ros vp and reuerencyd hym · and rygth fayre hym grette
þree men yn my sygth · y made wel at ese
wesch her feet and wyped hem · and aftyrward þey etynHm.16.238: Hm alone omits the following line, given here in the spelling of L:
Calues flesshe & cakebrede and knewe what I thouȝte.
ful trewe tokenes · bytwene vs ys · to telle whan me lykeþ
Ferst he fonded me · ȝif y loued hym bettre
or ysaac myn heyr · þe whiche he higth me kulle
he wyste my wylle by hym · he woll it me allowe
y am ful syker yn soule þerof · and my sone boþe
y circum..cised my sone · syþþen for his sake ·
my-sylf and my meyne · and alle þat male were
bleddyn blood for þat lordys loue · and hopen to bl.esse þe tyme
myn affyaunce and my feyþ · is ferme yn this byleeue
for hym-sylf byhigth to me · and to myn yssue boþe
lond and lordschipe · and lyf wyþ-owtyn ende
to me and to myn yssue · more ȝit he me grawnted
mercy for our mysdedys · as many tyme as we askyn ·
Quam olim abrahe · promisisti & semini eius · & cetera
And seþþe he sent me to seyȝe · y schulde don sacryfice
and don hym wurschip wyþ breed · and wyþ ...wyn boþe
and callyd me þe foot of his feyþ · his folk forto saue
and deffendyd hem fro þe fend · folk þat on me leenydHm.16.256: We have resolved the word as leenyd, but neither paleography nor context provides secure evidence that would exclude leeuyd.
þus haue y ben his heraud · here and yn helle
and conforted many acarfula carful · þat after his comyng wayten
and þus y seke hym he seyde · for y herd seyn late
of a barn þat baptysed hym · Iohan baptyst was his name
þat to patryarkes and to prophetes · and to oþer peple yn derknes
seyde that he seyȝe here · that schulde saue vs alle
Ecce agnus dei qui tollit peccata mundiHm.16.263: F reads ecce qui tollit peccata mundi. & cetera ·
fol. 184rI
I had wonder of his woordes · and of his wyde cloþes
for in his bosom he bar a þyng · þat he blessid euere
and y looked yn his lappe · a lazar lay þerynne
amonges patryarkes and prophetes · pleyenge to-gydres
What waytest þu quod he · and what woldest þu haue
y wolde wyete quod y þoo · what is yn ȝowr lappe
Loo quod he and me see · lord mercy y seyde
þis ys a present of moche prys · what prynce schal it haue
It is a present preciouse quod he · ac þe powke it haþ attached
and me þerwyþ quod þat man · may no weed vs quyte
ne no by....eerne be our borwȝ · ne brynge vs fro his dawnger
owt of þe powkes pynfold · no maynprys may vs fecche
tyl he come þat y carpe of · cryst is his name ·
that schal delyuere vs sum-day · out of þe deuels power
and bettre we..d for vs legge · þan we ben alle wurþy
that is lyf for lyf · or euere to lygge þus stylle ·
lollynge yn my lappe · tyl suche a lord vs fecche
Alas y seyde þat synne · so longe schal lette
þe myht of goddes mercy · þat mygth vs alle amende
y wepte for his woordys · wyþ þat sawȝ y an nother
rapely renne forþ · þe rygth wey he wente ·
y frayned hym ferst · fro whennys he come
and what he higth and whider he wolde · and wyhtly he tolde